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  1. Salt Dreams

    fishs and corals - ROCK AND SOME FREE STUFF

    PM sent on goby and pistol pair 😁
  2. Salt Dreams

    All gone

    Messaged 😉
  3. Salt Dreams

    All Off Market - SOLD

    Any pictures?
  4. Salt Dreams

    Free clownfish pair, brittle star, leather coral

    I would take them too ?
  5. Salt Dreams

    Free JBJ nanocube - GONE

  6. Salt Dreams

    Free JBJ nanocube - GONE

    Are we still supposed to pick up tomorrow? I kinda need to hear from you so we can plan accordingly. ?
  7. Salt Dreams

    Free JBJ nanocube - GONE

    Well i am willing to come get it but waiting on a reply i started making water last night because i was told i was first in line...
  8. Salt Dreams

    Free JBJ nanocube - GONE

    I want it ???
  9. Salt Dreams

    *SOLD Orange ricordea *SOLD

    I can take the 3 mouth if its avail
  10. Salt Dreams

    *SOLD Orange ricordea *SOLD

    Pm sent
  11. Salt Dreams


    hey i have a 135 that i may be willing to part with it is currently fresh water with a sump
  12. Salt Dreams

    Help please

    We live in killeen so I am sure our distance is significantly closer :-)
  13. Salt Dreams

    Free yellow polyps, Texas trash, tyree green leather

    I will be in the area tomorrow but in the daytime...
  14. Salt Dreams

    Acans candy cane and ricordia

    I wish the would eat the couple aptasias I have spotted, but no they went for the caviar of my tank instead!