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  1. Thats what you get for doing water changes.
  2. skot

    skots 58g

    thanks ill have to get them out
  3. nice it reminds me of the little pretzel stick snacks.
  4. Wheres pics of the Habanero? That looks pretty unique
  5. skot

    skots 58g

    Also minor rant.... In the last pic you can see all my frags are crooked or i butchered the plugs to get them onto my rack. Why the heck did eshopps make the holes so small> hahah Again i plan on removing it to enlarge the holes but i really dont want to be putting my hands in there.
  6. skot

    skots 58g

    Have some encrusting going on which im super happy with its been slow up until the past few weeks. RIP my Miami Hurricane chalice . first coral ive lost in this tank. Was going downhill since i got it 3 weeks ago. was 4 eyes now 1 is barely hanging on Full shot not much has changed but coraline is ramping up. Newish baby Ricordea Finally got the RO/DI installed. had to redo all the valves and lines to get it to tap into the bathroom sink. Also over the past 2 weeks looks like a have some STN starting on my Bonsai frag. Been meaning to glue over it but i dont want to put my hands in the tank since the last 2 weeks everything else has been doing super good. been keeping an eye on it hasn't hit a polyp yet but this week ill mess with it.
  7. skot

    skots 58g

    Tank update.... just marinating. slow growth. Weekend plans to finally install an RO/DI unit under my sink in the bathroom. I have to redo the plumping since it has outdated fittings. Ill try to take some pics but if flood the house my wife killed me and i may not be posting for a while.
  8. you make me sick.
  9. ill take it. sent dm
  10. is that thing ever going to get released?
  11. skot


    i know it sounds kind of weird but have you tried sticking your other hand in the tank to see if you feel it? With that cut on your hand the water can irritate that. i can tell where every cut is on my hands when im cleaning or messing around my tank. Getting shocked to me feels more numbing then what you described. Just a thought.
  12. Alright, everyone over to Tys this weekend. First one to drop their camera in his tank gets a special trophy.
  13. skot

    Where have these been all my life

    they have a suction cup on the bottom. its so weird