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    Hello ARC, I officially got approval to host another meeting at the house! And when I say approval... I mainly mean the wife said I could! Woot woot! When: October 13th, 12pm-2pm Where: PM me for address Topic: How to keep acropora! If you haven't been to one of my meetings, I generally cater in Vietnamese food... Fried rice, spring rolls, and egg rolls for all to enjoy. Water and soda will be supplied as well. The price you ask? Having to listen to me drone on about corals and reefing! I know... Tough trade off but the food is good so capitalize on that! I will be removing and cutting up at least 6+ colonies in my system and moving them on. I'll have large frags of those for sale cheap at the meeting. Please don't ask for me to hold or request to pick up later. These will be only available at the meeting and first come, first serve basis. I'll be handing out numbers as you arrive for those interested to better organize and be fair to those who showed up first. Those circled in Red are for sure going. I'll be removing them hopefully this week and fragging them up for people at the meeting. Please vote in the poll if you are attending so I have a good idea of how much food to order. That means you'll have to login via computer Tapatalk users... polls don't show up in Tapatalk. Thanks a bunch and looking forward to seeing everyone again! -Ty
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    *ding dong* Hello? -Hi it's Fiji! I heard your tank was half-empty and I brought you some fish. Oh, sure come on in! -I couldn't find a Blonde Naso, but Hawaii said she'll bring one in a week or two. That Pele, she's so nice when she's not blowing her top! Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
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    FTS 9/27 W/B with Snapseed FTS with Orange Filter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Tubbs Stallata RRC Pink Floyd TGC Cherry Bomb Cornbred Firedragon JF Kamikaze Big R CandyLand Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Howdy ARC, I'm Derek. I was a member a few years back but kind of dropped out for a while. I have a 375 gallon mixed reef tank. The tank dimensions are ~8ftx3ftx3ft. I have 5 G4 Radions lighting it. I love tangs and schooling fish. My tank currently has the following fish: Purple Tang (1) Vlamingii Tang (1) Sailfin Tang (1) Blue Regal Tang (1) Chevron Tang (1) Ignitus Anthias (2) Blue Green Chromis (1) Starkii Damsel (1) Pink Skunk Clown (2) Lamarck's Angel (3) Blueface Angel (1) Flame Angel (1) Potter’s Angel (1) Bicolor Angel (1) Red Coris Wrasse (1) Melanarus Wrasse (1) Flame Hawkfish (2) Marine Betta (1) Starry Blenny (1) Japanese Waspfish (1) Orangetail Dottyback (1) Redtail Trigger (1) Bluespot Puffer (1) Golden Dwarf Eel (1) Skunk Cleaner Shrimp (1) Coral Banded Shrimp (1) Yes, I have names for most of them. Yes, I can pet my Vlamingii Tang. Yes, the Bluespot Puffer is an experiment. In the past few years I've been becoming more interested in SPS. I started with a few montiporas, then got a birds nest, a stylophora, and an acropora. They are all doing very well and are growing insanely fast. I have a zoanthid outbreak right now. I'm trying to rid my tank of these pale blue jerks, hence the Bluespot Puffer. So far, tongs work best! I'm not good a taking tank pictures. I'm looking to build a cabinet and canopy on my tank, I just don't know how to go about it. Tips wanted! I started keeping a reef tank in 2006. I've picked up a few tricks along the way too. I'll share where relevant or inquired.
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    Dude worked all day scraping it for me. Even came home and he was cleaning the acclimating container for the powder blue.
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    Dont cut up the flame angel. I will buy the whole thing.
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    Hello ARC! My name is Joe and I've been in the reef hobby for 5 years but I've have freshwater tanks throughout my life. I started off with a hand me down 36 gallon bowfront and through a few upgrades, I now have a 120g SPS dominant tank. I think it's safe to say I got addicted! I've met some great people in the Chicago reef scene and have some amazing friends in the hobby now. In a bitter sweet turn of events, I may be accepting a job offer out in Texas in the next couple weeks and I would most likely have to move fast and tear down my tank. I plan on buying a small AIO (maybe IM 30g) and transporting my stuff I have sentimental value with(mated clowns, longnose hawk, nems, and zoas). I don't really know my living situation yet but I most likely will be put up in an apartment or extended stay for 2 months until I find something I like. I may ship a frag of all of my SPS to a friend in Atlanta for him to hold until I find a permanent residence so I can setup my 120g again. I am visiting the weekend of 10/12, which shops should I check out while I am there? Do you recommend me bringing any specific corals down from Chicago? I know some areas of the country can have a harder time getting certain stuff. Any other suggestions for transporting a few fish in a 20 hour road trip? (will have a battery powered heater, air stone, and plenty of water) Any other advice on the reef hobby scene in Austin would be greatly appreciated, I hope to meet some of you soon!
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    Last new edition, couldn’t pass on this little guy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    They've turned on me! Ahhh! They've already taken the small dog. We're taking the kid and running! Save yourselves! Only ones I'm selling right now are the Mak Corals Inferno BTA, $300 for my local friends if anybody wants one. [emoji4] Haven't really posted locally since only BTA collectors really buy the nems I have. But I'm game if anybody wants it for a discount locally. [emoji16]
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    Added a few more additions to the tank [emoji3] Splendid pintail fairy wrasse Beautiful naokos fairy wrassse I got from ty! Wish I could get a better pic And pink margin wrasse! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    [emoji23][emoji22][emoji22][emoji56]. RIP! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I've been to the Texas Coral Fests before, pretty fun event. A lot of great vendors come out to TCF events so its worth the drive especially when you factor in how much shipping costs if you wanted to buy from multiple vendors. I'm definitely going to try and make it up to this one, with it being Jason Fox's birthday i'm hoping to catch a nice deal, not to mention that there will be a lot of other great vendors too. Here's the list of vendors from their Facebook post: Jason Fox Golden Basket Two Guys Corals Fraghouse Corals Stumptown Corals Reef Consortium Zoanthids/ultra Corals Unlimited Color Corals Aquatic Realm Int Select corals Reefin Coral Syndicate North American Coral Labs Brad Bessett Custom reef creations Ijam coral co Coralsellerz.com Ocean Ave The Coral Bung
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    I've wrapped up some special golden tickets inside of candy bars too for those who want to look for them. FarmerTy exclusive candy bars!? Hopefully they aren't nori and mysis flavored.
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    Meteor shower cyphastrea ready to go!
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    FS, all nondescript purple/blue frags
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    Hello from Canada. Came upon this site after doing some research regarding Leather Yellow Toadstools. Looking forward to read see what goes down on the other side of the world. Shame, but this is the WORST message board setup that I have EVER seen.
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    Serving Austin and surrounding areas!
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    Refilled the CARX media for the first time since buying it. It was about 1/4 left full and about an inch of non-dissolved powder at the bottom. Took about an hour. Was slightly less of a pain than anticipated. Up and running full of fresh media and good to go! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Another big swap in Dallas... They'll be celebrating Jason Fox's Birthday. I'm going to assume he'll have some killer deals for everyone.
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    I haven't but thinking about running up this year to check it out. The Dallas coral stock I hear is some of the best... At least in Texas.
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    Two acro colonies chopped up! Many more to come!
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    Well, got some inhabitants finally 🙂
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    Colorado Sunburst coming back real nice after the split.