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  1. SiminyCricket

    Free Limestone

    I was cruising through the free listings in craigslist and after we purchased yet another larger tank today, we went by this one: Free Limestone Rock and Boulders. Take as much as you can haul away, half of the pile is still available. For more information, please call Brandon @ 512-771-8952 Brandon was awesome, even lending us a cat carrier so that we could bring home a prairie dog. Oh and the rock is super incredible. I saw a good number of large and small rocks which would make any aquarium even greater. If you talk to him, tell him Tiffani and Danny sent ya. =) He's trying to be rid of most of it by Saturday, so get some while ya can! (and pics of the prairie dog will be on my blog in the morning sometime)
  2. SiminyCricket

    A quick hello!

    Thank you! I'm narrowing down my list of initial harassing questions at this point; hopefully by tomorrow, I'll know more about what I want to ask.
  3. SiminyCricket

    A quick hello!

    My boyfriend and I just joined the forum (I honestly stumbled upon it while trying to find decent selections of macro algae, none of which I have purchased as of yet). We have a 55 gallon, which has been established for a little over a year, a 29 gallon (I wanted smaller loverfishes) and a newly acquired 92 gallon corner tank. We've already decided that as the teenagers start to move out, their rooms will be filled with aquariums! Just kidding...sorta. We do probably need a larger house for the 300 gallon he eventually wants. Ahem. Anyway, I found it rather amusing that I had been looking around online for at least two weeks to see what sort of stuff I'd be adding to my tank, talked to all sorts of people at stores and the very day I signed up here, some random sales guy asked if we had heard of you guys. I'm sure you'll be seeing quite a bit of both of us around. While I'm relatively new to saltwater, he's been at it for most of his adult life. =)