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    Ok, here's my orange passion update. It's finally started to take off a little. I think it could be my favorite coral ....
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    A few things that may be making it to Austin this weekend... 😉
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    Been awhile since I posted a Full tank shot. Its getting there slowly. I've culled some colonies the last couple months, lost some too during November when my tank was in a funk, and now have open space to start gluing my new stuff to the rocks. For now, the frags that graduated from the frag tank are sitting on the frag rack to be glued somewhere. I took my first stab at gluing some colonies/frags but its always a process. The right rock is close to where I want it except I may swap some corals out and I still need to fill in the bottom right with more frags/colonies. The left rock structure is a hot mess but I'll keep working on it. I also cleaned up the sandbed and reclaimed my beach. Its nice to have that negative space back... It makes the tank look like a tank again. I also got the pvc foamboard in and cut it and applied it as a backdrop. I'm decently happy with the results but may look at another alternative as the seam in the middle does bug me at times. I still need something that is removable when needed so painting is not an option. At least its nice to look at the tank now and not see plumbing and storage boxes behind the tank. [emoji1] The tank cabinets and front are finished from a construction standpoint. I still need to complete it by sanding and painting it as well as sealing it with silicone against the glass so guests don't drop crud into my sump below. We'll get some nice bar stools down the line but for now, these two chairs I stole from the breakfast table will do. All in all, I'm very happy with the progress the tank is making and even more happy that my corals are back to being happy and growing/thriving/coloring back up again. Its also bittersweet as I know once the corals are all glued up, I will have nothing to do with the display anymore and the only option is just to sit back and watch it grow. At least there's still the equipment/sump/frag tank to play with. [emoji106] Happy reefing everyone and thanks for following along.
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    done with 1st layer of stain today...hopefully I can find energy to get the 2nd layer tomorrow. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Found a healed frag of this... might just make it home with some lucky Austin Texas reefer...
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    Rock: I will build some stuff out of pvc to hold the rock off the bottom of the tank, and drill some holes for pvc pipe to hold pieces together. I will also hollow out the back and bottom of some the rock to make it lighter. (my back is killing me, or I'm killing it). I want to make some straight holes thru some of the rock for looks.(tube worm like). Tank: With the help of a few buddies and a few breakfast taco's we got the thing in the wall. Hard to see the tank without something covering the back sides. That the wife's project. Will have to get the MP60's in place first so she knows where to cut the holes. I need to work on the trim border while the rock is soaking. I will make sure it covers the sand depth. I never thought the green and brown sand was attractive against the glass. I plan on making it re-moveable for cleaning with a magnet.
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    A few of the things I cut for the frag swap pink lemonade, and above it ASD rainbow mille pink lemonade, and to the right ORA borealis (and a tiny nub of CC Heaven and Hell mille that was an accident) bioreef green goblin and garf bansai pc rainbow myagi tort and ORA frogskin jason fox jack o'lantern strawberry mille
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    Looks like i can take that day off to come set up to sell off some of my zoas and palys. Need to trim the garden
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    The thing I always look forward to is the coralers going door to door. [emoji41] Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    The rock has been soaking for a little over a week now. No PO4 , that I like. The cycle has started. I used bacteria, a jumbo raw shrimp and some ammonia. Starting to show some nitrate and nitrite. Here is a picture of when i was starting it off.
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    Grabbed a couple more photos tonight while I was cutting frags.
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    Couple of corals looked very nice tonight, so I thought I would share
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    Thanks to everyone I got frags from at the swap. Special thanks to Ty for the frag pack and John for getting them to the swap.
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    finally new update!!!! I got My frag tank and stand from Marc with Melev. the stand is unfinished so I will be doing some wood filler, wood condition, staining, and coating etc these couple weeks. here's a link to Marc stand making video: Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Pesky urchin! Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Then all I had to do was measure the sides just as I would to make a standard screen top and assemble it as usual. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Few more sticks that may or may not show up...
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    After 5 years of setting this 220g tank up im finally slowly able to keep a mix reef (my addictions for any and all type of corals.) Happy new year. Hope by end of 2018 already will mature into bigger colonies. BtW i will be setting up a table at the swap so come on by to see my zoas and palys and maybe a few sticks and lps
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    Drove down to the truck terminal and got my pallet of Marco Rock. Looks good. Large pieces about 16" to 18" long. Really no rubble but what came off while it was in transit. A bit heavier than Pukani but not by much. Tons of holes. Will be great for aquascaping.
