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  1. Isaac


    vinegar/vodka/everclear really only help w/ nitrates, this stuff is suppose to help w/ phosphates too. its not better than GFO though
  2. Isaac

    In need of a coral babysitter.

    too far for me... dont let @FarmerTy do it, how you think he has such a large variety?
  3. Isaac

    Spring frag swap

    saved for posterity.
  4. Isaac

    Adding People to my Apex

    i dont mind swapping logins for monitoring purposes, problem is, what if something i really whack and needs physical attention?
  5. Isaac

    Can’t get on ARC with Tapatalk

    test test Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  6. Isaac


    its been known to tank tanks if used improperly. i dont like using it myself, but sometimes you just have to.
  7. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    hanna standard came in today... mine reads on the lower end of the range.. so its accurate. guess ill start putting Red Sea NO3:PO4-X in the PCA pump that used to dose everclear. costco let me return and rebuy my generator w/ just the receipt, saved 55 bux! saw a bristleworm that looked much larger than the holes on the trap I made, so im gonna print one w/ larger holes.
  8. so poorly written. didnt say "palytoxin" ONCE. said palythoa towards the end. its like they made a fluff piece, not a warning story. also, who scrubs algae off something soft? thats just weird.
  9. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    ...oh, i decided to get a new hanna phosphate standard before i mess with Red Sea NO3:PO4-X
  10. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    phosphate 0.28... up from 0.24 (4/18) nitrates down to ZERO ... still (4/10).. it mighta turned brighter yellow, -1? more mysis, brine and garlic... it all barely fit in a bottle. ugh. Feeding/Dosing: -I prepare 8 days worth ahead of time in old 110ml breastmilk bottles -1 2 3 cubes of mysis (bulk from brineshrimpdirect) -1 2 3 cubes of brine (bulk from brineshrimpdirect) -1 2 cubes of krill (bulk from brineshrimpdirect) -6 8 10 12 16 drops of garlic (per bottle) -1 2 3 tiny spoons (reef chili spoon/chemiclean) of polyplab reef roids -1 2 3 tiny spoons (reef chili spoon/chemiclean) of BRS reef chili -10ml 20ml kent microvert -10ml 20ml kent chromaplex -10ml 20ml kent phytoplex -10ml 20ml kent zoe -20ml brightwell zooplanktos-M -20ml rightwell zooplantos-L -20ml real sea reef energy A -20ml real sea reef energy B -20ml 30ml brightwell coral kolor -10ml brightwell potassium -40ml 90ml 120ml kent coral accel -all liquids mixed (320ml) and split evenly between the 8 bottles (40ml), topped off w/ ro/di, put in fridge
  11. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    sdfhasdflasdf!!!!!!!! EMERGENCY PREPARATION SUPPLIES SALES TAX HOLIDAY April 28 – 30, 2018 Less than $3000 Portable generators https://comptroller.texas.gov/taxes/publications/98-1017.php anyone work at costco? lol
  12. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    ready for storm season!
  13. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    wormtrap had 5 worms in it when seeded w/ frozen shrimp.
  14. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    wormtrap only had one tiny one this morning... but the pellets i put in dont look like they've really decomposed any after 2 days! gonna try frozen tonight.
  15. well, half of one if anything.