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  1. Well I just read a 2015 article on Reefbuilders that states the BioTek is made by Apogee. They highly recommended it. I'd still like to hear from some folks with experience with one or the other or both. As always, thanks!
  2. Lighting for my 125 6ft tank

    These look identical to the Reefbreeders Photon series I bought a few years back. The functionality you describe above is exactly the same. It's been a great fixture. I got the Photon 48 which was the same width as my tank (48"). I had the 90 degree optics as well but because of my canopy was forced to hang the light just 7 inches above the water and could notice specific light colored dots on the top of my rock work. I removed the lenses which then created 120 degree spread and liked it much better. Still plenty of power to reach the sand bed on my tank (23" deep) and the colors mixed nicely. Color all seemed to do well under it. This is all assuming this is the same fixture as mine, but with update LEDs since mine is several years old.
  3. Apogee SQ-520: Full Spectrum Smart Quantum Sensor (USB) vs BioTek Marine BTM 3000 I'm looking to buy one of these two for our club to use here in TN. Is there a consensus as to which one is the best for all types of light fixtures? There's a considerable difference in price which typically indicates one is lacking in either quality or functionality. It could alos be that the BioTek is a cheap, but identicle knockoff of the Apogee. Thoughts?
  4. Lettuce Nudibranch & Six-line Wrasse

    Well so far the nudis have only been harassed by a halloween hermit. They're about 1.5" so I guess they're too bog for the wrasse to mess with
  5. Nitrates that won't go away

    at the time his nitrate was 140 ppm his ammonia had gone to zero and nitrites were all but gone indicating that it had completed the cycle. Can see how there could still be ammonia in the water column at this point, especially three weeks after he's been unable to detect any ammonia. Got to be the test kits. The first time he told me about it I suggested that his test kit must be of and have someone else test it. The other guy came up with the same results, but they are most likely both using API. I've confirmed that my friend is. I've recommended he just go buy a new non-API kit and retest.
  6. A friend of mine started up a tank and rushed the cycle process by using bottled bacteria and throwing livestock right in. He's fairly new to the hobby and thought this would be ok. It was fine for a month or so, but he continued to add livestock over the next few weeks and eventually caused the tank to go into a cycle because what little bacteria there was from the bottle couldn't keep up. Long story short, lot's of fish and coral died from an ammonia spike then the nitrite spike. The tank eventually cycled with no ammonia or nitrite present and about 140 ppm nitrate. He's done several large water changes to bring the nitrate down, but it seems to have bottomed out at 40 ppm. It's a 50g corner tank btw. He'll do a 50% water change, test and still be at 40 ppm. He's done this three times now and still at 40 ppm. Today he tore down the rock work looking for anything that might have died and got stuck in the rock but couldn't find anything. There's no substrate, just rock and a MarinePure brick in his sump. Any suggestions as to what might be causing the nitrate to stay at 40 ppm regardless of water changes? He said his fire shrimp somehow survived so he feeds it a little once a week.
  7. Raising Alkalinity

    Well the frag tank started to turn cloudy over the past few days and since yesterday several of the Stylo's that were doing the best RTN'd out to pure white. Not sure what happened. I checked Nitrate and Ammonia and both are reading zero. I did a 20% water change and will do one a day until I can get the water cleared up. I ordered some carbon from BRS but it probably won't be here until mid week. I replaced the Penguin filter and added a piece of felt I cut from a filter sick behind the filter to try and catch some of the smaller particulates until the carbon gets here. I've not checked the phosphate yet so that may be elevated. I guess I'll need to pull the dead frags out although I don't guess they're going to cause any more trouble now.
  8. Raising Alkalinity

    Thanks Larry. Is there a reasonably accurate par meter that works with LEDs that's also reasonably priced? I know there's always discussion about that and the accuracy when used to read the par of LEDs. I'm guessing there's been some advances with the meters over the past few years considering hoe prevalent LEDs are in the market.
  9. Raising Alkalinity

    got a little STN going on, but otherwise they look like they're just getting used to the new light. I've got the alk up to about 7.5 or so. I'm just going to watch it for a while and try to figure out this new AI Prime HD I bought for it. Just not sure what the right spectrum settings should be, especially since you can adjust each color independently. Trying to research it but there seems not to be a "norm" and I can't find anyone who's got it over a frag tank. I've got it on the goose neck stretched as high as it will go so it's about 16" above the water. Here's my current settings. Maybe I need to turn down a bit more.
  10. Light acclimation

    Hey Rocks, I just picked up an AI Prime HD for my frag tank. I've got it as high as the arm will go above the water. It's been on there about a week now and I've noticed some bleaching and have backed it way off. Now that you've had yours in operation for several months, what have you found to be the best color intensity (%) combination and schedule?
  11. Thank you sir! Sorry to hear about your livestock losses.
  12. So my usual dipping routine is CoralRX then Bayer. I'm guessing by your comment above that would not be sufficient to kill anything and everything on a frag including velvet? Can you share your "13 step dipping process"? I don't want to hijack this thread so maybe via a PM or another thread?
  13. Jeeps Gone Reef On 300g Build

    That's a beautiful plumbing job. I can never get it to come out that precise! So did you paint the PVC blue and if so did it present problems when it came time to glue it?
  14. Jeeps Gone Reef On 300g Build

    What did you use to cover it and how long do you have to leave it there?
  15. Raising Alkalinity

    Forgot they had that out there. Thank you sir!