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    ORA Baby Blue Stag WWC Nuclear Fission ASD Efflo $500 efflo Raspberry Cheesecake Tubbs Mystic Blue stag Sunset Millie BC raging bull Pink Lemonade ORA Hawkins BC old blue RP blueberry limeade nasuta Pikachu that never grows ORA Pearlberry WWC aqua delight Nicks Purple passion BC Acroberry WWC Kung Pao. Cannot get rid of these stupid hydroids that posted up right by it ASD dragon queen ORA Red planet Fox flame Paletta pink tip ASD rainbow Millie Working on a name ORA Laura’s purple polyp BC orange fury. Can’t seem to get color out of this, but Adams pictures all look pretty similar so it just may not be a real looker. Working on a fun name for this Millie. Because why not. Vivid rainbow delight BC reef ready grape juice ORA Cali tort BigR Walt Disney Some of them seem to not be growing and it is mainly because I keep fragging them. Some are just sluggish. I’ve gotten rid of the massive stylo colony to someone who can appreciate it more than me. It had become a nuisance. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I haven't set up a frag tank at a swap in a few years. @Roy V, fellow Buda/Kyle reefer, loaned me his setup that holds about 100 frags. Thanks Roy. I plan on bringing a mix of SPS (mostly acros and a couple of montis), LPS (chalices, euphyllia, and favia), and a few zoanthids if there is room.
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    I usually just PayPal people Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What does your will say about your tanks ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    That’s probably what I’ll do, I’ll set my self a “budget” in cash then end up spending 3x that lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks for the details. I swapped the final piece of roller tubing on my masterflex and now the easy load head has a loud rhythmic knocking sound. This thing has about driven me mad now. It sounds like a loud grandfather clock second hand ticking away day and night. I can get used to it kind of. But if we know anything about something mechanical, if it makes a noise, that means something isn’t aligned right or there is undesirable friction somewhere, and when those conditions are present, wear is happening. So even if I lived with it, that knocking sound is eventually going to spell failure. I’ve taken it apart to investigate and cannot find the source. I ordered 4 more of the fuel filters just so I can swap them on a schedule and keep them fresh and free of debris. I’ll soak them in acid and back flush them when I’m down to the last one so I can re use them. Everyone I’ve talked to has had nothing but good things to say about this method and I wonder why it isn’t more universally adopted. Most people report needing to increase the effluent every 4-6 months or so on the same filter so if I just swap it out every couple months I should achieve stable output theoretically. I’ve decided to pass on running a manifold and will just use a spare mj1200 I have laying around. Well contrary to the advice of some I decided to change my lighting arrangement again and have gone back to metal halide led combo lighting. I wasn’t UNhappy with my ati sunpower. It had a fantastic spread and uniform light coverage. I could take par readings at any point on the footprint of the tank and they would be basically identical or less than 5% difference at any point depending on depth. Problem is...my biggest deal Breaker for a tank is light pollution so a canopy is a must, and I need to have space to work. With how high my lights were mounted I was topping out at around 400 par at the surface, and most spots on the rocks were down at around 200 or so. That’s decent par I suppose but not quite enough to pull the kind of color on some stubborn pieces I am wanting. Most the sandbed was in the low 100’s and i have acros down that low. Jason Fox can pull colors at that intensity, but I’m not him. A good friend locally was kind enough to essentially give me a pair of lumenbright mini reflectors with basically new bulbs and ballasts, and an even trade of his 4 foot sb reef bars for my 5 foot ones. So I made the swap 2 weeks ago and have been very happy. The heat is no different from my t5’s and with only a modest increase in wattage, I don’t really feel the difference efficiency wise. The par readings were exactly the improvement I was looking for and everything has responded very very well to the switch. I really missed the shimmer. Hamilton bulbs are inexpensive enough that I can replace them on a 9 month schedule and still be spending less than I was on tubes so that’s a small victory as well. That’s all the updates for now. I’m at a 4.5 hour halide photoperiod and will gradually increase it to 6 hours over the coming weeks. Probably change the calcium reactor feed arrangement this week as well. Shouldn’t be too difficult of a switch to make Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    So I made more frags to place those that went in the display lol Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    8-8.5 dkh really is the way to go. For a while I kept high alkalinity -- around 11.5 to 12. The amount of 2-part it takes to maintain those levels are exponentially higher than what it takes to maintain 8. The bell curve is incredibly steep.
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    Guessing venmo might work too...since there are no charges on either end. I'll bring cash to limit myself...then use venmo when I run out of cash.
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    There is one for sale on the SA FB page Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have a slightly used Skimz Kone SK254 rated up to 790G $475 shipped
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    Couple of thoughts: 1) I would test with a different kit before I changed anything. I know some of the stores will test for you, or maybe a friend has a different kit. It's like going to get a second opinion when the doctor tells you bad news, before you decide what you're gonna do 2) what brand of salt do you use? Some of them have really high levels to start with (typically not THAT high, but still like 500); You could have a bad batch of salt too; so it might be useful to test your fresh mixed water too
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    +1 tako. You'll have much less precip if you aerate the water and heat it to 76-78 before mixing. It also helps a lot if you mix the water over a period of time. I get almost no precip when extending the mix over 2-3 days, adding 1/8th or so at a time. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
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    Sitting here patiently waiting for Jims list [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    time for an update! its getting closer, i worked on the plumbing again tonight rebuilt the manifold and everything worked out pretty good this time. I am missing one 1" elbow and a 1" piece of braded hose to connect the return up also need another 3/4 X 1" swedge for the emergency overflow, i have the fitting and can use the 3/4 if i want to, but would like everything look uniform coming out of the tank to the sump. so its on order. Ill temp use the 3/4 if i decide to start it up this weekend. I still need to mount the Kessil H380, im just thinking of hanging it over the fuge vs a tank mount system, i dont really have room for it. I need to work on running all the cables for everything and map those out and terminate at the controllers. But ugh not sure i want to think about that mess yet. it would mean pulling most everything off the 20gal so that might wait till i start the cycle. Anyway here are pics.
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    Both are basically full. I just feel bad I didn't use them cause they are only available in Europe and my mom (who lives in Germany) got them for me as a bday present... and then I didn't use them. So while it doesn't make sense to keep them, I don't want to throw them away... my guilt is your benefit lol.
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    A mixed reef. Mostly SPS, but I have always been a fan of Bubble Coral, Duncans, Ricordea, and Zoas!
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    It's been two weeks shy of a year since I took the original pictures on the left. A year later and some have done phenomenally while others haven't shown as much growth. Personally I'm just happy they are still alive! Splatter War Coral Green Slimer Laker's Scroll Coral ORA Borealis POTO Tweedy Bird WWC Grafted Sunfire Jedi Mind Trick Sarmentosa Strawberry Shortcake YG Yellow WWC All-In Monti JF Foxflame BC Grape Juice Tubbs Stellata FC Red Rage Needle in a Haystack Palmer's Blue Mille Montipora Spongodes Left side of tank Right side of tank
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    This guy is in my nano tank at the office - just got him today. G. smithii mantis:
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    small update. added chalice last thurs, CUC on saturday, schrooooooms today. nem mooved out of his hidey hole.