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    I started with dry rock and its no big deal. it has been less than a year and I have tube worms, sponges, coraline, mini brittle stars, asterina stars, pods and who knows what else. You did good my friend. You still have the option to do a seed rock if you decide its wanted. If you did it at start up, you could not now undo it.
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    I started with 100% dry rock. I think it contributes to a harsher ugly phase (my tank went through diatoms (normal), but got a pretty heavy cyano and dinos outbreak). Things can get interesting (awful) on a bacterial level before everything stabilizes. But two years later, my rock is encrusted with coralline (and a thousand other things) and teeming with pods, sponges, worms, you name it, it's in there living and thriving. Life will find a way as you add coral from a thousand different systems over the life span of your tank. Don't feel bad about the dry rock decision! I did it too and will continue doing it for future tanks.
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    Bob's Your Uncle, Fanny's Your Aunt
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    Just to add a update. After posting this I got really busy at work and with the holidays. So I did nothing outside of the normal 15% water change. Now 90% is gone and the last bit is brown and not looking to hot.
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