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  1. New to the club

    welcome to the club!
  2. Torch

    arnt we all?
  3. Proper lighting

    are you planning on getting a controller in the future? ifso.. factor in "is it controllable with x?" before you buy it
  4. Greetings Texas from Florida

    welcome beaux! best thing for placement is seeing where they sat before you buy them... closer to lights? closer to flow? then take it home and its best guess. dont be afraid to move it around if it doesnt feel/look right.
  5. Newbie here

    i like paula.
  6. Newbie here

    me too! that dude really needs to find the time and get on it!
  7. Newbie here

    I had/have a similar gha issue w/ those, why i covered the red/green leds.... gha seems to be less aggressive now.
  8. Where I work

    holy cow, how did i miss this thread? *lol* Network Security Engineer @ AT&T Business Solutions (who bought my group from DXC, which was a merger of HPE/CSC, after HPE and HP split..... fun huh?) I wear like 8 hats at work though, im not just a firewall dude
  9. Newbie here

    I have a set over my frag tank, i know ty has like 4 over his frag tank so, when ty the farmerguy uses em, you know they ok. i put electrical tape over the red/green leds. What i dont like is that you cant make them... controllable. I actually picked up a second one to try and hack a 0-10v dimmer on it, just need to find the time!
  10. Newbie here

    welcome to the club!
  11. WTB protein skimmer for 150+ tank

    i still got this one i posted last year *lol* http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/35848-precision-marine-rl200-skimmer-w-bm-sp4000-pump-200/?tab=comments#comment-288341
  12. Fall Frag Swap?

    paypal anyone?
  13. Reef Tank set up in Kyle - Help needed

    i stopped using socks in the "main" flow points. i only use a sock coming out of the skimmer now (to catch big chunks after a cleaning). the drain from DT to sump, i've been using a koi filter. this filters out the "big" stuff and slime. everything else goes into the sump, which then hits the skimmer and through another opencell sponge to the return pump. I'm getting more air exchange this way.... i do have to vacuum the "dirty" side of the sump more often though. also, if a snail or fish decides to take a ride on the drain-slide... they dont die in a sock.
  14. Reef Tank set up in Kyle - Help needed

    i supply my fuge from the return.. not a fan of DT's detritus in the fuge. fuge's drain goes to same chamber as pump, bypassing skimmer.
  15. Elevated Remote Water Storage for ATO

    24v sprinkler valve works great. use a magnetic float inline. stick the power block on a timer for twice a day for 15-30m.