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  1. The mother colonies pre-trim:
  2. Isaac

    Power brick brackets

    not worth the effort when you can use a strap... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0037MX9VA Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  3. i think mine acted up friday night... for about 4hrs. not sure if clearing the logs helped, or this fusion issue restoring helped (it doesnt list a date, just time)
  4. i had the same problem over the weekend. make sure you have logging disabled on all your outlets. delete older log files. https://forum.neptunesystems.com/showthread.php?8325-Is-it-possible-to-clear-the-log I deleted all up to last 30 days. this is the second time it's happened in 4-5yrs... its pretty random.
  5. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07LH6D4WW/ w/ DIY breakout box.
  6. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    not so much the typical build thread, its already built but are we ever really done w/ our systems? So... Tanks/reactors: -180g DSA/Oceanic w/ corner overflows (build type screams DSA, quality screams Oceanic... this might be the last build the DSA guys did before they split off to DSA...or first at DSA... who knows) -50g Oceanic Sump -30g converted oceanic sump for refugium -20g frag tank -~1/5g marine life aquatics CR-500 calcium reactor -4.5g Deltec AP851 recirc skimmer -~2g in calcium reactor -~2g in anaerobic coil -~1g in whole house filter converted for nitrate sponge -~1/3g GFO reactor decommissioned for algae scrubber -~1/3g carbon reactor decommissioned for algae scrubber -~2g algae scrubber -5g fluidized sand bed home depot bucket. decommissioned due to space -plus whatever is in the plumbing (main/fuge inside, rest in garage) -55g barrel w/ salt mix (on ready for emergencies or water changes) -55g barrel w/ RO/DI (on ready for salt mixing and ATO) -20g RO tank w/ bladder (after RO, before DI) -small effluent box for calc reactor (probe in reactor now, ignore probe in old picts!) (thats ~280g total "holding," guesstimate 250ish operating) Pumps/powerheads: -mag9 (FSB + nitrate sponge + UV) decommissioned, new pump manifold -CA 2200 (fuge) decommissioned, new pump manifold -bubble magus sp4000 (skimmer) decommissioned, new skimmer -small harbor freight pond pump (for phosban reactor) decommissioned, new pump manifold -eheim1262 (main return) decommissioned, new pump manifold -jeabo DC-9000 and manifold (UV+nitrate sponge, gfo/carbon, fuge, main display, frag, UV2+algae scrubber) -eheim1262 (water changes and backup for tank) -eheim1260 (skimmer recirculation) -rio1100 (anaerobic coil + calcium reactor) -medium harbor fright pump (feed skimmer, rio that came w/ broke its shaft, pending new shaft!) -medical PCA pump (everclear dosing) -BRS 2part doser (vinegar.. now only used in case pH goes over 8.4) -permeate pump (for RO/DI system) -tunze wavebox (synced w/ turbelle) -2x tunze turbelle (synced) -koralia 4 -precisionmarine redtop skimmer Controls: -Apex+EB8+EB8+PM2+ALD+VDM+DIY breakout box+jaebo controller -various 0-10v dimmers (cabinet fan, DIY LEDs, backup heater relay, powersave relay) -various 12v relays -DIY temp control box powered by stc-1000 w/ opensource stc1000p firmware -main pump manifold for controlling flows to UV/UV2, nitrate sponge, gfo/carbon, fuge, main display, frag and algae scrubber -a lot of magnetic floats (used by Apex i/o ports and ATO) -24v sprinkler valve (for ATO to sump) -12v ball valve (for RO/DI to barrel) -120v industrial ball valve (for chiller loop) -tunze osmolator pump (for ATO) -24hr timer EB8 socket (for ATO) -7day count down timer (for RO/DI barrel) Lighting: -4 refurbed AI Sol (2xwhite, 1x blue) -1 refurbed AI Sol Blue (2x blue, 1x white) -~60 DIY blue leds (from old DIY LED, still provides decent spectrum w/ the Sol's) -~25 DIY white leds (from old DIY LED that wasnt up to PAR, but good backlighting) -2 aluminum 6063-T52 Bare Rectangle Tube 1.5" x 2" x 0.125" as rails (thermo-epoxy'd LEDs on these as support and heat sync. Sol's supported in between) -1 t8 "daylight" light CF from biocube (for fuge, on reverse cycle) -1 t8 50/50 light actinic CF from biocube (for fuge, on reverse cycle) -36w UV Clarifier -40w UV Clarifier -1 strand of led lighting for under cabinet use Chiller system: -One-off construction from chillking chillers. (manufactured as a proof of concept "remote" aquarium chiller. ping me if interested, wont say more beyond that because I know the rules! although if there is enough interest, I'm sure I can get them to swing a sponsored account for this!) -2-ton titanium coil in aquarium sump -25g chiller tank -1.5ton condenser on chiller outside -2-ton evaporator coil in chiller sump -also cools my server closet and garage evaporator unit if i turn it on Stand/hood: -DSA quality stand w/ side doors (which i cant open as its flush w/ the wall) and 4 front doors. (I say DSA, because I dont recall Oceanic having the side doors, I may be wrong) -DIY hood. 8x1 oak, stained, epoxy sealed. opens upwards from the front for feeding & access to lighting) -DIY upper tank brace (powder coated steel stock, removed inner glass crossbracing) Typical water: -I prefer Red Sea pro Instant Ocean salt 200g bags when I can get them. In a crunch, I use Instant ocean reef 200g box -NO3: 5-10 -NO2: 0 -NH4: 0 -PO4(3-): 