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  1. Just one step in long-term biodiversity conservation... https://www.sciencenews.org/article/coral-larvae-survive-being-frozen-and-thawed-first-time?tgt=nr
  2. stoneroller

    Water pik to clean coral

    I'd still QT/dip because of the chance of eggs not getting blasted off. I'd have to seriously question bringing that chunk of monti (loaded with nudis) into my "studio".
  3. stoneroller

    The Maroon Lagoon V2.0

    another use for a maxijet, keep the overflow box unsettled.
  4. stoneroller

    Par measurements

    and if wild or aquacultured
  5. Available for purchase now. https://www.uwcmn.com/product-page/16-oz-purge-in-tank-acropora-eating-flatworm-treatment-pre-order-special
  6. stoneroller

    Omg what now!?

    I'm about done with hydor koralias for reef tanks. Two of mine won't spin in the right direction or won't even start without a twist then the power fades away. Cleaned thoroughly, no luck. They are a couple of years old.
  7. stoneroller

    Juiceman's AGE 200 Gallon Reef

    On the frags, which is which? I thought the video with and without filter was awesome.
  8. stoneroller

    SPS tank owners. What's your alkalinity?

    I think all of the BRS experiments are pseudo science on which I wouldn't base any decision, esp. to bump alkalinity to 25 (or to 12). Given two controls and two treatments (classic Hurlbert's pseudoreplication) the best you can do is make a line ; it says nothing about variation (and the way they presented the data was surprising to be nice; compare control 1 to treatment 1? smh). I appreciate that BRS is trying to break ground and perform tests on some interesting reefing questions but they don't have the capacity to draw conclusions, maybe some valuable insight, that's it. Further, if you are testing coral growth you want to make sure all the corals are growing; they had some corals that lost weight so what does that say when you compare control vs. treatment? I admit that once I understood what they were doing I ran off to clean the glass on my tank. Regardless, I'm still a fan of BRS the store and enjoy watching BRSTV but just for insight and inspiration. I shoot for 7-8 dKH.
  9. stoneroller

    Reef Safe AEFW treatment coming soon?

    No rinse needed after dip...
  10. stoneroller


    And salinity and what instrument do you use to measure it?
  11. stoneroller


    It might have nothing to do with your process or your tank. It could be the fact that torch corals are hard to keep. Watch this recent video (made for you?!)
  12. stoneroller

    Very sad and PO

    If you are south sometime, stop by and I'll give you a head or two of hammer coral that has been in captivity for years...
  13. stoneroller

    Very sad and PO

    PS. Without knowing if it truly works as advertised, I dose KZ LPS amino acids. Have for years and seems to work for me and my LPS. what? decadal memory in corals? I found this https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00227-014-2596-2
  14. stoneroller

    Very sad and PO

    I keep several Euphyllia but not torch coral per se. Most of mine are from hobbyist-cultured stock; some of which have been in the hobby for close to two decades. I keep water parameters so my acros are happy and euphyllia (and everything else) are along for the ride. They are doing well up high, down low, all with moderate to fast current. I do spot feed with Coral Frenzy every month or so. So my advice is to find stock that has been grown in captivity and spot feed.
  15. stoneroller

    Dry base rock 32# single piece

    OK. I'll let you know if I'm headed north. Thanks.