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  1. API Freshwater Salt As low as $4.19
  2. Care Magnet Strong 0220.020 - Tunze Regular: $77.99 10% Off, Save $7.8 $70.19
  3. OM2500 HOB Overflow Box - Skimz Regular: $99.99 13% Off, Save $12 $87.99
  4. oh man, looking more like ty than his wife w/ that pose. so sorry :\
  5. now? its ongoing... so we have to make room for fresh blood when we see it
  6. plus, if you fell in you wouldnt be able to get out, being so short n all?
  7. you forgot.. jolt finally got water in his tank that wasnt from the rain!
  8. JBJ Arctica Chiller 1/3 HP Regular: $849.99 11% Off, Save $90 $759.99
  9. Its addicting, careful. mine hasnt stopped printing since it got put together. tronxy x3a, already reprinted upgrades for most of it *lol* i love the irony of printing printer parts on the printer.
  10. son already has vader, daughter already has some pokemon
  11. i thought the DCT wasnt compatible w/ the apex/DC "connector"... like they changed the pins around or something?
  12. I put a 5min delay on mine, to save the solenoid a little bit: Fallback OFF Set OFF If CaRktr > 6.58 Then ON If CaRktr < 6.55 Then OFF If pH < 7.89 Then OFF If Outlet Leak_A2 = ON Then OFF If Outlet Levels_A5 = ON Then OFF If WtrChg CLOSED Then OFF If RefuLo CLOSED Then OFF If Outlet PwrSvPumps6 = ON Then OFF If Outlet PwrApex_A12 = ON Then OFF Defer 005:00 Then ON My flow rate is about 0.13 liter/min.. i was aiming for 0.10, but it seems to clog faster that way.. I have higher alk issue because of this though (ca/mg are perfect)
  13. i saw a jaebo dc9000 in a forsale thread today for like 60 bux? cant remember which one, but it had activity today (well, yesterday)
  14. BRS Chlorine & VOC Carbon Block Filter - 5 Micron Regular: $10.99 19% Off, Save $2 $8.99