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  1. Incredible Hulchra - Massive Colony

    Sorry it has already sold
  2. Incredible Hulchra - Massive Colony

    Bump, price lowered.
  3. Great bullet proof and forgiving pulchra acro. It's out of place in my tank (too big) with all of my new frags. $75.00 $50.00 Size reference picture and one with filter applied for close color representation with my LED lighting. It's green with purple tips.
  4. WTB MP40 QD

    Want to buy an MP40 QD.
  5. Dry Rock $1.00

    I have the two large pieces left from the photo. ~25lbs.
  6. Dry Rock $1.00

    Still have plenty. Sent you a PM.
  7. Dry Rock $1.00

    Several large pieces are still available. $1.00 / lb.
  8. Fragging Leathers ??

    I'll take a frag of the green one once it heals.
  9. June SPS Corals!

    I'll take large red dragon and Cali tort
  10. I have around 20-30lbs of fiji live rock left over from my tank refactor. It has been cooking for over 6 months. 2$/lb. Large pieces of dry rock 1$/lb. In addition to the large dry rock, I also have several smaller pieces of dry rock available which are similar in size to the live rock in the photo also 1$/lb. Large dry rock pieces are 25lb, 15lb and 10lb. Also open to trades for interesting SPS.
  11. Coral frags

    I'll take the Joe the Coral frag
  12. SPS Accidental Frags from Transition

    PM'd #1
  13. Nice Green Slimer

    Still looking
  14. Nice Green Slimer

    Sent you a PM.
  15. Nice Green Slimer

    Haha, ok thanks. Let me know, I'm interested.