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    First step in adding more lights to the frag tank, raising them, and running the radion diffuser. So far so good ....
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    Hello ARC, I officially got approval to host another meeting at the house! And when I say approval... I mainly mean the wife said I could! Woot woot! When: October 13th, 12pm-2pm Where: PM me for address Topic: How to keep acropora! If you haven't been to one of my meetings, I generally cater in Vietnamese food... Fried rice, spring rolls, and egg rolls for all to enjoy. Water and soda will be supplied as well. The price you ask? Having to listen to me drone on about corals and reefing! I know... Tough trade off but the food is good so capitalize on that! I will be removing and cutting up at least 6+ colonies in my system and moving them on. I'll have large frags of those for sale cheap at the meeting. Please don't ask for me to hold or request to pick up later. These will be only available at the meeting and first come, first serve basis. I'll be handing out numbers as you arrive for those interested to better organize and be fair to those who showed up first. Those circled in Red are for sure going. I'll be removing them hopefully this week and fragging them up for people at the meeting. Please vote in the poll if you are attending so I have a good idea of how much food to order. That means you'll have to login via computer Tapatalk users... polls don't show up in Tapatalk. Thanks a bunch and looking forward to seeing everyone again! -Ty
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    One major project down, time to start another! The house needs some minor repairs and then I'm going to sneak some reef work in before doing anything else.
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    The new lights are in! The photos are a little delayed because I changed out the hanging kits just to find out that we couldn't lift the heavier canopy over our heads and onto the aquarium! I wasn't happy about putting the old hanging kits back on because I thought they would shadow the T-5's a little bit. Oh well. They look a lot better in person than they do in photos. I think my camera does some sort of fancy auto correct. To be honest, they didn't add as much light as I thought, but they evened out the shadows. I couldn't probably move the fixture in a few inches towards the center to cut down on the light bleeding. Someday I hope to think of something to raise the LEDS closer to the canopy. LEDS Only LEDS + T-5's
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    Finally got my new sump plumbed into the system, wasn't easy for sure, took a while. A whole day literally with many frustrating parts...a lot of it was my own doing. At the end, I'm happy to say everything is up and running. Mico bubbles no longer! Dont have to worry if my sump will over flow with power outages. Algae scrubber kick started. Got 5 4in filter container that I can use for carbon/floss, but really considering the auto floss roll. The only thing left is to setup the program for my calcium reactor in Apex. Long long journey. About time for some enjoyment payoff! [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Top is stained and epoxy. I need to fix a little blemish on the front lip and epoxy the bottom. At leat my build isnt a taco bell/pizza hut.
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    Snapped some evening shots with my phone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Took some pictures today. Same old stuff. Just improving with growth and color. Changed up the bulbs. On a quest to provide as warm of spectrum of pictures as possible to get as realistic images as I can. This is as warm of colors as I can get with my present bulb layout which is 3 Blue+ 2 Giesemann Tropic 1 Purple+ 1 Coral+ 1 True Actinic. When bulb change comes around again, I’ll be swapping the coral+ with a third 6500k bulb. I know there’s conflicting data abound, but I am a believer that hitting those certain wavelengths that this bulb does, provides some fantastic things for color development. Nick’s Purple Passion BC Acroberry PC Rainbow. Lost the green base, hoping blue tips come in. Getting about 270 par BC raging bull (still kind of dormant. Encrusting a little. Hasn’t done much, might be a dud), Hawkins finally taking off, pink lemonade, mystic blue stag out of control. Cali tort- getting almost zero flow, hence the zero growth. Love the color though Can’t decide between Millie or prostrata. Thinking the latter Top right - no idea what it is but it’s my favorite coral in the tank Left - BC Orange Fury - too polypy to see the Orange base developing Left down - Paletta pink tip Right down - Ora Laura’s purple polyp $500 efflo, sunset Millie BC Old Blue WWC Aqua Delight, WWC nuclear fission Candlelight stag Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Before and after pictures showing the difference between the lighting fixtures. Left is the black box + T-5 and right is only Radion XR30 Pro. Time between pictures is exactly 40 hours.
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    Big project tomorrow! This should be... Interesting. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
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    Definitely time for an update:
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    FTS 9/27 W/B with Snapseed FTS with Orange Filter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    *ding dong* Hello? -Hi it's Fiji! I heard your tank was half-empty and I brought you some fish. Oh, sure come on in! -I couldn't find a Blonde Naso, but Hawaii said she'll bring one in a week or two. That Pele, she's so nice when she's not blowing her top! Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
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    And there yal go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here are the details of my soon to be new tank build. Custom 72.5"x24.5"x31.375" Planet Aquariums Rimless/Trimless Aquarium (240 gallons) Is it worth an additional 2K for low FE glass?? 5 x Radion XR30 Pro NYOS Quantum 220 Skimmer 4 x MP60's DaStaCo XtremA A-2 Calcium Reactor Neptune Apex Aquarium Controller 2 x Ecotech Vectra M1 This should be a fun build and I'm super excited about jumping back into reefkeeping! So much has changed since my last tank and I'm eager to learn new things and meet new people. Hoping to have this wet by September. Cheers! Clint
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    Early morning FTS. Yellow watchman already looking for breakfast.
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    One of my Jawfish carrying eggs !
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    Idaho Grape - This coral was nearly completely white in December when I started this reboot. It's taken a few months but it's completely recovered and looking beautiful! Really happy with how this one is turning out. ORA Green Elkhorn doubled in size and the color has improved greatly! 9/19/16 6/3/18 ORA Green Pocillopora - Both of these corals started from one frag two years ago! Even though it's a large aquarium, I've decided to find new homes for the big colonies and start over with a frag. The part that I really like is watching the corals grow! 6/6/16 6/3/18 ORA Sour Apple Birdsnest - This one has been with me through it all! I actually lost half of the colony last year and it was mostly brown. I have about six colonies this size and they're coloring up beautifully! When it's the right color again I'm going to keep one colony and find new homes for the rest.
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    Wow great stuff Now if i could just get my camera to take those types of shots
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    How about a side shot of the frag tank ...
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    Just a few progress pics of pieces I'm pleased with: WWC Grafted Sunfire. This. Will. Be. Awesome. My Foxflame finally has a little yellow: FarmerTy Ectoplasm is taking off: ORA Borealis grew at a snail's pace the first 8 mos. Now it is finally moving. Wish I could get a better pic of this; it's cream white with blue tips. Red Dragon: Dayglow favia - I thought I had killed it. Little tip - they don't like being scraped off a plug. . . My newest addition RR Pink Cadillac starting to encrust:
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    Just wanted to share my anemone fragging video I made. Sorry, I don't have any for sale at the moment.
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    Got some fishes in today. Both clowns and wrasse ate pellet food already. Gonna try frozen next to see if Goby will bite. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Bought some reef saver rock for the tank, came in Thursday but now just had a chance to mess with it. I forgot how much I hate aquascaping so I’m just going to roll with this right now. Also picked up the tank and equipment from rca today! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk