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  1. o0zarkawater

    Pham Rainbow anemones $45 + Superman Rhodactis

    Bubble, but with my flow and lighting they rarely bubble. If I turn off pumps while cleaning for extended periods of time, they tend to bubble more
  2. o0zarkawater

    Pham Rainbow anemones $45 + Superman Rhodactis

    Two more need homes. $45/ea
  3. o0zarkawater


    Hehehe. You got small ones.
  4. o0zarkawater

    Sup ARC

  5. Sorry this was supposed to be a PM 

  6. o0zarkawater

    $OLD - Killer Gold Rim Tang - Literally

    Sold. Thanks Tom
  7. o0zarkawater

    $OLD - Killer Gold Rim Tang - Literally

    He won't sit still for any type of picture and the blue light messes with My camera hard. 20190126_134002.mp4
  8. o0zarkawater

    $OLD - Killer Gold Rim Tang - Literally

    Not good ones. Working late past 2 days, didn't get home before daylight turned off. And he really hates the isolation box, so he won't sit still. Tomorrow daylight should get better pics. Fatboyyyyy
  9. o0zarkawater

    Hate gyres.

    Sounds like you just need more Gyres, I have 2 more for ya... cheap Well, 1.5. I never could get the second side of one to work again, even after replacing all bearings, cage, etc. I loved them when I first got them, but the original ones do have issues and limitations that I would expect those new ones not to have.
  10. o0zarkawater

    $OLD - Killer Gold Rim Tang - Literally

    SOLD Dude finally made his way into the in-tank acclimation box with the Powder Blue he's been bullying and beat him to death. Caught himself in the meantime, which I hadn't been able to do for months. Healthy as can be, just very aggressive towards same tangs. No issues with my Yellow, Chevron and Sailfin. Just hated the Powder Blue. Your mileage May vary. 4-5" $OLD I'll update post with pics tomorrow evening when lights are back on. Very beautiful fish, I just want to have Powder Blue or Achilles in the future, so he has to go while I have him caught.
  11. o0zarkawater

    Pham Rainbow anemones $45 + Superman Rhodactis

    Another walked off the rock of safety, and is now in/on the container of rehoming. $45
  12. Velvet would be my suspicion if it went from OK to dead that quick. Always QT! As far as I know none of the LFS have any real quarantine procedures, and they all order from the same wholesalers, so no matter who you are buying from there is always chances for stuff to slip through. Yes, some of them may keep their tanks cleaner and therefore have happier/healthier acting fish, but underlying disease is always a possibility. Hopefully those two pull through if they aren't already dead. Small 10-20gal tank with a bubbler and a heater is all you really need to QT and keep everyone healthy. I made the mistake of setting up my QT as a 30gal, thinking more water volume is better...... not when you're dosing medicines by water volume.
  13. o0zarkawater

    Pham Rainbow anemones $45 + Superman Rhodactis

    All gone for now, but I'll PM you if one walks in the near future.
  14. o0zarkawater

    Best option to buy a large reef ready tank...

    He|| if that didn't work out exactly as I planned! PMing you now.
  15. o0zarkawater

    Best option to buy a large reef ready tank...

    I've got a DSA 185 (60w" x 30d" x 25h") on display in my front sitting room, and the NEO version (3/4" glass, no center brace) ready to pick up in the garage! Stand and sump included! Not quite frag tank height, but I LOVE my footprint which is why I picked up the second tank and since decided not to switch out. (Definitely requires cleaning, not new, but very good condition) Otherwise, yes you will be paying for shipping. Whether it's rolled into a price or put as a line item, you are paying for it somehow. I have a feeling any of the cheaper tanks/builders will put it as a line item, and the more expensive/fancy ones would roll it in to your premium price.