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    I know this is probably not the best section to post this but it indirectly is related to reef keeping so I'll post it here. One of the many reasons I really enjoy ARC is because of the fellowship you can actually feel even from being behind a computer screen. I am one of the few members here who lives out in the BCS area (go Aggies). This really limits our interactions and transactions we can perform on here. That being said, I recently posted my reef breeders photon 48 for sale on here. I, later that day, received a personal message from Reburn offering to be my mode of shipping to get the lights to a buyer in Austin. That would save me about $65 in shipping. He says he's constantly close to our area and would be more than willing to meet with me to get him the lights. Well thanks to his generous offer, Neon Reefer now has himself a set of photon 48 and I recovered a large portion of my ATI lights expense. People like Reburn, Dustin Pedretti, mFrame, to name a few, make ARC not only an enjoyable place to pass some time, but also a very convenient and efficient way of getting some items out to the Austin area. They definitely make transactions between us alot more convenient and realistic. Most notably, all of them have always done it out of good will and not for a price. I guess this is a shout out to all of you guys for being awesome.
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    A reminder that we have no validation that Jake's post was actually from a former employee and as such it was removed. There's no issue discussing the facts as we know them and having a healthy dose of skepticism but please adhere to the Forum Rules. That said, the director of the aquarium, Shaun, has made the following offer. With pending litigation he's limited in how he can publicly respond until then. The Austin Aquarium has offered to host our club and to allow interested members to take a "back stage tour" to determine for ourselves what we think. There's a lot that can and will happen before then, but let's keep in mind that there is at least the offer of some transparency once their operation is actually running. I'm reserving judgement until then.
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    Ok, here's my orange passion update. It's finally started to take off a little. I think it could be my favorite coral ....
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    We are so very thankful for each and every one of you who has supported our business Make sure you read all of the rules to enter, because we will be verifying to make sure they are followed when we draw the winners' names! Here's how to enter: You must like and comment on the post to be entered. Only one entry per person. Must contact us within 48 hours of name being drawn or a new winner will be drawn. Contest will end on Saturday June 11, 2016 @ 11:59 PM.
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    We welcomed our newest frag 2 weeks ago A third boy. I'm hoping to pick up working on my tank really soon. It's been hanging in there pretty well and I'm excited to be able to work on it again and be more active on here. Baby willing
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    I sweep my floors and throw the dirt up in the air.
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    Ok, so I'm not one to boast but I have to say this is the best vacation yet. I am swimming with Morish Idols, Toby puffers, box fish, butterflies, tangs I have never seen in the store, and some fish so pretty I don't even know what they are. Tons of GoPro and stills shot when I get back Sent from my XT1096 using Tapatalk
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    Upgraded to this bad boy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have been contacted by an individual on the club that has purchased the RBTA split in my tank for Makena. They wished to stay anonymous and I will respect that wish. They also wanted to commend Makena's contributions to the club, her contagious enthusiasm, and her always respectful manner in which she conducts herself on the forum. Congratulations Makena! I'll let the little guy heal and then work on getting him off that rock! [emoji4]
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    Well, for anyone that did not realize... I was joking. ct67stang, you are right he is a noobie. And yes this IS ridiculous... I mean come on I can prove BOTH these points with one excerpt from his text: "this is not a drug deal"... WHAT?!? That alone show both, noobie and ridiculous. Not a drug deal... We spend money on coral, fish, fish food, equipment OVER paying our bills, we lie to out friends and family about how much we spend, and how often we "fix". First thing a reef junkie does in the AM is want to see how the tank is doing, wake in the middle of the night cuz nature calls, flashlight in hand... come on, admit it, you've all done it, checking out who's sleeping were, and can we catch a gimps of the worm tonight! When you have not been with your tank for a long while YOU WANT JUST A GLIMPSE, then once you've had one, even if you just spent 3 hours gazing into the tank you step away, you're wondering. what's changed, I need another FIX!!! I could go on... this is not a drug? Both a noob and a ridiculous statement!! Can I get an amen!
