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  1. Isaac's 180+

    finally designed the cleaner mount. first print was off.. will post picts once it fits right https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2695676
  2. Need Advice on Stand Structure

    mine is 6ft, back is open, but against the wall, probably 1/2", then the doors dont seal. the single fan reduces the humidity enough. the fan is on the "electrical" side of the stand, the refugium is on the otehr side... once you create a negative pressure zone on one side, the air mixes in from the other side. its not completely "active" cooling for the whole stand, but you really only need to make sure the electrical and stuff isnt super humid for longevity. the main goal is humidity reduction, not temperature reduction (although they will correlate)
  3. Brightwell aquatics

    i use the zooplanktos, koral kolor, and potassium from them. good stuff.
  4. Gap between tank and stand

    gaps under the stand are fine as long as the top of the stand is square and level. just add some trim to cover the gaps... once the water is in the tank and settled for a couple weeks (if you are on a wood floor, it takes some time to move w/ the weight.)
  5. Need Advice on Stand Structure

    you really only need one fan pulling air out, air will come in around the doors and around the plumbing. (i only have one)
  6. Isaac's 180+

    ....havnt had time for the cleaner yet.. boooo! I finally upgraded my phone, note8... what settings, assuming you are using advanced settings, are you guys using for picts?
  7. Beginner's 240 Gallon Reef Tank

    im the paranoid type. I'd acid wash the rocks. muriatic acid.. 1/4 gal per 10gal water. they probably need to soak for like 10 mins. after that, spray off w/ hose, then soak them in tap water overnight (if you have a swimming pool, this works well too). then pressure wash and start the curing process. add some extra prime into the water, theres gonna be a lot of dead on the rocks. then after about a week, ask someone for a rocks from their system to seed yours.
  8. What equipment can you not live without?

    shush, i cleaned yours!
  9. What equipment can you not live without?

    call me crazy, but the API CA test is just the easiest. when i tested hanna vs red sea vs API on calcium... it was accurate enough (vs the hassle of the others) for me. API nitrate test... same deal, api wins. Hanna phosphate is the best... no guessing shades of the same damn color Alk... API is damn close. it measures in whole digits, but you knwo you can see a pale yellow, you just add .5 to the count and be doen w/ it. Red sea is actually pretty easy here too... depends on my mood for accuracy. MG... red sea wins this one.
  10. What equipment can you not live without?

    ro/di w/ barrels attached to ATO setup. On my previous aquarium, i was having to top it off manually daily. with this barrel/ato, i just refill the barrel when it gets low. having a holding tank also allows the ro filter to be more efficient. long filtering periods are better then multiple short periods. apex.. i mean really, do you wanna mess w/ a zillion timers? thing daylight saving sucks cuz you have to change the clock on your microwave? *lol* not to mention all the l;evel sensors and sanity it provides. calcium reactor... dosing manually, or dealing w/ liquid doser sucked. simple, but goodie... skimmate bucket. i clean my skimmer maybe monthly lately. it took 10mo for my 3gal bucket to fill up. so.. yea. and the most obvious.... pumps... no pump, no life *lol*
  11. Algae scrubber

    most have it separate, as it makes it easier to clean. if its in the sump, you wont have it isolated for ease of cleaning.
  12. Algae scrubber

    it focuses your algae growth into one spot, as to avoid it everywhere else.
  13. flobee-like device for palys

    im blessed to not have had to experience those... i do remember the commercials tho lol
  14. flobee-like device for palys

    lets just say... logistics.
  15. flobee-like device for palys

    thus the cutting action wilst thou shareth such an amazing creature? will it kill anything else off?