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  1. I think this is a good idea. I have a rotifers culture going that is use to feed my baby clowns. No babies to feed at the moment but I plan on keeping the small batch going. I take a little out every night and dump it into my tank. Everyone is welcome to it if you need it.
  2. I was looking at the APEX EL and that's an option too. I just don't need the full blown APEX so looking for something more affordable. @Christyef - do you know Joe's account? I can try PM him. Thanks. Alex
  3. I've been wanting to get an Apex controller for awhile now and I think it's time. After looking at the different controllers, I think the Apex Lite is probably enough for what I need. It's a long shot but anyone looking to upgrade and want to sell their Apex Lite? :-)
  4. achen

    WTB: Rotifers

    It's a long shot but anyone culturing rotifers locally? Just asking before I get it online. Thanks.
  5. Yeah. My clownfish likes to lay on it and hide under it when I am cleaning the tank. He'll have to find a different place now. 😞
  6. RIP. I was changing the water in the bucket and noticed that it had a big hole in the middle. Severe tissue deterioration. 😞
  7. I'm not sure what specie it is since it came with the tank when I got it a long time ago. It have survived a long time and I hate to lose it even though it's nothing fancy. The stuff that's coming out is like white and filmy. It looks like smoke when it is release. It hasn't deflated completely I don't think. Like I said before, I have seen it shrink down when it got too much flow. The water it's in now is all mirky so I'll need to replace the water and then try to take a picture. I can see the mouth open pretty big so that doesn't look good. I'll try to upload a picture but I always had a hard time getting pictures here.
  8. I had it in my tank for several years now. The only recent change I made was an addition of a small pump for more water flow. I noticed recently it was shrinking and wasn't as spread out like it used to be. I have seen it do this before when it's in a higher flow area. So I thought it would just stay smaller and adjust to the new flow. So this is a surprise to see it react this way. I currently have it in a bucket with a small pump for flow. It still looks like it is continuing to spew stuff into the water. I'll try changing it and see if it will stop. Anything else you think I should try?
  9. I need some help/advice. I came home today and noticed that my tank was very cloudy. I noticed my big mushroom anemone was spewing out nasty looking film. I immediately took it out of the tank and did a water change. I tank looks okay this morning and I don't think anything was severely affected. The big question is, is my mushroom anemone on its way to anemone heaven or just something it did not like. Can it be save?
  10. Thanks. They look like they got some good stuff. Just wanted to stay local if possible to avoid shipping.
  11. Not looking to spend too much but would like to add red grape macro algae and maybe another colorful one to a small DT. Close to NW Austin would be nice. Thanks.
  12. achen

    frogspawn advice

    I'm afraid to dip it in H2O2. I know that will take care of the algae but I worry about how it affects the frogspawn. I will give it some time to see if it will recover on its own since it's not being smothered by the algae now. I think if I continue to remove what little algae is left on the stalk that will prevent it from coming back. Also getting a tuxedo urchin soon to help with algae issue.
  13. I got a frogspawn that has been overcome with algae which was keeping it from fully expanding. I'm afraid it may slowly die off so I have removed as much of the algae as possible and it looks like the tentacles are coming out more now. There are still some small spot of algae on the stalk that I will try to remove each day to keep the algae from coming back. Should I just let it slowly recover or is there something else I can do to help it along? Maybe spot feeding or is it too soon? Alex
  14. Hi all, I'm sure someone has a small piece of war coral out there. :-) PM me if you do. Thanks. Alex
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