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    Ok, it's fired up. Few odds and ends left to do, but let the cycle begin ...
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    Since the stand is like 42in tall and the tank is another 30in, I had to climb in to get the detail cleaning lol. Please steer away from those white legs!!!! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    The 120ga is live! It was a job, but it is finally up and running. I ran a hardline to the Apex from my router in the front of the house and everything is dialed in and working thru the Apex now. I cooked my dry rock for a couple months so should have minimal phosphates from the rock. I'm running both live sand and Dr. Tim's nitrifying bacteria and have added fish that I quarantined for a few weeks, but expect the cycle to be minimal. I'll be checking levels daily to ensure that everything is good. Still to do: I'm not running the reactors yet until the cycle is over, I need to wait a few weeks before adding Chaeto to the fuge, I need to hook up the DOS, need to set and break in the skimmer, and need to setup the ATO this weekend. Also, I need to build the front panel for the stand this coming weekend and get it painted. It will be attached with magnets to the stand for ease of maintenance. I'm also going to build two BRS net tops for the top of the tank to eliminate jumper deaths. The tank has euro-bracing so it will be easy to build tops and they will have a recessed-fit right into the Euro-bracing, so they should look good. I've also got a few more fish in the QT tanks, a rainbow nem, and a lot of frags, waiting to be added.
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    In August of 2014, my family and I moved from Austin to Cleveland Ohio for work. This included moving my 185 gallon reef tank setup, with all the inhabitants, rock, coral, fish etc.....Using a combination of strategic planning, friends and family that was willing to help, and a Uhaul truck.. Since I had nearly 8 weeks to design the move prior to the actual move I spent HOURS researching and talking through my plan with Jake over @ RiverCityAquatics. We calculated the amount of hours maximum that the fish could survive in bags dosed with oxygen. How long the drive would take, and what I would need to get the job done. This is my story.... Tune in this weekend for chapter one of this EPIC story.. J.R.R Naylor...
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    This happened. Who's ready to follow along?
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    Long time since my last update but I've been trying to work on the tank here and there when the baby, work, and life allows me to. Let's just say if I get enough time to feed my tank each day, I'm happy. I only get to check alk every couple weeks, thankfully the CaRX keeps it pretty solid. Here's what has been going on the last couple months to the tank: Last I left you guys... Got the tank in there, lights over it, crammed rocks and corals everywhere and walked away. I got all the life support systems in and that was all I had time for. I still top off manually 2 months later as I haven't had time to set it up yet. [emoji26] THE GOOD: Got Nick and John of Ndestructible Welding to modify my old stand to repurpose as a frag tank stand. If I haven't mentioned it already, they did an amazing job and great quality work. The red stand was completely fabricated by them including adjustable stainless steel feet and pull out walk board (which I have yet to complete the board on top of it). Drilled for overflow Added sand Top down shot with tons of reflections. Corals have adjusted to the move, growing again, and regaining some lost color. Also got an electrician to install two dedicated circuits to the tank room. I had him nest them together in the same box. Finally did it... Going all T5. I'll use the old led/T5 combo over the frag tank once its setup but for my display, I'll be going with an ATI 8-bulb fixture.
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    This guy wants to be King of The Tank. He's almost as big as my spread-out hand, but whenever he starts getting too full of himself the bandit puts him in his place ... The yellow tangs always know where he is though!
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    From the frag tank ... WWC Bizarro looking happy PC rainbow, pink lemonade, and red robin ...
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    FTS of the frag tank, it's finally starting to look good in there ...
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    Looking to distract you with a pretty, flowing, 3-headed Cerberus of a goniopora while nobody notices the fish are missing.
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    Some picture updates. Everything continues to grow and color up. A couple of remaining corals are still green but I believe lower my PO4 a bit will help that out.
