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  1. acfilmz

    Hairy mushrooms

    I just posted some green frilly mushrooms (2 medium size on rock) $20 if ur interested
  2. acfilmz

    Coralz for Sale - Zoas and softies

    NW Austin near RCA
  3. acfilmz

    Coralz for Sale - Zoas and softies

    I just got them at MACNA and they were advertised as Agave but ya' know they sure to look like Magicians -price drop to $45
  4. Small Green Tyree Toadstool $15 Cinnamon Grandis (2 polyps) - $15 Green Frilly Mushrooms (2 shrooms medium size) - $20 Magician Palys $45 SOLD Thundercat Zoanthids $25 AOG Zoanthids $20 -SOLD Whammin' Watermelon mixed Zoanthids $25 -SOLD Unknown Orange Zoanthids $20-SOLD ~CashorPaypal~ 512/773-8971 text only if seriously interested (thanks!)
  5. acfilmz

    Turtle Tank - Complete Set Up $40

    Nope - turtle was returned to store and quickly found a good home 😎
  6. Turtle Tank - Complete Set Up $40 Includes: Tank - 20g, lid, Zoo Med 318 Filter, Zoo Med Mini Combo Deep Dome Dual Lamp Fixture with bulbs, rocks, floating dock, food and water purifier. A co-worker thought it would be cute to have a turtle at the office. After two days she realized it takes work to clean and take care of a turtle. Complete set up was literally used a week and practically Brand New (thoroughly cleaned). Tank dimensions 30"x12"x13" Text - 512/773-8971
  7. acfilmz

    Zoas, Palys and Shrooms -SOLD

    PMd Pmd
  8. acfilmz

    Zoas, Palys and Shrooms -SOLD

    Fire n Ice Zoanthids - $10 SOLD Thundercat Zoanthids $10 SOLD Paly and Zoanthid rock (approx 4") - $20 SOLD Cinnamon Grandis - 5 palys - $20 SOLD Superman Mushroom Rock (6 shrooms)- $30 SOLD Large Green Frilly Mushroom - $15 SOLD Orange Bullseye Mushroom - $15 SOLD ~Firstcomefirstserved~cashorpaypal~willholdwithpaypalonly~
  9. acfilmz

    Fragz for Sale - SOLD

    I'm NW near 183/Anderson Mill Rd PM for further info
  10. acfilmz

    Fragz for Sale - SOLD

    Superman Rhodactis - $10 SOLD Thundercat Zoanthid colony - $20 SOLD Cactus Parvona approx 2 1/2" wide - $20 SOLD Red Planet Acro 1" frag - $15 SOLD Tyree Green Toadstools $10-$15 each (Approx quarter to silver dollar in diameter) ~Firstcomefirstserved~CashorPayPal~MustpickupdaypaidifpayingthroughPaypal~
  11. RBTA with lightning bolt center 6" diameter - $60 SOLD Kept under T5s and I can only imagine how awesome this will look under LEDs ~Firstcomefirstserved~CashorPayPal~MustpickupdaypaidifpayingthroughPaypal~
  12. acfilmz

    Current USA Orbit Loop lights

  13. acfilmz


    Another LFS closes. Just stopped by Fish Gallery on Saturday 11/04/17 to discover lights out and locked doors. I don't frequent Fish Gallery because their salt water stock wasn't the greatest but occasionally they had something interesting.
  14. Thank you! It's always a pleasure to visit with a fellow reefer. Glad the frags are making themselves at home in your tank!