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  1. SChrisEV

    Gem Tang for Sale - SOLD

    Minor change, expecting a pickup on Wednesday evening.
  2. SChrisEV

    Which LFS in San Antonio?

    I've been to Salty Fish 3 times, and two of the 3 they had a great selection of both fish and coral, the 3rd time it was okay but definitely worth going to if in the area.
  3. SChrisEV

    Gem Tang for Sale - SOLD

    Asking $740. Open to reasonable offers. 2.5"-3" Will require PayPal payment, pickup Tuesday evening.
  4. I'm asking $95, but am open to reasonable offers. No shipping, known healthy, for this size fish, I feel that is an overly fair price. This is a very healthy fish, he eats very well, and had been a good tank citizen. I'm looking to sell him because I am getting a yellow belly regal tang, and I don't expect the two will play nicely together. The Naso is a good 12" long to try an provide some perspective. I do still need to capture him, and I will not do that until I have a buyer to minimize the stress on him. Once I have a buyer I'll set a trap and coordinate the pickup. Will hold with paypal only.
  5. SChrisEV

    Awesome Bubble Tip Anemones for Sale

    He didn't follow the direction, but #1 is sold. I'll probably try to do this more often. Usually on Saturday morning.
  6. I have limited time access to a few really nice looking Anemones. If you are interested time is of the essence. I have to place my order no later than 12:00 pm to have any chance of getting them at all. So here is the process. 1.) Indicate here in this thread the one you want (first come, first served). 2.) Send Paypal payment (send to a friend) to [email protected] (the prices are already the lowest I can go, I have 0 room to negotiate). 3.) They will be available to pick up either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening, I'll know more on Monday. 4.) If for any reason I can not secure the anemone I will send 100% of your funds back by 5:00 pm today. #1 - Ultra ACID Washed, $75, $10 shipping, total $85 #2 - Rose Ultra Yellow Tip, $338, $10 shipping, total $348 #3 - Rose Ultra, $285, $10 shipping, total $295
  7. SChrisEV

    Medium Powder Blue Tang for sale $50 - SOLD

    I tried to get a picture with a ruler to give a better picture of the size, he won't stay still. But here is one, it's not close to the glass so it's not showing a perfect measurement but looks like 3.5"/4" including the tail.
  8. SChrisEV

    Medium Powder Blue Tang for sale $50 - SOLD

    The sooner the better, but what kind of a time frame are you looking at?
  9. SChrisEV

    Medium Powder Blue Tang for sale $50 - SOLD

    I'd say about 3"
  10. I've had this fish for a couple of weeks, it is eating off a veggie clip, and spirulina 20, I have not tried feeding him anything else but I expect there will be no issue eating. It's healthy with no signed of any issue. Sorry, the pics are not better, he didn't want to stay still. They are taken with phone, and the tank walls need a little better cleaning. PM me if you have questions. I prefer paypal, but will take cash. Will only hold with paypal. Thanks, Chris
  11. SChrisEV

    KimP - 47 gal column

    Wow, that's sad and funny. I totally did not notice it was old.
  12. SChrisEV

    SChrisEv’s 375g reef

    Storage! I have my light transformers, and Energy Bar, few Apex modules, and the gyre controller all mounted on the back wall so I have all the other space for just storage... and I love it. I have ideas for a couple of things to do under there, but so far I just have an extra 29g empty tank, 5g buckets, drip acclimation stuff etc. Feel free to do what you want with the tonga branch, use it, give it, whatever you like, I mean it was your originally after all if memory serves. Are you still raising nudibranch? My aiptasia issue is gone again due to a great copper banded butterfly. And this one east frozen mysis so I hope to keep him for a long time.
  13. SChrisEV

    KimP - 47 gal column

    I had the tank 92g corner, while I liked it if I was going to do a corner I'd do a cube in the corner, and 36" is a GREAT footprint. My current is 36" deep and yes it's hard to get to the back of it I like to space for aqua scaping. You just get tools to reach stuff.