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    When you run out I have some boxes too. But as you know its a drive.
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    So much fire! I need a Mille harvest once my tank stabilizes. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Be sure to stay on top of your alkalinity and carbonates (DIC, dissolved inorganic carbon) if you're keeping your nitrogen high to force brighter colors. Just like having a PO4 deficiency can have a negative impact on corals with increased nitrogen levels having a DIC deficiency can be detrimental as well. And if corals experience a drop in available DIC thier decreased feeding will make more nutrients available for nuisance algae and the associated increase of sugars which promote coral pathogens runs the risk of creating the feed back loop favoring nuisance algae Rohwer talks about. Decreased growth of Stylophora pistillata with nutrient-driven elevated zooxanthellae density is largely explained by DIC limitation Imbalanced coral growth between organic tissue and carbonate skeleton caused by nutrient enrichment
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    Bwahaha... I'll send you my water bills! [emoji16] I did do one 4 months ago when my gonis of 3 years started to die off and I couldn't figure out why. It didn't help. [emoji31] Looking back, I think it was because I added some wild gonis to the tank and they may have brought in some malignant wild bacteria that my aquacultured gonis couldn't handle. You see a similar type reaction with anemones sometimes. Main reason is I did nothing to the tank and reintroduced some gonis that Jimbo saved for me and they are fine again. What a bummer... I lost some large beautiful colonies of gonis. Cue the pictures to distract!
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    return pump 2x/yr, sump bottom.. whenever i do a water change from the sump... powerheads... when they get noisy (or in the frag tank.. when it gets hairy).
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    I haven't cleaned my skimmer or return pumps since I started almost a year and a half ago. No noise...no problem!