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  1. Unique fuge lighting idea

    I think this is pretty nifty idea. I've tinkered with a similar idea. I had 2 thing come up though. After a while the algae began to grow over the container holding the light that is to be submerged under water. The green hair and most of the micro algae were no big deal to remove but once the coralline kicked in it will be a pain to remove and i think it will probably suck more so on the glass tube. Good thing though is it looks like your idea is a drop in application. So you could probably pull it out periodically and maybe soak in vinegar? Another thing I though about is that tube if dropped into water will probably float, maybe anchoring it down? Just some observations. I do thinks its a great idea. I'm thinking for my next design i might try to add a removable sleeve so that I can clean of any algae that begins to block light
  2. Help moving tank

    Im sorry, I didnt even ask if you still even needed the help. You needn an extra hand?
  3. Help moving tank

    Yea, Thats not too far from RCA. 3-4 guys is plenty for an empty tank. I might be able to help out that day. Ill let you know asap
  4. For those who havent had the pleasure of meeting Tim. He is all the things listed above and probably more. Always giving, always helping, always polite,always willing to help a fellow hobbiest(or person period), NEVER selfish and never asks for anything in return. + 1 on all the comments above. Thanks Tim!
  5. Water Noise Reduction

    Extending the lip I think would be a good idea. Those HOB filters are good for water clarity. If you get tired of replacing cartridges you can pick up some of that blue and white bulk filter pad at a LFS. Any pictures of the sump set up?
  6. Those Rapid LEDs are catching on around town. Those are probably one of the very few LEDs I've seen actually enhance color and not just make corals fluoresce. Cree LEDs have been getting very good reviews. They were my first choice but the fixture I have now was just more convinient.
  7. Quality is not great. Used camera in my phone.
  8. I just recently started a little project with LEDs in a 29 gl tank. I picked an Ecoxotic Panorama Pro II retro fit and suspended over my tank. I have a few SPS and softies that seem to be ok. Its still a bit early. Tank has only been running with corals for about a week. My only concern at this point is that without proper actinic lighting my SPS will brown out eventually. I'll post a few pics and will def. be following this thread. Oh, my tank is going through its brown algae stage, hope ya'll dont mind the diatoms everyhere .
  9. Blindsides Rimless Reef

    Welcome back! How much do you want for that Fluval? j/k Tank looks good.
  10. Guarantee on fish

    +1 on CapsAzN's post. I dont know too many people that have a mature, stable, established QT. Even if all the water test check out if the QT tank is newly set up its probably not going to do you much good, IMHO. Jake has been out of town this week. He left Sunday. Don't expect him back till Tuesday of next week.
  11. Help with ID

    Calcium Based Macro Algae, not bad, looks cool in bunches if you can grow it out.
  12. BioCube8 lighting upgrade?

    +1 on the 70 watt, look into the JBJ Viper w/ fan
  13. WTB internal overflow box

    I took an overflow box up there a little while back. The tank I was going to use it on busted. Its new, custom made by Precision Marine made for a single drain. I think the dimensions are 6" by 6" by 5" $50 if your intrested.
  14. Selling 90g RR Acrylic Tank

    PM sent...
  15. Getting out sale

    I know some in the market for a tank ill try an send em your way, want to send me you number?