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    Been a while. I'll be more diligent with updating (I hope). FTS for now.
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    It's been a couple of weeks and probably safe to post an update now! I've had mostly bad luck with Naso Tangs during my time in the hobby. Most of them don't eat and just waste away. This guy took about three days and then started to pick at some mysis. After a week he started to eat pellets and I knew he would make it. He's now eating everything that I put into the tank, including Nori on a clip. I can't wait to see them all grow now that the tank is fully stocked! I had an Orange Linkia for about a year in 2012-2013, it seems but they've become more rare lately. I've been seeing the blue on LA, but haven't seen orange, red or purple in quite a while. I found this Burgundy Linkia in ARC about a month ago and he's been doing great so far. By great, I mean alive since I can't tell much else about seastars. They're basically alive until they're dead so here's hoping for the best!
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    Its been a while since I updated, tank is doing great! Here is some shots of new and growing coral!
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    Well, in addition to my comments and links in my first post above which are still good. The production of flourescing and chromo proteins is very dynamic. There are multiple factors or variables at play. Dr. Salih, in research published in this paper 15 years ago, clearly showed a link in fluorescing protein production tied to light intensity. At intensities too high for the zooxanthellae proteins were made to use as photoprotection, at appropriate levels coral were brown because they didn't need to protect their zooxanthellae and at low levels proteins were made to inhance light to their simbionts. So changes in intensity can certainly effect a shift to green. Additionally age can be a factor as in this Povona cactus coral where the new growth is significantly brighter and greener than the older parts of the colony: Here's an example with polyps with two different color forms. The older polyps are dark red with lighter red mouths and the younger polyps are green with red mouths. This difference in colration may be associated with differences in zooxanthellae clades (like in this video) or may be age related and similar to what's seen with branching type corals. The green and red polyps just below and left of the top is where a rock fell on it, killing the polyps and regrew. And in this post here, I posted pictures of an acro that showed different colors influenced by water flow
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    forgot.. Oh and Angel fish are d!cks
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    Leave it alone bud. You'll end up losing a couple fish in the process and your corals will pay a bit with them gone from the tank. And remember, last time it didn't even work for you and you got ich back in the tank again.
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    Really? Not sure these guys have ever been considered helpful: ....I'll see myself out...
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    I'm really sad that nobody noticed I was just rehashing what was said in this thread years ago when I replied today
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    It is open somewhat . Needs to get used to flow and light. As you can see I need to clean the sides.
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    I say leave it alone as well. If for no other reason than you've had some terrible luck in the past. Couple bills for a UV Sterilizer and try and enjoy having a living room as a living room for more than a couple of months at a time! I've been putting off pulling out all of my rocks, fragging/trimming what's still living and doing a complete re-scape just because I know how many things can go wrong. And I don't want to fish room the dining area for 2 months again.
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    Down here for the weekend... which one should I check out? Any recommendations appreciated... seems like a lot more out here than in austin.
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    Maybe a better solution is adding a UV Sterilizer? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Super pumped! It's been a long time since I lost mine in the crash. Need to reorganize some corals to mix up some of the colors/shapes and then finish stocking my last five. Going to be a blast watching everything grow! Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
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    Yeah, pretty sure my tenant at the time mixed water when feeding while I was out of town. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, it’s been a while...! Had a small catastrophe when the line for my bio pellet pump came off somehow and sprayed water everywhere right before we woke up on a Saturday recently but otherwise, Tank has been pretty steady. I noticed some browning out of some of my mainstay sps which prompted me to do a round of tests. Turns out my Po4 was at about .24 which is crazy for this setup as I’ve had a hard time ever getting it to read more than 0. Turns out at some point of all the power outages and power coming back on, all of my GFO had been pushed out of the reactor. So I’ve got it back filled again and monitoring to make sure I’m getting everything back where it should be slowly. My next task I’m thinking about is removing all my fish and doing a fallow to rid the tank of ich. For the most part my fish are fine with ich other than the Achilles, Powder Blue, Tomini, and Atlantic Blue. They look like crap every 4-5 days when they get covered in ich. I think that may be a factor in why my recent moorish idol ended up dying even though he was eating well. As of now my plan is to setup the 150 gallon tub I have with pipes, and media from the display, move all the fish over until I have caught all the fish. Feed the corals with juice from the fish food and maybe some additives. Then once the 76 days is over rid the fish of ich little by little either with TTM or mass CP treatment and add back in little by little. My undecided or problems I see arising are 1.) how do I catch the mandarin?! (He does eat frozen) 2.) should I do TTM on everyone in sets of 3-4 or just try to get a big dose of CP and just dose the whole 150 tub. 3.) any other issues I may not be thinking of 4.) should I leave it alone and just have a few of my fish look horrible every few days.. What do you guys think? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I was buying new heaters of different brands often as well until I got an aqueon 150w for the same gallons as you have. It is shaped like a test tube so I keep it mounted as shown at minimum water level to prevent any seal leaks. They say it's shatter proof and it has lifetime warrant but I dont know about that. Heaters shouldn't be in low flow areas to prevent high internal temperatures and be kept clean for the same reason. I always use an external controller. Lacrosse mobile alerts for 99cents/mo gives me advanced warning on high or low temps. I keep my downstairs living area 77 so I dont need my heater during warm months. I have a new heater in box on standby. I was going to add another heater and temp controller staged down a degree or two so it wouldn't be used until the primary fails but I havent yet. I also have a wifi power strip that shows current draw so if I get a temp alert, I can login and shut it off remotely if it fails on, or see that it is not on. I've read that heater failure is one of the most common trouble spots so I feel confident in my setup. All of this is will set you back probably $150.00
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    I have been to both stores. Elegant Reef and (Salty Fish - Right off 35)
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    By the airport, Aquarium Designs has a lot of stuff. Elegant Reef is down the street, they have a lot of stuff but anything good is $$$.
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    That's good, they are very reliable and certainly the most convienent in my experience. I have seen them fail though and in my holding/frag tanks I use both digital external, glass thermometers and hand held infrared thermometer so I can triple check temps if needed.
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    Corrected the video and pictures in the post above. Somehow the pictures got doubled and the video was completely gone! In other news, there is something seriously wrong with me! I turned down a beautiful, healthy, Desjardini Sailfin Tang list for $30. I can't even find a meme that expresses my confusion at my own actions right now...
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    Its the one for the Apex. I'll let others try it out... I'm happy with my Alkatronic. The cost of reagent and mandatory service every 18-24 months (where you ship it in) has this guy turning the other direction from the Trident. Really, monitoring alk is the only thing important to me. Calcium tracks closely with alk usually and Mg I dose once every quarter at best so I really don't need to know either of the other two daily like I do alk. Just my 2 cents. Someone buy it and test it out for me and let me know though. I'm always curious. [emoji16]