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  1. 10gReef

    Remora AquaC HOB skimmer

    bump. comes with a prefilter box too. bump
  2. 10gReef

    Tank Stand 31x18.75

  3. 10gReef

    Chiller 1/3hp

    comes with a mag18 pump. bump
  4. 10gReef

    90g tank RR, stand, canopy w/lights

  5. 10gReef

    90g tank RR, stand, canopy w/lights

    here it is opened up. the top canopy hinges all the way open if you have the ceiling height to do so.
  6. downsizing tanks. Drilled 90gallon tank with a custom made stand and canopy. Canopy comes with 2-250wMH light and ice cap ballast, 4-T5 Actnic lights. All fixtures are custom installed, Vents are cut in the top of the hood with computer fans (need to be cleaned or replaced) All panels on the tank and stand are removable. $400
  7. 10gReef

    Chiller 1/3hp

    Delta Star Chiller 1/3hp The sticker says it was manufactured in 2006. Its worked great for me. Im downsizing and just don't need it any more. comes with a thermostat controller. Cost over $1000 new. Asking $300
  8. 10gReef

    Tank Stand 31x18.75

    Built my own custom stand to fit my needs. measures 31"w, 18.75"d, 29.5"t. make me an offer
  9. 10gReef

    Remora AquaC HOB skimmer

    It works. just don't have a use for it right now. needs a pump. $150 $125
  10. 10gReef

    Glass cutting bit

    Looking to drill my tank. I have a 1-3/8 hole saw but might need a bigger one to cut a full 1" over flow. Any one have one I can use this weekend? Also looking for a bulk head. I think the one I have is a 3/4"
  11. 10gReef

    20g tall

    Awesome! Thanks
  12. 10gReef

    20g tall

    Looking to build a sump out of a 20g tall or similar dimension tank. Needs to fit in my stand 26"x12"
  13. 10gReef

    Dried LiveRock $2/lb

  14. 10gReef

    Dried LiveRock $2/lb

    I'm in SW Austin, Oakhill.
  15. Still have some. Pm me to set a time.