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  1. Timfish

    Indonesia Halts Coral Exports

    Was talking with Gary at Aquadome and he forwarded this update to me: Updated on Indo Coral Ban: During Interzoo 2018, OFI was able to organize a meeting with several of our members from Indonesia that are coral exporters, as well as AKKII (the Indonesian Coral Shell and Ornamental Fish Association) and the Executive Secretary of the Ministry of marine Affairs and Fisheries. There is still some confusion around this export ban and what it means to industry, so an opportunity to have a discussion with the relevant ministry to get a better understanding of the situation and to highlight the impact of the ban on industry was timely. We asked the Executive Secretary if there was a specific reason behind the ban and he indicated that there was no specific reason, but was needed as part of restructuring of the cooperative links between the ministry’s involved with CITES permits and export certification, as well as strengthening surveillance and monitoring of the trade to ensure it meets management guidelines. He also indicated that Indonesia is embarking on a 5 year plan and part of this involved an assessment of the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources including marine resources such as corals finalising the review 2019 or 2020. OFI highlighted the importance of having a sustainable industry that can provide livelihoods for the long term, which is a cornerstone of the OFI Charter, but also the extreme pressure this ban puts on the industry. We also indicated that if the ban remains in place for a long period of time that coral buyers will look to alternative sources for corals, jeopardising the Indonesian coral export industry along with an industry estimate of USD$35 million of investment and 12,000 sustainable jobs in Indonesia. There is also a wider industry concern as well. Whiles statistics are difficult to attain, many industry sources indicate that coral exports from Indonesia account for 50 to 60% of the corals traded in our industry so a protracted export ban will not only affect Indonesian exporters but also the wider world wide industry and hobby as there will be no other exporters that will be able to supply the volume of coral lost to the trade in the short term. OFI asked the Executive Secretary if the Indonesian government might consider an interim measure whereby exporters could continue to trade to some degree while the issues behind the ban are sorted out in order to protect the industry. The Executive Secretary indicated he would pass this on, and also that industry needs to present its case and may need to supply a risk analysis to support the industry’s case. OFI has undertaken to assist our Indonesian members and AKKII in this. In the first instance we will be writing a letter to relevant ministers and their departments highlighting the significant impacts that this has to industry and jeopardises the livelihoods of around 12,000 people who are employed in this industry. However, it is likely we will need industry support to help fund this work – a risk analysis will be expensive (NB: PIJAC’s fight is Hawaii has cost $300,000 plus) and we have already begun lobbying industry to help with this should it be needed. In the meantime, the Indonesian exporters asked for calm and patience from their customers and the industry and they are working on the situation and hope to have a resolution.
  2. Clump of coraline algae in one of my systems (no calcium or alkalinity supplements for those wondering).
  3. Timfish

    Old sand

    What they said. I reuse old sand all the time. One consideration though is the same process that requires old media in a calcium reactor to be changed is happening to reef sand. In marine systems when calcium carbonate is deposited it can be in the form of araganite or calcite. One distinction between the two is the calcite form of calcium carbonate does not dissolve as easily as aragonite. Reef sand and calcium reactor media can be a mix of aragonite and calcite so as it ages the araganite component which can help maintain calcium levels disappears.
  4. Timfish

    Hair Algae, a second case study

    Here's a current video. The the rest of the finger corals have been removed and a couple different Sarcophyton Toadstools added along with more mushrooms and purple Stylophora pistellata and candy canes. And more fish. I also took the video before wiping the algae off that had accumulated over the last week.
  5. Timfish

    220 Rimless w/ Mangrove

    Here's a 450° spiral and a 90° roll. Not sure what that's called in snow boarding.
  6. Timfish


    Hope you're feeling better! Had pneumonia once long time ago and don't care to repeat it.
  7. Timfish


    Guess I should have clarified that a bit. I use baking soda or buffer plus or aragamight (although it's almost impossible to find that anymore) or a straight calcium carbonate, depending on what's needed. I set the autofeeder to drop it in a quiet or calm area of a sump. The times I've needed to add magnesium just mixing it in with new saltwater for water changes has worked well. I never use kalkwasser.
  8. Timfish

    Our newest member

    Hopefully she doesn't try to retrieve anything for you. 😁
  9. Timfish


    In the 30+ years I've been keeping reef systems I've used multiple products to get rid of cyano. I've also seen the problems caused by using them and realized nuisance types of cyano are only a symptom and getting rid of an easthetic issue doesn't get rid of the fundamental problem that the equilibrium of a system is promoting cyano. An example of how simple small water chagnes and manual removal shifts the equilibrium can be seen in my two threads on hair algae. The second thread shows cyano showing up then disappearing on it's own with nothing more than siphoning it off with the weekly 5% water changes. In chasing the research a major concern I have now and one reason I strongly discourage any treatment to remove cyano is there are species some corals use to fix a significant portion of their nitrogen demands by converting the nitrogen gas dissolved in the water into nitrates the coral needs. Doing anything that impacts a coral's holobiont, it's associated microbes and viruses, makes it harder and potentially impossible for it to thrive.
  10. Timfish

    Possible white algae?

    +1. What you need to look out for is white slimy patches which indicates a necrotic bacterial infection. All corals and anemones inflate and deflate to some degree periodicaly so don't expect it to look the same all the time. Whether the deflation is indicative of a problem or normal behavior is difficult to determine and often takes experience to recognize which it is. You should also know tube anemones are difficult to maintain as evidenced by the lack of reproduction in captivity.
  11. Yeah, easy for someone not familiar with reef aquaria to assume any coral is capable of poisoning anyone. 😕 Next time I see Hunter I'll have to ask how much of his interview they didn't air.
  12. And here's a local story: http://www.kvue.com/article/news/local/cedar-park-mother-warning-others-after-aquarium-coral-nearly-kills-her-family/269-546728517
  13. Timfish

    Sump pump return

    It's largely personal prefference. With wavemakers you have enough internal flow in your DT so just a few turnovers per hour through your sump will be fine.
  14. Timfish


    If it's not an issue removing a rock with a coral you can do a 2 minute dip of 5 parts aquarium water to one part hydrogen peroxide (the 3% stuff from a pharmacy, not the high strength food grade stuff for sterilizing things). @ JazReef, Chemiclean used to be euthromycin until Boyd's got in trouble with the German government. I do not know exactly what the active ingredient is now however it isn't killing everything in a sytem. Looking at how bacteria transfer plasmids (loops of genetic material) horizontally to impart immunity to chemicals and antibiotics using anything that doesn't outright kill everything risks the creation of superbugs. Unfortunately one personal experience of an excellent example is one of the semiferal cats I take care of had problems and when the vet did bacterial cultures she had a resistant infection and the normal antibiotics could not be used. It doesn't matter where you look in the life sciences, whether it's our own health or sustainable farming or pristine reefs, healthy microbial processes are essential.
  15. Timfish

    Sb reef led question. Cross posted

    If you find someone who will do 2" wide let me know. Binswagner won't try anything that narrow.