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    I got an orange filter for my iphone. I think it makes things a little better ... L to R: RR The Vinh and Fox Flame (peeking from the side) L to R: TCK Pikachu and Nick's Purple Passion Tyree Pinkie the Bear L to R: GB Fire Polyp Milli, ASD Rainbow Milli, ORA Borealis
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    I was admiring the orange passion acro today. Left picture was mid August. Right was today. The pictures do not really do the colors justice. I love this piece!
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    Hey all, At the end of July I needed to move my business office. I decided that as part of the move I wanted to start a marine aquarium (I've had both African cichlid and planted tanks but never a salt water. Having the tank in my office let's me deduct it as an office expense.) So since then I have been researching, building, assembling, and finally starting to add actual denizens of the deep. My setup is a 75 gallon DT with a 29 gallon sump. I'm using an Apex Classic to control, a Bean Animal overflow and DIY ATO. Lighting is supplied by two black box Chinese LEDs. I have a 100 lbs of dry rock that I am seeding with about 5 lbs of live rock. The rock has been seeding since mid August. I finally filled the tank three weeks ago using the water that had been cycled with the rock. My parameters have all been steady after initial cycling with the exception of DkH. I have since started daily dosing off NaHCO3 to bring it up. On the 26th of September, I added the first inhabitants, two mithrax crabs and three hermits. I also added a fistful of Chaeto to the refugium. On Wednesday, I added 5 additional hermits. I'm hoping to be able to add my first zoanthid frags next week. Whew! Cheers, Paula Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Box O' happiness! Colorado Sunbursts! [emoji7] If you could spot the CC Inferno out of the rest, good eye! Its easier to spot under actinics.
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    Finally set up another Biocube. We're really digging the built in controller for the new LED lights. Three different timer settings and no more bulb replacements. Plus the manual option is great for when you want to over-ride and show off those corals under actinics. These have always been great systems for first timers to start a reef in. We started the tank with Caribsea's Hawaiian Black sand a customer's red disco mushrooms that have been growing in his system for years. With a little time the shrooms will settle in and hopefully continue covering the bare spots.
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    I rather enjoy answering noobie questions to be honest. I know when I was starting off there were folks who were (and still are) patient with me and I am forever grateful so I enjoy paying it forward. Thanks for stopping by the thread! Half my posts are still questions this many years later Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Some pics from tonight. All montis except one oddball in this pic. Also not permanent placement of the monti cap. Love the colors on this Male Blond Naso tang. He is my first tang, bought him almost 3 years ago. I am worried about him clipping corals, fast swimmer and large. Jedi Mind Trick ( the trick is this is a green coral with red polyps and a blue/purple edge but we still love them) I don't think this is a branching setosa montipora. It is some kind of encrusting variety. Super slow grower compared to the setosa. Current location of clam. Branching Monti setosa under and competing with a spongoid monit.
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    Stand is now painted, stained, and poly coated. Still need to install door lights and handles which I may tackle tonight. Scheduling a day with my brother to give me a hand with a custom concrete counter top for it. Tank location was vetoed due to the wife not liking the glare in it's current location so the tv went back on the wall. Tank will now live in the current tank's location which is where I wanted it originally anyway but it would of been so much easier to have 2 tanks running at the same time. Now I have to figure out how to move the current tank out of the way without fully draining it. I think I still want to buy another 55 gallon tank and make another sump so I don't have to worry about timing. I'll also need to work on the canopy next. I'm thinking of continuing the slat wood mix stain look. I just need to figure out a way to make the canopy hinged and open top. Any ideas?
