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    New Year Update! My tank has been running without a skimmer for over 6 months now. Since removing my skimmer, I have noticed an explosion of sponge activity in my system. SPS corals are growing at a faster rate as well! If you look closely at the pics you should see white sponge in all of my shaded areas of the tank. The rubble I keep in my sump is covered in sponge as well. I am now dosing BRS 2 part at over 130ml/day, and I have been able to keep my parameters stable. PO4 runs anywhere from .05 - .1 and my system seems to look the happiest when PO4 is on the lower side of that range and algae growth is slow and manageable. I ended up having to dose potassium nitrate to bring my nitrate up to ~5-12PPM. This was only needed one time and it’s been fine since. Before dosing the KNO3, nitrate was undetectable. I did have an issue a few months ago where I could not get my calcium level above 300ppm, I was dosing about 2x the amount of calcium carbonate as compared to soda ash and still could not get above 300. Then one day it started snowing white stuff in in my tank (calcium precipitate) with my CA still at < 300. Scratching my head, I tested my Mg at < 900ppm. Once I corrected my Mg my CA shot up to 450 and my Alk decreased from 7.5 (sweet spot for this tank) to 5DKH! Everything has since stabilized, while I’ve read about magnesium’s role in the reef aquarium, I’ve never watched it that closely. I will be testing it more often now! Since running without a skimmer, I have observed a few things. When my coral are not happy, (visual observation) nutrients spike up significantly. I assume that these issues are more pronounced in my system given that I have no filtration other than the coral and sponges. Without careful observation things could spiral out of control quickly with algae wining the battle for nutrient consumption and upsetting the balance of my reef. I keep 8-10 fish in this 80-gallon system and various inverts (snails, urchins and a few crabs). Typically, I do a 4-5 gallon a water change every week and most of my maintenance time these days is dealing with corals growing into each other. Check out my tank from a little over 12 months ago: And today (just cleaned, corals are a little peeved):
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    Troypt has a large colony of Yellow he has had success with by simply using a Turkey Baster to spot feed them daily when he feeds his fish. I believe he feeds them and the fish gets what floats off, this ensures they eat directly. He got his from AquaTek about 18 months ago or so. It has at least quadrupled in size if not more. you cut contact him to see if he wants to break his up and what exactly he does to keep his. I know for a fact he doesn't tent or remove it from his tank and just spot feeds it.
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    Looking good! 👍 I don't know if you've read Rohwer's "Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas" but this negative feedback loop you've described with algae and coral is central to his DDAM model of reef degradation. Something disrupts corals or the primary herbivores are lost and algae is able to take over by out competing corals and dumping bad types of DOC into the water which further stress corals. All those sponges you have help stabilize the ecosystem by removing all types of labile DOC much faster than anything else can. (Sponges remove in 20-30 minutes what bacteria take 3 weeks to remove.) And water changes are still the only way to remove the refractory DOC in our systems.
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    I started with dry rock and its no big deal. it has been less than a year and I have tube worms, sponges, coraline, mini brittle stars, asterina stars, pods and who knows what else. You did good my friend. You still have the option to do a seed rock if you decide its wanted. If you did it at start up, you could not now undo it.
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    Thanks Good to know. Since i feed live foods 2x a day i think I can feed enough to keep Dendro's happy. Not sure about the Suns
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    Success with dendros but never with sun coral. Never heard of anyone having success long term without considerable work, including pulling the coral out almost daily into a feeding bowl or constructing some sort of dome to go over it and inject food into. It's so hard long term to get it to consistently open up to eat. Dendros are easy though, but will need to be fed. I have an auto feeder sitting above mine in such a way that with the flow, it sends food right at the polyps. It's still not enough though, I know they appreciate when I broadcast feed frozen, and especially small stuff like cyclopeeze. Dendros seem to always run about $25/head. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    That looks amazing, wow! I love the progress pics. I found the same to be true in my tank. Both with the Mg and skimmer. Pulled the skimmer cup out and never replaced it and sponges appeared all over, in the DT and sump. Glad to hear of another successful tank running without a skimmer! Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Yep I’ve read it, great recommendation. I have experienced more than one crash over the years due to most likely DOC from the excessive algae once the balance of the tank is upset. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looks good man! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Good price! I picked up a couple of boxes ...
