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  1. codyja

    Elevated Remote Water Storage for ATO

    Thanks all. Have some good info to go off of now.
  2. Hi All, I had a situation I wanted to run past the group. I have a closet in the next room from my 160G tank. I mounted a 35G tank in the top of the closet to hold fresh RODI. On the output I added a T and have one side going out to 3/4" tubing with a valve to fill jugs. I then was planning to run the other output down the wall, along the floor, drill a small hole along the baseboard and pop the 1/4" RO tubing through the wall and drop into the sump. My question is how do I deal with the water level, ATO, and anti siphon? I'd prefer not to run power line from the sump to the water storage tank if possible. The RODI tank is about 8 feet in the air, and it's about a 15-20' run over to my sump. I know gravity will carry the water, but I need to figure out a way to hook this up through an ATO and prevent it from draining the full 35G out. Any ideas (on the cheaper side if possible)? Thanks!
  3. codyja

    Calcium Reactor and Sump

    Hi All, I'm in the market for a calcium reactor and a sump (or aquarium that I can turn into a sump - around 75Gal or so). This will be for a 160Gal build. Please let me know what you have and a price if you are looking to get rid of something thanks.
  4. codyja

    Couple Issues

    Ran tests this evening to verify where I'm at and here are the results. Alk: 8.4 Cal: 430 Nit: 5ppm Po4: 0ppm
  5. codyja

    Couple Issues

    I just looked up vermetid snails and realize I have a lot of those. There's been times where there's tons of stringy thin stuff hanging out of the tubes all over the tank. Need to research that more. I use Salifert for all tests now. I test Nitrate somewhat often and haven't seen over 5 ppm yet. It's been probably 2 or 3 weeks since the last P04 test, but it was 0 at the time. I'll check them all tonight. I don't recall now how fast I dropped the ALK from 12 to 8, but I seem to remember thinking it was a little sudden after the fact. Also my 250W halide 14k bulb is about 9 months old now. I'm thinking I should consider replacing it soon. On that acro, if everything stays stable, should the skin regrow over the white part, or will that stay dead? Thanks for all the info too!
  6. codyja

    Couple Issues

    Hi All, I wanted to see if I could get some assistance identifying some stuff. First is a set of Candy Canes with some growth around the base that has started recently. There's several long stringy pieces that are move around in the water flow, but a majority is around the base of the Coral on the rock. Part of the coral skin has started to pull up also. The second issue is with a piece of Acro that I assume is bleaching, but on the undersides only. It actually has some polyp extension on the healthy part. In the middle of the picture, right in the middle of the white is a small snail that's probably 1-2 MM in length. I'm not sure if he's related to this or not. I see a ton of those snails at night, not really on the coral, but just all over the tank. I had my ALK around 12 dkh before this started happening, but I lowered it to 8 where it has been very stable for weeks. Then this happened suddenly about 2 weeks ago. Nitrates are at 5ppm. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!
  7. Can you buy corals throughout the day or at specific times? If you buy one early in the day, will the vendors generally hold them until you leave, or what usually happens?
  8. codyja

    Tank Advice - Corals Don't Look Great

    Sascha - The Monti caps, alien eye chalice and trumpet corals are all doing good. A pocillipora and a few Acros aren't though. I was fortunate enough to have Jolt come out and take a look at my tank today! We took PAR readings throughout the tank, I'm attaching a picture of the results. I'm going to order a Salifert nitrate and phosphate kit before I do anything else. I've never seen anything other than zeros on the API test kits. After that I'll think about increasing the bio load some. I'm going to order a Magnifying glass so I can check for red bugs as well. Thanks again for coming out Jolt!
  9. codyja

    Tank Advice - Corals Don't Look Great

    I appreciate all the responses from everyone! Tons of good info that I will use. I just did a test and here are the numbers: Alk=9.8 Cal=410 Mg=1280 I have the Gyre 130 that I keep dialed up pretty high. Maybe I should turn that down some. Jolt, I'm in Jonestown, but work in northwest Austin/Cedar Park area. I'd love to try a PAR meter if someone could help. I think the immediate changes I'll continue working towards are decreasing Alk, increasing calcium slightly, and increasing Mg, then keeping stable. I would consider it a ULNS so the high alk issues are making sense.
  10. codyja

    Tank Advice - Corals Don't Look Great

    Sorry, didn't mention my other test kit is an API and Nitrate/Nitrite/Amonio is always 0. I just realized I'm not testing phosphate though, so I'll get a kit. I've only done one 15 Gal water change since I've had it setup. I took this advice from a local shop owner. I've been thinking recently my Alk should be in the 8 or 9 range, so I'll see about doing that too. It's at the upper 9 range now.
  11. codyja

    Tank Advice - Corals Don't Look Great

    Attached a few pics. I'd say I test Alk every 2-3 days as I've been trying to get it down. Test kit is Red Sea. I also didn't mention my PH is usually around 8, but I tested about 3 days ago and it was 7.8. Also, Nitrates/Nitrites/Ammonia always show 0 on an API test kit.
  12. Hi All, First post here, but wanted to see if I could get some advice from the community. I'm trying to focus on mostly SPS corals, and have a couple acans. The problem is my corals are just decent looking, and some just don't really look good at all. For example, I have a Green pocillopora that has been completly white with just a little bit of green extension since I got it. I have a Green Millepora that has changed from a dull purple to a pretty green, but never has any polyp extensions. Really none of the SPS has polyp extension except for some very slightly at night. The Acans looks good for the first couple days, but have been withdrawing since and are showing quite a bit of skeleton. I have one of Dan's fuzzy Milleporas that looked good for the first week or two, but the last few months it has started loosing color and is a really light purple, and no polyp extension. A birdsnest has started to look a better color, but doesn't really grow. I do have an orage monti cap that is growing though. I do have a few fish, small coral beauty and a few small damsels and Chromis. I feed a variety of foods, mostly frozen, plus some Reef Chili. I also use Red Sea Reef Energy A/B a few times a week. For equipment, I have a 40Gal breeder with a 20Gal sump that I started in February. I have a 250W MH single ended bulb, 14K, and two 36" x 39W T5's. One T5 is actinic and one is just a white growth light, both ATIs. The T5s are on for 10 hours, and the MH is on for 6 hours a day. For flow I have a Maxspect Gyre and a hydor powerhead with what seems like good flow throughout the tank. I have a fan blowing on the water to keep temps down, and are pretty steady in the 77-79 degree range. I have an auto doser dosing 2part, and keep the ALK around 9 now (was previously at 10 but have been backing down), and Calcium is around 400. Salinity is at 1.026 usually and I have an ATO setup. I have a reef octopus skimmer that I empty the cup about every 1.5 weeks or so. I'm sort of at a loss at this point. I'm wondering if the light might be too intense. Should I move to a 20K spectrum? I've also used a flashlight at night to check for anything abnormal and the only thing I ever see are snails. I had some snails breed at some point and always see a lot at night. Thank you for any advice!
  13. codyja

    Corals from the Beach

    Thanks. I might try it in a few weeks when it warms up a little.
  14. codyja

    Corals from the Beach

    I know someone who used to have a saltwater aquarium, she would go down to Port Aransas and get her own corals from the Jetty area. She would wade around and pick and pry corals off rock and put them in her aquarium back in Austin, at least this is what she told me. Does this really sound possible? I remember several years ago, I saw another lady scuba diving around the jetty, she would take large plastic bags down and scoop up little fish and take back to her aquarium shop in Corpus. Is there a possibility of contamination of my tank if I were to try this? Has anyone else tried this?