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    It has been a while so here are some updated pictures of the tank. The left side of tank. Middle Right Side In the last picture you can see that the urchin is taking the clam for a spin around the tank. The clam is now all the way on the left side of tank but it seems happy so who am I to judge their friendship? Clam stopped to take a selfie with the rainbow ricordias. I imagine if it had hands it would be throwing up the peace sign with one. Happy Duncan Trying a gonipora. Blue light. Flashlight I still use Zeovit rocks, Start, Food, Sponge. The only thing i dose outside of that is an iron/manganese supplement and potassium as needed. Those combined with the giant skimmer and calcium reactor are keeping my levels great. Average numbers are: ALK = 155/ 8.7dKH - Ca = 420 - Mg = 1280 - NO3 = 10 - PO4 = .02 - K = 390 The fish are thriving. I feed a mix of hikari pellets, the S and A sizes, 4 cubes frozen food and a large sheet of nori everyday. They love that red algea you can see growing on the bottom and some rocks on the right hand side especially. Most of the coral have great color for me but some of the acropora are much more stubborn about growing and/or coloring up. I feel like I am missing a secret ingredient or something, probably patience. I hope you all enjoy and as always like and subscribe.... oh wait, i watch too much youtube.
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    One my 47074178 nems is on the glass and looks to be starting to split.
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    3 days of blackout are over. It looks like 95% of the dinos have died off. I did a 40g water change this morning and will be doing anther 40g change this evening removing any remaining bits of the dinos. Hopefully this, plus everything else I have been doing, is the knockout punch against the dinos! Really bad pic, but I got a Flameback Angelfish and Red Head Solon Fairy Wrasse in today from Diver's Den. The Flameback already looks awesome and has quite a lot of personality.
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    Visited Unique Corals while I was in LA last week and picked up some jewels. I've had them in QT for a week now and I noticed today that my Pink Floyd was dying from the bottom up. No clue why, so I dipped him and his friends and put them in the DT, which has much better water quality and movement. Pink Floyd with most of the dying base covered in glue. In the picture it looks like I didn't get the top line, but I'll keep an eye on it and reglue if it looks worse. Hard to tell since the lights were turning off, but diagonally from the Pink Floyd to the back right is 1. Pink Floyd 2. UC Blue Ogor 3. UC Teal Tort and 4. Ultimate Blue Stag 5. To the right of the Pink Floyd is the UC Bali Shortcake
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    In a shipment of grass shrimp (slatwater version of glass shrimp LFS stock) I found a White shrimp, same kind you find on your dinner plate. They're good scavengers and pretty interesting members of the aquarium community. When you can find them that is: And here it is at feeding time:
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    Kalk you can do from your ATO container Christy. For 2-part, you can either manually hand dose or use peristaltic pumps to auto dose with you if you have a controller. Like klwheat mentioned, you don't want to ever put both solutions together or dosed within the same timeframe into the tank or else they will react with each other and precipitate out.
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    That ASD Rainbow mille is for sure centerpiece material. It's a gorgeous coral.
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    Me too. I have not fragged it since I got it in August and I'm waiting for the dispay tank to really be solid before I move a big chunk in. It will be a center piece for sure!
