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    Come one, come all to the 2019 Winter Frag Swap! Confirmed Exhibitors: Jolt Fishworks Tylers Tanks Pod Your Reef iJam Uchin Doors open at 9am - 1pm, admission is FREE to attend! @ Hillcrest Church - 3838 Steck Ave, Austin, TX 78759 map For those of you that are new to frag swaps, it's just a gathering where people who have coral frags to sell or trade come together. Exhibitors will bring display tanks so you can see their corals under ideal conditions (water flow, lighting). Many buyers will bring frags of their extra or overgrown corals to trade, sell, or give away. You don't have to rent a table if you're just bringing a few frags to swap. It's really just a great occasion to come check out the huge variety of corals that your fellow members and friends are growing and to 'talk tank'. Bring the kids for special guest, the Austin's Photo Booth Guy! https://www.facebook.com/austinsphotoguy/ Exhibitors must RSVP in advance. Tables are $50 (please no sharing), fees offset venue cost, expenses, and support our scholarship fund. Setup will be from 7am - 9am for sellers with breakdown from 1pm to 2pm. Bring your own water and power strip (and cleanup towels), we'll provide the tables and chairs. Tables can be reserved through the store link below:
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    Everything is good so far i left my fish with KimP. She was awesome enough to tale them while i try to restore the tanks levels . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Wow it’s been a long time since an update. Over 7 months of struggles ever since my tank randomly started having troubles while I was out of the country on vacation. A lot of losses, then half a year of stagnant growth and poor coloration. Now things seem to finally be turning around, better colors and corals started growing again. I lost all of my large colonies, including my red dragon. The red dragon bone yard: Here’s some more upbeat photos of my survivors Green slimer Oregon tort I neglected the frags on my frag rack this whole time, the montis didn’t skip a beat it appears RR The Vinh
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    LiveAquaria is having a 20% off flash sale and, as I was filling my cart with shiny things, it unceremoniously struck me that I don't really need anything. I'm also not willing to take the same risks as I was last year when everything was starting to recover from the flatworm crash. Now every new addition has a small chance to destroy everything that I've worked towards. The whole premise of this hobby is wanting more than you have; to create something special. Is it ever enough? Do we ever have enough corals or fish to just stop and enjoy the harmony for the short time that it lasts? I'm going to empty my cart and really assess what I need moving forward. At some point you have to stop building and just enjoy the results. Fish - I'd like to replace the ones that jumped out over the holiday and finish my stocking list, but I'm really happy with what I have. Still, I wouldn't mind adding some of my favorites. Blonde Naso Tang Melanurus Wrasse Would also consider adding 1-2 Yellow Tangs, Convict Tang, Desjardini Sailfin, Cleaner Wrasse, Dusky Wrasse or an Ornate Wrasse Corals - I have 5-7 spots to fill before letting everything grow out. At least two of them need to be stags to help fill some of the vertical space that I've left for coral growth. Would also like 1-2 tabling acros or plating montis. My current stock has some of every color, but more green and purple than others. Below are some of the species that I'm considering right now. Ultra Gold Torch Branching Acros: Cali Tort, Strawberry Shortcake, Desalwii, Pink Milli (Love this one and wouldn't mind propagating another colony.) Tabling Acros: Ultimate Efflo, PC Superman Stags: Red Robin, Paletta Blue, Paletta Pink Tip, Green Slimer (I already have this coral and I wouldn't mind propagating it to another colony.) Montis: I already have Idaho Grape, Reef Raft Nauti Spiral, Rainbow, Setosa, Jedi Mindtrick, Mystic Sunset, Yellow Lantana and True Undata. Maybe add a Green Apple, Candy Red, Grafted Cap or Chili Pepper?
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    Here is my feeding funny of the week. Had my hot tea cup on the counter tonight. Decided it was time to feed the fish. Popped out a few frozen cubes to put in the feeding container. Managed to put 2 in the tea. Yes I did drink them. Walk and chew gum at same time... not me.
