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    How about a side shot of the frag tank ...
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    Bought some reef saver rock for the tank, came in Thursday but now just had a chance to mess with it. I forgot how much I hate aquascaping so I’m just going to roll with this right now. Also picked up the tank and equipment from rca today! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So I’ve happened upon this big guy! Didn’t have time to get the stand (would take multiple trips and didn’t have the help I needed) but I got the tank and sump home. Never owned anything this size but I’m already loving the depth compared to what I’m used to. It’s fairly new but freshly drained so there’s detritus and tube worm skeletons all over. Gotta get it cleaned up! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Got the XR30 G4 and new frags on the rack and seem to be acclimating well. From left to right: SC Orange Passion, SC Orange Passion, Tierra del Fuego, CB Pink Lemonade Digi
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    I bought a Food Saver sealer and buy resin in bulk. I weigh it out and package it in single serving sizes. :-)
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    I want to be like you one day when I grow up, not your height just your reefing abilities 🤣
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    So that its not just macro shots of frags all day. There is a real display that those frags sit in. [emoji16] Oh, and a picture of the Colorado Sunburst because it was looking mighty special last night.
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    Looks like the STN had stopped and I have about 1/2 inch of frag left.
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    Checked phosphates on Friday 3-30. . 67 in 55 gal. .12 in 35 gal! [emoji122][emoji122][emoji137]‍♀️. High five! Getting there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Picture dump! Shot under T5s with actinic bar supplement.
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    PM if interested [emoji4] GE PCP $20 frags Bali Slimer $15 frags Myagi Tort $30 frags Blue iris $30 frags Green Mille $20 frags Red planet $25 frags DaM mille $30 frags Vivid Red Dragon $20 frags
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    I would do as Ty suggests, run some carbon and do a 25% water change. You could also try some live foods like baby brine or pick up some tigger pods at the dome. If he starts eating that then mix some frozen in with it when you feed him
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    Dipped and in the tank. Very healthy, great color, and nice sizes. This was my first time buying from Cherry Corals. I really have to stop for a while and let things grow out. If I had an actual frag tank the purchases would probably never end.
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    Looks like he finally found his happy spot. Been here about a week now.
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    Hey Mike, can I get my title changed to ARC Nem Provider?
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    Guys, I think the expertise we're looking here is better served by a consultant. I'll hire y'all as subcontractors, add no value, and charge 15% on top of your fees to Ty. It's just best this way for everyone.
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    I need to find a way to get a pair of these. If you ever come across something let me know. As a frogfish lover, these are even uglier/cuter then them. just wow
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    about to get banned on RC for bumping his thread lol 2 years last post
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    If your nice maybe Ty will tell you how he upgraded his fixtures too.
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    Ocean Revive is what is over my frag tank currently and what was over my display until 6 months ago. It was over my old tank too with 3 T5s as supplement. I don't think you'll be disappointed with it. Its over half of Gigems tank too. My old tank under Ocean Revive fixtures and T5s.
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    Think of it this way... every second your water evaporates your salinity goes up. Depending on how much you evaporate dictates how often you need to add water. That is the purpose of ATO auto top offs. it does it multiple times ago depending how how much water goes missing. once i got my imaginary water line dialed in, id add water daily to keep it there as much as possible. its just part of the maintenance of owning a tank. I have a feeling you need to add water more often then once a week. from how im reading it you are only doing it once and seeing the effect a weeks worth of water slowly disappearing into the air.
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    Lol well this is my last tank or my marriage so now my hands are tied 😜 I’ve already been warned if I go overboard again that’s it!!!!!
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    I did it!!!!! It’s not zero, but pretty dang close. I packed the resin tight in my resin chambers, ran about a gallon of water through before I hooked it up, and got 1 TDS! WOOHOO!!!! Yay! Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    in mother russia... you dont own anemone, anemone own you. ie. they do what they want, gotta live w/ it.