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    Happy 1st birthday my baby boy! May my reefing hobby instill a curiosity of the natural world around you and all it has to offer!
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    First step in adding more lights to the frag tank, raising them, and running the radion diffuser. So far so good ....
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    One major project down, time to start another! The house needs some minor repairs and then I'm going to sneak some reef work in before doing anything else.
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    The new lights are in! The photos are a little delayed because I changed out the hanging kits just to find out that we couldn't lift the heavier canopy over our heads and onto the aquarium! I wasn't happy about putting the old hanging kits back on because I thought they would shadow the T-5's a little bit. Oh well. They look a lot better in person than they do in photos. I think my camera does some sort of fancy auto correct. To be honest, they didn't add as much light as I thought, but they evened out the shadows. I couldn't probably move the fixture in a few inches towards the center to cut down on the light bleeding. Someday I hope to think of something to raise the LEDS closer to the canopy. LEDS Only LEDS + T-5's
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    Thanks all for taking the time out of your busy lives to share an egg roll and some good reef talk. I'm always happy to see familiar faces at these events but I was super impressed with the amount of new faces at this meeting. I hope it was informative and fun for all. If you couldn't tell at the meeting, I'd talk all day if I could. I wished I could have talked to each and every one of you 1 on 1 to learn about your tanks but alas, I'll have to read online about them instead. So perfect segue to my challenge which I'll post about in another thread. For all those new members I met at the meeting, or old members who like to lurk but don't post a ton, I challenge you guys to start a thread about your tank in our build thread section. My plan is to set a 3-month time period for this challenge and all those that have met the objectives will be entered into a drawing where I will select 3 winners to win a frag pack. Don't worry if you just started your build thread in the last month or so, I'll include you as well. Again, I'll post a new thread about this challenge in the next week or so and outline the details. I just wanted to get the word out that this is happening so everyone can start to take pictures and clean their glass in anticipation of their new build thread posts! [emoji51] Wondeful meeting everyone! It was amazing to meet so many new people! Old people, you know I love you too. [emoji28] Special thanks [email protected] for organizing the meeting and bringing soft drinks as well as taking pictures, @sierra_bravo for bringing those delicious cupcakes,[mention=44]jimbo662[/mention] for bringing the sweet tea, and[mention=4511]ceciliaz[/mention] for bringing the cookies. Sorry if I left any other contributions out but if I missed you, thank you as well! Oh, and a giant thank you for my wife to allow me to open the doors to 40ish reef nerds. She'll never see this post but if I ever need it, I have in electronic form that I thanked her for the thumbs up to the meeting. [emoji16]
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    I glued 27 frags to the rockwork today. I'm pretty sure the dog ate the stem of a plug, there is super glue all over the kitchen table, saltwater is dripped all over the floor, and I ruined a steak knife cutting wads off of the stick of epoxy. My wife just texted she's five min away with a load of groceries. Five minutes is enough time to have a cocktail. . .
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    Ok, this being a dry rock startup, after TEN MONTHS of fighting waves of diatoms, cyano, dinos multiple times ... last night I finally saw some coralline algae showing up in the 180
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    Snapped some evening shots with my phone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here are the details of my soon to be new tank build. Custom 72.5"x24.5"x31.375" Planet Aquariums Rimless/Trimless Aquarium (240 gallons) Is it worth an additional 2K for low FE glass?? 5 x Radion XR30 Pro NYOS Quantum 220 Skimmer 4 x MP60's DaStaCo XtremA A-2 Calcium Reactor Neptune Apex Aquarium Controller 2 x Ecotech Vectra M1 This should be a fun build and I'm super excited about jumping back into reefkeeping! So much has changed since my last tank and I'm eager to learn new things and meet new people. Hoping to have this wet by September. Cheers! Clint
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    Early morning FTS. Yellow watchman already looking for breakfast.
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    One of my Jawfish carrying eggs !
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    Idaho Grape - This coral was nearly completely white in December when I started this reboot. It's taken a few months but it's completely recovered and looking beautiful! Really happy with how this one is turning out. ORA Green Elkhorn doubled in size and the color has improved greatly! 9/19/16 6/3/18 ORA Green Pocillopora - Both of these corals started from one frag two years ago! Even though it's a large aquarium, I've decided to find new homes for the big colonies and start over with a frag. The part that I really like is watching the corals grow! 6/6/16 6/3/18 ORA Sour Apple Birdsnest - This one has been with me through it all! I actually lost half of the colony last year and it was mostly brown. I have about six colonies this size and they're coloring up beautifully! When it's the right color again I'm going to keep one colony and find new homes for the rest.
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    Wow great stuff Now if i could just get my camera to take those types of shots
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    How about a side shot of the frag tank ...
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    Oh my, hadnt looked at the Jason Fox Firedragon sitting on my frag rack for awhile and yesterday, I saw this! [emoji91] [emoji91] [emoji91] Also, caught some fun shots of my angels grazing the rocks.
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    Look at the carnage in my frag tank! What Wal-mart probably looks like after Black Friday!
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    The 180 was looking very calm today. I think I will be moving more frags in real soon, it's been staying pretty clean.
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    Very intriguing... Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
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    Just got my Artfully Acrylic lid and it's another perfect fit!
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    OK, work is done, I have a glass of bourbon in front of me and time to continue catching up my progress. I installed the tank March 2017. It's an Aqueon 120, drilled to receive a Synergy 16" Shadow overflow. I came up with an idea to cover the rear and sides of the tank with a PVC foamboard, with the goal being to have the ability to easily remove and replace it for maintenance while covering the pipes. This is the idea that Ty stole then whined about how the seam looked (I saw it - wasn't all THAT bad) I used a Curve 5 skimmer, which was changed for a Curve 7, a GFO reactor, and a fuge grow light. Flow was handled by a pair of XF-250 Gyres. Return pump is a Current USA DC pump, with a duplicate being used to run the saltwater mixing station and available as a backup if the main failed. These are good pumps with lousy controllers; if you ever contemplate them I'd move on to something else. Lighting was handled by a pair of Maxspect Ethereal LED's, which I really like. I had to mount them creatively and used a pair of monitor arms. I have since moved on to a suspended frame and added T5's, but that's better left for another post. Some other build shots of the back of the tank: The plumbing is set in such a way that by using different valves, the stored fresh RODI water is fed into the mixing tank as well as the fresh water top off tank, the salt water is mixed and heated, old water is pulled from the sump straight into the drain, and new salt water is moved back into the sump, all with the same single pump. A 15% water change can be completed in less than 10 - 15 min, not counting mixing. On the outside, I used a cabinet lift hinge for the door so that I could access the front of the tank. It's the best thing I put on the tank in retrospect. Here's a few shots of that and the completed trim work, along with the wife's lit shelving requirement: This was completed sometime in May of 2017. I'll pick up with the rock and sand next post. Thanks for reading.
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    A google translator so the coral can tell me what they need to feel better
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    I have been too focused on my frag tank for a few weeks, and honestly did not think I was getting any growth in the DT. But I did these side-by-side shots. March 3rd on the left, and April 29 on the right, so about 8 weeks.
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    Finally finished plumbing the frag tank ino the main.....now only ocean motion left and all the other equipments lol.
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    Snapped some actinic shots tonight. The light ripples across this table was beautiful. Wish I could capture it better My RCA The Hotness mille I've been growing for a while is insane. This red acro at night is as red as you can get. Even more red than the red planet. Eat your heart out pink tenuis actinic specials!
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    Awe I miss you too Ian. Wait....you mean the tank don't you? Cheers!