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  1. SChrisEV

    Need a HIGH flow pump ASAP

    Thanks, @Jimbo662, it did. and Thanks @FarmerTy for providing me with two options, and finally thanks, @HarleyGuy In the end, I'm a convert. I've been running an external Reeflo now for... 5ish years, and I've always loved them, but in my most recent build I've has a number of issues. I believe it actually has very little to do with the pump and more with my setup and plumbing causing some heat on the pump. Anyway, I ended up going with a DC pump I borrowed from HarleyGuy (have a new one arriving tomorrow) and using it inside the sump. In the past, I decided to move away from that because the extra heat (AC pump) that was being added to the water. We'll see how it goes this summer, but I think I'll be okay. Anyway, this is such a great community that we have here!
  2. One of these days I'm going to find the time to update everyone on my build, life's been crazy, but today I'm in need! I currently have an external Reeflo Dart/Snapper gold that is having some major issues. Of course, this happens when I have a business trip (tomorrow) so I have one evening to deal with this. So Ideally I'm looking for the offhand chance, someone has a Reeflo Dart/Snapper (Gold or not, they take the same inputs and outputs) that I could borrow for a week to two while my old one is being fixed. Last night, expecting a low likely hood of finding a Dart/Snapper laying around, I prepared my return to allow putting an internal pump inline while the Reeflo gets fixed. This gives me more options, but because of the setup, I'll need a pretty high flow pump. With the Reeflo tuned back a little, I calculate that I was getting about 2000GPH even with the head pressure. And it's rated at 4300GPH with 0 head pressure. That's not saying I need to match that much but I do need something with a pretty high flow rate. If you have something I can borrow for a couple weeks, that I can get today, PLEASE let me know! I can make it worth your while in some form of a coral as a thank you.
  3. SChrisEV

    Suction Glass Holders?

    Not sure if you were talking about me, but I have 4 that should be available. Jimbo has mine now, but I think he'll be done with them by then.
  4. SChrisEV

    120 tall build

    Tank is looking great!
  5. SChrisEV

    Lettuce Nudibranch & Six-line Wrasse

    I don't know if they would go after a lettuce nudi, but I do know from experience that they will go after shrimp that are much larger than their mouth, larger than their body. I had to banish mine to the sump in my last setup because he was taking out cleaners and two fire shrimp.
  6. SChrisEV

    Jeeps Gone Reef On 300g Build

    I used tank depot for my 100g, their San Antonio location has that size in stock (usually) so you don't have to pay the shipping. Shipping was about as much as the tank for me to get one to Austin. So I took a drive.
  7. SChrisEV

    Momma Clownfish problems

    No sump, overflow box, nothing? The tupperware might work, I've never tried that.
  8. SChrisEV

    Momma Clownfish problems

    If the new guy can rest, and heal maybe it will work out. The bonding process will take time even if she was not being so territorial. So I would not be too concerned on opposite sides of the tank, but I would also be surprised if the tormenting is over, but you never know.
  9. SChrisEV

    Momma Clownfish problems

    Not normal in pairing, She is guarding her territory. I'd take her out of the tank and put her in a holding tank for a few days. Let the new guy recover, and maybe reset the females territorial feelings. When I added a small clown into an existing bonded pair the female was relentless, and that was in a 185g with plenty of swim & hide space. In a 29g there is not much room. I took my female out, put her in my sump for a week. When I put her back in the display she took the lead role back but no longer tormented the new guy. Now the three are fine together even sharing multiple nems. In normal bonding you will see the smaller (male) clown shake & shimmer at the female, showing his submission to her. Actually, I've seen smaller males also do that to larger males to show submission.
  10. SChrisEV

    June SPS Corals!

    Put me down for a Rainbow Stylo!
  11. SChrisEV

    BTAs for sale

    I have two maybe three that are doing very well in my holding system. I am going to wait a few days before I decide if I am going to sell any or all of these. If you want PM me, and I'll contact you back once they are for sale again.
  12. SChrisEV

    SChrisEv’s 375g reef

    Okay, a momentary subject change has anyone had any experience keeping an Atlantic Blue Tang: What can you tell me about them?
  13. SChrisEV

    SChrisEv’s 375g reef

    Well, maybe I've been lucky, or some other magic, but for any BTA that I've had, they have been hardier than most anything else, and I've had some form of a BTA for... > 7 years now. And I'm not trying to be critical of your comment, but the holding tank is the exact same source water and is actually younger than the display by at least two weeks, and only a 40g breeder. All that said, I have something going on that they are not liking. I just don't know what. The mouth is open, but I have not seen anything some out of any of their months, but that is not saying a lot, I don't work at home much these days.
  14. SChrisEV

    SChrisEv’s 375g reef

    Maybe I just do a blanket large water change (375g display means a lot of change to make an impact) and see how that works. I'm not ready to do that just yet, but maybe.
  15. SChrisEV

    SChrisEv’s 375g reef

    Maybe I'll go from only being able to keep nems and fish, to no nems but fish and everything else. I thnk I might be okay with that, although I do like my nems.