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    It's been two weeks shy of a year since I took the original pictures on the left. A year later and some have done phenomenally while others haven't shown as much growth. Personally I'm just happy they are still alive! Splatter War Coral Green Slimer Laker's Scroll Coral ORA Borealis POTO Tweedy Bird WWC Grafted Sunfire Jedi Mind Trick Sarmentosa Strawberry Shortcake YG Yellow WWC All-In Monti JF Foxflame BC Grape Juice Tubbs Stellata FC Red Rage Needle in a Haystack Palmer's Blue Mille Montipora Spongodes Left side of tank Right side of tank
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    Some update pic: Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    New frag arrivals! In addition to these 3 I also picked up a TSA Princess Peach and TSA Daydream but can't get an unobstructed shot of them. And I think I'm finally making friends with this macro lens. Tripod is pretty much mandatory I found out. TSA Fruity Pebbles TSA Thunderstruck WWC Grafted Sunfire Monti Cap
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    The downside to a new tank: all growth froze in its tracks. A few weeks later and I'm finally starting to see progress pick up from where it left off.
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    Hello All, I have been a member of this site for a few years but not very active at all, mainly because I have not had a tank up and running since 2013 when I lived in Louisiana. My dive into reef aquariums started in 2008 when I started up my first tank; a 55 gallon (48x12x24) tank with hang on skimmer and T5 lighting. After having that tank for a few years I got an Oceanic 75 gallon (36x18x24) system with a sump and metal halide lighting. Both tanks were really successful and healthy for a few years. Then life happened and my girlfriend and I broke up and since she owned the condo we were living at, this meant I need to take the tanks down (the apartment I had rented after the breakup was on the 2nd floor and couldn't support the weight of the tanks). I was so hard selling all my fish and coral that I had been collecting over the years that I decided that I would not set up another tank until I owned a home of my own and would not have to go through that experience again. Well, here we are 2019 and I have owned a home in Cedar Park since August! I waited until now to start to set up a new Red Sea Reefer 350, mainly because I wanted to get settle into the house! About a week ago I began cycling all my old rock in a brute trash can. Adding Dr Tim's One and Only and some pellet food to kick off the ammonia spike. I am using the BRS 7 Stage RO/DI unit to filter my water. The Red Sea Reefer 350 arrived to my home yesterday evening and I figured it was a good time to formally introduce myself and start a build thread! Current Equipment: BRS 7 Stage RO/DI Unit Red Sea Reefer 350 Sicce Syncra Silent 4.0 Return Pump Planned Equipment: (1) Red Sea RSK-300 Protein Skimmer (2) Kessil A360X LED lights with Mounting Arms (1) Maxspect Gyre XF330 (1) BRS Carbon & GFO Dual Reactor
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    This is a project I started after Juiceman started his thread last year on paly toxin and it got set on a shelf for awhile. After the recent comments I thought I'd post a beta version since it's a tool and technique I think can help a lot of aquarists and with my current list of projects demanding attention it will probably still be awhile before I finish it. 😕
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    Hello @KimP good to hear from you. I, unfortunately, don't have too much to add from my last post, work has just kept me busy. I'm still not keeping SPS well, couple pieces are doing well, but overall still haven't dialed that in. LPS and softies are doing well, have a nice golden torch that I added right after the pics above, it has grown a good bit. I have just finally (this weekend) got my 75g mixing station done with plumbing (removable) between my 100g freshwater reservoir and the aquarium so I'll be able to do water changes with no buckets! I hope to tacket the remote refugium in the next weekend or two to get it back into service. I also made some progress on the stand (shell), need front trim and doors, build the canopy and stain it. Again I hope to knock it out over the next few weeks as time permits. How is your tank coming along Kim? Hello @Kkiel02, not the best FTS, but as you know an 8-foot tank is hard to get a good pic of. I have a room the tank is in, I wish the back wall was a few feet further back.
