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  1. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Banded Shrimp, Urchin, Coral, Snails

    nice! someone grab this.. I would just want the coral because the others would not live in my setup.
  2. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Frag Swap corals

    yes it is.. lol all started with one.
  3. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Frag Swap corals

    trade something(s) for a Sherman RBTA nem?
  4. Photodude (jakedoza)

    30 gallon oceanic and other Tunze items

    is the tank still available?
  5. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Price Drop! 135 Reef Ready/Stand/Canopy $600 OBO

    Bump for a 6' tank!
  6. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Jake's 180 Build

    As usual I have been lazy at updating this. It has been over a year since I have set this system up and things have been great. Here are some photos of the system as it is after a year running where it sits. I did find out that my return pump (Mag12) was leeching electrical current into my system. After much thought and internal debate I decided to go with an external pump. I found a used Reeflo pump from a member here on the forum and then started thinking about how I wanted to plumb this thing. I decided to put the pump outside the stand in the "cubby" area that has my calcium reactor and electrical. I flipped my sump around and drilled a hole. Thank you Jake from RCA for allowing me to borrow the bit.. Before I did that I placed the sump where it needed to be and measured where the pump needed to be and I used a sharpie to mark where I needed to drill. Measure 3 times, cut once! My wife supplied the small steady stream of water as I drilled the sump (She is soo awesome!) I then placed the sump back where it needed to be and adjusted the pump where it needed to be and had to adjust the height of the pump. I mounted it on some wood from the stand that was over built. Then I started building the manifold I designed up i my head while at Lowes.. That only took 2 hours in the plumbing section.. This is the result. I then decided I wanted another union valve on top of the pump. More updates to come soon.. (See DIY Chiller)
  7. Photodude (jakedoza)

    DIY water chiller

    I may have to do that!
  8. Photodude (jakedoza)

    DIY water chiller

    Most of you guys who know me know that I'm a huge DIY person. When I started my tank back in March of 2010 I had the privilege of sharing the back wall with my garage and I kept my chiller there and piped my water lines through the wall. Now I have a peninsula style setup and the part of the tank that sorta sits next to a wall actually sits about 30" from it, and it is an outside wall. Here you can see how my tank sits Please excuse the mess and the grumpy teenager on the couch, but from this vantage point the kitchen is to the left and the living is obviously to the right. The area behind the tank end the wall is actually about 30" away. The good news is that there are already holes through the masonry for a drain clean out. My plan is to build a custom water chiller that is set up similar to a home A/C unit. I will use a refrigerator style compressor that uses R134a refrigerant and I plan to use a condenser from a car. I can get one for a Honda for about $35. Mount those in a box with ventilation and a fan and run the refrigerant lines and electrical into the house to the aquarium where I'll have my heat exchanger. I plan to use my Apex to control the unit. I'm still unsure what I can use as a heat exchanger, but I thought about using just some stainless steel tubing that is coiled up that I can probably get from Austin Homebrew or someplace online and insert it into a 4" PVC pipe and seal it off with water lines flowing across. Are there any HVAC guys in here that might be able to shed some insight on this? I do have knowledge in this space, so I'm not completely blind.
  9. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Vortech Pumps MP40/MP60 WES, Radion G3 pro lights, reeflink

    is the reeflo still for sale?
  10. Photodude (jakedoza)

    **Sold** Biocube 29 gallon tank, stand, skimmer heater etc $150

    oooh pretty.. I so want another one of these.. I have to sell the 135 first.
  11. Photodude (jakedoza)

    need used tank 125 gal and up

    I have a 135 still for sale..
  12. Photodude (jakedoza)

    5 gallon fluval tank free

  13. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Price Drop! 135 Reef Ready/Stand/Canopy $600 OBO

    Still for sale!
  14. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Last few items for sale! Must go today!

    I understand, we've all screwed up, but even still a simple apology to not seeing/ignoring messages posted on the thread would suffice, but marking all items sold with people on the thread still asking questions without some sort of acknowledgement is just plain rude IMO.
  15. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Last few items for sale! Must go today!

    This whole thread was a joke.. the OP never answered my question and I was the first to post. But, whatever..