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  1. Skimz Oval SV223 DC Internal Protein Skimmer Regular: $549.99 12% Off, Save $65 $484.99
  2. This is why i call my tank a virtual cold war zone. everything is at odds, everything is keeping each other in check. something gets out of hand, BAM, they gone. (only exception here is anemones... they are the nuclear "stateless" actor....jerks) if you don't like that analogy, get goldfish
  3. Nuvo Fusion 20 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium Kit with SKKYE LED Regular: $713.11 16% Off, Save $113.12 $599.99
  4. New to Austin

    welcome to austin & the club!
  5. Isaac's 180+

    bottom right (and left row of chalice) came out of my display. alieneye chalice, and pedal monti (parts i rescued before a shroom stung the rest) ..blob in the center (large alien eye) and zoa also from my display left center row came from RCA yesterday. bottom left aquatek (purple encrusting w/ blue polyps). orange plate on the bottom right fishgallery. open brain upper right, fish gallery. top left, neighbor wanted these to "recover" because they fell in his tank. fragspawn was from neighbors, the clown needed something.
  6. Isaac's 180+

    my display tank camera is PTZ.... spun it around, killed the wavemaker in frag
  7. woohoo! mike's tha bomb!
  8. tt test Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  9. Free Fern Caulerpa

    wait... who told you? welcome back!
  10. Omega 150 Protein Skimmer - Vertex Regular: $399.99 30% Off, Save $120 $279.99
  11. The Return 20 gal Peninsula

    the more you lift it out of the water, the more precise you can get it in conjunction w/ the airflow you allow sucked in. normally, you want the water/tinybubble level to be equal to the start of the curve. for a wetter skim, you adjust up the curve. the goal is to have the tiny bubble combine into larger bubbles around the base of the neck (the removable/cleanable part) and have them pop about 1/4 to 3/4 up the neck. this allows for some variance of 1/4 up or down.
  12. 10" BRS Biopellet Reactor Refillable Cartridge Regular: $9.99 13% Off, Save $1.2 $8.79
  13. The Return 20 gal Peninsula

    depends on your skimmer and the water level. got picts of it in action?
  14. Isaac's 180+

    PETG. washed and rinsed before i put them "in service"