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  1. Skimz Monzter CM122 External Calcium Reactor Regular: $349.99 12% Off, Save $40 $309.99
  2. Super Reef Octopus CR5000 9" Calcium Reactor Regular: $519.99 14% Off, Save $70 $449.99
  3. on a related note, i ordered (same-day amazon..makes me so lazy) some mortons pickling salt and will be making calibration solution. if you are in RR (or beyond) and want some, i can make a larger amount to split off. just bring a bottle. ill be calibrating my calibration solution w/ my calibrator (MA887) which was recently calibrated (OEM solution which is under a year old). if you have a MA887 and wanna test my tested tester, please come on over and test it... make it more valid! my head hurts from writing in circles now.
  4. my manifold has a "bypass" extra valve... so im using this to raise my salinity. very low flow, through a cup fill w/ 1cup of salt. once a day, raises it slow about .7ppt (well, /7ppt over last day anyways). gotta love smoky moes cups, eh @Christyef?
  5. and we thought ty's move was ridiculous.... nice planning, allowed for flexibility if stuff arose, which it did. we want more picts!
  6. Skimz Monzter SH1 Nano Internal Skimmer Regular: $119.99 17% Off, Save $20 $99.99
  7. Found this handy calculator after failing w/ my own algebra: https://www.hamzasreef.com/Contents/Calculators/TargetSalinity.php current:32 target:35 change vol: 20g max water makeup salinity: 40 ugh, 5 water changes. set max to 45, makes it 3. stupid optical refractometer.
  8. http://amzn.to/2tNHY8i - Milwaukee Instruments MA800 Protective Hardshell Case for Refractometer and Photometers cost about the same to print it myself.. so amazon'd it *lol*
  9. So i picked up a milwaukee MA887, yesterday (thanks ross!), calibrated it, and ran my water... ugh. 32. which still in range, really makes some of my struggles make sense now. gonna take a reading a couple more times throughout the day before i adjust salinity accordingly. if you use anything else, throw it away, get one of these.
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  11. Skimz Monzter CM202H External Calcium Reactor Regular: $849.99 16% Off, Save $127.5 $722.49
  12. Theo Aquarium Heater - Hydor Regular: Starting at $19.99
  13. bump
  14. JBJ Cubey Nano All-In-One Aquarium & Cabinet Stand Kit - 20 Gallon, Black As low as $465.00