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  1. I got flashed . . . :-0

    How cool!
  2. coral genomics at UT Austin: getting in touch

    yeah exactly what means of circulation do you provide for your corals? and lighting?
  3. coral genomics at UT Austin: getting in touch

    here's a question: how do you pronounce "Acropora"? a crop or a or acro por a or ? welcome!
  4. Thank you all for all you do for the reefing community here in Austin and points beyond.
  5. Cyano

    Let's see the bubbles.
  6. frags for sale

    Hey if you wait the good stuff might be gone... Nice meeting yall and what a beautiful reef! Frags are huge and healthy.
  7. frags for sale

    PM sent
  8. I need some plates and sticks. Maybe a fish or two as well. Is Monday or Tuesday evening ok?
  9. Before and after

    Nicely done!
  10. loud overflow

    running herbie-style drains, nearly whisper quiet. the key is to use a union valve on your primary drain (lower elevation than backup) and set it so that the water is over the drain and sucks no air.
  11. JEREMY'S 200G eurobraced build

    !! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Newbie Question

    I doubt its any form of algae based on the lack of color. Could be foraminifera but hard to tell from here. Can you see any type of polyps, strands, or other projections that we can't see in picture? ... and I still don't rule out sponge.
  13. Another NEW hybrid blue powder

    Great discussion topic! One more point... in the wild, hybrid fish (abundance and richness) can be an indicator of degraded ecosystems (lots of tangents on that, don't need to go there).