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  1. August

    Free Juvenile Blue Chromis

    I'll take him
  2. August

    July 4th Frag Tank Freedom

    Ok I see now I will take the purple 3
  3. August

    July 4th Frag Tank Freedom

    Price for 3&4
  4. I have 5 plugs ready to sell. 

    I also have plenty colonies to break down.

    I'm on South Congress, north of Oltorf. 
    105 West Milton St.
    Austin, Texas 78704

    Not available this evening (Wednesday) But hoping to breakdown more to plugs this weekend.

  5. August

    Hammers, Frog Spawns and Hammer-Spawns

    Interested... Location?
  6. August

    4-5" Convict Tang - Fat and Healthy $30

    Can pick him up after work. I'm in kyle
  7. August

    4-5" Convict Tang - Fat and Healthy $30

    Want him
  8. August

    40gal breeder

    Still looking for one
  9. August

    4-5" Convict Tang - Fat and Healthy $30

    Reef safe??? Interested
  10. August

    40gal breeder

    Just saw these guess I need to change my notifications.... I would be interested and am willing to meet if your around anywhere in Austin if you still have one. Thanks!
  11. August

    Captive bread trochus snails $20 a dozen - SOLD

    If these are available I'm down for 12
  12. August


    How much?
  13. August

    40gal breeder

    Looking for one cheap.... going to be a sump so doesn't have to be pretty but must hold water. I'm in Kyle so close by would be preferred... Thanks in advance
  14. August

    Pham Rainbow anemones $45 + Superman Rhodactis

    Are they bubble tips or long tentical?
  15. August


    Have anymore? Coming to Austin anytime soon?