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  1. 90 Gallon Reef Ready Breakdown

    Due to an upcoming remodel I had to break everything down. I am out of pocket Sunday but will be available on Monday. Text me for an address. I live central. 512-8two6-7four35 Added a few items. BRS GFO & Carbon Reactor - Dual SOLD w/ 2 extra media containers $35 HMO-300 Finnex Heater $20 SOLD 90 gallon reef ready $75 free stand SOLD Mag 18 w/ 4 valve manifold $75 - SOLD Reef Octopus skimmer$50 - SOLD Fishy business 20 gallon sump $50 SOLD 200 watt eheim heater $15 - SOLD PM calcium reactor w/ extra media container $120 Everything you need including CO2 tank.
  2. Free 90 Gal Reef Ready Oceanic Tank

    Gone. Thanks.
  3. Free 90 Gal Reef Ready Oceanic Tank

    As the title says the tank has a small leak at bottom right corner and will need to be re-sealed. Dimensions are 48"L x 18"W x 22"H. Need this gone ASAP. Will not hold. First one to show up can have it. Please no phone calls just text to 512-8two6-7four3five. It is at work so Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm. Text and I will send you the address. I am located on East Cesar Chavez St. about a 1-1/2 mile from IH35. Please bring a truck or SUV. Thanks.
  4. Skimmers and algea scrubber

    I'll take the algae scrubber. When are you available? You can text me at 512-8two6-7four35.
  5. Fishbit

    Interesting. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1758456789/fishbit-your-aquarium-made-simple-beta-release
  6. WTB 10 - 20 Gallon AIO

    Let me know if you have one you'd like to sell. Best way is to text 5one2 8two6 7four3five. Thanks.
  7. Salt Buckets

    I've heard the County Line is always giving these away by the truckload. Probably worth a call.
  8. Ro/di tubing

    Breed & co has it by the foot. I paid .07/ft.
  9. Free accounts to end at Dyndns

    http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2014/04/dyn-discontinues-free-dyndns-service-to-clean-up-its-ddns-network/ I received an email saying they will end May 7th. I am no expert but are these accounts still needed with APEX fusion?
  10. Have A Leak Selling all fish and inverts.... SOLD

    I'll take the chromis.
  11. Reef Controller

    My Apex emails me when my power goes off and when my ATO reservoir is empty. Also you can look at and control it with your smartphone. There are so many other features I do not use but I know I could eventually use. Good luck.
  12. BRS deluxe carbon/gfo reactor leaking?

    Pull the inlet out and add some plumbers tape. I think mine did that and the tape solved the problem.
  13. BRS 1.1 MIL 2-PART DOSER $60

  14. EcoTech & AI Merger

  15. HCGFO BRS dual reactor

    A few months back I noticed the flow on my dual BRS reactor had totally stopped. I figured the screens were clogged so I removed all the old media and added new media cleaned the screens but still no flow. I then began removing the top housing to see if something was obstructed. And there it was a tiny little air hole inside the housing clogged with GFO. Has anyone else had the problem? And since the hole is so small does it make sense to drill it out to about an 1/8"?