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  1. Summer's winding down and kids are back in school. Time to show those tanks some love. As always we have a great selection of livestock for this Friday's sale. Despite the storm, some of the southern Florida farms are managing to get us some new freshwater livestock. We received a nice saltwater fish shipment already and there's more on the way. Don't miss out!
  2. Time to revamp your tanks? Perhaps make some room for a new fish or coral? Join us this Friday evening for discounts on all livestock. We have received some great looking saltwater fish, including tangs, wrasses, and angels. Freshwater will be stocked with expected shipments including tetras, plecos, a variety of mbunas, and plants. Be sure to check back for pics of the new arrivals and don't miss out!
  3. Sneak peak
  4. Join us this Friday evening for 20% off all livestock. We have a great selection of marine fish this week. New African cichlid shipment will be landing just before Friday and new frags will be added to the tanks. Don't miss out!
  5. Viet-tin

    RCA First Friday After Hours Sale Mar 1st

    Sneak peak
  6. Save 20% off all livestock this Friday evening. We have several shipments coming in including cichlids, plants, coral frags, marine inverts, and marine fish. Free food and drinks starting at 7 pm.
  7. Swing by this Friday evening and save 20% on all livestock! We have new cichlids, plecos, marine fish, and more all coming in this week. Free refreshments all night long as well. Don't miss it!
  8. Viet-tin

    RCA First Friday After Hours Sale Oct 5th!

    Sneak peak of the goodies!
  9. 20% off all livestock! Saltwater fish, corals, freshwater fish, inverts, and liverock, all discounted. Free food and drinks, don't miss out!