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    Water going in today! T5 retrofit/supplement installed. All the rest of the equipment came in and installed. Hurray!
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    Miyagi Tort ORA Chips acro FarmerTy Tricolor acro Purple Bonsai Setosa YG Yellow acro Tyree Pink Lemonade Red monti cap Green with blue polyp monti Green Aussie acro Jedi mind trick Mystery acro ORA green planet Tyree Undata monti
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    This Alevo. Been wanting one big time.
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    It was a great swap, at a great venue!
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    I already did. I hypnotized him last night and got him to stop nipping corals and also quit smoking, win-win. Perfect timing actually, he's pending.
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    Loving getting to know some of the little critters in my reef. Here's a wee amphipod. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Sounds like Ty wants to invite your orange spot filefish for a swim and dinner. Sort of a welcome to the neighborhood.
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    i mean, lol. beautiful looking fish.
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    Oh they’ve already being brought-en! hahaha
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    Home wrecker, WD, TNT, Pink panther, lady in pink, Malificent, Pink Floyd, rainbow envy, blue flame, ultimate op, sc op, Pink Cadillac, angry bird, fox flame, and more... lots lots more. 😊
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    Hi, everybody. My 135g reef has been on the decline for several years. My wife gave me an ultimatum in December: clean it up or shut it down. So, I started the clean-up just before Christmas and now I'm hooked once again. The tank only contains two tangs, which I've always kept fed. The rocks were covered in hair algae. After about a week of cleaning and new aquascaping, the tank looked much better, so I tested at that point with Salifert kits. Phosphates were at 0.5 (can't imagine what they were prior to clean-up). I decided to try NO3PO4-X and I have to say, I'm impressed. I haven't done any water changes since I started dosing over a week ago and phosphates are down to between 0.1 and 0.25 (Hannah checker is next on the order list). Algae is starting to peel itself off the back glass. Dosing is very simple, so I'll probably continue a maintenance dosing regiment going forward.
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    G3 pro Radions, AB+, 63% on right and left, 68% center
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    I'm the other member on the forum he got it from. [emoji41] Just order a pack of them on EBay. Its mainly going to be the orange filter one you'll be using. I stopped using it because it brings out great colors in the pictures but skewed some other colors. But for iPhone users, its your best bet because the phone heavily skews blues in pictures.
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    Snapped some photos with the iPhone macro lens. Happy Friday!
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    Psh, do you know who I am Ian?! Come on....
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    Update: Water cleared up right nice. Skimmer is pulling out junk. Put a small hunk of fish in to rot and help the cycle along. Made a couple of frag racks with extra bits laying around. They will be ready to hold some frags from the swap coming up. Wish I had another few weeks to let the tank settle in before the swap but I'm biting at the bits to get something in there. I also ordered a travel frag carrier. Supposed to be FAA approved for carry on. Pretty cool! http://buildinganobsession.com/products/personal-sized-frag-transport
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    Male flame wrasse flashing. Sorry for the blurry pics but it's like trying to catch a fly out of the air with chopsticks, Daniel-son.
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    I'll be clearing some of this out to make room for some new corals coming in.
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    100% quarantine and treatment before going into the display. Slacked on that this year. Literally just throwing money away.
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    Last month I began contact companies to build the new overflow. The main concern that I had was having an overflow built that would exactly match the existing holes drilled into the aquarium. If one couldn't be found then I would have to silicone in an overflow cover, which would be cheaper and easier but take more time. I first contacted Reef Savvy and found out that the Ghost Overflow cannot be customized and they would not send me one without the holes already drilled. Next up was Synergy Reef, who never responded to my emails. After that I came into contact with Glass Holes and we exchanged emails for a few weeks. The owner was very responsive, but his answers to my basic questions didn't leave me with enough confidence that he could build the overflow to my specifications. This leads me to Modular Marine. I had never heard of this company before, but I found them on Ebay and they were willing to build the custom box to my specifications for a reasonable price. The box came in well packaged and exact to my specifications. It measures 42 x 5 x 6 and will replace the 86" box that is currently in the aquarium. I plan to put 2,000 - 3,000 gph through the box using a BeanAnimal style overflow. One feature that Modular Marine advertises is the sloping design of the wier teeth. It's intended to reduce noise caused by the water overflowing into the box. I've had this problem before and I wouldn't mind a little less waterfall. I really wanted an overflow lid to cut down on the time I spend catching fish out of the overflow. Since this box is solid, it would be near impossible to see what I'm doing with a net. This lid insets within the box to help secure it in place.