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    Hey all it’s been awhile since I did anything on a build thread and I would Really like to document the reboot of my 150. My wife and I moved from Round Rock to Georgetown back in May and we have been pretty busy getting settled and getting the new house set up, so there hasn’t been much time for the tank which was sitting in the garage til a few weeks ago. My brother in law came up and we finally got it moved into it’s new home after getting it cleaned up. The few fish and corals I have left have been chilling in my QT and I am sure ready for the big tank to get set up. last week I got the rock soaking in some bleach to get all the organics from the old tank off. Decided to try this after watching the BRS investigates the best way to cure rock. We’ll see how it works out so far the rock looks really white.... This weekend my dad came up with his power miter and helped me get the plumbing cut. We had started with a hand miter and what a pain that was. Took less than half the time to get it all cut with the power miter. I like the way the blue and gray looks so hopefully there won’t be any leakswe did come up a little short on the return pump end and I had to order a new union and male adapter for the pump. Thankfully I have plenty of PVC left so that won’t be an issue. Hopefully I can get that taken care of later this week. This is the first time I have ever heard plumbed a tank and I’m hoping it will hold up better than the felxible stuff I have used in the past. Today the new skimmer came and it looks really nice. It’s an SVS-24 from Jeff at life reef. I have read really good things about his skimmers so I wanted to give one a try. Hopefully it will live up to the hype gonna use a laguna maxflo 1350 to feed it. All the other equipment at this point will be from the old tank. 2x250 radiums on magnetic ballasts. BML super actinic strip for dusk dawn. Return pump is a sicce syncra 5. 2 MP40’s for in tank flow and a Neptune Apex to control it all. My goal is for this to be an SPS dominant tank with a bunch of wrasse. In the past I have used two part dosing and have had mediocre results with my SPS so I am looking at something that will keep the tank super stable. For dosing i’m Still up in the air. I have been doing some research on the Triton method and have seen some pretty good results, but there are just as many so-so results it seems. Plus I would need a 4 dosing pump set up, but I’m not totally against trying it. If anyone has any experience please let me know. The other option would be to bite the bullet and get a CARx, and honestly this is the way I may be leaning right now. I have never run one before and they seem kinda complicated. If I was to do it I think I would do a geo 618 with the aquarium plants carbon doser or a dual stage. I am still researching these things so if you CARx gurus have any advice I am all ears other than that I have ordered some tropic Eden reef flakes for my new sand bed and some Red Sea blue bucket to start things off. Hopefully I’ll get it leak tested later this weak and get it cycling in the next few. Til then gonna continue reading about triton and CARx to try and make that decision. Like I said any advice from the CARx gurus or folks that have used triton will be much appreciated.
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    One of the corals I bought from AquaSD a couple months ago I bought because it looked like it had the potential to be a combination or blue, red, and green. AMAZING!!! [emoji7][emoji857][emoji857] Well as corals directly from the ocean tend to do, it completely lost those colors and became a drab green with nice blue tips. Yeah it looked nice, but nothing special. Well tonight I was looking at it with actinics on, and it looks like red is starting to slowly reappear! Whoop! So pumped if this trend continues, it could be a real stunner if it does. And here's my little collection of "high end" frags. I'm currently in a stage of "high end" expansion for a better coral portfolio [emoji848]I just think they look pretty.
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    How about a little update.... Gone: Large Screaming Green Birdsnest, Neon Green Lone Star Leather, Peach Leather Added: Green Bali Slimer, Hawkins Echinata, Northern Lights, Purple Stylo, Fungia Plate, Orange Digitata (still in frag rack) Notes: Looks like the (second) Garf Bansai is taking the mort. Not exactly sure why - the other one didn't dig an Alk spike, but we've been pretty stable for a while now. Palmer's Blue Mille had to take a trim as 2 branches were growing into the glass. DAM Swamp Thing got the necrosis and I screwed around too long before saving it, so down to a little nub (it's just left/under the chalice on the frag rack side), but I think it will come back strong - was growing like a champ before Alk spike. Got some new bulbs the other day and changed it up a bit - my fixture is 4 54w, 2 channel (blue/white). B: Blue +, Purple + W: Aquablue Special, Coral +. Also put them in the correct channels this time - last time I had 1B/1W in each...I don't know why, but it was on purpose. New lighting: Vid (sorry for no music to cover the gurgling - I don't know how to do that yet):
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    MTC minical was actually on the top of my list but at the time he wasn’t taking any orders due to health reasons. I think you’d find differences in quality to be marginal/negligible between MTC, MRC, Lifereef, GEO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Excited about this reboot. You know where I stand. CARX with a dual stage regulator all the way. I love how Ty put it. Don't get cute with your reactor. From the sound of it you didn't plan to, but there are lots of brand new CARX out there by some of the more reputable companies out there, but they're trying to reinvent the wheel and you may bet burned. GEO will do you right. What are you thinking about for flow and lighting?
