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  1. JBJ 28gallon Pro LED set up.

    Stock pumps 266 gph vs 296 on maxi jet 1200 . I just need a little more push and I have a 150 gallon reef tank already so i can make different waves in that tank.
  2. JBJ 28gallon Pro LED set up.

    Cool I will try it. This led pro series setup awesome and hardly any heat so I was debating on heater for tank now. Just in the cycling it right now and should be good in two weeks . Thanks again for info.
  3. JBJ 28gallon Pro LED set up.

    Wife now has her own tank and I was just wondering on an upgrade return pump. She doesn't want pumps all in the tank and maxi jet 1200 seem to be the one people use to upgrade. Who has it upgaded and is it too much for the wave controler or too much flow for tank? Joseph
  4. I still have not recieved my tickets i bought for the event??? Anyone else ???
  5. 135 gallon tank for sale

  6. 75gallon reef tank set up.

  7. live rocks sale

    Will be on Sunday they getting the entire tank set up.
  8. 135 gallon tank for sale

    Tank pending.
  9. live rocks sale

    Everything pending.
  10. live rocks sale

    I have about 200lb plus of live rock that's has sponge coraline algea some have palys and shrooms. Big -small for nanos. 3.00 lb . Had them for over 14yrs. Since going with one tank for everything.
  11. 135 gallon tank for sale

    Solid oak canopy and stand. Have two vho super actinics and two 250 metalhalides. With 55gallon tank as sump 100lb plus live sand. Coralife skimmer 225 skimmer. Portable over flow with mag 9 return. With large power head for circulation ans sea squad for more waves. 400.00
  12. 75gallon reef tank set up.

    75 gallons reef tank with stand and canopy. Two 175watt metal halide with magnetic ballast . Eshope ooverflow and sump . Coralife 125gallon protein skimmer and mag 7 return . 200.00
  13. And german blue digi.
  14. I would like number 6. And can pic up tomorrow.
  15. Branching hammers and frogspawns.

    I live by lakeline mall you can pick it up from the house today 5126893654 Joseph