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    Check out this bubble coral. It's always looked healthy and happy, but it's been especially happy lately! I've had it many years and it started in my tank as a 3rd generation polyp from a colony bought in the early '90s.
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    I think I'm long overdue for an update. Big thanks to Ty, Sascha and Chris for helping me get it moved! I finally got sand in it last week and Ty was right...so much better than going bare bottom. I had one casualty which I think was an accident. Lost my red head salon wrasse. I think he jammed himself under a flat rock that was on the bottom of the tub. He'd been out the evening before swimming around and eating like normal. Next morning when i started transferring everything to the tank I found him under the rock. Luckily I found a great replacement...picked up an orange back fairy wrasse last weekend. Only one coral had some issues...my large plate. It's lost some tissue but has been hanging in there...not sure if it'll pull through though. Who needs a dining room when a "fish room" is all the rage these days!
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    I finally did it. I got some FTS! I know, I know it's so overdue, but I was busy incubating our 4th frag, another boy 😆 I'm slowly getting back into it and the tank back in shape. Finally got it cleaned up (with help, thank you timfish) and am trying to think of it as a clean slate rather than be frustrated with what I've lost. I'm gearing up to get some nice corals in there soon. Quite a bit held on through it all, but I did lose some over the past year. My current plans are to clear out the valley and get the sandbed cleaned up. Get the frags off of it mostly. My Apex stopped working, so I have a troubleshooting session in my future. Having a really simple setup has sure paid off in this case. All I really lost was my lighting program, so now I just have a timer turning them on and off. I will be happy to get back to having some variation in the spectrum over the day. And I lost the variation in the closed loop strength.
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    So since the topic of frags sales recently came up, I thought I'd post pix of a few items that are cooking for future sale. I'm storing things up for a future Jolt frag tank blowout and/or ARC frag swap. Whichever comes first ... And there's more in the works
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    Hello ARC, I officially got approval to host another meeting at the house! And when I say approval... I mainly mean the wife said I could! Woot woot! When: October 13th, 12pm-2pm Where: PM me for address Topic: How to keep acropora! If you haven't been to one of my meetings, I generally cater in Vietnamese food... Fried rice, spring rolls, and egg rolls for all to enjoy. Water and soda will be supplied as well. The price you ask? Having to listen to me drone on about corals and reefing! I know... Tough trade off but the food is good so capitalize on that! I will be removing and cutting up at least 6+ colonies in my system and moving them on. I'll have large frags of those for sale cheap at the meeting. Please don't ask for me to hold or request to pick up later. These will be only available at the meeting and first come, first serve basis. I'll be handing out numbers as you arrive for those interested to better organize and be fair to those who showed up first. Those circled in Red are for sure going. I'll be removing them hopefully this week and fragging them up for people at the meeting. Please vote in the poll if you are attending so I have a good idea of how much food to order. That means you'll have to login via computer Tapatalk users... polls don't show up in Tapatalk. Thanks a bunch and looking forward to seeing everyone again! -Ty
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    ASD Rainbow seems happy enough in the display tank
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    Snapped a few pictures before heading to the dentist for voluntary torture. I found this PBT about a month ago at Aquatek. Total impulse buy, but it's working out great! Reef Raft Nauti Spiral - I've had this coral for over two years and broken it twice, one on accident. It's turning a nice shade of red with a pink rim! JF Grape Juice - Survive two of my crashes and now it's really taking off. Green Slimer - One of my very favorite corals. When it gets a little bigger I may even propagate it to another spot on the opposite side of the tank. In the foreground you can see my Tyree Rainbow Stylophora as well, although out of focus. ORA Elkhorn
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    Finally got my new sump plumbed into the system, wasn't easy for sure, took a while. A whole day literally with many frustrating parts...a lot of it was my own doing. At the end, I'm happy to say everything is up and running. Mico bubbles no longer! Dont have to worry if my sump will over flow with power outages. Algae scrubber kick started. Got 5 4in filter container that I can use for carbon/floss, but really considering the auto floss roll. The only thing left is to setup the program for my calcium reactor in Apex. Long long journey. About time for some enjoyment payoff! [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Top is stained and epoxy. I need to fix a little blemish on the front lip and epoxy the bottom. At leat my build isnt a taco bell/pizza hut.
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    Snapped some evening shots with my phone. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I used to be a photographer many moons ago (www.eddieobryan.com). I'm not sure why it never really occurred to me to combine hobbies, but here we are. My new Canon 100mm macro just arrived in the mail this evening. I was only able to snap a few shots before actinics kicked on for the evening, but holy cow. The detail! And the learning curve. This was grown from a frag I got from jolt. I believe it was a Wolverine (?). Rainbow BTA Green torch
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    Shaolin, my Starry Blenny. He's an idiot who keeps using my maxima clam as his personal throne but his eyebrow game is pretty on point.
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    Wow, it's been a long time between updates. I've been fighting a major cyano outbreak in my display tank. It's been massive. I think I might be turning the corner on that. Here is an FTS just after a recent cleaning. I've finally started back up on moving frags into the display from my frag tank. All the colonies in this photo have been in there for about 8 months.
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    FarmerTy walking into Aquarium Designs later today
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    Took some pictures today. Same old stuff. Just improving with growth and color. Changed up the bulbs. On a quest to provide as warm of spectrum of pictures as possible to get as realistic images as I can. This is as warm of colors as I can get with my present bulb layout which is 3 Blue+ 2 Giesemann Tropic 1 Purple+ 1 Coral+ 1 True Actinic. When bulb change comes around again, I’ll be swapping the coral+ with a third 6500k bulb. I know there’s conflicting data abound, but I am a believer that hitting those certain wavelengths that this bulb does, provides some fantastic things for color development. Nick’s Purple Passion BC Acroberry PC Rainbow. Lost the green base, hoping blue tips come in. Getting about 270 par BC raging bull (still kind of dormant. Encrusting a little. Hasn’t done much, might be a dud), Hawkins finally taking off, pink lemonade, mystic blue stag out of control. Cali tort- getting almost zero flow, hence the zero growth. Love the color though Can’t decide between Millie or prostrata. Thinking the latter Top right - no idea what it is but it’s my favorite coral in the tank Left - BC Orange Fury - too polypy to see the Orange base developing Left down - Paletta pink tip Right down - Ora Laura’s purple polyp $500 efflo, sunset Millie BC Old Blue WWC Aqua Delight, WWC nuclear fission Candlelight stag Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Before and after pictures showing the difference between the lighting fixtures. Left is the black box + T-5 and right is only Radion XR30 Pro. Time between pictures is exactly 40 hours.
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    Big project tomorrow! This should be... Interesting. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
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    Definitely time for an update:
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    FTS 9/27 W/B with Snapseed FTS with Orange Filter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    *ding dong* Hello? -Hi it's Fiji! I heard your tank was half-empty and I brought you some fish. Oh, sure come on in! -I couldn't find a Blonde Naso, but Hawaii said she'll bring one in a week or two. That Pele, she's so nice when she's not blowing her top! Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
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    And there yal go Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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