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  1. stoneroller


    Probably, do you still have some? I don't...
  2. stoneroller


    Wow, how long have you had her or pair?
  3. stoneroller

    Could this be dead...or alive?

    Favia or Micromussa. How's it doing now?
  4. stoneroller

    What is this frag?

    Show a pic once it opens up and has some color. Might be a gem!
  5. stoneroller

    Hair Algae, a second case study

    Much better now!
  6. stoneroller


    Interesting approach. I've seen a successful reefer dump Kalkwasser straight in the sump. Works for them but not something I would try.
  7. stoneroller


    Dosing Kalkwasser that way?
  8. stoneroller


    I don't currently but I've seen healthy tanks with multiple leathers together. Try feeding directly with Reefroids or the like. Run carbon.
  9. stoneroller

    Ammonia spike

    Leathers will sometimes close up and build up a waxy glossy appearance which will go away at some point (days usually) and the polyps will come back out. I wouldn't worry about the leather unless it turns dark and/or gets slimy. My advice is to not add any more animals for a while.
  10. stoneroller

    Citron Goby won’t eat

    Go back to mysis shrimp, I think the dome uses hikari
  11. All you need is one polyp to keep it going... good luck.
  12. stoneroller

    reef resiliency

    FYI. http://science.sciencemag.org/content/359/6379/986.full Seeking resilience in marine ecosystems
  13. stoneroller

    All sps white overnight

    Sorry to hear Don. I've puzzled over similar events (not all SPS but some) in my tank; I'm a lot more careful about what is on my skin (soap, sunscreen, etc.) before I do tank maintenance. Any chance of chemical additions?
  14. Like Montipora, Anacropora don't have axial corallites. Acropora spp. do. http://biophysics.sbg.ac.at/coral/acropor.htm
  15. stoneroller

    Hottest thing in your tank

    Walt's little brother, Harry.