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    In the summer of 2014, I was given the opportunity with my job to take a field sales position. Unfortunately that required that my wife, 9 month old son, and fish/dogs move to Cleveland Ohio. When I accepted the position, I was given 45-60 days to relocate, and as you can imagine it was no easy feat planning something of that magnitude across 1361 miles. There were many moving parts and a VERY small relocation budget.. It was one of those things where you think to yourself "I don't even know where to begin"... So I started by talking to Jake @ RCA.... A LOT.... Asking him if I should ship my fish, fly with them, drive them up? Etc.. The biggest challenge was that I had absolutely no connection in Ohio.. No fish store that I knew, no friends to help... Oh and it was going to be ONE trip.. No buying a house, getting a new tank running and then moving the tank after a few weeks.. This was literally break down, pack up, drive, and rebuild... After weeks of planning and changing plans with @Gig 'em @ NDstructible and Jake, we decided that the best option would be to drive them since I would need to break the tank down and leave on the same day. My wife was SUPER excited about that.. I told her "on the day that we move, my one priority above everything else is making sure that I break the tank down, get everything loaded in a quick time frame and race out the door because we only have 24-30 hours to get this fish out of bags and into water." Jake and John came out that morning (at the same time the movers were loading a truck with our stuff), and we began to take my tank apart. My dad was at the house in the garage building an "Ark of the Covenant" crate for the new tank, complete we structural support beams and foam wedges to keep the tank from sliding. Luckily I was breaking down my older tank, and moving my new one with new stand and canopy. Jake brought over his pure oxygen doser and we dosed bag and put each fish in separate bags. The balance was very important.. Enough space for air, not too little water or their poop could make the water too toxic. (side note, I didnt feed my fish for a day or two to make sure they would have barely anything to excavate from their bowels). Here is a breakdown of the contents of the tank, and how they were transported.... Fish in bags, does with oxygen. Put into coolers with ice packs, loaded into the backseat of my sedan... 1 Coral beauty angel, 2 yellow tang,1 blue hippo tang, 1 sailfin tang, 2 clown fish, 1 leopard wrasse, 4 chromis, 1 sand sifting star fish, 1 flame angel fish. (that leopard wrasse literally added like 15 minutes to removing the fish.,.. he kept hiding in the sand and Jake was chasing him through the murky water) Live rock with any "extras" on it. (mushrooms, palys, zoas, nems) Rock was loaded into 3 separate buckets. Each bucket had an airstone on a hose, run through a hole in the lid, plugged into the converter I picked up from Radio Shack. The rest of the live rock was loaded into coolers with ice packs, covered in wet newspaper, and put in the trunk of my sedan. I had several buckets and 5 gallon jugs full of fresh salt water that was to use sparingly to douse the rocks and keep them wet on the drive. Mind you, I also had to bring with me enough water to create temporary space for my fish while the actual tank filled with RO and mixed etc. at the new house in Cleveland... More on that later... As the truck neared becoming full, we loaded the last few things into the car/truck and my brother, father, and I drove off and started the clock... 28 (on the top end) hours till my fish needed to be in their new home... WIth a minimum 22-23 hour drive ahead of us, I knew it was going to be a stressful trip.. Tune in tomorrow for Chapter 2!!! Will Jordan and his fish make it to Cleveland without a hitch? Do they get any sleep? Car issues? You will have to check back to find out.. Till next time! Jordan
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    I have a pair of crosshatch triggers for sale. They have been together +4 years. 5.5-6". Eat like pigs, frozen, nori, pellets. $1200 firm for the pair. They are juvis. What makes this pair special is of the fact that they have been together so long and juvi males are very hard to come across. Most males that come into the hobby are already 8"+. They are very friendly. They can swim very fast and jump. A screen top or closed canopy is a must. they need a big tank. Live aquaria says a 180 minimum. While they may work in that tank size now they really need a 8' tank. http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=15+44+1418&pcatid=1418 pickup in north east Pflugerville. PayPal to hold. I will ship at full buyers expense with no DOA.
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    snail caviar! eat it!
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    Hmm, apparently we lost our glossary resource in the transition to the new software. I'll double check on that. As for the other, welcome to the site, and thanks to Christy for all her assistance getting you here. Hopefully some members can get there to help you this weekend. Write down their names, for the first five that show up I'll reward them with some gift certificates to our sponsors.
