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  1. Thank you! It's always a pleasure to visit with a fellow reefer. Glad the frags are making themselves at home in your tank!
  2. Tyree Green Toadstool (approx 2 1/2" diameter)- $15 SOLD Pot o' Gold Zoanthid colony (50+ polyps) -$30 SOLD Trumpet 3 heads - $20 SOLD Small Green Hammer - $5 SOLD Cinnamon Grandis (6 heads) - $30 SOLD Trumpet 2 heads - $15 SOLD Pot o' Gold Zoanthid colony (30+ polyps) - $20 SOLD Watermelon Striped Mushroom - $5 SOLD Tyree Green Toadstool small - $5 SOLD ~Cash or Paypal Only~ Will not hold corals ~ First come first served~ text 512/773-8971
  3. Frag rack clearance

    Sent PM
  4. WTB - Spiderman zoas and Pink Hippo or Chucky's Bride zoas (I used to have tons of Pink Hippo and after being out of country for work I lost all of 'em ) Looking for healed frags. IF fresh cut I'm willing to wait a couple of weeks for them to heal. Please PM w/ price & pic Thanks!!
  5. Kent Marine Tech M Magnesium 1 gallon

  6. RBTAs for Sale - SOLD

    Glad to hear your nem is doing well! And since you're the Zoa King I'm very honored that you love my zoa overload
  7. RBTAs for Sale - SOLD

    Glad it's doing well and is happy in it's new tank!
  8. Xenia, kenya tree, soft corals. Etc

    I have several small to medium Tyree Green Toadstools - $5 - $25 depending on size PM if ur interested and I'll send pics
  9. RBTAs for Sale - SOLD

    Both Small - SOLD Medium - SOLD Large - SOLD
  10. RBTAs for Sale - SOLD

    RBTA had a splitting party! All are very healthy and attached to small piece of live rock. LARGE (approx 7" diameter) - $60 SOLD SMALL (left & middle) approx 4" diameter - $35/each both SOLD MEDIUM (far right) approx 5" diameter - $45 SOLD Text (512) 773-8971 - Only if you're seriously interested - Located in NW Austin near RCA - Paypal or Cash
  11. New Year's Frag Sale - SOLD

    Still have a few corals available (see pics)
  12. Need someone to help with maintenance

    Melissa at Aquadome does tank maintenance.
  13. New Year's Frag Sale - SOLD

  14. New Year's Frag Sale - SOLD

    Thanks Ty! Trying to do a little downsizing before heading to Fiji to work the next few months.
  15. New Year's Frag Sale - SOLD

    Tyree Green Toadstool approx 4" diameter - $25 SOLD Red Setosa (approx 2") - $20 SOLD Northern Lights Acro (approx 3") $20 SOLD Green Monti SPS Mini Colony - $15 SOLD Green Watermelon Striped Mushrooms on small rock 5 polyps - $20 SOLD Large Green Frilly Mushroom - $15 SOLD Green Mushroom - $5 SOLD Purple Stylophora - $15 SOLD Fear 'n' Loathing Chalice 2" diameter - $30 SOLD First Come First Served - Will Not Hold Corals ~ Cash or Paypal Only