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  1. Still have a few corals available (see pics)
  2. Melissa at Aquadome does tank maintenance.
  3. Replied
  4. Thanks Ty! Trying to do a little downsizing before heading to Fiji to work the next few months.
  5. Tyree Green Toadstool approx 4" diameter - $25 SOLD Red Setosa (approx 2") - $20 SOLD Northern Lights Acro (approx 3") $20 SOLD Green Monti SPS Mini Colony - $15 SOLD Green Watermelon Striped Mushrooms on small rock 5 polyps - $20 SOLD Large Green Frilly Mushroom - $15 SOLD Green Mushroom - $5 SOLD Purple Stylophora - $15 SOLD Fear 'n' Loathing Chalice 2" diameter - $30 SOLD First Come First Served - Will Not Hold Corals ~ Cash or Paypal Only
  6. Kent Marine Tech M Magnesium - great for anyone trying to rid tank of bryopsis or just dosing per tank parameters. Have (2) one gallon jugs for sale - brand NEW unopened. Cash or Paypal only - first come first served. Text 512/773-8971 $20/each OR $35 for both BOTH SOLD
  7. bump
  8. PMd - SOLD
  9. Bummer as I purchased the main one years ago and was told it was a Sherman RBTA. Price drop - just need to find it a good home and make some room
  10. Sorry - haven't checked thread this week. Best to PM Yes, still available
  11. Purple Stylo (approx 2 1/2") - $15 SOLD Pink Hippos Zoas 3 heads - $20 SOLD Northern Lights Acro (approx 3") - $20 SOLD ~Cash or Paypal~ Text 512/773-8971
  12. Still available - NW Austin
  13. PMd
  14. RBTA - SOLD Will come with piece of rock it's attached to. ~Cash or Paypal ~ Text 512/773-8971
  15. Brand NEW! - ESHOPPS IV-300 SLAVE UNIT - 3 Channel - $150 Bought earlier this year and never used - still brand new in box! Control everything in your aquarium from mineral and trace element content to water level with this Dosing Pump slave unit, designed to work with Eshopps’ IV-200 Dosing Pump Master. This unit features three channel heads for dosing, is easily programmed from the IV-300’s control panel, and can connect with it and another IV-300 Dosing Pump Slave for up to 8 channels of coordinated dosing.