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  1. Alien-eye / Hollywood Stunner Chalice $3

    I'll take the alien eye, and a LG stunner.
  2. Starter SPS - GONE

    If it falls through let me know.
  3. SOLD BTA and RBTA for sale

    I'll take a bubble tip.
  4. Need a handful of Chaeto

    Never had a problem with copper from anything I got from Aquadome. Thier cheato has worked for me in the past as well.
  5. Free Fern Caulerpa

    Cool. Very sorry about the late response.
  6. Free Fern Caulerpa

    That's what I originally got it for, but It gave out so much it may be another month before a trim.
  7. Free Goldfish

    I can home the brain one.
  8. Free Fern Caulerpa

    Sounds great my friend!
  9. Free Fern Caulerpa

    I may be able to pull some. My next day off is Wednesday if that works for you.
  10. Richard's Lone star Leather

    Got a $40 frag?
  11. Yellow and orange octospawn.

    I'll take a head!
  12. Rose Nem $50

    I'll take one of tour nems if you still got one.
  13. Northern lights frags (hunky Lg frags)

    Still have that Azure stag?
  14. Yet another RBTA $50

    I'll take it if available.
  15. Thinning the herd. RBTA $40

    I'll take one!