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  1. Richard's Lone star Leather

    Got a $40 frag?
  2. Yellow and orange octospawn.

    I'll take a head!
  3. Rose Nem $50

    I'll take one of tour nems if you still got one.
  4. Northern lights frags (hunky Lg frags)

    Still have that Azure stag?
  5. Yet another RBTA $50

    I'll take it if available.
  6. Thinning the herd. RBTA $40 New one NOW only $30!

    I'll take one!
  7. Free clownfish pair, brittle star, leather coral

    I'll call next in line.
  8. Free Fern Caulerpa

    Thank you!
  9. Free Fern Caulerpa

    Thank you buddy! Good to see a lot of the same members still here!
  10. Free Fern Caulerpa

    I have a 20 gal macro tank, and this fern calurpa keeps nutrients in check, and grows fast. Kole tangs love it! As do other tangs. Of course I'd never turn down a frag as well. I've been away from the club's for 3 and a half years in the Caribbean and in Florida, and it is good to be back. Looking to update my membership again! Once my wife and I settle in I'm doing two much larger builds, and will have more for the free section.
  11. FREE Devil's Hand Leathers

    I'll take a small one or 2.
  12. Of you have one or two at the end of august I would very much like them.
  13. Dr. Foster and Smith?

    I have been trying it on my phone, tablet, internet explorer , and fire fox on my computer as well, and it's not working. I've gone through google, and yahoo as well.
  14. Dr. Foster and Smith?

    Has the Dr. Foster and Smith website been working for anyone else?