0 -C: 440-480 -KH: 10 +/1 1 -Mg: 1450 +/- 50 -Salinity 34.5-35/1.026 (depends on how clogged the sump gets w/ stuff in between cleanings) -Temp: 77 78 +/- .3 (i love this temp controller) -pH: 8.15 (end of night cycle) - 8.35 (end of day cycle) Feeding/Dosing: -I prepare 8 days worth ahead of time in old 110ml breastmilk bottles -1 2 3 cubes of mysis (bulk from brineshrimpdirect) -1 2 3 cubes of brine (bulk from brineshrimpdirect) -1 2 cubes of krill (bulk from brineshrimpdirect) -6 8 10 12 16 drops of garlic (per bottle) -1 2 3 tiny spoons (reef chili spoon/chemiclean) polyplab reef roids -1 2 3 tiny spoons (reef chili spoon/chemiclean) BRS reef chili -10ml 20ml kent microvert -10ml 20ml kent chromaplex -10ml 20ml kent phytoplex -10ml 20ml kent zoe -20ml brightwell zooplanktos-M -20ml rightwell zooplantos-L -20ml real sea reef energy A -20ml real sea reef energy B -20ml 30ml brightwell coral kolor -10ml brightwell potassium -40ml 90ml 120ml kent coral accel -all liquids mixed (320ml) and split evenly between the 8 bottles (40ml), topped off w/ ro/di, put in fridge -2 1x1 square of green Julian Sprung`s SeaVeggies every other day occasionally -2 1x1 square of purple Julian Sprung`s SeaVeggies every other day occasionally (folded in between green) -Vinegar/RO on ready if pH goes above 8.39 -PCA bump holds 100ml. dosing 0.1ml/hr. Everclear/RODI ratio at 10% everclear right now (so 4ml/day everclear. I lower ratio as the white slime creeps back and liverock/nitrate sponge/FSB/nitrate coil kick in. When I started in 1/2ml increments, i ended up at 7ml on the high end, its now going down about every other week). Holding steady at 10% (as of Dec 2015) disabled.. algae scrubber Livestock: -5 31 1mangroves -too much chaeto -maroon clown -Ocellaris clown -Ocellaris clown in frag tank -skunk clown -bi-color angel -flame angel -multicolor angel -koran angel -potters angel -imperator angel -sixline wrasse -mysteri wrasse -melanurus wrasse -blue sided fairy wrasse -solorensis (solar/clown) fairy wrasse -square anthias (male- popeye, comes out rarely) -square anthias (female- RIP, on order RCA) -sailfin tang -blue hippo tang -kupang damsel -2x blue sapphire damsel -black bar damsel -neon dottyback -bicolor psuedochromis -green mandarin goby -bicolor goby -strawberry psuedochromis (although he's more purple he's strawberry now) -2x pajama cardinal -sailfin blenny (frag tank) -aiptasia eating filefish in left overflow (maybe, havnt seen aiptasia in there for a while) -ruby red cardinal (I call him tomato cardinal) -midas blenny (RIP.. i really liked him) -engineer goby (classic straight lines down body) -engineer goby (striped like a banded pipefish, on the body of an engineer?.. this @$#%^@ is wrecking havoc) -3x sand sifting starfish -red marble fromia starfish (RIP) -lots of snails and crabs (from reefcleaners) -emerald crab (frag tank) -2x (scarlet) skunk cleaner shrimp -1x fire shrimp (frag tank) -4x peppermint shrimp in display (i think, never see them) -2x peppermint shrimp in left overflow (aiptasia control) -3x harlequin shrimp (i've only seen two out at once lately) -a bunch of liverock -green star polys everywhere -green/purple condi anemone -large green bubbletip anemone, recently split into two! (Dec 2015 & Oct 2017) clone now lives in frag's overflow -smaller accidentally fragged carpet anemone (i see him occasionally) -larger accidentally fragged carpet anemone -pompom xenia -green/beige torch colony (6 many many heads) -green frogspawn (2 many many heads each) -gold highlighter tip torch -toxic splatter green hammerhead (6 many heads) -a bunch of zoas -3x green candycane colonies (many heads, not looking hot) -cyan/teal candycane, 4 heads (doing great.. under palys) -darth maul convict -various favia frags -large favia colony -war skin bower (not doing great) -various encrusting monti -large galaxia colony -2x large red monti -large green monti -large grape monti -smaller green monti one w/ blue polyps -3 large green chalice colinies (many more frags to sell/swap) -1 small pink fuzzy birdsnest -1 larger red birdsnest (RTN event, just have a small frag now) -large green & light green paly colony (ugh) -mushroom leather -ty's bottlebrush acro -some dark purple w/ green tone acro (real name?) -lighter purple acro (real name?) -i need help identifying most of these *lol* -i KNOW i missed some too PICTURES! (kinda old w/ cameraphone, need to pull out the SLR) System: https://goo.gl/photos/GXXbCDkC4s1JbtVi8 Livestock: https://goo.gl/photos/JdhivvED3cfPvh6J7 ...that was a bit longer than I anticipated, good thing this is a hobby and I'm not keeping a running cost sheet... ouch.
  7. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    Mini-PSA. when you clean your pumps/powerheads/etc... make sure to check your level sensors if you have any. I noticed by return pump blowing bubbles, my "sumplow" sensor didnt detect it. since its a saltwater environment, they are expected to fail.... these lasted about 4yrs. (not bad at all)
  8. only scientific way to know is to ask ty to touch one.
  9. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    compact your Di resin easier! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3446113
  10. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    this rocks for refilling Di resin... https://amzn.to/2Xivu7l
  11. Isaac

