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  1. Haven't posted in awhile, here's an updated pic of my tank.
  2. Hi do you still have the filefish?  interested and infested w aptasia!

  3. DoMa

    Nice fish store!

    Thank you Aaron for the nice fish and great service last weekend. It's rare to see fish eat out of your hand that are for sale. Your tang is doing great and isn't aggressive at all.
  4. DoMa

    My Fishtank

    Fishes and Corals
  5. You always get the coolest fish Vincent-Thai, I can't wait to see your fish list.
  6. TSA was really cool about letting me carry my coral on the plane.
  7. There is some nipping but only from the Blueline. The others eat pellets It's a Nikon Thanks Ty, it's a fun hobby.
  8. Blue line, Rock Beauty and Regal. Some of my favorite angels.
  9. I've never seen one that was missing most of his orange before.
  10. He's been getting more aggressive and is now eating NLS pellets mostly. I can tell he's been gaining a bit more weight and getting pretty fat.
  11. My regal eats pellets also so I got lucky on him also. All I do is turn off all water flow in the tank and dump a bunch of pellets in. Everything picks them off the ground and my Moorish started copying the other fish. I hang a smelt on a fish hook and they also pick it off the hook until there's nothing left but bone.
  12. This one may make it. So happy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txdphWn6cEE
  13. I feed PE mysis, pellets and nori Thanks Ty, it's just kryptonite candy cane. My eel broke off the colony and that's all that's left still stuck on the wall.
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