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  1. RBTA attached to live rock w/ three small red shrooms and sponge - $75 RBTA is approx 4"-5" (medium) and live rock it's attached to is approx 6"x4" (w/ 3 small Red discosomas mushrooms, sponge and nice coraline algae) Text 512/773-8971 ~Cash,Paypal,Venmo~
  2. TUNZE TURBELLE STREAM 6060 HIGH FLOW WATER PUMP - $30 Needs some cleaning - in good working condition. This pump is a powerhouse if you need strong flow. Text 512/773-8971 ~Cash,Paypal,Venmo~
  3. Tank Stand - Good condition - $25 SOLD 31.5" x 14" x 24" Text 512/773-8971 ~Cash,Paypal,Venmo~
  4. Hydor Koralia Magnum 2250 Movement and Circulation Pump (flow rate 2200gph) - $20 [SOLD] Text 512/773-8971 ~Cash,Paypal,Venmo~
  5. Sicce Synrca Silent 2.0 Pump (568 gph) SOLD Sicce Syncra Silent 3.0 Pump (714 gph) - $55 Price Drop - $40 OBO Text 512/773-8971 ~Cash, Paypal or Venmo~
  6. Advanced Acrylics All-In-One Custom "Museum Quality" Show Tank / 80g- - No Longer For Sale - Dimensions 60"x24"x16" Built-in filtration system on the back Width of black All-In-One wall is 5.25"(W) Dual Flush 4" sock holder Dual Drains Dual 1/2" Bulkhead Returns Skimmer section Refugium section Museum Quality w/rounded edges
  7. Current USA Orbit Marine LED Lights: 18"-24" and 24"-36" w/ hub and remote control. Remote also functions to control pumps if added to hub. Programmable lights as well as weather patterns! Complete Set-Up - $80 SOLD PM or text 512.773.8971 ~Cash, Paypal or Venmo~
  8. GBTA w/ pink tips - $35 SOLD Medium sized approx 5"-6" when fully open ~cash,paypal,venmo~ 512/773-8971 text if interested
  9. XBOX Ultimate 3 month Game Pass - $35 SOLD Cash~Paypal~Venmo 512/773-8971 Please text ONLY if seriously interested and can meet up in NW Austin OR if preferred I can text/pic of code once payment has been sent. Thanks for looking!
  10. New Year's Day Sale - $280! SOLD
  11. Neptune Systems DOS Dosing Pump/System *Brand NEW!* $295 New Year's Day Sale - $280! SOLD ~Cash, Venmo or Paypal~ 512/773-8971 text A multi-purpose dosing and fluid delivery system of uncompromising quality combined with the simplicity of Apex Fusion software wizards for operations such as: 2-Part Dosing (Calcium and Alkalinity) Other Additives Dosing Automatic Water Changes Micro-Quantity Dosing Delivery of Liquid Foods and Supplements The DŌS is a multi-purpose Dosing and Fluid Metering System. The DŌS connects to any Apex via its AquaBus connection. The true versatility and functionality of the DŌS comes to life via the software wizards built into Apex Fusion. This takes dosing to a whole new level in terms of ease of use as well as functionality when compared to standalone dosing systems because the DŌS is part of your Apex ecosystem. Not only can you integrate it into other operations and devices you have configured, but we also will be continuing to expand on its capabilities as time goes on via software updates to Apex Fusion.
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