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    KimP's in-wall room divider build

    I've been watching this interesting situation in my tank for a while. This setosa has another coral growing on the side of it. It's finally big enough to get a decent picture (credit to timfish) Eventually, hopefully, it'll get big enough to identify and break off.
  2. This may prove to be one of the slowest builds in history, but here's it goes!! We bought this house in Dec (thanks JeeperTy) and right away I noticed this arch, visible from all of downstairs and some of upstairs, that is screaming "please put a tank here!!!". The opening is 50" wide and the current plan is to leave the wall mostly alone, and build the stand around it. In this pic you can see there is a little divider wall and I want this side of the stand to come out even with that. So that limits me to 11" on each side and a 30" x 48" tank. Yesterday I managed to get a hole cut in the wall to peek in and see how it's constructed, and where any wires are located. Here goes nothing!! And here's what I found top bottom It's constructed just how I expected. I was able to put that rectangle right back into place to keep curious kiddos out. I'm glad that part worked out! Timfish handled the move of my 90gal from the old house and while he was here I enlisted his help with this new build. A couple things we talked about are: having an external overflow, closed loop for circulation, leaving the wall studs as-is (figure something out with that wire) and having a sump possibly in 2 or 3 parts and have it run in between the studs, having drywall on the green side so it looks just like it was part of the house all along, and on the kitchen side having the stand be skinned in cabinetry that matches the kitchen. It'd be nice to have a section separate for the controller and other electronics. I plan on only accessing the tank on the tile floor side, but I plan on having access on the hardwood floor side too, just in case it's needed. Trying to think of ways to do that with drywall. Nothing is set in stone yet, but I'd like to get the tank ordered asap. Now that we know what the wall looks like, we can plan where any holes might go, and I can get the tank ordered and drilled. The lights will hang from the arch and if I can do it, I'd like to have the wires for the lights go strait into the wall and run down inside the wall. Tim mentioned using a tray that the lights would poke down out of to keep things really clean looking vs the bar they hang from now. That's about it for now! I'll list the equipment I have and general plans for the tank later. Everything in my current tank will transfer. Thanks in advance for any input. I'll need lots of advice on this one!
  3. KimP

    New to reef keeping

    Welcome to the club! Sounds like you have a nice tank to start out on.
  4. KimP

    Tiny brown flatworms

    I've dealt with them in the past too. Before I had wrasses I got a Springer's damsel. Really nice looking peaceful little fish. I've never seen a flatworm since. I got that little fish 6 years ago and it's still going strong.
  5. KimP

    So long Yall

    I can't believe you're already moving back! Right after your tank was getting settled in too. I hope the move back goes smoothly!
  6. I'm no expert on acropora, but in the event that something did get in the water, are you running carbon? Poly filter?
  7. KimP

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    I agree with this. What about a foxface if it's too small for a tang? Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  8. KimP

    Tank update

    That's looking really good! I'm glad you were able to get on top of it.
  9. KimP

    Rimless 240 build

    That looks like some serious flow!
  10. KimP

    Cleaning a Dusty old Tank

    Assuming it's not possible to rinse it out outside with the hose, just a good wiping with water and some vinegar sounds good. I don't think you need to soak it for weeks before getting started.
  11. KimP

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    (Your tank looks amazing btw!) Another vote for hanging the lights if you can. It looks so much cleaner and you don't have anything in the way on the tank.
  12. KimP

    Gone - Apex breakout box

    NIP. I'm not going to use it so hopefully someone else can. I'm located near southpark meadows.
  13. KimP

    Greetings Programs

    Welcome to the club! Sounds like a nice size to start out with. I agree, lots of things have changed over the years. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it!
  14. KimP

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    I can't imagine it makes any difference seeding from the display, sump, or refugium. The bacteria and all is going to spread everywhere in the system.
  15. I had such a great time! Thanks for putting in the work to make it all possible. It was great to see everyone!
  16. KimP

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    Sounds like it's really coming along. Looking forward to pics!
  17. KimP


    Have you checked your new salt water for phosphates? I wouldn't worry too much if everything's looking the way you want. I mean, bring the phosphates down with gfo or something, but don't stress too much. Sounds like you're doing all the right things. Victoly would definitely be the one to ask about this, but maybe adding another carbon stage instead of another DI would be good.
  18. KimP


    I think TDS is more like calcium, mag, salt, etc, things like that. That's how I understand it. It won't tell you phos or nitrate.
  19. KimP

    the jolt 1̶5̶0̶ 180

    How are things going in your DT these days?
  20. KimP

    Redsea Reefer 450 Build / Upgrade

    I second this. I have pvc going through mine but same idea. Over the years it's been really handy to easily slide whatever rock off to swap it with a new one or just clean it off or frag a coral or whatever. Plus nothing's shifted unexpectedly in 5 years.
  21. I was wondering if the tank lights would work! That's amazing. It would be great if it did the trick. This is nightmare material for me. Over here I have 4 little boys running around my in wall tank that's mostly exposed on 4 sides 😬
  22. I wouldn't know what to do either. Just wanted to say that really sucks. I'm glad you noticed it though. Any idea how they got there?
  23. It's really cool to see comparisons like that! Everything looks good. We need to see a fts!
  24. KimP

    Sad, sad day! :'(

    Sorry about your fish ☹️ That was a long time to have him.
  25. KimP

    KimP - 47 gal column

    A quick history on my tank. Picked it up on craigslist on a whim after only keeping a few freshwater tanks in my past. Didn't know what exactly to do with it but I liked the amount of water for such a small footprint. It's only 18"x20" but 30" deep. I thought, WOW 47 gallons, that's HUGE!! (lol...) After browsing the web I found out this is a problem because of the small surface area for gaseous exchange, but that a tall tank is great for seahorses. Seahorses? I love seahorses! I had no idea you could keep them in a tank in your house So I found a few pieces of LR at aquadome, threw them in, and I believe I even mixed the salt in the tank - with tap water Luckily I had enough sense to leave the tank be while I did about 4 months or so of research on seahorse.org Finally ordered 4 erectus - 1 female and 3 males in late 2007. Things went along just fine for a couple of years, I never changed anything, just enjoyed the horses and trying to raise some fry. I had a bout of pop-eye in one of the males, and that was an adventure to say the least. I had to put a tube down his throat every day to tube feed him until he was better. That's something I never would have thought I'd ever do!!! Had another male get a terrible case of pouch emphysema that was manageable for almost 6 months or so before we had to euthanize him. Poor guy. I had my son in Dec 2009 and as you can imagine, basically forgot about the tank for a year except for very basic maintenance and used Oceans of Austin for most of it, which is where I met atxmandarin, and he's been a great resource ever since. Last Dec I decided to fix up the tank and get some more horses and that's when I found the ARC. Boy have I learned a whole lot from yall!! A couple of the members on here ever-so-nicely dropped hints that my aquascaping was lacking to say the least. I had always been frustrated with it, but never knew what a nice reef tank could look like. After some good nudges , and lots of time spent browsing FTS, I finally took the plunge and re-did my aquascaping, with atxmandarin's help and brian.srock's tank as inspiration, along with some tanks on reefcentral. This shape of a tank is so challenging, and continues to be, but it sure makes a great seahorse tank, and hopefully will morph into a nice reef tank. Now if the baby stays asleep I will post the semi-embarrassing pics of what my FOWLR tank was and the not embarrassing anymore pics of the reef it is becoming...