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    Looking at how things are growing I'm considering whether I want to rearrange some things and cull the ones that never took off. Probably my worst crowded are these four: RR the Vinh, PC Rainbow, Garf bonsai, and sarmentosa on the 11 o'clock of the bonsai. The Garf bonsai has encrusted WAY more than I ever thought it would and the PC Rainbow is beginning to show a lot of lateral branching about to occur. Unfortunately, the PC rainbow grew over a gap and is actually spread 60/40 on two different rocks so it's not going anywhere. The sarmentosa and Garf bonsai are firmly encrusted on one solid large rock (done that way before I knew better). Everything else I can move around pretty easy. By the way, the bottom right is the D&M millie I received from John which is doing very well. The multiple frags of Oregon Tort from Ty have fused together and now are starting to encrust and grow additional coralites. I might try to move some stuff around one of these weekends that I'm not at the daughter's volleyball tournaments.
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    Well I have been making frags for 6 weeks in anticipation of this
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    Hey everyone! I recently moved here from Chicago. I had a 120g SPS dominant tank up there. Unfortunately I am renting here and it took some convincing to let my landlord let me keep this 30 gallon in my residence. This build is being planned to be packed full of goodies. I have a friend in Atlanta holding a frag of almost all my SPS and other random corals(including my Sunburst Nem). I am planning on toning down on the SPS minus some select pieces(WD, WWC Hippie Juice, Tyree Merlin staff to name a few of my prized pieces). I will do a couple nems, some rarer zoas, a few montis, and maybe some LPS. As for fish, I already ordered a pair of Black Storm Clowns from Chicago that should be here after their Polar Vortex is done. I currently have a White Banded Possum Wrasse, a pair of Helfrichi Firefish, and I will also have some sort of Goby/Shrimp pair. As for equipment, here is the list: - IM Nuvo Fusion 30L - 2x Radion XR15’s - 2x MP10’s - Tunze Skimmer - Neotherm 150W Heater - Chaetomax Refugium Light - Smart ATO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I guess every marriage has meta issues!
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    Bwahaha... I'll send you my water bills! [emoji16] I did do one 4 months ago when my gonis of 3 years started to die off and I couldn't figure out why. It didn't help. [emoji31] Looking back, I think it was because I added some wild gonis to the tank and they may have brought in some malignant wild bacteria that my aquacultured gonis couldn't handle. You see a similar type reaction with anemones sometimes. Main reason is I did nothing to the tank and reintroduced some gonis that Jimbo saved for me and they are fine again. What a bummer... I lost some large beautiful colonies of gonis. Cue the pictures to distract!
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    That mille is the best fighter ever. I'm going to surround my anemone with milles is the new plan. They both stalemate. Most acros just lose.
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    Please tell me there will be lps at this meet. We’re not all stick junkies. [emoji849][emoji23]. Can’t wait to see everyone. It’s been too long! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    i have been "not having a tank" for 3 years in anticipation of this.
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    New lights, next generation of younger corals. . .This is Maroon Lagoon v3.0; at the least v2.9. Need to rename your threads. 😉
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    Glad to hear things are doing better! Everything in the photos looks really good (except the boneyard of course)
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    Regarding the chaeto light question, the light you linked has the proper spectrum. I'd leave it on 24hrs a day to encourage rapid growth. When you get on top of the algae problem run it opposite of your lights to help balance pH throughout the day/night. Having chaeto to out-compete nuisance algae is widely recommended (I pull a half-bucket's worth out of my sump every two weeks), but I don't know how well it works in a small space like your AIO. The algae may be blue-green cyanobacteria. Other things to look at would be TDS of your RODI, amount you're feeding (may have zero levels because of the algae itself), light schedule and spectrum, any new rock added, flow. . .same things you'd consider for a red cyano outbreak.
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    Last year I recall there being a lot of high-end LPS pieces. 👍
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    Randy Holmes-Farley. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Retails for $299, never been opened ...
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    Haha. No doubt Mike will bring in some vendors that have lots of LPS and zoas too
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    I have this crazy suspicion that’s jolts taken all my money.....
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    I’ll volunteer to volunteer again if you need any help Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Got some goodies in yesterday. Parameters look good but I need to continue to bring my po4 down. Baby steps. Today I attempted to do something about my light box. It's a mess up there and easy to forget about. I pulled everything out, took all the lights apart and cleaned them. 😬 Tried to reorganize cords. My Apex head unit has been sitting around waiting for me to connect it again. That's as far as I got, just plugging it in. Hoping tonight I'll get a chance to see if it's working or not. If/when I get it working, then there'll be a bunch more cords up in that light box again because they'll need to be re-connected to each other. Such a mess. Now that all the lights are clean I need to carve out some time to see what kind of par I'm getting.