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    First step in adding more lights to the frag tank, raising them, and running the radion diffuser. So far so good ....
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    Digging my new light settings. Thought I would grab a few photos to share this weekend A tip of my A. sarmentosa got knocked down and thought it was a cool shot The bravest fish in my tank, little eviota gobies Goniopora is still alive and kicking CB flaming Phoenix looking good even under white lights
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    I concur with all the comments here. Your SPS be hungry homie. Nutrients = fertilizer. No nutrients = no growth and deteriorating health. Also your alk is too high for as little nutrients as you have. Alk should only be increased in the present of plenty nutrients to fuel growth. Until you get your nutrients under control and higher you should slowly decrease alk. Be careful changing parameters on coral that is sick results in death. Speaking in generalities. high lights with proper nutrients = pretty coral (5-20 no3, 0.03-0.1 po4) your have to figure out where your tank is happy. High lights with no nutrients = pale coral and eventually death = this is basically zeovit Not enough lights with too much nutrients = brown coral, failure to thrive and eventually death. not enough lights with not enough nutrients = dead coral
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    Here are the details of my soon to be new tank build. Custom 72.5"x24.5"x31.375" Planet Aquariums Rimless/Trimless Aquarium (240 gallons) Is it worth an additional 2K for low FE glass?? 5 x Radion XR30 Pro NYOS Quantum 220 Skimmer 4 x MP60's DaStaCo XtremA A-2 Calcium Reactor Neptune Apex Aquarium Controller 2 x Ecotech Vectra M1 This should be a fun build and I'm super excited about jumping back into reefkeeping! So much has changed since my last tank and I'm eager to learn new things and meet new people. Hoping to have this wet by September. Cheers! Clint
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    Easy, guys.. I put my pants on just like the rest of you -- one leg at a time. Except, once my pants are on, I make gold records. -Bruce Dickinson
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    haven't update for awhile now. it took me couple weeks to get it filled with sand, fine tune the sump, flow plus I was literally sick for almost a week in the middle of all of these thing. now it is finally in the cycle phase. starting to get the RMS railing up for the lights, installed the apex system, fix the chiller (there was a bad wire), fix the leak, breaking in the skimmer, installed the heater. next on the agenda is to add the frag racks to the frag tank, fix the penductor since I broke one when I was tweaking it lol. finish installing lights, i only have 2 gen4pro at the moment, need to get 2 more. still on the waiting list for the L8 algae scrubber. ordered my lid cover from octolid - it will come with a feeder hinge and a cut out for the auto feeder chimney. definitely have plenty of flow (these 2 pumps is blowing my sand everywhere lol) from the reeflo barrcuda/hammerhead pump + the ocean motion/reeflo Dart but still wanna add 2 more mp40wqd at both side of back wall of display tank to serve as backup, additional flow since I already have an ecotech backup battery in case of power failure. might invest in another backup battery in the future. still need to get more RMS mounting for the frag tank for my 3 gen2 lol.....totally forgot I have nothing to mount them on. I will post more picture in the coming weeks with more progress. oh yea, I still gotta calibrate my salinity, ph, orp probe....just being lazy right now. this has being a tremendous undertaking, way more than I thought it will be. lots of frustration for sure and road blocks. yet I'm chipping at it little bit at a time. I'm getting closer and closer. i feel like I learned so much about this tank like as if I'm learning how to raise a kid lol. really want to shout out to both Jim and Seth for all the support, wisdom, and encouragement! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I will sell you Chaeto for a high five if you’re willing to come to South Austin and get it. Price is non-negotiable.
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    I feel like I haven't posted a FTS in a while, and I have finally replaced the funky light I had to throw up on the right side of my tank when my Orphek stopped working properly. Wow, what a difference that makes!!! Corals are starting to look really good now that I have lowered my phosphates for over a month. Red dragon is looking more red again now that I've eliminated the greenish lights on the right RCA the Hotness mille is looking hot as usual
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    Great progress today!! . I got all of my drains plumbed!! Minus the gate valve which I can easy cut in once I get it. I’m also going to pick up some stand off clamps to secure the pipe to the stand. These will make the pipe more secure as well as level it better. Right now thery’re not exactly plumb. All I lack now is the return side, manifold, skimmer, and leak test. WOOHOO!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    got my rendering of my display tank custom Octolid - got a hinge feed door front center with a cut out for an autofeeder chimney at the left top corner. also got my frag rack installed. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    If you want to move it at the rock you don't even have to cut it, just grab firmly at the base of the stalk and pull. It should peel away from the rock and come off as a whole piece.
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    Quick update with pics, everything has really mellowed out pretty quickly. I had a small diatoms bloom I cranked the vortechs up did a 50% water change skimmed wet and they were gone in a coupe days. The rock is coloring up a bit, I see small specks of Coraline, all levels are back to untraceable by my current test kits, doh is stable, calcium and mag are in order. As my gf says "the baby shark" or chromis has done really well, colored up very pretty and eats like a piggy. I still skim pretty wet for the time being just to be on the safe side, I'll dial it back soon after I move to the new stand and install the Apex and the rest of the equipment.
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    I got the T5s up and mounted. Brought down the radion intensity to 60% from 100%. Also running the T5s for 4hrs a day for the first week for acclimation. I have to mess around with the mounting a little, but it’s workable right now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well, I just realized it's been a month with no updates. I have a little excuse, I went to Cozumel with my wife for a week to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. So, to at least do a minor update, I took a quick picture of the PC rainbow colony in the display tank. Not a good picture, but I am really liking the color it's getting in the DT versus the FT which is not quite the same shade of red.
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    Leak testing the frag tank tonight... [emoji51]
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    I was about to say, we need to change the name of your thread to “farmer Ty’s no water change colorful aiptasia (BTA) tank” Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    i measure out 8-days worth of supplements, split it evenly. then each bottle gets 3 tinyspoons of roids and 3 tiny spoons of chili. after the supplements are added to the bottles, i top it off w/ about 5ml Ro to get me to the 110ml mark. stick em in the fridge. daily around 5:30, i shake one up, pour half in the tank. around 9:30 the other half. first post has my complete recipe/amounts
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    Couple more pics I took this morning. I just have the 2 pieces of coral so not much to shoot. Lol
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    [emoji38] I'll have to sell more frags between now and then if I'm going to be able to afford that
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    Acro crab, it’s good to have. It’ll clean ur acro of food debris and what not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    so I finally gave in and change the plumbing for the main return.....it was just way too loud with the vibration plus the PVC was like an amplifier lol.....didnt help too much even in the garage. so I added 2 pieces of barbed flex hose to reduce the vibration. I gotta say, it was money well spent. so much better now. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    It looks to me like the beginnings of Head and Lateral Line Erosion Syndrome or HLLE. Are you using GAC? Nutrition issues have always been considered one of the causitive agents but dust from Granulated Activated Carbon, GAC, has been shown to be a factor. I use GAC without issues but I use a good quality brand and besides rinsing it well I back it with fine filter pads and make sure it can't tumple, I won't use it in a reactor where it might be able to move around and form small particles.
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    Tubbs mystic blue stag