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    I've been thinking all day about what I wanted to say about this, but I think CT hit the nail on the head. We're all here because we love and want to care for these amazing animals. All of us have been guilty of less-than-stellar husbandry at some point in our learning processes. All of us want a public aquarium in Austin, and want it to be an amazing advertisement for this hobby and the incredible creatures and habitats our world has to offer. It's hard, given the track record here, to believe that this will be provided in the current venture. I would think that anyone who is going to manage hundreds of species in dozens of habitats with varied environmental, health, and nutrition needs would either need a degree in marine biology/zoology or would need to have such on staff. Are there degreed and experienced marine biologists on staff, Makena? Also, not to be rude but to be honest - it's difficult to take your word that they are doing the right thing and the animals are being cared for the right way. I understand you do a lot of research, but you are new to keeping saltwater. How are we to know and trust that you recognize all the species that may be on site, their exact needs, and the daily care and maintenance of those animals, all based on your one visit? You attest that the owner really wants to do the right thing. That's fantastic! But wanting to do the right thing and having the skills, knowledge, and capability to do so are two different things, and without a proven track record of success, I'd be hesitant to trust that he has those. In my job, I spend a lot of time organizing people and events. I try to be smart enough to have people around me who know what I don't. If I were a broker-turned-businessman, especially one with prior legal and PR problems, and I was trying to win over the trust and business of a new community (in the internet age, where all history is instantly accessible), I would ensure that I had a lawyer well versed in local, state, and federal law in regards my plan, and I'd make sure I had an experienced biologist/zoologist on staff. And probably, to be honest, a local PR whiz as well. None of that seems to exist here. Mistakes can happen and be corrected, but at some point one has to connect the dots and recognize the pattern of, at best, laziness in regards to paying attention to details. (And keeping saltwater tanks is all about details...) Yes, a disgruntled former employee is not the best source. Yes, journalists can color their words, quote selectively, and even make mistakes. (I do not and will not believe that a majority of professional journalists, and I'm making a distinction between journalists and people with websites, intentionally lie; and I say that not only having written on my HS paper, but having graduated from a top journalism school and having written professionally for awhile.) But when a preponderance of reported information contains credible doubts about the abilities and willingness of the parties involved to care for the many, many lives for which they are taking legal and ethical responsibility, it is difficult at best to discount it. I hope - for the animals' sake - that I am wrong. But as allllllll the old sayings go: where there's smoke, there's a fire; once bitten, twice shy; fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me; doing things the same way over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity... Again, I hope - for the animals' sake - we are all wrong. Regardless, it's hard to see any way we can stop it moving forward and opening. Only time can tell whether it will be a success both financially and in terms of animal husbandry.
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    Ok, this being a dry rock startup, after TEN MONTHS of fighting waves of diatoms, cyano, dinos multiple times ... last night I finally saw some coralline algae showing up in the 180
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    In the past few days we've seen posts by members new and old that have demonstrated some changes to what we consider the "norm" of our club. While we encourage discussion and debate of topics here, we've always strongly discouraged overt or passive aggression toward people and businesses in an effort to make this a welcoming alternative to other no-holds-barred forums. We've started to lose our way. These recent threads have made me sad. Due to some major events going on in my life I haven't spent as much time here recently. I don't always immediately see every post, but as the guy who runs things here I should have. I've obviously missed some things, but I'm working to correct that. Many of you haven't been around long enough to know that in addition to me we used to have three very active moderators. Two of them have moved, leaving us a bit shorthanded, and it's obvious now that some things slipped by that previously wouldn't have. This has started to give ARC a bit of a different feel. We're working to correct this by doing the following: We've added more moderators and we'll all be reviewing more content more frequently. Part of that means that we will be vigorously enforcing the forum rules. Rules violations will be moderated and the posters will be contacted. Repeat violators will be warned, culminating in bans for members that continue to violate them. Dan has taken over as meeting coordinator and will be working with me to try to make sure that all members feel welcomed and acknowledged at our events. We'll also be watching for members that exemplify positive behaviors and rewarding them in various ways. It might be a gift certificate to a sponsor or a free Premium Membership, but will recognize members and their actions that build and maintain the community that originally attracted us. I'm sorry to those on the receiving end of those negative behaviors and appreciate the restraint shown in their attempts to defend themselves. Those behaviors don't reflect the type of community and forum that we want this to be. I've reached out to several members and hope they'll see that they were heard. I'd love to have them continue on in the club, but either way the staff and I will continue to try to make ARC a better place. As members here you can help. First by being positive and supportive of each other. This means that if you're new, speak up. I know it can be intimidating to be the new voice, but I also know that the vast majority of our members are great, friendly people who love the hobby and love to help new members in discovering it. Our staff are all volunteers, demonstrating their commitment to keeping this thing going for everyone else's benefit and enjoyment. Secondly though, you can help us in making this the type of place you want it to be by notifying me or the moderators when you feel that we've missed something. There is a "Report" button at the bottom of each post that should be used to flag content that deviates from our vision. Using it is anonymous to all but the staff. We all have stresses and bad days, but when posting keep in mind that most of us were attracted to this hobby for beauty and relaxation it can provide. We come to ARC to add a social aspect to that enjoyment, so please help us keep ARC as a place where that hobby can be shared. Mike & the ARC staff
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    We have polyp extension And here's the rasta colony
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    What other hobby encourages you to literally install cameras in your home with the intent of having other people watch them.... ? Weirdos.
