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  1. Aqua-Dome

    Harvey Donation

    FYI- If you need anything this weekend, we will be donating 10% of our sales Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Gary
  2. Aqua-Dome


    We now have in stock Fish Flucon from Thomas Labs. This is not a cheap knock-off Fluconazole. Fish Flucon is an Antifungal medication, but seems to be highly effective ( according to hobbyist reef sites) in combating Bryopsis. Gary
  3. Aqua-Dome


    Now in stock. Hanna Checkers and Reagents: Marine Alkalinity Marine Calcium Phosphate Nitrite
  4. Aqua-Dome

    New Corals

    Disclaimer: Normally I don't like pictures done just to sell you a coral, because unless you have the same lighting or equipment the corals aren't quite " what you see is what you get". But these coral pictures are from our supplier and they are the corals we have. But please don't come in thinking that we took these pictures here and that you are going to see them exactly as represented in these photos, just rest assured that the photos are photos of these corals. Gary
  5. Aqua-Dome

    Some Aquariums on Sale!

    Trying to move some tanks out of our way at discounted prices. These tanks are brand new but dusty. 2- 125G $ 170.00 ( bottom trim cracked) 1- 40G High $ 65.00 2- 45G $ 80.00 2- 55G $80.00 Gary
  6. Aqua-Dome

    Heater dilemma

    Generally you need 3-5 watts per gallon for the heater to do what you want it to do. An undersized heater may not be able to make up the temperature differential that you are looking for, or if it gets close it will be on constantly. It is quite possible because the actual gallonage a 500W heater may suit your purposes but you would have to try it and monitor your results, you may have to go to multiple heaters. Now, we do carry 800 and 1000w titanium heaters which might be an option. Hope this helps; Gary
  7. Aqua-Dome

    Kessil A80 Instock

    We just received our first shipment of the new Kessil A80 LED lights. Just in time for Christmas. $129.99 Gary (Sorry about the picture on it's side, I'm not very good at this.)
  8. Aqua-Dome

    New Product

    New in stock- Current Loop System We now a\have the new Current Led Light Systems. This allow you to connect Up to 2 Led lights, which come in 4 sizes, and up to 3 Elux Wave pumps, which come in 3 sizes, seamlessly to one controller. We carry both the stand alone Wave Pumps as well as the Eflux Acessory Pumps. Also we have the Foam Prefilters which protect your pumps from sand and debris and keeps fragile invertebrates safe. As an added bonus the Led lights come with a free 660gph wave pump. Come by and see the Loop display. Take a look a the Current Loop video. Gary Gary
  9. Aqua-Dome

    Be your own Coral Polyp

    Did you ever want to be a coral polyp and build a reef, well now you can- sort of. We brought in a new product that allows you to build large aquascapes. Aquaforest STONE FIX Quickly bonding cement-based-adhesive. Perdect for joining large pieces of live or man-made rock. Does not contain toxic compounds- 100% safe for fish and invertebrates. 1500gm $29.99 6000gm $59.99 Gary
  10. Aqua-Dome

    Radions XR30w Pro.

    We should have the Gen 4's in September when they come out. Gary
  11. Aqua-Dome

    New LED Biocubes are in!

    We just got the new 16 and 32 gallon LED Biocubes yesterday, be the first one on your block to own one. Gary
  12. Aqua-Dome

    Important Message

    Just to inform reef club members, the Dome will be closed August 2,3 & 4th to attend an industry trade show. We will be back with regular hours Friday, August 5th. Sorry for any inconvenience. Gary
  13. Aqua-Dome

    IDip Smart water tester

    Are you tired of testing water monthly or weekly(or even daily for some of us!), spending tons of time and lots of effort just to wind up confused as to what color you're seeing? We have just the solution! This new IDip Smart Water Tester is Bluetooth enabled and connects straight to your smartphone or computer. This little thing fits in the palm of your hand and will save you hours of stress and strain! Digital readouts or bluetooth connection allows for extremely accurate readings of Calcium Hardness, Total Alkalinity, High Range Total Hardness, Ammonia, Phosphates, as well as Nitrates right out of the box. Expandable to the full line of IDip reagents, which totals more than 45 different tests. For more information, ask us or please head to http://www.sensafe.com/idip/. Total Package (hard case included) runs $329
  14. Smart ATO Micros are back in stock. These things are amazing, considering how small they are and how much they pump, I can't believe they work like they do. Check them out www.autoaqua.com $125.00 Gary
  15. Aqua-Dome

    New Floating Rocks!

    These new Floating Orbs just came in and they are awesome! Safe for fresh and saltwater, these air filled pumice stone are attached via a nearly invisible nylon strand attached to a suction cup that sits on the bottom glass of your tank. These are natural pumice stones which means every rock will be different from the last, making the aquascaping possibilities endless. Assorted package and rock sizes available. Come check these out!