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  1. o0zarkawater

    Tuxedo urchin cleaning the glass!

    Dude worked all day scraping it for me. Even came home and he was cleaning the acclimating container for the powder blue.
  2. o0zarkawater

    Sea Clear Acrylic 50gal Tank, Stand, PM sump

    Unfortunately not. This was all part of a group of equipment I bought from a friend.
  3. o0zarkawater

    Jebao pump party - Wavemakers and DC return

    Keeping the 12000, pump went out on my saltwater mixing drum. Bought a 3D printed mesh/needlewheel impeller and venturi intake for the 8000 to test it out with the skimmers for sale. Going to post a thread about this impeller with info if it does well. Controllable DC pump on the skimmer is pretty awesome. Using the cone now to test, then I'll try it on the redline 225. Giant DCP-18000 is just asking for a home. Someone needs this giant DC pump. Jebao DCP-18000 Sine Wave Water Return Pump https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XCNGXCX/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_mQBMBbMAJ6299
  4. o0zarkawater

    Sea Clear Acrylic 50gal Tank, Stand, PM sump

    Bump. Lowered. $100 for tank and stand. $120 for sump. $200 both.
  5. o0zarkawater

    BRS 2 Part Dosing Kit w/ 2x 1.1ml Dosing Pumps - NEW - $120

    Instead of dropping my price, what if I went up? $150 takes this awesome full brand new dosing kit, pumps, supplements, and jugs! Can't beat that. This weekend only.
  6. o0zarkawater

    Kessil Party - A350, A360W, A360W E-series

    $140 on the remaining A350.
  7. o0zarkawater

    Candy cane

    Usually see those listed as trumpet corals with those colors. People list them as candycanes when it's green or blues. Not sure why. Aquadome sometimes has those hiding back in the LPS frag tanks.
  8. o0zarkawater


    RCA first Friday sales are, as said, first Friday of every month from 7-10pm. He keeps the doors open late and offers 20% off livestock and usually has free food and drinks. Pizza and beer are a common and welcome theme. Cookies and soda for the kids as well usually.
  9. o0zarkawater

    Live Rock - $1.50/lb, Lg Yellow Finger Leather, GSP, RBTA

    Decent sized GSP rock $25 Still good live rock here. No you can't have the tonga.
  10. o0zarkawater

    Deep water Atlantic reef

    I recall specifically saying "ooh, what in here can I take home and kill?"
  11. o0zarkawater

    Deep water Atlantic reef

    Nothing special, I already have solid white SPS sticks in my tank.
  12. o0zarkawater

    School Starts SPS Sale...splendid savings surprise! [emoji38]

    I'm pretty sure if you just look at his tank the wrong way that Red Dragon drops branches.
  13. o0zarkawater

    mushroom causing cloudy water - dying?

    How long has it been in the system? Did you change anything right before it did that? Mushrooms and anemones can both occasionally do their own water changes/pooping where they spew stuff into the water and look deflated/gross for a day or so. They both can sometimes try to spawn and would be releasing sperm into the water column. I don't see my mushrooms doing this as often as my urchins and brittle stars will immediately after a water change. Having a little 12g, a water change was probably a good idea. In larger volumes it's not as big of a deal. If the mushroom looks happy, I don't think it's a big problem.
  14. o0zarkawater

    BRS 2 Part Dosing Kit w/ 2x 1.1ml Dosing Pumps - NEW - $120

    I'll bump this one too -- Drop to $120. Awesome deal on a complete dosing setup. Just add timers or plug into your controller and GROW CORALS LIKE A MADMAN. The possible profits from coral farming are HUGE, so it's silly for you no to buy this.