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  1. IO RC had a price drop on amazon last week. keepa.com rocks when you set it up right
  2. Isaac

    Austin Boil Notice

    my tap water TDS is 127 today, north round rock/brushy creek north MUD. so i guess all the austin ppl can beg round rock ppl for top off water for 3-ish weeks
  3. Isaac

    Austin Boil Notice

    sediment filters will be toast. the will increase chlorine/chloramines in the short term to ensure there are no bacterial blooms. once things settle down and they clear the silt, things should return to normal. just keep an eye on your sediment filters, smell check the carbon blocks (if they are overwhelmingly smelling like chlorine, time to change it out). process water in large batches if you have to. add "throw away" blocks infront of your system (the kind they sell for "inline fridge water")
  4. When a boil notice is in effect, its a good idea to turn off your RO/DI systems, or your filters will foul much quicker. https://www.kxan.com/news/local/austin/austin-water-issues-citywide-boil-water-notice/1541215615 Areas affected by boil water notice: Austin Travis County Water District 10 Wells Branch MUD North Austin MUD #1 Northtown MUD West Travis County PUA Sunset Valley Rollingwood
  5. Isaac

    Turbo's Aquatics - Algae Turf Scrubber - L8 Large NEW

    its a pretty simple/decent design. mebbe i shoudl practice my acrylic skillz and start making these. w/ the proper jig, should be relatively easy? my concern is the heat from the led's warping / yellowing the plexi. are the side windows glass?
  6. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    I use 4" ones for the skimmer drain... i have like 12. when I have about 10 used I disk then in tap water, then use a house to spray em. turn them inside out with a broomstick and spray again. then they soak in wreak bleach bucket for an hour. then washing machine with vinegar. then washing machine with nothing. I have to do all this because they get caked on since I wait and do them in bulk. Add 7"ones to the mix from 180 and 40 tanks now. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  7. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    so part of the sump cleanout was removing the old bioballs... the idea is great, but it also backfires if you are trying to limit surfaces for pests. I have a big enough fuge for pods and such, i dont think i need the bioballs anymore...anyways... i liked the tray ontop, but i wanted to start using a sock too.... so, my first acrylic build attempt... measure twice... cut once... forget to include width of the sheet for the back,, compensate *lol* originally i was planning on having a solid back panel.. but ended up having to split it.. oops. (pardon the huge bag of SHOES for the garage sale) cutsheet... compared.. installed.. still need to make the splash guard.. "why the tray isaac?" if a fish makes it down, they can flop into the sump. once i had bubble algea, having it not in the sock made it easy to remove and not burst while not knowing it was in the sock tumbling/bursting (never saw any again... i got lucky), etc. the filter in the tray is a medium/large koi pond filter.
  8. Isaac

    Big skimmer

    PM's about my redline overnight was too late to txt
  9. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    that would be some "strong" beer?
  10. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    Mine is strictly a beer fridge which happens to hold fish food. I have my priorities in life. i see how it is... all you offer guests is water?! no love for the union.
  11. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    doesnt everyone have one? it doubles as my supplements fridge too
  12. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    chiller loop. it circulates 40 degree water through it when its on. my water chiller is what restaurant/softserve places use to cool equipment, i just adapted for my tank. essentially, i have an HVAC condenser ouitside, and an evaporator coil inside a tank of water. that tank circulates water though water "circuits" or channels. I have one going to my server closet, one to my beer fridge, and one to aquarium.
  13. Isaac

    Isaac's 180+

    so, i noticed a couple aiptasia on the "drain side" of my sump 2 weeks ago. Got an aip-eating filefish. checks on it yesterday... i had 20-30 mini ones! the pump/return side still had noting thankfully. So about every 2 years, i seem to drain/disconnect my sump and clean it out. this time around i drained/disconnected it... put it on a couple furniture dollies and hosed it off. then i scraped every surface.. rinse, then i powdered every surface w/ kalk. about 10 mins later, filled it up w/ water again, let it sit. ask i manually cleaned everything that belonged it the sump, they went into this super-kalk tank to soak. all the heaters that had those rubber ends on them.. removed. Limiting surface area for things! then rinse twice, finale fill/rinse w/ prime. everything back in. its crazy how clean a clean sump looks. Now i need something to hold a filter tray above a filter sock. I'm abandoning the bioballs finally.
  14. Isaac

    Apex Classic, ALD Module and ORP Probe FS

    if ya do that, i'd be willing to take the temp/ph probes and display.... leaving you w/ just the base
  15. i been using f.lux on my windows boxes for years, and twilight on android. accepting a reddish hue at night definitely lets me sleep slightly better.. and now apparently lets me not go blind as early.