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    Thought I'd crack out the junky iPhone camera and take some shots to track coral growth. Everything is looking good and colors have mostly returned since the last RO/DI issue. Was forced to frag my red planet for the first time since it was growing into my GE Key Lime Breeze My new H. magnifica anemone has colored up nicely! The battle of the tables continues to rage. Eventually someone will lose... Ice fire hasn't recovered yet sadly, but the Hawkins is reaching weed-like growth It's not the most beautiful, but I'm a sucker for large colonies.. Sunset milli has sprouted lots of branches. Not sure if it'll table or just cluster. Time will tell [emoji1] Red dragon will eventually take over the front of my tank, an issue I'm not too worried about. The sand bed continues to have red slime algae problems. Chemiclean seems to have no effect on it, so I'm not 100% it's cyano.... any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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    The sad thing is I was expecting the jackpot of acros, but most of it was dead acro skeletons covered in leather corals and Xenia. I only took photos of what was nice, but most of it looked like this, fields of dead staghorn skeletons covered in millions of Xenia Silly liberals and their global warming conspiracy... [emoji35]
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    And a current FTS, with the light rack on the tank. I think I like the aquascape, I just did it this morning so it has not fully sunk in yet, fish seem to like all the swim areas. I had a little something different in mind for the are on the left, but was not getting the stability I was comfortable with. This is my anemone island. Was not really planned, but they spread so fast I need a way to isolate them. Have a couple Sherman Rose BTA and like 6 Rainbow BTA, maybe I need a few other types if I'm going to dedicate this much space to anemones. The three clowns that live in them are loving it. I think It's time for some coral.
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    Video of Thailand magnificas
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    I'm in the market for a tank upgrade, not in a rush, but looking for rimless, black silicone, starphire front preferred and in excellent condition. Anywhere between 100-150g, would love a 5', but 4' would suffice or a cool cube. If anyone is considering upsizing or getting out, please let me know what you have. Stand is optional, I prefer steel / aluminum stands. Rimless with glass euro-bracing is also an option. Thanks!!
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    So I had something crazy weird happen last night... Kinda freaked me out and I thought that was going to lose my Green Mandarin - Superman. Sunday we moved the tank to the new house and all day yesterday the lights were off because I didn't have something to hang them over the trough in the living room. I got home yesterday after work and put together a PVC stand and hung the lights and turned them on. Noticed that I should probably turn my Gyre up a little bit and when I did, all the sudden my green mandarin showed up and was floating vertically and getting blown around by the current. He was swimming erratically, but like he was drunk. All the parameters were fine, temp was fine, and my other fish all seemed to be completely fine. I texted @Gig 'em @ NDstructible frantically and was trying to figure out what was going on. His gills were not swollen, he didn't have any signs of being torn up by the other fish. He was breathing normally, not quickly. After an hour of researching I stumbled on an article about sleep swimming Mandarins..... Seriously. No joke.. Apparently, Mandarins will sleep so deeply, that one guy was calling it like a coma. No matter what he did, the mandarin was still just bobbing around in his tank. Before I knew what was up, I was literally able to pick him up in my hand and he would just chill there. Since I couldn't be sure what the issue was, I put an airstone in the tank nearby him to see if potentially he was not getting enough oxygen and went to bed. Check the tank this morning and he was chilling under a rock at the bottom and when I came over to the trough he darted underneath. Guess I have myself a sleep-swimming Mandarin!!
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    Haha if you have enough cash, I'll sell you as much as you want[emoji12]
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    Looks great Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Welcome back! How's the tank looking now?
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    Welcome back to the addiction!
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    Welcome back! Looks like a great setup to get you started again!
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    They just don't do reef lighting anymore. They still warranty and service all of their equipment. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Snail eggs. I personally wouldn't eat them. Isaac is a little wack like that. Jk Isaac [emoji6]
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    For future fish additions a school of cardinals is really nice. I love the way they school and when one gets left behind you can see the panic as he searches and catches up with the others. It's fun to watch. Wow. That makes me sound a little sinister Also, LOVE the Diablo
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    oh... please make sure you go over to the clown tank and re-arrange.. we tried to spread things out,but the water was very cloudy... not sure if anything got squished accidentally!
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    Oh... I have nothing to say to that, other than, yep.