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    I would be careful getting it from a store. I guarantee it will find a way in your tank. I would just stick to the method you are using. These little ecosystems we run are amazing at coming up with all the right stuff with just a little time Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I started with 100% dry rock. I think it contributes to a harsher ugly phase (my tank went through diatoms (normal), but got a pretty heavy cyano and dinos outbreak). Things can get interesting (awful) on a bacterial level before everything stabilizes. But two years later, my rock is encrusted with coralline (and a thousand other things) and teeming with pods, sponges, worms, you name it, it's in there living and thriving. Life will find a way as you add coral from a thousand different systems over the life span of your tank. Don't feel bad about the dry rock decision! I did it too and will continue doing it for future tanks.
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    Bob's Your Uncle, Fanny's Your Aunt
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    Just to add a update. After posting this I got really busy at work and with the holidays. So I did nothing outside of the normal 15% water change. Now 90% is gone and the last bit is brown and not looking to hot.
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    That's my Palmer's blue... They look very similar to me. My Palmer's is much less blue in my t5 display though compared to when I had it under the Ocean Revives. Here is the silver bullet prostrata. Under Radion G4s and T5 in the frag tank.
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    I made a lengthy post on Reef 2 Reef documenting my visit to the new Frost Science Gulf Stream Aquarium. It was very impressive and absolutely beautiful. Rather than trying to recreate it here, I'll leave a link to the post in case anyone wants to review it. Lots of pics and a couple videos. Highly recommend visiting the facility! https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/frost-science-gulf-stream-aquarium-visit-pic-intense.536191/
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    The mother for that Tyree toadstool was my first group buy when I joined arc so many years ago, and this is the first time I've seen polyp extension like that! I'm really enjoying that little baby frag that popped up. I'm thinking I've had it in too much light all these years. Or in not enough flow.
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    Been meaning to post this for a while now. Since the first baby clam showed up in 2012 a couple more have shown up.
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    Diatoms in the sand is normal. GHA this early on tells me your rock probably has some phosphate leeching. The first year or two will be gross. It's normal. What PO4 remover were you thinking of using? GFO? In a perfect ideal world your skimmer and chaeto would be enough nutrient export, and in a few months, it likely will be enough. For now, it isn't a bad idea to start the GFO. Take BRS's calculator recommended amount and cut it in half, especially if using the high capacity stuff.
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    Worked perfect, finally got that all sorted out. I think i have everything finished except the KZ dosing system. I did have one flaw. The ATO syphoned back into the ATO made a mess good thing i can remove the panel from the bottom and was able to clean it up. Im thinking ill make some kind of containment for under the chems. anyway here is a pic. Don't look at my ugly stn corals.
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    Update! It’s been a while since I’ve updated and the tank is doing great! This time around I’ve been doing things a bit differently with my reef mainly surrounding nutrient levels. My tank is now running "all natural", no GFO, no bio-pellets, no skimmer!! I do not have **any** chemical or mechanical filtration in place and things are doing great. I do have a GAC reactor running to mitigate any coral warfare and any other impurities that may get introduced unknowingly into the water column. I’m loving my new lowtech approach and am currently dosing over 100ml of 2 part a day (this is the highest consumption I’ve ever had with this tank). This amount of consumption does make me a bit nervous as a small mistake with my water chemistry could have dire consequences for my reef. I think I need a bigger tnak!! 😊. With the higher nutrient levels, I do have to deal with a bit of algae/cyano. I think I need to add a few more snails and urchins to help with the hair algae but the cyano is ever-present. I simply syphon the cyano out weekly with my small water change. Looking forward, I like tanks with very large acro colonies and I’m excited that mine are on their way to becoming quite large. Things really are in need of a “haircut” as several colonies are touching. Here are a few pics from today.
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