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  1. Eel Keeper

    Live Rock - $1.50/lb, Lg Yellow Finger Leather, GSP, RBTA

    I'd be interested in the yellow finger leather.
  2. Eel Keeper

    CPR Aquafuge 2 with light new in box, unused price lowered $75

    Still available?
  3. Eel Keeper


    I'll take the fluval skimmer
  4. Eel Keeper


    I'll take the undata frags and the plate coral.
  5. Eel Keeper

    All Off Market - SOLD

    Interested in bubble, maze, GSP, and pallys.
  6. Eel Keeper

    FREE Purple Tang, Naso Tang, 2 Clowns, Lyretail + LR

    I can re-home anything left.
  7. Eel Keeper

    Free Half-black Angelfish

    I'll be your backup
  8. Eel Keeper

    Richard's Lone star Leather

    What's left?
  9. Eel Keeper

    Large Jedi Mindtrick - SOLD

  10. Eel Keeper

    More Frags! (UPDATED 2/15)

    Interested in the tyree sand dollar. Pm me.
  11. Eel Keeper

    Alien-eye / Hollywood Stunner Chalice $3

    I'll take the alien eye, and a LG stunner.
  12. Eel Keeper

    Starter SPS - GONE

    If it falls through let me know.
  13. Eel Keeper

    SOLD BTA and RBTA for sale

    I'll take a bubble tip.
  14. Eel Keeper

    Need a handful of Chaeto

    Never had a problem with copper from anything I got from Aquadome. Thier cheato has worked for me in the past as well.
  15. Eel Keeper

    Free Fern Caulerpa

    Cool. Very sorry about the late response.