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  1. Yep!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Tank is gone, it was a 55. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Finally got around to pricing out everything. Mostly everything is less than half of what I paid, but I am open to any offers. Please let me know if you're interested. I'll be around all day tomorrow (I35 and Parmer) or can bring the item(s) to 6th & Congress during the week. Thanks for looking! Current Usa 24" TrueLumen Pro LED Strip Light - Marine Fusion 12K White/Actinic Blue Combo W/Canopy Brackets - 16 watts - (24" x 0.8" x 0.7") (No Power Supply) - $50 Current Usa 24" TrueLumen Pro LED Strip Light - Diamond White - 16 watts - (24" x 0.8" x 0.7") (No Power Supply) - $50 Aqueon L Large Filter Pack - 6 unopened - $5 Aqua-Tech EZ Change Filter cartridges (4) fits Aqua-Tech 20-40/30-60 - $2 Petco Plastic Forceps with blade attachment (26") - $2 6 packets Furan-2 Powder (Expires 4/2016) - $2 1 lb. Seachem Reef Buffer - $2 1/4 container Chemiclean - $4 23" bladed algae scraper on rod - $2 (great for removing xenia and gsp from glass as well!) Gently used Emperor Biowheel filter - $10 2-Coralife 3/4 Watt Blue moon Glow LED Light (spring clip and power supply included) - $5 ea Coralife Swing Arm Hydrometer - $5 2 Perfecto Glass Canopies (only slight water stain) used on 55 gallon - $15 Perfecto Glass Canopy (29") has slight hard water stains - $10 N-NO3 Nitrate Pro Test Kit - $5
  4. Sorry all this is gone, post updated.
  5. Updated ad, thanks all for being awesome!!!
  6. ***SOLD*** Selling my complete system - 55 gallon glass tank which includes: Ecotech Marine Vortech MP10ES Propeller Pump with Ecosmart Driver JBJ True Temp digital heater with probe - maintains a constant temperature +/- 3 degrees Build My LED reef light (mix of colors) 48" (purchased 2014) True Lumen Actinic 24" strip Tunze in-tank skimmer Fluval 306 (purchased 2015) Canopy & Stand Welcome to what's remaining of the live rock $650
  7. Here's a photo from today. The tyree leather (large 8" on the left) has closed due to all the movement, but will open! There are 10 big rocks still (the one on the right has some bubble algae on it because the emerald crabs did not want to climb high), two smaller ones covered in gsp (lower left) and by small I mean one is about goose egg sized (one hand to hold it), the other ostrich egg sized (two hands to hold it).
  8. Thank you!!! I'm very happy that my clowns have gone to a nice big tank!!!
  9. ALL GONE What's left: 1) Pulsing xenia & Devil's Hand frags - please just take it 2) These zoas – I don’t know what they are – on their own little rock - $20 3) GSP –glass GSP is gone for the most part (little pieces left), two rocks still available – $20 ea or negotiable 4) Scarlet hermits - $5 ea 5) Turbo and other snails $1 ea Live rock – mix of pukani and such – a lot covered in Texas Trash and xenia (OMG XENIA!). Make me an offer! These rocks will be loaded with pods, asterinas (non-zoa eating kind), brittle stars, coralline algae and possibly an emerald crab or bristleworms. Some of the rock may have bubble algae. I’ve also seen little feather dusters and sponges. The rock pictured below has these zoas and tyree green leather:
  10. Yep, now that I believe I know the source, just gotta get them out of there.
  11. Obviously this post jinxed me Over the past year, after each crash, tests of the water showed normal parameters. Even tests done by fellow members. After much contemplation I believe I have discovered the source of my tank crashes. I had never had a tank crash until I added yellow polyps. I believe that once the yellow polyps sting the devil's hand leather, the leather releases a toxin which in turn kills the yellow polyps and Texas trash blue palys...this doesn't bother me at all! Unfortunately, this toxin also kills acans, bubble coral, plate, frogspawn, nems and mushrooms. Unaffected are all livestock, xenia, zoas, and that Millepora pictured up there. Last Friday, I was able to rehome my prized acans (though I did lose the one that had attached itself to my aquarium's glass bottom), bubble coral and plate coral. Now I am in the process of scraping/sucking out the yellow polyps. If I could do this all over, I'd never put the following in my tank: Yellow polyps Texas trash Xenia All of these corals spread so fast and overtake everything. Best,
  12. See that pulsing Xenia? I have it available! Terms: free after 7pm any day, if you're late, make me wait one-two hours, I will lose my mind...so please don't do that. It's free, be polite. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Hey there! It's been a long time since I posted because after two crashes (including sps eating nudibranches), well, your inspiration wanes...however....when I just kept up with the monthly water changes and added nothing else, this happened: This is Ultra Metallic Pink Millepora. About a year old now - and spreading out nicely. Those montipora-eating nudibranches didn't touch it - so I recommend it wholeheartedly to any beginners getting into sps. This particular piece came from AquaSD It started out as two branches. Best, -Elizzy
  14. This is gone pending pick-up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Eh, just donate what you want...I'll be home Monday/Tuesday - just let me know what time you'd like to stop by.
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