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    Come one, come all to the 2019 Winter Frag Swap! Confirmed Exhibitors: Jolt Fishworks Tylers Tanks (Tyler) Pod Your Reef (Josh) iJam (James) Uchin Jon Hanna Deluxe Corals (Philip) Stoneroller (Kevin) Unlimited Color Corals (Christopher) North American Coral Labls (Justin) Obsessive Coral Desires Doors open at 9am - 1pm, admission is FREE to attend! @ Hillcrest Church - 3838 Steck Ave, Austin, TX 78759 map For those of you that are new to frag swaps, it's just a gathering where people who have coral frags to sell or trade come together. Exhibitors will bring display tanks so you can see their corals under ideal conditions (water flow, lighting). Many buyers will bring frags of their extra or overgrown corals to trade, sell, or give away. You don't have to rent a table if you're just bringing a few frags to swap. It's really just a great occasion to come check out the huge variety of corals that your fellow members and friends are growing and to 'talk tank'. Bring the kids for special guest, the Austin's Photo Booth Guy! https://www.facebook.com/austinsphotoguy/ Exhibitors must RSVP in advance. Tables are $50 (please no sharing), fees offset venue cost, expenses, and support our scholarship fund. Setup will be from 7am - 9am for sellers with breakdown from 1pm to 2pm. Bring your own water and power strip (and cleanup towels), we'll provide the tables and chairs. Tables can be reserved through the store link below:
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    I am moving and unfortunately I can't have a tank set up in my new place. I have a few fish and corals I would like to place for free in a good home. All of the fish I've had for 3+ years and are doing great. *Ocellaris Clownfish *Yellow Watchman Goby and a Tiger Pistol Shrimp (they are buddies so I'd like to keep them together) *Six Line Wrasse *Frogspawn (good size, several branches) *Torch Coral (bigger than a typical frag but on the smaller side) *Green Duncan (approximately 15 polyps) I live close to RiverCity Aquatics so I'm always happy meet at RCA. Please email ([email protected]) or text me (512-917-9573) if interested. I'm not a skilled photographer but I can snap a few photos if interested.
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    Hey Marrio, Welcome to the club, and sorry about the losses. I am up nort, give me a pm about what you need to store and I will see what I can help with.