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    Here's most of my lineup. Acropora Pink Floyd Fox Flame Walt Disney Grape Juice Chameleon Oregon Tort Montipora JF Vino Sunset Season's greetings Superman McNasty Digitata Chalice JF Pink Slip (this is hot pink) BGM Miami Hurricane Pink Volcano Zoanthid Rainbow Infusion Mind-blowing paly Grandis RPE Euphyllia Scuba Steve's hybrid Gold Branching wall, green and purple (extremely unique) Favia Spicy Lemon
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    Nice, is that mine! Lol don't forget it [emoji6] Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    Hope all the vendors are ready at open bc I only have an hour lol! Looking fwd to it. Can't believe ive never been.
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    Here is a link to the results for the City of Austin's drinking water (you can check any other city or public water system's results here as well). https://dww2.tceq.texas.gov/DWW/JSP/NonTCRRecentSampleResult.jsp?tinwsys_is_number=5969&tinwsys_st_code=TX&wsnumber=TX2270001
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    It looks great. the rock work is very nice. In my experience rock against the glass has its challenges, limits flow and could create detritus buildup and could possibly lead to an algae trap and hard to clean without moving the rock and what corals you put in that area. Some are successful with it, ive just never been.
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    Finally got my lights in! Went with the Kessil AP700 over the two A360X's, mainly because its more than enough light for a mixed reef. If I move to a more SPS Dominant tank in the years to come I may upgrade..
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    small update. added chalice last thurs, CUC on saturday, schrooooooms today. nem mooved out of his hidey hole.