    24 volt ps for eco aqua dc4000

    frys, discount electronics, etc. some laptops run on 24v (well, most at 18v). https://amzn.to/2S7hVnD maybe theres an amazon listing w/ free one-day if you look harder? I'll dig through my power supply bin and get back to ya (maybe buy you some time to get the replacement)
  12. Isaac


    consider the investment you may attain over time in the tank. im a frugal one... just make sure your baseline water parameters will maintain & protect your investment.
  13. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    had to add netting to frag tank and office tank... some... escapees found (a bit late, ugh). I dont really like the look of a screen frame, so designed some clips: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3436507
  14. Isaac

    Drs. Foster and Smith + Petco

    oh seeing how they maintain livestock in-store, i really hope thats not how they maintain it in "warehouse"
  15. Isaac

    Drs. Foster and Smith + Petco

    hasnt petco owned DFS for a looong time? i think this is just rebranding really.
  16. i've actually had to modify the html prior to uploading because it broke their android app. so, yea, its possible to edit things prior to upload, they have no crc/md5 checks. if you only wanna upload certain files, just remove the files you dont wanna upload and upload that partial directory. seems like a pain in the arse, but might work. if you use the initialize command, its supposed to clear it out. then flash firmware, reboot, flash web, reboot. if you are getting timeouts mid-flash, i'd check the simplest things first.. are you doing it over wifi, is your ethernet cable going bad, is your switch port going bad, is the ethernet port on the apex going bad, etc,etc. if you end up buying a new one, ill buy the old probes off ya. my backup base unit wants to work on my second tank, but has no probes, its lonely.
  17. Isaac

    Funny thing I noticed

    now do palytoxin!
  18. Isaac

    Par meter

    lux meters are good for arguments w your kids "its definitely brighter today" *lol*
  19. its best to debug directly on local dashboard, not through fusion. Download "net analyzer" and scan your network. neptune classic apex network hardware will show up as "nipon dempa co." that will give you its current IP. https://techet.net/netanalyzer/
  20. Isaac

    Battery Backup...UPS

    batterywholesale is out of g-town, most often are the cheapest w/ no shipping. you dont have to get branded batteries, often the after market ones last longer and offer higher AH for the same price/physical size. i get about 2 yrs out of mine. cheap enough to have a set on standby if need be. The UPS will run w/o batteries, so its not a huge issue if you have to wait a few days though. my server closet runs at 50%, tank system around 40-60% during "daylight" depending on the one heater on the ups (i have 2 other heaters on a relay).
  21. Isaac

    Battery Backup...UPS

    while the primary reason for a UPS is for battery backup, there is a good secondary reason to keep it inline.... clean power. When you have sensitive & expensive devices to protect... like an apex with sensors on it, you dont want electrical noise to fry the boards and stray electrical pulses to alter your sensors accuracy. There are a couple things to remember however... APC uses pure sine modulation, so you can run motors without much damage, other brands mostly dont have pure sin, and the motors will burn out faster (i think i read like 30% faster, i cant recall where right now). Also, high load items like heaters will drain the battery really quick. I setup a relay for my heaters.. EB8 port triggers a relay, which activates the heater which is actually plugged into the non-backup receptacles. I bought a second UPS just for the heaters (still waiting on getting replacement batteries for it... APC smartups/backups are cheaper at auction w/ dead batteries!) If space is the issue, and you have a low load overall... they make some pretty smallish ones.. its a balance between runtime and what you feel comfortable with. full disclosure.. i have UPS's on pretty much everything in my house, except fridge/freezer. things with compressors are even more sensitive to UPS modulated power... i dont wanna deal w/ replacing compressors.
  22. Isaac

    Lowering phosphates

    test your change water for phosphates every once in awhile... you'd be surprised how many times the "new" water is actually higher than the "old"
  23. another round of chalice! get more than a few, we can work out a discount. willing to trade.
  24. Isaac

    Alien-eye / Hollywood Stunner Chalice $5-10

    and updated again