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  1. Isaac


    look at it this way... its a learning process... nothing is really "wrong" (unless yer just being neglectful). having a price tag on things just gives you more motivation to learn faster!
  2. Isaac


    Bulkreefsupply is have a buy one get one free sale on a lot of their socks/canister inserts. the rest seems 10% off. MAP excluded as usual.
  3. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    tested lastnight around the time i always do my testing.... hanna- 6.5 (reagent exp 4/17) redsea- 8.5 (reagent exp 9/17) API- 8 (w/ a small tint of blue... so 8.5ish. reagent exp 8/19) i've never had the hanna be the outlier.. its weird. did a water change overnight, guess ill test again today!
  4. Isaac

    Isaac's 40+

    the clown finally made a new friend!
  5. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    tried, mg/ca go up, alk not so much.
  6. Isaac

    Pale SPS

    i concur w/ the above.. nitrates 5-10 and phosphates aim for 0.1-0.2 range should be the general goal on SPS. However each tank is diff.... I put an algea scrubber online, it stripped a bunch out, i had to overfeed and reduce flow on the scrubber over time... seems like 2-3NO3 and 0.3 PO4 is the sweet spot on my tank lately. adjust in slow intervals, watch for growth, keep adjusting, watch when things stop growing as fast. take notes, your sweet spot in in the "upper" middle there somewhere. I have the "low" hanna, wish i had the ULR... but if you are settling for 0.1-0.2... both are actually accurate enough in that range (brs has a video on these two checkers)
  7. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    i;ve got something odd going on last month. I cant keep alk about 8kh w/o dosing ~27.5ml/night. This is in addition to the CARX. My CA/MG are on the high end (480-500/1480-1520). I lowered the ph level on my CARX, thinking it might cause alk to spike... nada. CARX If CaRktr > 6.78 Then ON If CaRktr < 6.75 Then OFF If pH < 7.89 Then OFF AlkDsr If Time 04:30 to 04:35 Then ON If Time 05:30 to 05:35 Then ON If Time 06:30 to 06:35 Then ON If Time 07:30 to 07:35 Then ON If Time 08:30 to 08:35 Then ON EDIT: ....I do have to add, i been seeing "explosive" growth on the acro's and chalices.... so its most probably eating up the alk... buy why in such an odd ratio? CARX media mebbe?
  8. Isaac

    Mag test readings

    whats the water temp and salinity at?
  9. dibs on putting up dishes then!
  10. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    on 7/21, my tank turns 4
  11. hurry up and make em grow so you can frag em off for us
  12. Isaac

    Isaac's 40+

    in the sump... i printed a baffle to funnel water through chaeto and some macro...
  13. Isaac


    same flow/lighting for both?
  14. Isaac

    Isaac's 40+

    small update. added chalice last thurs, CUC on saturday, schrooooooms today. nem mooved out of his hidey hole.
  15. yea, but what are the numbers. "acceptable" really depends on perception and your target environment. some keep ultra low nutrients, some keep ~5-10 nitrate, some dont mind 40!, etc. basic stuff you need to check when something starts going weird is ammonia and nitrites. we always assume they are in cycle properly, but something might have caused it to break and restart. check phosphate, if its too high, things really dont like it. whats your salinity at? what did you use to measure it? do you run a skimmer or anything else for aeration? what is your top off water source? do you run any reactors? carbon/gfo/pellets/etc? what brand food are you using... etc. when was the last time you cleaned your pumps?..... basically... start from the beginning, assume nothing. aside from snails/crabs.. what other livestock do you have? i inherited that same light w/ my new 40g tank, ebay has the wifi adapter from 30-90bux. (i got mine for 45, gotta be patient and pounce). search for "fluval A3976" if you are going to buy a new light, dont go w/ a fluval if you dont have to... there are much better chinese black boxes that are a hell of a lot better, imho (i have a black box on my frag tank). i dont have any torches in that tank yet, but the mushrooms and chalice look ok... havnt seen much growth (only been about 2-3 weeks now). in my main tank, the torches and hammers love brs reef chili and polyplab reefroids. sometimes its better to feed smaller amounts daily, as opposed to the full amount weekly.