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  1. 28g Nano Cube

    Got it, thanks.
  2. 28g Nano Cube

    Does it includes protein skimmer?
  3. over 35 clown fishes

  4. over 35 clown fishes

    All, Checking interest on my clown fishes that I've raised. Sorry, only sale all or none Ban

    You guys are "too" fast...!!!
  6. rhastas and utter chaos

    Hi Mike, Are these guys hardy? Thanks, Ban
  7. green tips hammer $5 per head

    I have 7 heads that I accidently broke off when trying to frag a head for a friend. You can take all for $30 or $5 per head, attached is the colony.
  8. montipora, shrooms, dendrophilia and green zoas

    Update: Only 1 frag of green confusa montipora left.
  9. montipora, shrooms, dendrophilia and green zoas

    Green zoas sold, still have the montipora confusa.
  10. montipora, shrooms, dendrophilia and green zoas

    Sorry, zoas are spoken for.
  11. montipora, shrooms, dendrophilia and green zoas

    Price drop! $25 for green zoas and $30 for dendros.
  12. Sorry, Chris pick it up too when he was here for the calcium reactor.
  13. Calcium reactor and canister are sold. Overflow is still available and here is the link if you want to know the spec: http://www.aquacave.com/CPR-CS102-Aquarium-Overflow-Box-P44C883.aspx
  14. CPR CS102 overflow (need cleaning) $40 Reef Octopus calcium reactor, it has new pump that was used for about 6 months (need cleaning) $50 Canister filter ($10)
  15. montipora, shrooms, dendrophilia and green zoas

    here is the green montipora as it encursted the rock.