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    Caught my yellow flanked wrasse in full flashing display. This was the best I got of him. If you've ever seen a wrasses flash, then you should be impressed I even got this shot. They just dart back and forth like crazy!
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    Water in, skimmer running, got the return pump dialed in. Also picked up some liverock today to help seed the tank. Most in the sump but I put some small purple pieces in the display.
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    Bottom is glued on. Yaaaaa. Now to get it flipped so I can glue the overflow box to the back.
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    Hey everyone! We’re just starting our advertising of our 2018 LMAR frag swap which will be held April 29th at the San Antonio Aquarium from 1-5PM! We will be creating a full event thread as soon as we confirm our final vendor roster and our lineup of event sponsors! Please book the 29th in your calander and we hope to have many ARC members down for this event!
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    No fiction here Tim since I moved in March so no water changes for 4 years would be an impossibility. When in discussion of no water changes, its in reference to methodology for husbandry purposes... Not that no new water ever hits my system. When I go to frag swaps or sell frags, I of course have to replace that water. In fact, my skimmer also removes saltwater and over time I have to replace that water too. I hope that helps clarify for you what I mean by that. And yes, roughly 3 years with the last tank of no major water changes except for once when I overdosed Mg and in the first couple months when it was stabilizing was exactly how it went down. I'm not interested in an internet discussion on what I assume or what you assume Tim. I'll go have a beer with you and chat any day. That sounds a lot more fun then digging back to what you've said over the years and what you've quoted. Yes, colloquial terms are for easier use only, and yes, of course that doesn't imply that all that are grouped have the same husbandry standards. That would be absurd and I find it odd you have to wonder if I don't have that basic undestanding of corals, but just in case, yes, all "SPS" don't have the same husbandry requirements. You definitely do have a unique experience base. That was never the question. I only spoke out with JimD's thread because I don't think your focus is acro dominant tanks. I only base that on the examples of tanks you maintain that you've posted on here as that is all I have to go by and your tank at home. Most are dominated by softies and "LPS" and a few SPS, mainly the easy ones like birdsnest, digis, stags, etc. I shared what I thought was more appropriate advice for the system he was trying to run. If someone wanted to run a naturally filtered system with tap water topoff that was self sustained and not prone to system failure, and maintained by routine water changes, I'd keep quiet and move on. Not my methodology and definitely not my area of expertise. If I try to give an advice in that arena, please do kindly tell me to bug off. [emoji12] Now going to the good stuff, I think I'm going to order a sponge pack from Tyree. I'm curious if they will spark some variety in the new sump once I swap out the old sump. Thanks for reminding me about the cryptic sumps as his talk during C4 has been ringing in my ear ever since then. Happy holidays Tim. May we clash methodology-wise for another 10 years on ARC. [emoji23][emoji2][emoji12][emoji4]
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    This guy was literally dead after I got velvet at the new house. I held him with two fingers in front of a power head for 30 mins trying to get him some oxygen (That's no easy feat when he's at full strength... He's "Strong like bull"). And when I let go, he would float off like a corpse, no control, just slamming into the walls of the tub and the rocks. I threw him in a treatment tub with tons of bubbles and acriflavine for 1.5 hrs and thought I was going to be coming back to a dead fish but to my surprise, he was sitting there just swimming in the bucket and looking at me. Definitely a miracle that he's swimming in my tank right now.
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    I find this very interesting. There are two pieces of echinata on this frag plug. One was what survived of my colony when I moved. Its the very green encrusting piece. The other is a piece I got back from a buddy that was from my original colony. If you notice at the bottom of the bluer piece, you'll see that it has touched the greener piece and now that area is bluer but it still retains the green polyps. Its like grafting a piece of Hawkins echinata back to itself and seeing the slow transfer of color through the green piece. It'd be interesting to see when the green polyps go blue.
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