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  1. RoundRockReef


    3-4" Ruby Red still available for $10? If so I'll take him this week.
  2. Want to buy a Male or pair of Star Sapphire cichlids. Less than 3.5" is prefered but let me know what you have. Please send me a pm if you have any for sale, thanks!
  3. RoundRockReef

    WTB male Super Red Empress showing color <3.5"

    Got my male from RCA, starting to show a little color I think.
  4. RoundRockReef

    Need power heads bad

    I've got a tunze 6000 w/controller. New it sells for $320. I'll sell for $200. Pm me.
  5. RoundRockReef

    Pumps / Powerheads For In-tank Circulation

    I have a Tunze 6000 powerhead that flows 1850gph and controller that sells new for $320. I'd sell for $200. It's listed on Craigslist. Pm me if interested.
  6. I would like to buy a male Super Red Empress showing color preferrably less than 3.5" as to minimize aggression with some of my 1.5-2" cichlids. I have what i'm 99.9% sure is a 2.5" Female Super Red Empress I picked up from RCA 3 months ago i'd be willing to trade towards your male. Always fed Dianichi Color Supreme and recently Krill 2x's/week and has never showed any health problems. Or I can just pay cash. PM or text 8058441619. Thanks! -Also possibly interested in a(for sure)male Red Shoulder and Taiwan Reef as I think mine are females..
  7. RoundRockReef

    AGE 300gln system!!!72x30x24 DP

    Nice build! I'm jealous..I've got the same same RO/DI filter(6 stage) you've got from BRS just in this week. 0ppm! I just wish I would have gotten it sooner. Going to get some food-grade containers this week. Going to be following this build
  8. RoundRockReef

    Free Chaeto

    pm sent
  9. Actually I have about a 35 gallon trash container plus a couple 5 gallons I could fill before you even get there.
  10. I can make some RO water for you this week if that's all you need. You'd have to bring some containers. And it would take all day...bring beer! we'll watch tv, haha!
  11. RoundRockReef

    Anybody have a Aqueon Evolve 4 or 8?

    Looking to buy an Aqueon Evolve 4 or 8 gallon(W/the LED light) for my desk at work. I'll pay $50 for a 4 gallon or $80 for the 8 gallon if it's in good shape and close to Round Rock.
  12. RoundRockReef

    WTB Chiller 1/10 - 1/4 HP

    I have a 1/10HP I'd sell for $250. It's $400 brand new. Using it on a 72 gal currently-works great! PM me
  13. RoundRockReef

    Looking for parts to start up tank

    I have 100+lbs. of liverock from a cl purchase. Make me an offer
  14. I've got 100+ lbs. of live rock covered in purple algae from a well established tank I purchased off cl. Gonna sell most of the LR so make me an offer
  15. RoundRockReef

    55+ gal Reef Ready tank, prefer corner or half circle

    Got a 72Gallon half round tank w/overflow. Looking to sell the tank/hood/base and 250w MH/t5 combo light with ballast for $550(negotiable) and I'll help you load it in your truck. Can make as much RO water as you need too if you want. Not sure if it's glass or acrylic. If I had to guess I'd say glass. No scratches or cracks though. Send me a PM or call 8058441619. -Sean