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    This club and the Austin area has been lucky to have an event like this, which not only let people buy frags and fish, but listen to great speakers, and to support great causes. There are numerous people and companies that put in effort for this to happen. First and foremost, a huge shout out and thank you to Mike for being the driving force behind this event and the club. His tireless work is what made this event happen. And a big thank you to our speakers who took time away from their busy schedules and families to come give us insight into the marine hobby. All three gave us great new views and information. And Gary's addition to the speaker panel was great. And speaking of, this event would not have gone off without our wonderful and amazing event sponsors. Not only do they help fund the event and bring great things for people to buy, they also went above and beyond with tank donations for the scholarship raffle. Thanks are also needed for the ARC staff and volunteers that helped setup up, run, and break down things. It is great that they also took time out of their schedules to make this event a success. A big congrats to our two scholarship winners! Through the generosity of sponsors donating tanks, attendees buying raffle tickets, and ARC premium member dues we were able to fund these two scholarships and set up to fund more in the coming years. For those that were not in attendance, you missed a moving tribute by Mike about Tim, and you also missed Tim's family being there to give out the scholarships. Finally, I wanted to thank all that attended. You are the reason this is put on. We hope you learned something and enjoyed the event. If you have any feedback, please feel free to PM myself, Mike, or any of the staff. We are always looking for ways to make this better! So here is to a successful 2014 C4!
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    My earliest experience of trying to keep an saltwater animal was in the '60s when I was about 8 and on vacation with my family. We were staying at a family friend's cabin in Santa Cruz. On one of our daily sojourns from the mountains to the coast, going through the treasures that evening with my older brother a tiny crab was found on a clump of seaweed. Sadly our attempts to keep it with saltwater made with table salt to an unkown salinity quickly caused it's demise. It was twenty years before I attempted to keep saltwater again but I did read up a bit before my second attempt. (Now another twenty six years and I'm still reading up a bit.) Little did I know just how addictive, fascinating and thoroughly engrossing career I would end up with starting that first tank.
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    Like this Post if you agree that PizzaHut/TacoBell should be the theme song!
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    I heartily agree with everyone in thanking Andrew for all the work he has done to establish this site and a place in Austin where like-minded reefers of a different kind can gather. I'm hoping to take all the good things here and build on them. I'll be having discussions with the moderators and members to talk about what we can do to make this THE goto place in central Texas for reef advice and discussions. If you have an idea or opinion on how you think something should be done then drop me a PM and let me know what you're thinking. Look for renewed commitments to meetings, frag swaps, user and sponsor participation as well as a few new wrinkles that I have up my sleeves. The store will be opening back up in January for memberships and ARC products. More announcements to be made in the new year, but I look forward to having you all along for the ride!
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    I would like to encourage more use of the reputation system. If you find someone's post useful be sure to click the green plus sign , , to give them a good rep!
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    A few things that may be making it to Austin this weekend... 😉
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    Here's a FTS I took tonight. Everything is stable so I'm leaving it be to take care of everything else going on right now and hopefully will be able to return to it in a few weeks to aquascape and start working on cable management and adding the frag tank.
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    With the much anticipated Finding Dory movie releasing today, I'm sure many in the hobby have seen sales or kits targeting Blue Hippo Tangs. Many of our customers are seasoned saltwater hobbyists and have first hand experience understanding how difficult Blue Hippo Tangs can be to keep. We will be working to educate our customers on realistic conditions required for the long-term care of such delicate fish and will offer a substitute. Pseudo-Dori (Yellowtail Damsel) can make a great substitute. Inexpensive, does not require a large tank, and hardy. Yellowtail Damsels can provide a sustainable option for replacing Blue Hippo Tangs. These little guys require less care and will bring a smile to any kids face. So enjoy the movie, and if you get an itch to set-up a tank for the kiddos, swing by and we'd be happy to show you some options. This could be a great opportunity to teach and spark an interest in a child.
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    Alright guys I think that we have clear winner Congratulation Cameronbherring!! The voters have spoken The frag pack is yours. Please on me or text my cell and we can discuss how you can get the pack. The runner up is Rilo Elizabeth Stark. I am going to go ahead and hook you up with your choice of any 5 of the frags listed with the exception of the toadstool leather and the pink digitata. I do have another digi that you could choose if you wanted to. I only have one of each of those to give away currently. Any of the others are your choice. Fell free to pm me or you may call or text me at 512-653-5415 to discuss pickup options for your runner up pack. Congratulation guys!! I hope this helps you both get started and adds some color to your tanks and helps you guys build your confidence in being able to care for all kinds of new corals.