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  1. Woods

    Orangeback Wrasse - SOLD

    What is your PayPal address?
  2. Woods

    Orangeback Wrasse - SOLD

    Li am on vacation until Monday, but if you will hold it I will send you PayPal payment. Mike
  3. Woods

    Captive bread trochus snails $20 a dozen - SOLD

    If these didn't go to AquaDome, PM me and I will buy at least a dozen.
  4. Woods

    Live Rock

    I have some for $3 / lb out of my display tank. I am wanting to rearrange my rock work so need to get rid of some to add new. It has lots of coralline algae on it. PM me.
  5. Woods


    What kind of nem?
  6. Woods

    Dendro and Sun coral

    Yellow Sun Coral is yellow thru and thru
  7. Woods

    Dendro and Sun coral

    Those are typical Dendros,. They will have yellow/orange tentacles with an orange core.
  8. Woods

    Dendro and Sun coral

    Yellows are always Sun Coral. I haven't ever seen Yellow Dendros.
  9. Woods

    Dendro and Sun coral

    Troypt has a large colony of Yellow he has had success with by simply using a Turkey Baster to spot feed them daily when he feeds his fish. I believe he feeds them and the fish gets what floats off, this ensures they eat directly. He got his from AquaTek about 18 months ago or so. It has at least quadrupled in size if not more. you cut contact him to see if he wants to break his up and what exactly he does to keep his. I know for a fact he doesn't tent or remove it from his tank and just spot feeds it.
  10. I have BTA all around my Lonestar Leather, which is very similar to your Japanese, and I don't have issues. The toadstool stay closed where the nem touches it but doesn't do any damage. Don't be so sure your nem won't move either. As the toadstool grows, it could shade the nem and cause it to move...
  11. Woods

    Sump tank

    If you bring me all your supplies, I can build it for you (free of charge, call it a Christmas present; just pay it forward in whatever way you can). PM me if interested. PS. I build a 55g 8 years ago and it is still going strong. Mike
  12. Woods

    Tangs for sale - All Gone!

    If you still have the Powder Blue and if price is negotiable, I may be interested. PM me
  13. Woods

    Beautiful bubble tips at Aquarium Designs

    o0arkaater always owes me for my marketing! 😉 How much were they asking in SA LFS?
  14. Woods

    Beautiful bubble tips at Aquarium Designs

    We have as good if not better Rainbow nems locally here in Austin and cheaper.... o0zarkawater has some original Pham Rainbows for $45. You can't beat that rainbow quality for that price!