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  1. jb247

    Tunze Nano Top off $60 [sold]

    Still available?
  2. jb247

    WTB: RODI System

    WTB: RODI System
  3. WTB: some brightly colored zoas, maybe some hammer coral and softer corals.
  4. jb247

    Looking to Buy Live Rock

    I don’t need a lot, just want to add some to my existing nano. Probably just a few decent pieces will do the trick. LMK. Thanks!
  5. jb247

    Getting back in...

    Well, after about 2 years without a tank, I think I'm ready to get back into it. I'm looking for a 55-75g tank with quiet overflows. I'd really like to buy a complete setup, if possible. So, if anybody knows anyone getting out of it, let me know. I'm excited to get another tank up and running! Thanks!
  6. Do you still have this setup?
  7. jb247

    RODI Setup

    75 gpd RODI unit with extra resin. 2 55g barrels with ATO for storage on a wood stand. Comes with 5 or 6 water jugs also. $100 obo. Text for pics. 512-992-3237
  8. jb247

    GBTA and RBTA

    They are together on one rock right now. Both decent size when opened up, maybe 3-4". $80 for both.
  9. jb247


    75gpd RO/DI system with 2 55g barrels an stand, comes with like 7 or 8 5g jugs as well. Asking $125 for the whole setup.
  10. jb247

    RO/DI System

    75gpd RO/DI system with 2 55g barrels an stand, comes with like 7 or 8 5g jugs as well. Asking $125 for the whole setup.
  11. jb247

    135 gallon RR setup

    PM sent to Glen.
  12. jb247

    135 gallon RR setup

    135 gallon long tank, currently setup and running. Comes with skimmer, 55 gallon custom sump, all plumbing, GFO/Carbon setup, and ATO. Also comes with the lighting, 3 - 150w mh setup with built in moonlights and fluorescents. Comes with live rock and sand, stand, hood, and probably a few frags. $650 firm, need it gone, like today. This is a great deal for someone who can act quickly.
  13. jb247

    Assorted Corals FS

    Hammer Coral (Approx. 10 heads) - $100 Pulsing Xenia (Approx. 30 Stalks) - $50 Assorted Zoas (Skull Rock) - $50 Assorted Zoas - $50 There is some other stuff in the tank too. When you see it, you can decide if you'd like to pick up anything else.
  14. jb247

    FS RBTA $100 and a GBTA $50

    He's about 5" when fully open. Healthy and happy! $100 and you can take him home today. Also have a GBTA for $50. I'm located in RR.