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  1. Sent you a Personal Message. I would really like to come do some Shopping!
  2. Swift


    Sent you a pm.
  3. What are your tank specs? Especially lighting.
  4. Swift

    Biocube 8

    Still available.
  5. Second on the controller. Thanks Swift
  6. Swift

    Biocube 8

    I'm I Austin.
  7. Swift

    Biocube 8

    Bump 100$ OBO. Want to get rid of this.
  8. Swift

    Biocube 8

    Eight gallon Biocube. Stock 18 watt bulbs. Both 50/50, pump three stage filtration. I can leave the live sand in or clean it out. Great mini reef for newbies and experts alike. Looking to get 125$ OBO. Just upgraded to a 55. All reasonable offers will be considered. Thanks Swift
  9. Got a picture of the frogspawn?
  10. Texas tiger promised me the ato the msg float and a few heaters. I'd like to keep dibs on it. Let me know.
  11. Prices on ATO and Mag float. Do you have a heater?
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