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  1. I have quite a bit. $10/head roughly.
  2. Its not a bristleworm. If you see it roaming free, grab it and take pics esp. of the head. Then post them up.
  3. Cnidarians are so cool
  4. Here's most of my lineup. Acropora Pink Floyd Fox Flame Walt Disney Grape Juice Chameleon Oregon Tort Montipora JF Vino Sunset Season's greetings Superman McNasty Digitata Chalice JF Pink Slip (this is hot pink) BGM Miami Hurricane Pink Volcano Zoanthid Rainbow Infusion Mind-blowing paly Grandis RPE Euphyllia Scuba Steve's hybrid Gold Branching wall, green and purple (extremely unique) Favia Spicy Lemon
  5. I haven't set up a frag tank at a swap in a few years. @Roy V, fellow Buda/Kyle reefer, loaned me his setup that holds about 100 frags. Thanks Roy. I plan on bringing a mix of SPS (mostly acros and a couple of montis), LPS (chalices, euphyllia, and favia), and a few zoanthids if there is room.
  6. I’d guess some will make it. Those smaller species seem to recruit better than larger. Good luck!
  7. Yep, nice pics of awesome coral
  8. Gyres working great on my tanks. 250s on each end, up near water surface. Pulse mode, 0.9 s., B running opposite of A. Tank is five feet long and this setting creates a nice wave action. On a three foot frag tank, I have one Icecap 3000 set on pulse, 0.7 s, 30%, at 100% the wave will almost splash out. You just have to get the pulse at the right freq for the dimensions of each tank. ... and you have learn how to unassemble, clean, and reassemble. Seems as though engineering flaws in the early model are being addressed in more recent versions (e.g. weak cord, weak adapters between magnet spindle and gyre). much beefier now.
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