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    It is still open today hoooraaay
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    A new toy finally came in the mail. I've wanted a top down viewer forever! It's going to be a week or so until I have time to play with it, but I'm still excited it's here.
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    I got it to open sort of. The bottom half is open. I pointed a power head at the bottom. Its on low. After 2 hours it opened.
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    Also, here’s my Frag tank. Totally separate for now. For frag QT at the moment. I’m done QTing fish for a bit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Update to my water station. I finally have it all in place ! I left one elbow unglued during my testing (unintentionally) and had to do some additional gluing. It goes through the wall and has a valve and hose on the other side. I’ll finish that section and reinsulate/caulk once I’ve thoroughly tested it all. I drilled and tapped in a little bleeder valve so if I do pump maintenance I don’t have to dump a whole pipes worth of water out, I can drain it. The auto ball valve is working great. It closes automatically when power is removed. It also puts out a signal for open/closed to the apex. Very cool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    This is something for @mFrame to investigate
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    It looks like you probably have both color forms of Diodogorgia nodulifera which is a NPS gorgonian. You're feeding well but they do like a lot of waterflow, from "The Reef Aquarium" Vol 2: "May be kept in light or shade but always where it receives constant strong water motion,"
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