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    Got some wired polyp extension on that Little farmer frag.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well certainly let me know. Those are huge frags and great looking
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    Added a few more fish from QT. I'm almost done, but still want to add a couple of leopard wrasses and a pair of mandarins. Algae in the tank is on its fifth bloom, each one a different type. In a way its interesting watching them come, but I'm ready for the ugly phases to be over!
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    Here's a current video from this week:
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    Door lights wired up to turn on when the doors are opened.
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    It's been a slow work in progress, but plumbing has arrived! I still need to make the top & bottom woodwork, along with an electric box, but it's getting closer to being ready for water! The canopy I'm using is from my previous tank, so the dimensions aren't ideal, but it will work until I finally get a 5' tank, waaaay down the road. I'll be updating more often now that I'm getting closer and actually have a little spare time! Looks kind of silly having a 3' tank on the 5' stand, but it is what it is!
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    Get some conchs!
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    Ty always told me to try an introduce something that will out compete the Dino's. Read on reef 2 reef a lot of people were using vibrant and complaining that it caused cyano. So I grabbed a bottle hoping to get cyano and I did. I let it kind of get out of hand for awhile to make sure it was smothering the Dino. I then turned around and used Chemi clean to get rid of the cyano, did a 50 gallon water change and things seem to be back on track again. Maybe it was a fluke or maybe it really worked.....
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    I have had several mandarins learn to eat frozen food on their own in my 75G over the years. I had one for about 3 years but when he finally died (disappeared for unknown reasons, not starvation) I hesitated to get another because I assumed I was just really lucky to have had one who would eat frozen. But recently I decided to get another because A) my tank has been set up for 20+ years. B ) I don't have any heavy copepod feeders in residence now. and C) I am willing to supplement live pods to make sure there's enough for it to eat. BTW, the tank is located in my office lobby at Parmer Eye Care, not that it matters, except that there's more people around it all time than in a home environment and I have other people who work in the office feeding the fish most of the time so I don't always get to watch them eat. I pretty much always have someone who takes a special interest in the reef and likes to help take care of it though. Other fishy residents of the tank include a Royal Gramma, Flame Angel (hunts pods too but mostly lives on frozen food) purple firefish, pink spot watchman goby and Scopas Tang as well as a Sally Lightfoot crab and probably an emerald crab although I never see him. Anyway, I released a female Mandarin dragonette into the tank June 9, 2017 (after a few days acclimating in the sump next door to the refugium). When I released her, I also released a bottle of Tigger Pods. I told Lindsay (my tank helper) that Mandarins don't normally eat frozen food but occasionally you luck out and get one who will, so she was watching for it to happen when she would feed. On July 12 she excitedly texted me that she had seen her eat 3 pieces of frozen food! I believe it was the spirulina/brine cubes, but we mix it up between that, frozen mysis, baby brine, coral food, etc. So she continued to thrive and we would see her eat each time we fed. After a while, I decided since she was eating frozen food, maybe I could get a male Mandarin. I figured if I was lucky, she would teach him to eat it too, and if not I would just support him like I'd planned when I got her. As it turned out, I was lucky and she did teach him to eat frozen food. So now I have two Mandarins in my 75G, both eating frozen food. He is much bigger than the female so it's easy to tell them apart (besides the fin difference). Unfortunately, after being in the tank together about a month, they don't seem inclined to pair. They are rarely on the same side of the tank, and today I actually saw the male chase the female off but that was the only time I've seen them interact. I was told that Mandarins are actually known to be monogamous to such an extent that if they had been paired in the past they won't pair up again even if the original partner is gone. Does anyone have experience with having Mandarins pair up in a tank who weren't paired to begin with? If so how long did it take and what were their interactions like when you first introduced them? Obviously there's no way to know if they were "previously paired" in the wild. Whether or not they pair up, I feel lucky to have two of my favorite fish who both eat well. [emoji4] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    We're currently trying to arrange a frag swap in November. As for regular meetings, we're open to ideas and suggestions. Competition with football and other events has always lead to poor attendance during the Fall. We would love to do more if members would like that.
