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    The rubber floor mats arrived. I cut 2" off the 2'x3' mats so they'd fit in the closet: I laid down the 3'x5' mat under the stairs and took the remnants from the closet pieces to use as a support the ATO (That round thing in the upper-right corner is the automated emergency sump-pump). PLUMBING UPDATE: I'm challenged to prioritize/visualize which aspect of the plumbing to tackle first. I feel the need to have the whole system laid out before cutting a single pipe. RETURN FROM SUMP TO DRAIN: Originally, my priority was to layout all the drain-line plumbing. Then, I realized that the display's return pump could also serve the dual-purpose of draining the sump for water changes. The return-line is closed during water changes, so I could simply redirect the return pumps flow from the display to the drain. This would eliminate the need for a dedicated pump for water changes. This has a cascading effect, as it impacts return-line plumbing to the display. It brings into question the intentions for the manifold over the sump (reactors, U/V filter, spare lines, and possibly the chiller). Ultimately, I'm left trying to plan ahead for all possibilities of what might be attached to the system. My head's spinning. Many possibilities, many considerations ...this is going to take some time! What's attached to your display?
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    Sadly, we lost a few corals after running into some issues with source water. This is the same problem as last year and I hope it's not an annual event. All of the RODI filters were changed and it looks like we're back on track! One of the long-term goals that I have had is to establish an in-line frag tank and I found a spare tank online in April. I took the first steps to getting that set up this weekend and made a video for fun!
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