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  1. I have it setup to gravity feed into the filter and then into the sump from above. If you have room next to your sump you can drill the side and mount it that way. Or use a pump to feed it too. Definitely not the easiest piece of equipment to integrate.
  2. Just bummed the forum isn't active anymore. 😭
  3. Water testing the plumbing, and mounting equipment now.
  4. Not that there is much interest here. Lol Here is an update.
  5. I built the stand beefy enough to hold a larger tank in the future. But yes is it is overkill. 2x2 and 2x3 aluminum is beefy haha.
  6. Building my own aluminum tank stand. 48"x24"x46" I am tig welding the whole thing. Using 2"x2" square tube for the uprights, and 2"x3" for the top and base. The frame will be visible and I will use a light wood for the panels. I already cut and prepped all the aluminum, and started welding up the stand. Should be finished this evening. Will also be adding a light rack when I am finished. Didn't thing of it till I already started.
  7. I have 3 of those square tanks I have been meaning to setup for over 2 years. Haha. I was about to buy a house and things went sideways financially so they have been in storage ever since. Hopefully I'll be in my own place in the next year or two and can finally get the water station setup! 😭
  8. The front will be completely open. I got the 2x3 1/8th inch wall aluminum square tube so I don't need the center upright. May leave the rear upright out as well. This thing will probably hold up a car. Lol
  9. Material cut. Will start welding in a little bit.
  10. Turning this pile of aluminum into a stand tomorrow.
  11. Definitely need to get another frag pack from you now that I am back in Austin!
  12. Starting my new build now that I am finally back in Austin. 50 Gallon Zoo Med low boy on a custom aluminum stand, running a 39" Trigger Systems sump and Rollermat, Haven't decided on lights yet. Drilled the tank today at RCA and drew up the stand design. Starting to cut the aluminum tomorrow morning.
  13. Benny


    I have a Evo V too, been setup since September. I upgraded the light to a 18" Current Orbit Marine LED that fits perfect. Also picked up a Intank media basket with the adjustable surface skimmer. Love this little tank.
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