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    Best video yet . I liked the zoom in/out effect, very nice
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    About time you gave some love to the softies!
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    So the aquarium is starting to make some actual headway. A huge shout out to Gig'em for donating a great palythoa to help me get started! At the time I left my office this evening (where my tank lives) it was already staring to open back up. There was also a cute little brittle star hitchhiker. Bonus! I also purchased two frags to add to the tank; both LPS, a candy cane and a chalice. They are very small and inexpensive. I think my tank and I are ready for them. Maintenance wise, I switched from dosing NaHCO3 to Kalkwasser. I'm hoping to add some ocellaris soon. RCA is currently out of stock. They should be getting some in the next week or so. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    The color contrast of those 4 new ones should be pretty special when they grow out.
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    I just wanted to mention I love my CaRX. MTC Procal... Handmade by a guy from New Jersey and just works. Has user replaceable parts too that are easily found at most hardware stores. Its a dual chamber CaRX with a flow gauge. Its awesome!
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    I bought mine 2nd hand from someone going full Triton... No, not Chris. Been very happy with it. Had a carbon doser and it worked to perfection. My only complaint was the single regulator and the audible click releasing each bubble.
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    I'm jealous of your plumbing! That blue PVC really pops. I look forward to hearing about your choices regarding Triton or CARx. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Nice! I'm glad you've jumped all over setting up the new tank! What a great start too! CaRX all the way... Cheap in the long run after the initial investment and super easy to run. Its way more simple than most think it is... At its most basic level, you're bubbling CO2 to melt media. That's it. You just have to match it to your tank's uptake, which you have experience with that already with the dosers. Geo with a carbon doser is a win-win setup there. Most people that I believe have issues with CaRXs buy ones that don't have the reputation to keep a stable effluent flow. I've run 4 of them over the years and its totally worth the money to get the ones everyone else runs and have had success with. Don't get cute and buy another brand because its cheaper or it is the newest thing on the market. Tried and true is what I recommend sticking to, as in your case, the Geo reactors. Ol' aggie is the only person I know running Triton locally so it'd hit up your old friend and chat with him about it. Great start Rob! Makes me happy you're planning on doing a wrasse-city tank with tons of SPS.
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    Very nice tank Jolt! Totally loving that wrasse selection the flame is probably one of my favorite fish and yours is a beauty. That bandit is also amazing great looking fish. Those corals are looking great too
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    Changed up the bulb combo. I’ve always really favorited a more natural hue to the tank. Definitely bucks the current trend of heavy royal blue dominated tanks and all the mega photoshopped-amber-lensed rainbow tenuis type things that are so popular now. I still honestly prefer a mid day look. 10k halides with Blue supplement is still my favorite appearance. My tank lately has just been too blue for my taste so I decided to go against the grain and brighten it up. Above are the before and after shots. Top bulb arrangement is Blue+ True actinic Coral+ Blue+ Blue+ Coral+ True actinic Blue+ New arrangement is Blue+ True actinic 6500k Blue+ Blue+ 6500k True actinic Blue+ I’m really enjoying it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Frame is way over built I know but I just didn't want to regret the base size and strength in case some day I wanted to go bigger Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Its only because my SPS are ugly right now with the lighting change and adding fish back in. It'll be all acros again soon enough! Thanks Sissy! I tried to play with other effects this time. Amateur wanna-be video guy. [emoji51]
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    Build is slowly chugging along. Working on the stand side doors at the moment. Space for the tank has been made after selling our super big couch set and moving our tv off the wall. I'll need to patch and paint the wall then hopefully by next week I can move the stand inside. Living room is currently a mess but we just got the new couch and dual recliners. I have a side project of making a tv stand for the tv then I can move the tank in.