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  1. I have at least one, maybe two more Rainbow BTAs that I'd like to find homes for this weekend if at all possible. Based on how hard they are to get to move, I guess that is good in a normal situation, they might some with a nice piece of Pukani rock. $45, PM if interested, cash or PayPal only.
  2. Welcome back.. back.
  3. No, she's still in there, hiding I think.
  4. I think I had bubbles, or something. It is still off, but as @Isaac pointed out, I might just need to do some manual adjustment because it's not bouncing around like ti was. Still not sure I'll trust it for programming.
  5. LOL @FarmerTy I figured you'd be happy, you were my realtor for the last two!
  6. I'm in! Let me sell my new house, find a home for the new tank, and then it sounds great!
  7. Yes, I kind of did. I posted in the APEX equipment but referenced the entry that had the graph. I read your post on my cell, but did not respond, meant to when I got back to the PC, but forgot. Thanks for your post, and I think that was related to the big swings. That said, it still read a bit higher than my refractometer, at least as far as I can tell looking at it. tenths of a point are not really seen in the refractometer.
  8. I'll check that, but I'm not sure I'll reply much on it to your point @FarmerTy and @olaggie01, at least not for APEX programming.
  9. I posted on my build thread here: I don't get it. Any thoughts?
  10. I love having an APEX, and the new one has a number of cool new features.... but can someone explain this to me: No water has been added or taken out of the system today at all. I calibrated the probe a handful of days ago. 3.2 to 37 in a handful of hours. Has anyone else had these issues with their salinity probe?
  11. Making some progress, I FINALLY got the water fully cycling through the display and the sump a couple days ago. Added some new live and, and have the wonderful cloudy look going. Later today and tomorrow I will be putting in some dry rock that has been cycling with some live rock from my old tank to seed it a bit faster, and a big bottle of instant bacteria I'll add in a few days. Then it's pretty much "hurry up and wait" time. I expect with my existing live rock, new and some old live sand, and the instant bacteria I should have a very rapid cycle. Got a few new fish that are currently in QT, one great looking Labouti Wrasse, I could not get a very good picture of him, but here he is: Question on the APEX Salinity probe. I just got it set up yesterday evening, first time I've used one. For those of you that have a real-time salinity monitor, APEX or otherwise, do you comfortable rely on it? I'm running at 35.6 ppt, my refractometer shows 35 with the best my eyes can tell. If you are comfortable with it, what automation, if any do you do with your controller? I can see shutting off an ATO if is gets below a certain level, but else, aside from alarms?
  12. Good points, I do plan to use some paintable silicone to both seal and stop leaks. I have a temporary whole, but I plan to put in a larger one for a wire chase. What size did you go with? I'd like to find a cable grommet that fits some PVC to try and help it look clean.
  13. I know! Finally. I hope now that this part is over that I'll have a lot more progress to show quicker.
  14. As much PVC plumbing as I've done, between underground sprinklers, multiple tanks, and different manifolds, I'm pretty comfortable with the process, but this is the first time I have plumbed a tank through a wall, so I've really taken my time to plan out, and measure 2 and 3 times before cutting. While I am happy to say I did not have ANY miss cuts with PVC, there are a few things I would do differently the next time around (I hope, unless helping someone else, that will not be for a LOOONG time) do some things a little different. For example, I wanted to make the least impact on the wall as possible, I wanted the plumbing to be as close to the wall as I could, in the case of the display it was needed just because of the layout of the drains and returns, and I wanted to use ridge pipe and glued joints as much as possible to minimize leaks. But I now have two pipes, the drains, that basically can't be removed from the wall without cutting them. Had I just cut a larger whole, maybe a square in the wall, framed it up nice and then created and access panel, I would not have had to be as precise with the cuts (in some cases down to the 1/16") but I do think it turned out pretty good. Pressure leak testing for 12 hours so far is showing no leaks. I'll cycle the water this evening and see if I still have no leaks. Under the display: In the sump room, sump filled up with water: APEX board is up, I left 3/4" space behind to route and hide cords, the board easily lifts off the wall. Still have a few APEX gadgets to mount, and my Carbon and GFO reactors to mount on the wall. CaRX is currently planned to sit on a shelf right above the two drain lines.
  15. Actually.... I'm closing this item. I have planzz.