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    Shout out to Aquadome, for having a loaner program for PAR meters. Equipment: Red Sea Reefer 525XL with 3 AI Hydra26HDs placed equal distant on red sea's brackets. Sun System PAR meter with Apogee sensor. Experiment 1: Using BRS's recommended AB+ program (based on coral lab studies from Ecotech based on their radion schedule AB+) Measure different locations in tank: Experiment 2: t est intensity changes of different common program spectrums, and affect of modifying cool white (cw) channel intensity on AB+. Fixed location: Data: Hydra 26 HD Program Name PAR UV V RY B G DR CW AB+ (BRS calc) 211 118 101 82 65 6 5 19 AB+ whites 30 224 118 101 82 65 6 5 30 AB+ whites 40 234 118 101 82 65 6 5 40 AB+ whites 50 246 118 101 82 65 6 5 50 AB+ whites 60 254 118 101 82 65 6 5 60 AB+ whites 70 263 118 101 82 65 6 5 70 AB+ whites 80 272 118 101 82 65 6 5 80 AB+ whites 90 280 118 101 82 65 6 5 90 AB+ whites 100 294 118 101 82 65 6 5 100 AB+ whites 110 297 118 101 82 65 6 5 110 AB+ whites 120 305 118 101 82 65 6 5 120 AB+ whites 130 312 118 101 82 65 6 5 130 AB+ whites 137 322 118 101 82 65 6 5 137 Saxby (first peak) 294 40 64 114 105 8 11 66 Sexby Lo (first peak) 261 40 64 101 99 8 11 44 Key takeaways: Ripple in surface water can cause +/- 30 PAR excursions, based on bending light. Testing was performed with pumps off. Hydra26 spread was mostly even in the middle of the tank, however the front and back of the tank lost a lot of light. I think I will eventually build a floating hood fixture and add supplemental T5s in the front and back. Those Hybrid fixtures with LED pucks in the middle would be ideal. I was running Saxby for a while, which was a little too much PAR in my opinion. AB+ program at 100% seems to be a good balance for mixed reef. My left island is mostly low in the middle and tall in the back. The low middle spots get more PAR than the back top. I did not expect that, and may add some more height to this island. If I add diffusers to my hydras (I may) I will increase CW channel from 19% to something more like 50-70% to offset a loss of 15-20% PAR.
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    I have the newer model with a yellow fiberglass handle. Its my go to computer repair tool
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    You're welcome to borrow my Catharsis Therapy tool. It fixes a whole host of problems and I'm sure it will fix your frustration with your apex. It is well used but still perfectly functional. I'll want it back of course.
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    I've been meaning to do this project using a small VGA cooling fan for quite awhile. Years ago seeing how some coral specimens expressed a wide range if colors depending only on intensity gave me the idea of small spotlights to tightly control the light field on a colony. One of the reasons the idea sat on a shelf was getting around to making a housing. Recently I got with a friend of mine to 3D print the housing and assemble it. Testing our first prototype I gotta say I'm pretty happy with the size and especially the PAR! Dimensions are 3" tall and 1 7/8" diameter.
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    I was able to use it on 200 gal reef crystals salt mix. Came out to 43.82 after taxes
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    Got the stand built! Put the aquarium on the stand and got everything connected this morning. Waiting on a few equipment shipments to arrive and my rock to finish cycling before adding water. Just must remain patient
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    UPDATED AS OF 3/12/19 I have a few frags for sale. Prices and Pics below. STILL AVAILABLE 8 - Tyree 2 Tone Tort $30 12 - ASD Ultimate Tort $30 13 - JF Sour Twist $30 19 - ORA Borealis $30 22 - Tyree Blue Tip Stag $20 PENDING 1 - Green Goblin Anacropora $20 PENDING jjam 10 - CC Poison Ivy $40 PENDING fishworks SOLD 2 - JF Toxic Aculeus Mini Colony (3") $80 SOLD Hammondegge 3 - Nick’s Purple Passion $20 SOLD photodude 4 - JF Brain Freeze Monti (large) $50 SOLD Hammondegge 5 - PC Rainbow $20 SOLD RobR 6 - Wet Thumbs Fiji Rainbow $30 SOLD RobR 7 - Forest Fire Digi $20 SOLD Dominican 9 - RR The Vinh $30 SOLD BBMarlin 14 - JF Sour Twist $30 SOLD takoattack 15 - ORA Red Planet $30 SOLD Dominican 16 -Reef Ready Grape Juice $30 SOLD Dominican 17 - JG Yellow Acro $20 SOLD takoattack 18 - JF Coolers Champagne $20 SOLD takoattack 11 - RMF Bio Hazard $30 SOLD BBMariln 20 - Gonzo’s Purple Passion $30 SOLD merman 21 - Blue Mille $10 SOLD Hammondegge 23 - ORA Tri Color Valida $20 SOLD takoattack 24 - WWC Yellow Tips $30 SOLD KevinS 25 - WWC Grafted Cap $30 SOLD photodude 26 - ORA Frogskin $20 SOLD takoattack
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    First im pissed i missed this thread. Then realized i need my icp tests back before i waste anymore money. Will PM you hopefully soon
