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  1. Branching hammer colonies

    Im just seeing your response. I will call you today and see if we can still set something up.
  2. Looking for Livestock - Fish, LPS, leathers

    I have frogspawn, candy canes, hammer coral, and a bluish green aussie. the tank is at my office in SW Austin, Old Bee Caves Rd. PM me if you want to come by.
  3. WTB Red Sea Reefer 170 or Nano

    I've got a full 90g setup I need to sale. Tank, stand, canopy, MH lights, actinic lights, chiller, sump, skimmer, return. PM me if your interested
  4. Branching hammer colonies

    Im downsizing and have plenty to spare. $5 for two heads. I have hammer, frogspawn and candy canes. all located in SW Austin (oak hill)
  5. Reef Light - LED

    Looking for a light to put over my new 55g tank. needs to fit a 30" tank. preferably an LED but will consider others, preferbly nothing heat producing. I don't want to use a chiller.
  6. Branching hammer colonies

    I've got some I need to part with and frogspawn.
  7. Breaking down my 90g tank for a while but want to keep a small on around. looking for something in the 29g range. I have most filter components needed I believe but would be interested in LED lighting for a few coral.
  8. Dry Rock

    Do you have the weight. How did you clean it?
  9. Hob skimmer. Seeing what out there lmk

    I think I got a aquaC remora laying around $75
  10. 1000Bulbs

    Looking to order some bulbs this week. Any interested in splitting shipping cost?
  11. ARC Sea Hare Loaner program

    I am in desperate need of a hare. Let me know if he is available and I can pick him up. other wise I will be purchasing one very soon.
  12. Hungry Hungry Hare

    I found a snail in the orifice of my protein skimmer. My tank is overgrown with hair algae. I am going to manually remove as much as I can but would like to drop in a Hare to help with what I can't reach. I can do cash or trade a frag if your interested. Thanks
  13. RBTA for sale

  14. Sump Advise

    Here is a sump I built for my original 10 gallon reef. I used a 5.5 gallon tank for my sump and then glued in plexiglass for the dividers. Was not expensive and pretty simple to do. It kept my 10g display looking sharp . . .