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    Thank you all! It was really sad to see her just lying next to a big brown finger Sinularia sp. she's been hosting the last four years. I counted it up and she's lived through 8 moves and two crashes. 4 of the moves were for redecorating the room she was in, 2 were change of residence and 2 were when her acrylic tank started leaking and she and her tankmates were in a holding tank for a couple weeks while it was repaired. The first crash was in 2002 when a UV failed during an ick outbreak (I say crash as we lost most of the fish but the corals were fine). The second crash was 4 years ago when a house sitter somehow accidentally set the heat in the house at 90, only survivors were her, a yellow tang, a green brittle star and some hermit crabs. How she and the tang made it in an 80 gallon tank when all the leathers, euphilia, zoas and mushrooms and half a dozen other fish were just blobs of goo is beyond me but she was clearly a survivor. Life expectancy in the wild is around 28 years. I'm pretty sure she wasn't more than a year or two old when I got her and her mate. They were in a tank together in Partner's when it was still owned by Tim Weaver and were displaying typical paired behaviour but she was only about 3 1/2" or 4" long or about 2/3rds adult female size. She really was a black widow though. Her first mate was found dead a few months after the first move in 2000 and every introduction after wards never survived more than a few weeks even when I tried 3 at one time.
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    Woo! So many exciting things happening. First MH, then LED, and now T5. What will be your next light method? Solar tubes!!?
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    As many of you know, there is a continuing fight in Hawaii regarding fish collection, even if it is done responsibly and sustainably. Hawaii SB1240 has passed the Hawaiian House and Senate and is awaiting Governor Ige’s signature. If enacted the bill will cripple one of the best-managed fisheries in the world. Please take a moment to educate yourself about the issue, and if you're inclined, to comment via the PIJAC submission form here: https://cqrcengage.com/pijac/app/write-a-letter?0&engagementId=359193
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    I still have a few of these that are in a holding tank. They are healthy and ready for a long term home (queue the sad, homeless animal music). For one low payment of $45 you could make this beautiful anemone very happy.
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    That drop off pic is amazing. Well done John Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I know I already told you this SAM but I really think 4 G4 Pros would do it for you
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    Freind of mine got this cute video of his neighbors daughter talking to Elvis https://youtu.be/D5jHklmdfa8
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    Latest update, finished the stand and thanks to Seth and Jim, we got the tank finally on the stand into the formal dining room. Now I'm cleaning up the rest of the equipment. I've also started ordering sand, rock, salt, etc. Also I've send out quote request to several different vendors on a frag tank with stand so that we can plumb it into the same system. It's definitely quite exciting to see the build moving along! Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    I've been having a much harder time increasing my phosphates than I thought I would. I've been trying to raise them to .05ppm to help battle the chrysophytes. At first I tried to raise it naturally by feeding more. I went from a 1 cube and 1/2 a sheet of nori a day to 3 cubes, full sheet of nori, and added reefroids coral food. I still couldn't get any readings on the Hanna Checker after a week of increased feeding. I didn't want to increase the feeding further so I went ahead a bought some Seachem Phosphorus to start dosing. After 3 days of dosing between 5 and 15ml each day, along with continuing to feed the increased amount I finally got a reading on the checker! I'm going to keep dosing the phosphorus and keep the increased feeding until I get to .05ppm then watch the levels closely to see how they change. I hope I can wean off of dosing the phosphorus and just keep the increased feeding amounts. I had always been very careful on how much I feed, but I guess at my current tank size vs stocking ratio its almost impossible to overfeed. I have seen some cyano pop up, and haven't seen a decrease of chrysophytes yet, but I'm hoping I'm on the right track.
