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  1. FOWNR? (fish only with no rock)

    I did find out today that he's got bioballs in the center chamber of his overflow/sump that's on the back of the AIO. He said it was up and running empty for two months before he added anything but I don't know if he was ghost feeding the tank. I don't think he was though.
  2. The guy that's going to build my house recently jumped into the saltwater aquarium hobby. He bought a AIO 55 gallon bowfront and has is up and running empty for a couple of months. He said he used one bag of live sand and a couple more of regular sand (I'm hoping it was aquarium sand). All decorations are fake off the shelf stuff like grass, sticks, pottery, etc. Probably all resin or plastic stuff made for an aquarium. I've not set one up without live rock before nor do I know anyone else that has so I'm unsure how a tank like this cycles. I talked to him last week and cautioned him against adding any livestock before the tank has gone through it's cycle. I don't know what test kits, if any, that he's using to determine if the tank has cycled. He sent me some pictures this evening of the 6 clown fish he added to the tank. Eeeeek. He also spoke about being on course to add coral in two months. I'm guessing it'll be softies. My question to you all is, how does a tank without live anything or the porous material to harbor bacteria cycle? Is it pretty much like a QT that just needs frequent water changes? I'm obviously very concerned about the future success of the tank and it's inhabitants.
  3. Designing the Fish Room - HELP!

    Oooooooooooooooooooo. Me likey. I'll have to look into that!
  4. Green Hair Algae Control

    That was my thought as well! I keep trying to find someone who's had a negative experience using it, but haven't located on yet. How does it kill off the exposed algae without killing off the zooxanthellae algae inside the coral? Either way it doesn't address the cause of the bloom, but maybe it will help get a handle on a big bloom before it starts killing off coral anyway. If she decides to go this route I'll try and document the progress and long term effects.
  5. Green Hair Algae Control

    Someone this weekend told me about using a one time treatment of fluconazole to rid the tank of hair algae. I found a YouTube video that documents a tank before, during and after the treatment. Is this safe to use? I know it doesn't address the core reason of why it bloomed to begin with, but if it help eradicate it so they can get a leg up on turning the corner on it then it might be worth the expense. Thoughts?
  6. Green Hair Algae Control

    Thanks Tim. They are trying very hard to be patient. I had the advantage of going through several years of growing pains to figure things out while they're learning on the fly while dealing with an ugly algae bloom which tends to put one in panic mode. She's a very smart lady (chemist) who is learning the ropes very quickly and hasn't slipped into panic mode which is pretty impressive from my viewpoint. She's just trying to figure out how to deal with it and feels that all her efforts are in vain because she doesn't see any changes for the better yet. I've sent her the link for your case study and your response above which she's probably on reading now. I've also encouraged her to join this forum as you all are the most knowledgeable folks I've come across in this hobby. Can't express how much you all have helped me over the years. Everyone is quick with an opinion in this hobby, but when you can back it up with the knowledge and experience you all possess it takes it to whole other level.
  7. Green Hair Algae Control

    Thank you sir!
  8. Green Hair Algae Control

    I suppose if she takes the rock out she could treat the affected areas with H2O2 as long as she doesn't get it on the coral, correct?
  9. Green Hair Algae Control

    No worries about the temp change or water flow around the coral? What if she has the rock out for 30 minutes? Would that cause an issue or not really?
  10. Green Hair Algae Control

    The folks that bought my tank (with my house) are now in the midst of their first big algae bloom and are getting frustrated and discouraged. This is their first SW aquarium and they feel like they're failing me because the tank has gone downhill since they took it over. I've told them that algae blooms happen to most everyone and it takes a while to turn the corner on them. She's been manually removing the algae but mt tank was built into a corner of the house and is only accessible from behind and that's not very easy either which adds to the frustration level. She's asked if it would be OK to just pull the rock (with coral attached) from the tank into a bucket to work on it. While that is definitely not OK to do, I think the process below that I've laid out in an email I'm writing her would work fine but I wanted to get your thoughts on it first. "Pulling the rock w/coral out to clean is typically not a good idea for a couple of reasons, but that's not to say that it cannot be done. If it were a bare rock then it would be fine. The reasons it would be bad with the coral are that the parameters of fresh made salt water will most likely not be the same as the tank water so going from one to the other then back again may shock it. Also, the water temperature in the tank is controlled and the water temp in a bucket may drop several degrees pretty quickly again risking a shock. You'd also have to maintain some water movement for the coral. I do think there's be a way to do it however and I'll be happy to help if you like. I'm going to run this idea by some guys to make sure I'm not overlooking or oversimplifying something, but I think it would work fine. Use a clean medium sized clear plastic storage container to siphon water out of your tank into like you're doing a good size water change (say 15 gallons or so). install a power head and heater in the container move desired rock from aquarium to container for cleaning preposition a power head in the aquarium so that it's below the current water level and leave on to provide water movement clean rock in container and move back to aquarium refill aquarium completing water change move power head in aquarium back to original position" What do you think?
  11. Sump Kits

    What's your thoughts on these kits? I'll need a sump for my 300 when the time comes and this kit seems pretty cost effective especially when it's easy to come by a used 75g. http://www.ebay.com/itm/REFUGIUM-KIT-for-48-x-18-x-21-75-gallon-protein-skimmer-sump-kit-/162351033795?var=&hash=item25cce02dc3:m:mX5Iuz7lYJ92l1liP9qFhpg
  12. What to stock first in a 90g FOWLR?

    he's got the larger amphipods. I'm thinking the fairy wrasses or a melanurus should be able to eat those since they get a bit bigger than say a six line.
  13. Designing the Fish Room - HELP!

    I think something like this is what I'm looking for.
  14. Designing the Fish Room - HELP!

    Wow. That's actually a great point. I do have plenty of room to work with now (more than enough to be honest). The only problem is where to put it. I could put it in that short hallway on the left but then it would open very close to the tank and would make it virtually impossible to have anything plumbed into the tank from that side. Also, in case of the worst case scenario and there's a leak or a seam break, that would leave a quick exit for the water. I'll have to give that some thought. So here's the next dilemma: how to finish the outside (Den facing) wall? I would love to have removable panels all around the tank to allow full access from the front, but I'm already getting some flack from the wifey for just mentioning that. It would need to have a nice finished look, but be removable. I know someone out there has done that. I just need some pictures or links.
  15. Designing the Fish Room - HELP!

    This is where I plan to hold our club meetings and start a club coral library. I'd like to have a library of frags that everyone can both contribute to or take from according to some simple guidelines. @Isaac : Island on wheels! Fantastic idea!! @Dogfish : Should definitely be room for a fridge