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  1. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Waning Forum Activity

    I just got called out by the @boognish.. I've been screaming the same exact thing for years bro!.. then again when FB decided to start putting snowflakes in charge of the whole "animals for sale" crap and deleting posts and banning people for days. Who's down for a Donny Brook!!! Forums are where it is at. Records can be researched.. wait.. let me repeat myself for you young people that want instant gratification without researching. Sorry not sorry if I hurt your feewings... YOU CAN RESEARCH old threads on crap that comes up every effing week. @Timfish has done long term research on topics that people to this day are trying to figure out for the billionth time how to do and bicker about on FB.. All of this has reminded me that I need to get my "Evolution of my reef tank" site up and going... ****, 10 years is a long time to have a fish.
  2. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Medium Powder Blue Tang for sale $50 - SOLD

    what size is it?
  3. Photodude (jakedoza)

    FS: $400 135 Oceanic Reef Ready w/stand & Canopy

    Yes, it is. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  4. Photodude (jakedoza)

    40G breeder tank - barely used

    Do you still have this or is it gone?
  5. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Some Frags Available - UPDATED

    We are interested in #25, and #3. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  6. Photodude (jakedoza)

    40G breeder tank - barely used

    Not sure I can get to Lakeway today, but this would be nice to have.
  7. Photodude (jakedoza)

    FS/Or Trade: $40 American Marine pH Controller

    selling or will trade for coral a working American Marine pH controller. I used this to control my calcium reactor before I got an apex unit.
  8. Photodude (jakedoza)

    FS: $400 135 Oceanic Reef Ready w/stand & Canopy

    For sale is my 135 Oceanic Reef Ready aquarium with stand and canopy. I set this up as a peninsula tank and removed one of the overflows. The tank is drilled in both rear corners and I did reseal the tank 2 years ago but it has sat in the house empty since then. Dimensions are 72"x24"x18".
  9. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Banded Shrimp, Urchin, Coral, Snails

    nice! someone grab this.. I would just want the coral because the others would not live in my setup.
  10. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Frag Swap corals

    yes it is.. lol all started with one.
  11. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Frag Swap corals

    trade something(s) for a Sherman RBTA nem?
  12. Photodude (jakedoza)

    30 gallon oceanic and other Tunze items

    is the tank still available?
  13. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Price Drop! 135 Reef Ready/Stand/Canopy $600 OBO

    Bump for a 6' tank!
  14. Photodude (jakedoza)

    Jake's 180 Build

    As usual I have been lazy at updating this. It has been over a year since I have set this system up and things have been great. Here are some photos of the system as it is after a year running where it sits. I did find out that my return pump (Mag12) was leeching electrical current into my system. After much thought and internal debate I decided to go with an external pump. I found a used Reeflo pump from a member here on the forum and then started thinking about how I wanted to plumb this thing. I decided to put the pump outside the stand in the "cubby" area that has my calcium reactor and electrical. I flipped my sump around and drilled a hole. Thank you Jake from RCA for allowing me to borrow the bit.. Before I did that I placed the sump where it needed to be and measured where the pump needed to be and I used a sharpie to mark where I needed to drill. Measure 3 times, cut once! My wife supplied the small steady stream of water as I drilled the sump (She is soo awesome!) I then placed the sump back where it needed to be and adjusted the pump where it needed to be and had to adjust the height of the pump. I mounted it on some wood from the stand that was over built. Then I started building the manifold I designed up i my head while at Lowes.. That only took 2 hours in the plumbing section.. This is the result. I then decided I wanted another union valve on top of the pump. More updates to come soon.. (See DIY Chiller)
  15. Photodude (jakedoza)

    DIY water chiller

    I may have to do that!