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  1. No one in town had the newer Gyre pump so i had to order it online. Aqua dome did have one of the modules. I give the module that comes with the unit a try and if i need something more custom ill let you know @Reburn if you would still like to sell one.
  2. I didn't see anything. In the videos they made about the Gen 2 new controller; their main theme seemed to be easy mode. no need to program. so i think they are just skipping the customizing option and people.
  3. That's what i was thinking but did not see any 3.5mm jack on their new controller to work with 3rd party stuff. shame if they axed that aspect all together. @Reburn can you create you own maps with the controller it come with? Code based like the Apex? thanks,
  4. I was looking at getting a Maxspect Gyre pump for me 58g. I'd like to hook it up to my Apex since its a DC pump and can make many programs. Looking at all the suppliers it appears to be out of stock or discontinued. Has anyone heard anything about the status of this module? I'm sure i can find it randomly on amazon, ebay or in stock at a LFS somewhere. My only concern is if it truly is discontinued then if it breaks im SOL. Is there another option? Not sure what plug the Gyre's use and if its proprietary or not. I think coralvue was the main supplier for this product and they are out of stock also which is the troubling part. http://www.coralvue.com/icecap-gyre-interface-module-1590 Thanks
  5. ill take the frog spawn if you still have them
  6. Whats up with Neptune?

    i think they just added new functionality to their old stuff. the new FMM can be used for many of there products. Comes with their ATO (ATK) since it now have power output. Also not a fan of the RJ45 connectors. glad that went with the 3.5 mm jacks.
  7. Im not exactly following on your post here but i too had a hell of a time getting mine to work. tried calibrating 3 times. With that having to wait a day for it to dry out. Finally while talking with Neptune about another issue they gave me some advice about calibrating it. They suggested i do it manually in the advanced tab. My issue was during the auto way it would time-out since it never reached a good reading on the 2nd part "wet" calibration. None of the number seems right during the calibration. Afterwards i just let it sit in my tank. after a while i started getting numbers that looked better. The pic posted is a little over 24 hours. still a little high from my refract reading but its way better the the basically 0 reading i was getting before. Also seems super slow to update. Im going to let it sit more and see if it evens out. Ive read a lot of people have issues with this probe. They suggest just using it as a ball park reading. if anything goes super wack then inspect. Hope this helps some if your trying to calibrate it.
  8. coming out lurker

    Lol what's funny is I thought the phase that I get at work all the time.... For what I paid I'd think that... I loathe that logic but in my case it's true. Advertised as the most reliable redundant yada yada yada that's what I bought into
  9. coming out lurker

    Yes it's the newer one. I think the Apex is great. Just having issues calibrating the salinity probe which I see everyone has issues with. The optical sensors in my ato and dos have false positives. Which as you can guess does no good for automation. My ato keeps emailing me my sump is flooding since the top sensor is reading closed. Also when that happens it obviously won't top off. So I have to be like a caveman and pour water it. The nerve.
  10. coming out lurker

    Haha funny you say that. I had some unplanned aquascaping last night needless to say does anyone want a zerba stripe damsel? I'll start a proper build progress thread tonight. Currently dealing with Neptune on getting some of my equipment fixed. Less then 5 months old and it seems like there an issue with all of items
  11. A chat about chaeto

    This is what i use and it works very good. i have to throw away tons every other week. https://www.amazon.com/Thinklux-GrowLED-PAR38-Hydroponic-Greenhouse/dp/B01J0DAB3I Looked into all the options in the same BRS video. The screw in PAR bulb ranked well. I can not justify spending money just to grow Chaeto, which is like a weed anyways. Just used with a cheap metal reflector at home depot.
  12. Thank you very much for such a great meetup. Gracious and generous host for sure
  13. coming out lurker

    I joined this site a long time ago but never really got my tank up and running like i had previous to moving here. After a long hiatus and i totally got the bug again and set a tank back up. Its been up for maybe 4 months now. So many new toys and gadgets from when i first started reefing around 14 years ago. I Went full in with the Neptune stuff, but not really impressed equipment wise (software great!). I guess stories for another time. Here's some shots of how it sits now. Its an old Oceanic tank with its weird 58g dimensions. Still need to get a QT setup before i stock it more. Got over hyped and started stocking with some chalice, monti and acro frags. Also a few zoas here and there. Only fish is damsel which i helped cycle it with. Now im in that bad spot where i need to get rid of that thing. Some people never learn XD. -skot
  14. Reef fleas?

    For a lack of a better word i think i have fleas in my tank lol. Im trying to ID these things but they are so small its hard to capture them with my cell phone. Ill try again later when i get a card reader for my DSLR They are black, very small and round like fleas you'd find on a cat or dog. They don't look like normal "pods" since those are normally translucent and longer oval shaped. I noticed them after a recent Zoa introduction. i did a freshwater dip a ton of regular pods washed off but didn't see any of these black things. They dont seem to move that much,more just sit in my sand. ive seen them move occasionally but its a very quick like walk across the same grain of sand and stop. BTW you can move this to the "What is this thing" section. didn't see that before.
  15. Long time lurker. Set my tank back up after a long hiatus. Would love to meet up with some folks.