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    If you have livestock in the tank do not add ammonia.
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    I dont have any experience with ATM bacteria. If you do not have nitrites a good test is; add ammonia until you have a level of 2ppm then test 24 hours later. If ammonia is 0 and no nitrites are present then your tank is ready for livestock. How big a tank and how many fish is the next question. If you add too many, too fast, you will get more ammonia than the tank can process.
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    Yeah, I'm pretty happy with the water box, much better than the ugly scratched up acrylic bowfront I was going to use. It's the first I've been tempted to go bare bottom, though sand wins out for me again, mainly considering all the macrofauna that makes its home there. And yeah, I agree that knowing your limits is important, especially when bigger is better is such a common advice. A larger system is more chemically stable, but also increasingly more of a struggle and expense if things go wrong. Anyway, I got most of the corals and sand moved over, though I'm waiting on the leathers to attach to rubble before I move them into the new system. The rocks they were on were too big so they needed to be cut off first. Temporary placement, I need to go pick up some more rock to finish the 'scape. Most of my rock is too big for this system. Also of interest; This is the second time the Acans puke'd its guts out and slimed up the second I added the green palys specifically. I wonder why; no other corals are affected or have displayed such a reaction to each other. Seems that they don't get along chemically for whatever reason, at least at first. They're doing better now.
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    Sorry to hear about your crash, but looking forward to the build thread.
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    Don’t be surprised if you don’t find a piece somewhere in the rock work a few months later. At least that’s how it happened with an old one of mone Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sorry to hear about the crash. Always a fear...and I'm getting ready to start trying SPS again. A little advise on the tank. I've got the PA Crystaline 130 with the external overflow. They use the Tideline overflow. It's extremely difficult to keep it quite. The rear box is lower than the inner box so it's hard to get the water level in the outer box high enough to stop the waterfall noise. I had to raise my emergency drains so the water in the outer box was about 1/4" from the top. I finally ditched it after about a year and got an Exotic Marine overflow. It's dead silent. I just had another reefer come over to check it out. He's about to order a PA tank too. He's currently using the Reef Synergy Ghost overflow which is the same basic design as the Tideline and the noise in it is his main complaint.