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    One of my Jawfish carrying eggs !
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    Idaho Grape - This coral was nearly completely white in December when I started this reboot. It's taken a few months but it's completely recovered and looking beautiful! Really happy with how this one is turning out. ORA Green Elkhorn doubled in size and the color has improved greatly! 9/19/16 6/3/18 ORA Green Pocillopora - Both of these corals started from one frag two years ago! Even though it's a large aquarium, I've decided to find new homes for the big colonies and start over with a frag. The part that I really like is watching the corals grow! 6/6/16 6/3/18 ORA Sour Apple Birdsnest - This one has been with me through it all! I actually lost half of the colony last year and it was mostly brown. I have about six colonies this size and they're coloring up beautifully! When it's the right color again I'm going to keep one colony and find new homes for the rest.
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    The forums gave me a good avenue to be a squeaky wheel. The minute I complained about not having electricity still at 9pm... 20 HOURS LATER, the electric company texted and said we have a green light... Or any light for that matter! We have electricity again! Thank you... Oh thank you magic bubbling wand of life and its buddy, the $6 bait bucket bubbler from Wal-Mart! Thank you ye old $3 mercury thermometer suctioned cupped to the glass to help me keep an eye on temps. And most importantly, thank you my brand new generator, your awesome 1800 watts of life giving power... Letting me run my return pump, 2 MP60s, a small fan, and even my Monster Reef Octopus skimmer rated for 450 gallons... And the occasional recharging of my phone. We survived... We did it. We are exhausted... Goodnight all and thank you for the well wishes and support.
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    UC Strawberry Shortcake at center stage (and photo bombing we have TCK Lightening Bolt, JF TDF, BC Brad's Insane de Fuego, JF Solar Flare, RMF Diablo mille, RMF Psychoberry, and GB Full Spectrum) Continuing just below the above pic, at the center piece here is JKR Rainbow, and beside him we have Somewhere Over the Rainbow mille. Left to right, top to bottom: WWC Event Horizon mille, Cornbred Rainbow Fundip, Cornbred Maleficent, and Oregon Tort
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    Some updates. Its been a bit busy to post until now but I took pictures up to this point at least to document now. 1) Anemone lighting experiment still under way. Been almost a week... Not too much change yet under the T5s from LEDS since but I wanted to document adding the separating barriers. All anemones moved to the right of the box like they were running away from the red-phased CSB. [emoji23] I added the dividers to separate out CSBs, Infernos, and Reefwise Lemondrop. 2) Replaced my DIY Magnet cleaner frag rack in the display with a nice clean looking acrylic one. Its longer and doesn't jut out as much so I was able to hide it behind the rockwork. 3) Took a FTS. I know, scary! Nobody does FTSs anymore! [emoji14] Still need to move a bunch of frags/mini colonies to the display to fill out the aquascape but just need to set aside a good weekend to be inspired to do it. 4) Frag tank looked nice the other day. 5) Colorado Sunburst under actinics 6) Ausie Gold torch under actinics
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    Big shout-out to nori4dori for the awesome frag-pack! FYI, if you were considering buying his ASD Jawbreaker Monti frag and passed, you can start kicking yourself now. 😆
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    I've been diving and snorkeling in Fiji this week. Thought I would share some of my favorite pictures! I love anemones, so you'll probably see more photos of them than anything... Saw a couple S. mertensii anemones. These things are HUGE in the wild!! BTAs, as usual making their home in the center of coral colonies [emoji23] Haddoni anemones are found so shallow in the water during low tide! Huge tabling acro colony Beautiful color combo of these Christmas tree worms, maroon and white! Found a zoa colony under a rock outcrop half exposed to air during low tide. Also a surprising amount of flow going over them. A "high end" mont, aka M. palawanensis
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    I’ve been paying a bit more attention to water quality as of late after doing a lot of reading. I know it’s obvious that stable parameters are a given but I’ve paid more attention to feeding, waste control, and how they relate to light and alkalinity levels. I’ve been pretty happy with the results thus far. It seems my scape is giving me fits on where to place new stuff. Parts of my scape are too vertical so I’ll have to epoxy bits of rubble here and there almost like a rock wall so I can start clearing some stuff off the frag rack This one is getting prettier and prettier as tome goes by. Still some brown deep on the older branches. But as it ages and the nutrients stay lower it’s getting lots of nice surprising shades. It’s real leggy though despite getting lots of flow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Well, I figured it was time to revive this thread. A lot has happened since I disappeared from it. Switched jobs, sold my house in College Station, bought a new house in Driftwood, and now I am moving into the Austin area. I sold the 150g to Jonathan (Bpb). I saved all my SPS frags and packed the 25g. I just moved it on Saturday to the new house so here are some recent pics to hold everyone over. Hopefully no deaths in the move but I will know more on Thursday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Update with some pictures. Not good ones but then how good can a iphone 5 be. The reactor is now set at 7.2 and I have achieved a some what steady cal (425 to 450) alk (9.3) . Still got the cyano but it does not bug me much anymore. Just another task to do. I think its slowly going away. One thing that has me baffled is the low nitrate and phos. No pink in the test for nitrate. Phos .05. I am feeding more but that just makes the phos go up a little. 14 smaller fish plus the clowns, sand sifter and lawnmower, I do have some green spots appearing on the sides of the tank. Coraline maybe. Also a lot of green starting to appear on the rocks. I do have some macro algae growing. But its not really a lot and its not really growing. Wife says all corals are growing. Some really fast.
