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    Some pic updates Recently acquired 3 bleached magnifica anemones with plenty of potential
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    It's been so long since I've posted any updates. Over the last couple years, I've really had a hard time keeping my tank parameters in a good place (as in other things have been the priority) to really keep many coral. This I've had a large fish tank. That isn't a horrible thing as I still find the aquarium very relaxing and I have some great fish.... but still not what my intention was when starting this system up. So over the past several months I've been working to "automate" even more, to help keep everything in balance. I've been doing an automatic water change, 5 gal/day, for a while now, have been good about not over feeding, etc. and with the help of a trident have a very good understanding of my dkh & Ca from day to day. A few months ago I added a few "simpler" SPS, and they have been doing well. I have an issue with what I've just learned is "clove polyp", thank you @victoly, so now time to try and deal with that. I'll work on getting some pictures added in the near future.
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    The lid FINALLY arrived...it's like Christmas in July! I can finally take good pics of the tank with the new lid on it!!! I had been using a full sheet of the clear netting with all the sides weighted down.
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    Thanks Rob. Everything is perfect!
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    These guys are so healthy and awesome. They are doing great in my tank.
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    Cleaning out frag rack. Rasta - 5 per polyps Smoldering cauldron - 10 per frag Blow pop - 10 per frag Pink cat's eye - 5 per polyps GSP - 10 per frag Text would be best 512-521-2986 Location: Cedar Park
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    Got too many Zoas, so doing a special on a 5-Frag pack...have a few of them. WWC AOIs Rastas Sunny Ds Platinum Polyps Rust Buckets AOGs Each frag will be minimum 5 polyps of each frag, but the pics have some big frags...each pack will likely have 2-3 of them this size. $150 each (just know the AOIs alone sell for $40/polyp usually) Pickup in south Austin, or shipping in TX available for additional $25
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    My frag tank is too crowded, I have numerous SPS, LPS for sale...if you’re wanting some nice things for your DT, message me, most things range from $20 to $30, larger are obviously more. Also have baby clowns / Cardinals and anemones!!!
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    If it’s hanging, I wouldn’t consider that “floating” lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    hey guys, had to remove some of my large Sherman rose bubble tips from my tank since they were too large and taking up way too much real estate. My loss is your gain! Feel free to ask any questions. All pictures in the acclimation box were just after the move so they were a bit stressed. The pictures of the nems in the display tank are the same nems up for sale. All were natural splits! Text 512-six96-180four for more details $160 local pick upWill consider any trade offers
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    Very nice John... love those SPS! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I had a copperband butterfly that absolutely eradicated it from my tank. Pretty, cool fish. The only issue is that after it's gone you'll need to pass him on or he'll starve.
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    Thanks @Timfish. That's a great idea to try to hang something over there to try to get them into it. They picked probably the worst spot in the tank, in terms of reflection of light from outside windows, to call home. The tank is in my office and while I'm sitting at my desk, all i see over in that area is the flag flying outside or the tree in my front yard. GAHHH!
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    RBTA attached to live rock w/ three small red shrooms and sponge - $75 SOLD RBTA is approx 4"-5" (medium) and live rock it's attached to is approx 6"x4" (w/ 3 small Red discosomas mushrooms, sponge and nice coraline algae) Text 512/773-8971 ~Cash,Paypal,Venmo~
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    Selling a Tunze OSMOLATOR NANO 3152 AUTO TOP OFF I purchased this over a year ago for my Biocube32 but i never installed it. Ive opened the box, but never installed or used. $60 OBO
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