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  1. o0zarkawater

    Pham Rainbow anemones $45 + Superman Rhodactis

    Another walked off the rock of safety, and is now in/on the container of rehoming. $45
  2. Velvet would be my suspicion if it went from OK to dead that quick. Always QT! As far as I know none of the LFS have any real quarantine procedures, and they all order from the same wholesalers, so no matter who you are buying from there is always chances for stuff to slip through. Yes, some of them may keep their tanks cleaner and therefore have happier/healthier acting fish, but underlying disease is always a possibility. Hopefully those two pull through if they aren't already dead. Small 10-20gal tank with a bubbler and a heater is all you really need to QT and keep everyone healthy. I made the mistake of setting up my QT as a 30gal, thinking more water volume is better...... not when you're dosing medicines by water volume.
  3. o0zarkawater

    Pham Rainbow anemones $45 + Superman Rhodactis

    All gone for now, but I'll PM you if one walks in the near future.
  4. o0zarkawater

    Best option to buy a large reef ready tank...

    He|| if that didn't work out exactly as I planned! PMing you now.
  5. o0zarkawater

    Best option to buy a large reef ready tank...

    I've got a DSA 185 (60w" x 30d" x 25h") on display in my front sitting room, and the NEO version (3/4" glass, no center brace) ready to pick up in the garage! Stand and sump included! Not quite frag tank height, but I LOVE my footprint which is why I picked up the second tank and since decided not to switch out. (Definitely requires cleaning, not new, but very good condition) Otherwise, yes you will be paying for shipping. Whether it's rolled into a price or put as a line item, you are paying for it somehow. I have a feeling any of the cheaper tanks/builders will put it as a line item, and the more expensive/fancy ones would roll it in to your premium price.
  6. o0zarkawater

    Beautiful bubble tips at Aquarium Designs

    Nah, I don't pay out commissions. In fact he owes me money for awakening me and bringing me to this thread. Those do look very similar to the Pham rainbows. Mine aren't that color currently since I've been using Ocean Revive LED + MH combo. They really preferred just MH in my system and lost a lot of the yellow/orange. The red/green is still in them for sure. Hopefully if I can get these stupid radions to attach to the WXM, I'll get that running and see how they color up in the next few months. Won't be $45 at that point for sure.
  7. o0zarkawater

    Radion XR30W Pro G3 HELP

    Jim kindly came over and helped me out for about an hour and we didn't get any farther than I had. Somewhat relieved he didn't fix it in 2 minutes to show how stupid I was being, but there is another unseen issue that concerns me! The lights just won't take the firmware upgrade that I need them to in order to use with WXM. They seem fine to factory reset through connection manager, and I can USB into them with them and play with intensities, but no way to hook up to WXM without the 1.7.8 firmware. E-mailing support today to see if they have any idea.
  8. o0zarkawater

    Radion XR30W Pro G3 HELP

    Been trying over USB, I do not have OEM cables, but can't imagine they would make much difference since they are being seen. And I'm able to do some things.
  9. o0zarkawater

    Radion XR30W Pro G3 HELP

    Currently just trying to get firmware up to date so I can start WXM programming. In the past I couldn't get them to connect to ecosmart, reeflink, or connection manager at all. At least today they will connect to the connection manager, but not to the ecosmart any other software. I'll try those steps again and see if it's any different.
  10. o0zarkawater

    Radion XR30W Pro G3 HELP

    I purchased 3 of these lights in a tank teardown I bought a while back and have every once in a while looked at setting them up but never can get them to connect. http://support.neptunesystems.com/support/solutions/articles/3000018600-ecotech-marine-radion-setup https://www.neptunesystems.com/getstarted/wxm/radionupdate/ Yes they all 3 were prior to Oct 2014. They come on fine when they are turned on and you can cycle through all the settings, but I can't get them to connect to the computer or reeflink. I thought there was an issue with the reeflink since I also wasn't able to get my new mp60w to connect to it, so I bought WXM to go with my apex. Following directions from ecotech is worthless. They provide no real troubleshooting, just DO THIS. I am able to get them to connect to the connection manager software, and it will talk to them when I hit factory reset they blink off, but then the status lights go red. I can unplug and plug them back in to get back to amber. Hook them back up and try firmware update, but every time, on each of the 3 different lights, it gives me a fatal error that it can't get the USB bootloader to run and back to red status lights. Tried them with just USB and with light power on as well, same thing both ways. What am I missing? Who wants to get paid and come set these up for me? Yes I know there is ecotec support forum, but I wanted to check with local friends first, before making new account and posting over there just to be ridiculed for missing the simplest step of "x". If one of you could save me the time of setting up that account and just call me an idiot now that would be great.
  11. o0zarkawater

    Automatic feeders

    I've gone through two different eheim twin feeders. They work great when they work, but eventually just stop working properly. Something with the augers always messes up and they just don't spin after a year or two. But I did like the option to feed 2 different foods at their own amount and frequency. Loving the AFS for my apex. Sorry to say it!
  12. o0zarkawater

    Breaking down - JBJ frag tank and accessories

    OH NO! She's finally doing it! Please don't leave us, we miss you enough already! Buy with confidence, great seller, awesome person. I second Victoly was looking for a smaller frag tank, so hopefully he can take this off you quickly.
  13. o0zarkawater

    Color themed tank.

    I've got orange superman rhodactis out the wazoo if you want a nice big orange starter rock with blue in the center in the right light.