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    Long update on the tank... FISH The golden assessors, chromis and fire fish are the display tank as of last week. The chromis are all doing fine. One of thefire fish is active and acting like normal. The other one is MIA. I haven't seen it since I put it in the tank almost a week ago. The two smaller golden assessors are also MIA. I briefly saw the large assessor for a split second. I think the assessors are just shy and hiding, the firefish I have my doubts on. Not sure what happened to him. During the move my tiger pistol shrimp did not make it. He was paired with a Pink Spotted Watchman Goby. I've since tried twice to introduce new tiger pistol shrimps to the goby, but he has killed both. I'm not sure why he has decided he no longer wants a shrimp partner. I still may try one more time, because I love watching the pairing. I also purchased 5 Carberryi Anthias from Reburn that are in QT. Will be doing a copper treatment for a preventative ich treatment then they will be put in the tank. REFUGIUM I FINALLY got my sand in for the deep sand bed refugium, got a really good deal on them but they took a long time to get here. The UPS man did not like me, 7 40lb bags of oolite sand. For the refugium, I was planning on doing a deep sand bed with straight from ocean uncured live rock, but I have been researching and thinking about using half of the 75g refugium as a cryptic zone instead. The other half would still be for growing macro algae. Steve Tyree's speech at last year's C4 got me thinking about it, and I recently saw a cryptic zone set up on another member's tank. From what I have read, a deep sand bed does not need to be lit to function property, so the portion of the bed that is in the cryptic zone wont be affected negatively from not getting any light. I'm about half way done with Tyree's book on the topic and will decide what to do once I finish it. CHRYSOPHYTES I am still battling chrysophytes in my tank. After posting and asking a few questions on Reef2Reef it was recommended I need to raise my Nitrates and Phospates (both were always reading zero). So I have been dosing stump remover and have consistently raised my nitrates to 5ppm. I drastically increased my feedings, but the phosphates kept reading zero, so I have purchased some Seachem Phosphorus that I will be dosing starting today. Goal is to have 0.05 ppm phosphate. I don't fully understand how this will help get rid of chrysophytes, but there were 3 people saying that it helped them get rid of it on their tanks. It was recommended to do manual removal of the chryso every day as well, but the work has been wearing down on me after doing it for a week straight with no results as of yet. There have been reports of some different methods also working for battling chrysophytes. They include: 3 day blackout, dosing vibrant and skimming VERY wet during those 3 days. I have already tried vibrant and blackouts, but never together. Running an oversized UV filter. This method is the most expensive, so I don't want to go this route unless all others have been exhausted. Dosing fluconazole. People mainly use this for bryopsis, but there have been people who tried this for chrysophytes. There was never any updates on whether or not it worked for them or not but there doesn't seem to be any harm in dosing it. RODI & SALTWATER HOLDING TANKS When I drilled the water tanks for bulkheads I drilled the holes too low to properly install the bulkheads, so I had to go with uniseals. One of my holes seems to even be too low for the uniseals because it developed a very slow leak in it. I tried a new uniseal and had the same leak, so I have caulked the seal with silicone to see if it will stop the leak. It has been curing for 24 hours so I will be filling the tank with RODI tonight to see if the leak has been fixed. Fingers crossed, or I'll have to buy a new tank.
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    When the last fish you need to catch is a sand sifter! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Unfortunately, I had to take her out, the purple tang kept bullying her. I think he was trying to mate, I had to draw the line.
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    Lights and rack are now sold.
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    Things seem to be going my way as of late in my new found aquaria hobby. I've been able to keep my water levels good in the tank and everything seems to be prospering and on top of that I've been finding some good deals on some sweet corals through checking up my LFS and by making friends via these forums. Just tonight I was able to score a sweet green zoa, which I have dubbed the greene geek zoa after a close friend of mine, as well as a pretty amazing Jedi Mind Trick monti frag from someone I met on the forums. I also had a friend of mine, who has been doing aquariums for quite a while, take a look over my tank and he said everything was looking top notch! It's just super fulfilling to see something I've been putting quite a bit of work in over the last month or so yielding such good results. That being said, I know my luck can't last forever and eventually something nuts will happen in my tank, but that's just how it goes and I'm prepared for the downs as much as I am the ups. Tonight I also finally got around to paying my dues to become a premium member, as I'm super interested to hear what Jake and Co have to say at the upcoming Q1 meetings. I've gotten to know Jake and his crew fairly well over the last month and a half or so as they are my LFS and I'm always in there looking at stuff and asking questions. So that's it for right now, I hope to see some of you and make some new friends at the Q1 Meeting! Had to share pics of my new corals from tonight!!!!