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  1. *SOLD Wrasse *SOLD

  2. *SOLD Wrasse *SOLD

    Had to get it out because it was fighting with my clown. I will be available only until 8:50. I will be at San Jacinto and Dean Keeton by the ECJ building at UT. Please bring something to put it in.
  3. WTB 29 or 30g Tank

    $30 sounds great if it's a 29 or a 30.
  4. WTB 29 or 30g Tank

    Just the tank. 4+ bulb t5 set up.
  5. WTB 29 or 30g Tank

    Looking for one of those ^ Prefer minimal scratches Maybe a light? No stand needed.
  6. 40g breeder-complete $500 OBO

    If everyone takes the livestock, I'd take the rocks and the set up.
  7. Looking for a 29g Bio Cube with LED

    Or any 20-40g tank with or without stand that has LED lighting. Livestock would be nice but not necessary.
  8. New Biocube 29 KIT ~ $400

    Lemme know if you still have this for sale. Text or call me.
  9. REDUCED 40g [Starfire front panel, sump, stand]

    Feel free to text me.
  10. REDUCED 40g [Starfire front panel, sump, stand]

    Brooks! Do you still have all of this?
  11. Looks like I'm coming back!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Captain Vash

      Captain Vash

      Do you guys still have that big, beautiful tank?

    3. Chad and Belinda

      Chad and Belinda

      Lol...Heck no. Way too much trouble. Down sized all the way to a 34 at the time but are looking to get a 120 from RCA within a few months.

    4. JamesL


      They all come back :) Welcome back!

  12. Looking for a 29g Bio Cube with LED

    As stated in the title and it can be loaded and ready or completely empty with the stock features. Thanks
  13. Suggestions...

    Think it might be suitable for SPS?
  14. Suggestions...

    http://www.marinedepot.com/Marineland_Double_Bright_LED_Light_Fixture_Flexible_Mount_LED_Light_Fixtures_for_Aquariums-Marineland-AS32990-FILTFILDFX-vi.html What do you guys think about this thing on a 20g long and keeping corals (maaaaaaaaaaaybe) clams under this thing. I've never done LED so I'm a little curious.