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    I’m due for an update. It’s been a little while. I’ll probably try to take some new pictures today if I get a chance. Not much has changed. I’ve added and removed a few corals. But nothing really fun or exciting. Kind of just in a watching the grass grow phase. As my co2 tank is nearing empty and I’m on my last small bit of masterflex tubing I’ve been thinking about my reactor a lot. My masterflex is an old brush motor model. While I realize it’ll probably outlast me, it’s so noisy. Noisy enough that I am constantly just thinking about how nice it would be to have a silent tank. I’ve tolerated the hum for a couple years and it is just driving me up the wall now. I think my chief concern is that when this tubing is done with I have to change something. My particular unit is discontinued and takes ls15 tubing. They don’t have an identical pharmed tubing alternative, and Cole Parmer only sells this tubing in 25 foot $125 sets which I’m not wanting to pony up for. So that leaves me with some options Replace the ez load head with one that takes ls17 tubing and stock up on pharmed tubing. Pro-probably the cheapest fix Con-still have the awful noise. Pick up a kamoer Pro-quiet, relatively inexpensive Con-shoddy quality, jebao level or worse, coralvue is unaccommodating on claims Pick up a brushless masterflex on eBay Pro-silent, reliable Con-Will take some setting aside of money for a while. I’m on a budget and a purchase like that isn’t one I can just make on a moments notice. Buying a used pump is a risk as well Pick up a brand new brushless masterflex Pro-everything. Best of all worlds Con-the cost is borderline fantasy land. The buyers remorse would kill me Pick up a fuel filter and run an ac pump/needle valve old school setup. Pro-nearly a free change. Simple. Saves space Con-hit or miss if it actually works I’ve been hearing so many conflicting opinions If you run a pump and needle valve Use a prefilter Don’t use a prefilter Use a pinch valve Use a needle valve Use a return pump manifold Don’t use a manifold it’s unreliable, use a dedicated pump But most pumps that small aren’t very high quality. I’m so torn on what direction to go, but I have to make a decision soon. I’m about to cull all of my pc rainbow. Despite multiple dips and relocations, the colony and various frags tend to spiral down hill. Burnt tips, mesenteric filaments, brittle tissue, color loss. No idea what it could be, but whatever it is, it’s winning. Everything else is fine Against Ty’s best advice, I’m likely switching back to metal halides very soon. Have a pair of mint lumenbrite pendants being offered to me for free and I have ballasts as well. A pair of hamilton 14k every 9 months or so will be cheaper to run and replace than 8-54 watt t5 bulbs. I will be able to drive the par higher as well. I don’t think anyone would argue that halides don’t grow acropora lol. I like my t5’s and they’re reliable, but a canopy is a must, and I’m not up for a rebuild. I can’t really get my par in the neighborhood I’d like. I am peaking out at about 300 or so on the rocks at the highest point and 400 directly under the water surface. Likely due to the fact that the lights are 13” off the water and can’t get any closer. Shooting for 400-500 atop the rocks and higher as the branches grow upward. A free lateral move bringing me into the range I want and bringing back that zesty shimmer I’ll admit is exciting to think about. I think that about covers the update for now. I’ll post some pics later. Here’s one just for attention Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Absolutely! They look exactly as how you see them in person! That's quite hard with Radions I've found.
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    I hear jolt you got some nice stuff. Who’s that “Ty” guy anyway Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Storage! I have my light transformers, and Energy Bar, few Apex modules, and the gyre controller all mounted on the back wall so I have all the other space for just storage... and I love it. I have ideas for a couple of things to do under there, but so far I just have an extra 29g empty tank, 5g buckets, drip acclimation stuff etc. Feel free to do what you want with the tonga branch, use it, give it, whatever you like, I mean it was your originally after all if memory serves. Are you still raising nudibranch? My aiptasia issue is gone again due to a great copper banded butterfly. And this one east frozen mysis so I hope to keep him for a long time.
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    i worked on the plumbing tonight and i got most of the return dry fitted, i used spears everything ( thank goodness i run a chemical company my supplier gave me everything i needed at no cost, otherwise the plumbing might have been the most expensive part ) once everything gets glued it should all be equal spacing kind of looks like poop right now, i left room for 2 reactors and either Zeo or bio pellets still weighing out the options. if anyone has any input on the either it would be helpful. anyway here a pic of the return section dry fitted.
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    The sole reason for my upgrade to a 200 gallon.
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    only scientific way to know is to ask ty to touch one.
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    ASD Rainbow seems happy enough in the display tank