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    I am a self proclaimed dumpster diver. LOL And sticking to my roots, I saw some cut up furniture dollies in the trash at work a couple weeks ago. To the window glazers they're trash. To me, they were good casters! So I brought them home and made new furniture dollies to roll the stand around on while I sand and paint. I removed two doors, but the third hinge is so rusted, Ill just have to paint it on there. I picked up a gallon of oil based white Kilz and a gallon of black oil based paint. I'm going to do the inside of the stand white and obviously the outside black. There is considerable water damage on one side of the inside, but I'm pretty sure I can sand that back smooth. I have both a belt and palm sander. I chipped away at it with a flat head and a chisel to get all the big bubbles out. It would be ideal to just build a new stand. I'm good at a lot of things, but woodworking isn't very high on that list. Maybe a solid panel across the back? More places to hang things, but less ventilation than the way it is. Also, the sump isn't a 75 gallon tank. I's a 55. Once I got it out of the stand I could see it. Not sure what to do now about the skimmer. It's a monster. possibly have a sump built that would fit the stand and skimmer better. Along with things I have on my list to buy for this project, a better bigger generator is a must!! The little one I got yesterday was perfect for keeping things aerated and alive, but I'm about to add 130 more gallons to my system. I'm afraid the little tailgater couldn't handle a bigger tank. Yesterday was stressful and scary and aggravating. It's not the fastest build in history, but one day we will get there!!
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    I was thinking about Vegas this morning, and then I caught myself doing this while cleaning the frag tank ... I'm all in!
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    Here's a video of the environment these zoas live in
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    It does look pretty under blues Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    And by coke you meant soda-pop, right?
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    So, im starting a new build after being out of reefing for almost 10 years, so far i have bought the tank which i think is a good size for my reintroduction to this hobby, I have pulled the trigger on a 20gal Waterbox kit with AI Prime HD leds, Tunze 9004 skimmer, 2 Vortech Mp10s i still had from my 40g build several years ago, I still had 20lbs of Marco rock still new and in the box from before as well as ordering another 20lbs to give me some other pieces so mix for nice aquascaping. I have also picked up a ecotech radion XR15 g4 pro just incase i dont like the AI Prime HD . This build will be a mix reef tank focusing on higher end to rarer species of LPS and SPS, a pair of Onyx clowns once established enough and progressed enough to add these. i wont be using any quick start additives to start this tank ill be going through the natural cycle, so its going to take some time to get it established. Equipment List 20G Waterbox Kit AI Prime HD / Ecotech Radion XR 15W G4 Pro w/ defuser (not sure what light im going to use yet. probably the Radion) 2X Ecotech Vortech Mp10s Tunze 1074 Silence return 650 gph (didn't like the stock ump didn't like the way it fit) Tunze Nano ATO Tunze 9001 nano skimmer Apex Controller ( New Version) 2X peristaltic pumps for dosing Eshopps 2 chamber dosing container (to dose 2 part B-ionic ) Eshopps 2 Gal ATO reservoir NEEDS Tank stand ( i cant find a tank stand for this footprint, they have a standard stand but its just a box, and its not very attractive)
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    So I guess it's a Tapatalk thing. I find it annoying. Had I known that particular photo would endure unto the end of time, I would have taken a very different photo.
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    My whole existence is based on never ending projects and tinkering. [emoji23] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    guess its a perfect time to show my modifications and house hookup... removed gas tank, made a basket for cables... added meters (3d printed mount) and wired to the house. i had to paint over original writing, because i had to move breakers around...
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    Here's an extremely rare piece, I think there are two frags known to man, I'm told the Route 66 guys lost theirs (see the lineage history here) Tyree (Route 66) Moulin Rouge EDITED: I mistakenly posted a picture of my Red Planet here! You can see the Moulin Rouge a few posts below. BC Aquatic Man Table ready to move up to the big boy tank. The little one in front is RR Shazaam RMF Red Devil Nasuta RR Pink Caddy grown from about 6 polyps I got from @olaggie01
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    My Colorado Sunburst hanging with its tenants.
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    More CSB. [video=youtube_share;OMGJMg4-9KI]