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  1. Ceige

    Rhodactis Rock

    17lbs live rock completely covered in Rhodactis. I tried to count and it looks like somewhere between 50 - 60 large schrooms. Just selling the top rock to make room and fund tank changes. Large rock 50+ mushrooms - $100 I also have smaller ones with 6 mushrooms $10
  2. I love this tank but with a new baby i just don’t have the time anymore. 28G JBJ Nano with stand & JBJ artica 1/15th chiller, 40lbs+ live rock that is covered in mushrooms that have also spread to the back wall. Leather, Brain, & rando pictured included. Super pod rich with tons of baby brittle stars roaming around Asking $750 for the complete setup
  3. i still have both. they are not a pair so they would go separatly. i get off work at 3 today so pickup would have to be 3:30 or later.
  4. I have 2 purple fire fish and 1 good sized long spine urchin available today. Purple Firefish(x2) - $10 each Long Spine Urchin $10
  5. still a good bit of really nice rock left. anyone still interested pm me.
  6. $2.50 - $3Lb depending on size $1.5-$2 Base Rock $0.50 per snail/crab $10 for the long spine urchin $2 for the hairy red hermit Tons of live sand as well. This rock is crawling with life!! 20 seconds watching and i see tons of copepods, amphipods, and mysis or mysid shrimp going crazy all over the place. It's a pod eaters not dry dream!! Pieces range from 1-20+ lbs and all are covered in coraline. message me or reply if you are interested
  7. i do have some but not much. i usually bought the most interesting rocks i could find and when pieces broke i just threw them in the bottom or the fuge.
  8. more pics anyone that can pick it up today $2 per lb
  9. no problem... ive been working late and getting home after the lights go out but i will turn them on and get the pics tonight.
  10. got somewhere between 150lbs and 200lbs of rock. Good sizes from large(most of them) to medium to small and some rubble in the fuge. Will post more pictures tonight. $3Lb
  11. so what is left at this point is the Marron and gold clown and the Carribean Tang.
  12. sorry puffer is spoken for too
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