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  1. Tapatalk let me in for 1 day. Now gives a big long error if you try to log in. Am I the only one having trouble?
  2. This! My exact measurement too. If you go by the gram thing it's way low. IMO
  3. So the stirrers are to stir the solution your dosing?
  4. Lowes cuts glass. So does Home Depot. Take a look there
  5. bige

    New to ARC

    Welcome. I have a little land and house by la grange. Near Muldoon. I go out there every other weekend. There are some guys in bastrop as well.
  6. Looks great. I see a Texas I'm assuming you got at c4. That's fun
  7. Everything looks great. You've done a lot of trial and error.
  8. Unfortunately any live rock you get has the potential to have hitch hikers unless you made it live with an empty tank. You can do like jimbo said and get some dr tims and that works really well.
  9. This is the only forum I ever reply to. It is by far the best reef forum there is. I see our quotes and reposts on national forums more than I see any other local forum quoted. This is my take on why some new guys might feel slighted or left out or whatever you want to call it. When you are new, I believe if you ask a question or make a comment about what you are going to do, you should take the advice given and then do some research. I have trouble with new people coming here and saying they are going to reinvent the wheel while 30 of us read it and say that's not going to work. The humble person that accepts advice goes the furthest. If you hear something that you don't agree with then don't reply. Do research and come back with that. We all see people come and go and make the same mistakes, so sometimes a not so warm response by the seasoned guys might come off as short. But pm is always an option to say hey that hurt. No one here will continue it in a pm if you just say I didn't know, can you explain further. I love arc and help out every chance I get. I'm not necessarily friendly because I'm stating facts from experience. And my daughter likes to compliment mikes hair when he comes over. And he says thank you. That's how it's done
  10. Your best bet to get what you want is to say you had a tech come out cause your vpn wasn't working. Your tech support said you need a ubee to be compatible. If you don't word it right they will not give you what you want.
  11. If it's just the technicolor modems, return yours to twc and tell them you want an arris or ubee. But I would get the ubee. It's an ac. Arris is just an N.
  12. I get these every now and again. They don't seem to stick around. But still interesting to find a big one.
  13. How are you getting the aiptasia out of your tank and into the breeding tank? Do they eat the real big aiptasia too? I have those huge glass anemone/aiptasia. I'm assuming they are different
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