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  1. Update! I finally started to tear things apart and decided it’s going to be best to drain the tank to be sure that I have eradicated the cloves and give the tank a good cleaning with a vinegar bath. I’ve moved all my fish and coral to a 29G tank while I work through the rebuild. I hope to keep loses to a minimum and I’m inspecting the corals daily to make sure I get all the cloves before anything is reintroduced into the display as they are everywhere! Once I removed the sump and had a look at the stand it is not looking good at all. The particle board is swollen and is concerning, I figure any day now it could have collapsed as the bottom of the back wall has completely separated from the floor panel. I’ve decided that I will add 1x4’s across the back wall to reinforce it and 2x4’s in the corners and at the front (tri-pod). The sides panels and front of the stand are in good shape. After I finish this, I’m going to add shower pan liner to water proof everything underneath. Previously I had soft plumbing into the sump. I removed the old barbed bulkheads and will be hard plumbing everything with a manifold to further simplify my setup. I had 4 maxijets running in the sump prior to the tear down which was cluttering my sump and taking up way too much space! I’m glad I am finally getting around to this project, I think if I would have waited much longer I would have had a catastrophic failure of the stand on the second floor!
  2. Light rack came in yesterday. I think it turned out great! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'm using this link as inspiration for my mount. My objective was nothing hanging...the ceiling in the room are too tall and I don't want a shelf on the wall. I have no experience with metal work so I'm working with local sponsor to help build a steel frame that will attach to back of stand to mount the two fixtures yet offer a telescoping mount to detach for easy access to full tank top. http://www.salt-city.org/showthread.php?33906-Ocean-Revive-S026-dual-light-mount That is a sweet looking stand and great idea for the detachable portion. I've spoken with the folks at eztube and the lip inside those tubes is either 1/4" or just over 1/4" depending on if you choose the "recessed" model or not. The knob on the light is at 1/2" so I should be good with the smaller design. No metal working experience required for this, they cut all the pieces and you use their composite (or metal) connectors to adjoin the pieces.
  4. Lights arrived a few days ago! Now it’s time to start thinking about how I am going to hang them. With my half circle tank, I do not have the luxury of lining up the lights end-to-end. This issue is compounded by the fact that I only have a ~18”x24” opening for these two lights to hang over. I think trying to hang them independently from the ceiling is going to be troublesome given how close they need to be together to minimize light spillage and also I plan at some point to add in moon lighting or maybe a T5 or two. So, I think I’m going to try to order some tubing from these guys and see if I can make a light rack: eztube.com, this rack will give me a place to attach additional lighting over time while still maintaining a small footprint. I worked up a few sketches so I can get an idea of how much tube I will need and if the exterior knob on the T247 should reside “within” the rack or “above” it. It will come down to how far the lip is positioned on the tube wall so I don’t end up with the light resting high on the knob end. I'm waiting to hear back from them with details.
  5. Binswanger
  6. Christmas update: Rocks continue to marinate in 85 degrees and are looking fantastic. PO4 has been coming down since adding the GFO and performing water changes. So far, I’ve done two 100% WC’s and latest PO4 test was 26PPB, not bad in the limited water volume I have the 50lbs of rock in. I picked up an acrylic rod online, and also some of those drive way markers for supporting my rock structure. Are these ones that I bought at Lowes “reef safe”? Feels like they are fiberglass. For lighting I think I’m going to go with two of the Ocean Revive lights. Ebay is looking like the cheapest place to order from, anyone had any issues with these lights from Ebay?
  7. Rock and roll
  8. Thanks Rory. I've got all items for Plan A in stock so going to try that first. I will let you know!
  9. Yes, it is cheaper and best used in removing phosphate in bulk. It can scrub phosphate down to a lower range but you will usually need GFO to get the lower end. It is potentially toxic to fish which is why it's application in a separate tank like yours is ideal for treatment.While you can directly apply it to the curing tank and remove the participate it creates with water changes, I feel it best to drip in a 10 micron or smaller filter sock to catch the precipitate ensuring none make it to your reef tank. By the time you order lanthanum chloride and the filter sock though, it may start becoming cheaper to just run GFO if you have it, especially if this is a one-time application of it as it is dispensed by drops and you'll have a whole bottle of it leftover. If you just want to run lathanum chloride without the sock and just rinse your rock really well afterwards, you can order the lanthanum chloride online. I bought the commercial version but I think there's a cheaper version. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00CMQZZJ6/ref=sxts1?ie=UTF8&qid=1480863191&sr=1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65 Also, some have been using "phosfree" from local pool supply stores. I haven't used that so I would research just in case. Thanks for the information, Ty! Going to do the 100% WC and plumb in a GFO reactor today. I'll keep the lanthanum chloride in my back pocket for now.
  10. Good idea. I've got a bunch of GFO but not sure I want to waste it on this. Where do I find lanthanum chloride, is it cheaper than GFO?
  11. Figured I would check up on the BRS fiji rock that is cycling. It started off with a foul smell (rotten eggs), which has subsided after about 7 days. Checking for water quality now (PO4), I’ve never seen my Hanna testing vial for PO4 change colors, yikes!: It was flashing 200 which I would interpret as a max value without checking docs. Guess I'll be doing a 100% WC tomorrow!
  12. Ok thanks anyway, I think those are too big. Probably need the 1" version.
  13. I ended up with several extra marine pure balls if you need them, will sell at a discount. Also, I have 2 blocks that I haven't listed for sale yet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Do you have the 1" or 4" blocks?
  14. Thanks Ty, I'll take a look at the fluke tabs. I figure the Phillips is probably going to be in the neighborhood of a Radion Pro. Just want to make the right purchase now if I can future proof my setup, as you can see I don't change things up much. lol. Your success with the OR's definitely has me leaning that way.
  15. That is a Purple Stylophora, great bulletproof SPS. I will let you know when I break it off the rock.