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  1. Alien-eye / Hollywood Stunner Chalice $3

    cool, PM me to coordinate
  2. Skimmer Help

    is it aerating? when my HOB skimmer stops foaming, two things i check... salt creep clogging the air intake, gunk on impeller. after i clean it and re-install it, it takes a bit got it to pull a siphon again, but works eventually
  3. Alien-eye / Hollywood Stunner Chalice $3

    not sure, nephew has a bday party i dont know the details to yet. plus the @FarmerTy character is weird.
  4. Alien-eye / Hollywood Stunner Chalice $3

    i'd say they are good indicators if you are ready for more expensive corals. I started out w/ a "hey you want this" piece at the bottom of someone's bucket, now i cant get rid of it fast enough
  5. 17x freshly fragged 1-2" --$3 2x older frags, 3-4" --$5 larger chunks not on a plug $10 more you get, more im willing to toss some in free
  6. Candy cane / trumpet $3/head

    5x single 1x double 2x 10-20 head colonies
  7. 10G beginner tank

  8. Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    when i started up this tank, i created a google form, so i could put my readings into the form on my phone, then see it on a spreadsheet. willing to share if anyone wants a copy.
  9. 139% APR is an AWESOME rate for coral loans!
  10. you clean the cable mess yet? youve had a couple weeks
  11. Looking for Livestock - Fish, LPS, leathers

    i have large chunks of alieneye chalice, some candycanes. 3mi east of i35/ikea.
  12. Looking for lighting too

    i picked up one of the "manual" once im testing with... just cant find the time. ill figure it out someday. i think i run the whites at 2 and actinics at 15. once the scrubber starts taking over, im hoping to be able to up this a little.