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  1. WTB 55g Plastic Barrel

    I've got them for $10 a piece already drilled and with spigots. $10 each Jared 512-992-3237
  2. 55 gal Acrylic tank

    With some cleaning up it will make a good sturdy tank. Make an offer!
  3. 55 gal Acrylic tank

    We just switched to a glass tank. It hasn't been cleaned up, so it still has some of the sand in it and of course the coralina stuck to the side. Nancy
  4. 55 gal Acrylic tank

    I have a used 55 gal acrylic tank (48 x 12 x 20). It isn't pretty (coralina) but someone might either clean it up or make it into a sump. No leaks or cracks. $40
  5. Corals for sale

    Any pics?
  6. Rock with anenome

    The anenomes and rock have sold. Thanks everyone who responded.
  7. Rock with anenome

    $40 I will continue to try to add a photo.
  8. Rock with anenome

    I have a large rock with 4 anenomes. Must take all. I can't get the anenomes out of the rock. Respond here or call 512-255-3219. $40
  9. Sand needed

    I have dry sand. $.50 per pound up to 20 lbs.
  10. Corals for everyone! SPS & Softies

    Roland, Interested in the fire & ice. Nancy
  11. Anenomes-- SORRY NOT AVAILABLE

    I have two anenomes that i would like to sell ($15) or trade for colorful zoas. PM if interested. NOT AVAILABLE - they don't want to leave the tank.
  12. Brown Hairy Algae

    Here's some pics of the brown and the green
  13. Brown Hairy Algae

    Will have to get pics when I get home. Tank is a year old. 55 gal we do 10 gallon water changes weekly with RODI water. Running two Bio wheel filters and 3 powerheads. 4 shrimp 1 PJ Cardinal 2 Percula 1 Six Line Wrasse Have been doing the syphon and brush bit, just comes back.
  14. Brown Hairy Algae

    Dino ???
  15. Brown Hairy Algae

    We are having trouble with Brown Hairy Algae and also dark green algae. The brown hairy is on the bottom of the crushed coral substrate and the green is on the rocks. We have used algicides, reduced the lighting to 6 hours, phosphate remover media, and Sea Hares (which we cannot keep alive for more than 2 weeks). We have lots of hermit crabs who don't seem to care about algae. We have had our water checked and except for the occasional higher phosphates it's always perfect. Any suggestions???? We're about ready to give up and take down our tank! Nancy