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    What a mess! 😁 Got the CaRX all plumbed in last weekend, still working on getting it dialed in. Seems to be pretty straight forward so far as far as tuning the equipment to the tank, just need to find the sweet spot between the feed pump volume and the Co2 regulator. Good news is my Alk has risen from 5.8dKH to 8.2 in 4 days. I like things to run around 7.5 or so, I’ll just need to dial things back a bit and see if I can get it stable around there. I’ve got 3 test frags in the tank so far and they are all already growing over the glue that I set them in, this is encouraging. This pretty much completes my build as I imagined it with a nice progression of ideas once I got started. Thanks everyone! Now it's time to get stable and start buying some coral!
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    Hi all, after living in a small home for the past 6 years and having limited space for a larger tank, the wife and I finally moved up into a larger home with plenty of wall space for a larger tank. We plan on living in this home for a while, and this is the closest I'll get to a dream tank for a long time. I decided to order a custom build tank through River City Aquatics that is 7 feet long, 30" wide, and 24" tall. Roughly 260 gallons of water in the display tank. We are also expecting a daughter to arrive in February 2020, so planning the tank to be kid safe was a key consideration. Since I don't want the kid to have access to the tank sump, the rats nest of wires and cables, and all the chemicals and reagents I keep under the tank, an in-wall tank was the best solution. The house we bought did not offer many wall options for an aquarium except for the living room wall that was shared with the garage. My wife has never been able to park her car in the garage, so I had to be sure to leave at least half of the garage available to her to park her car while also having a fish tank in the garage. Since it's Texas and the garage will get insanely warm in the summer, I decided to build a dedicated fish room in the garage to house the tank and accessories. Since it's a one door, 2-car garage, I had to build a false ceiling for the garage door to open over. It seemed like an easier and cheaper option than replacing the garage door with a 2 door garage. I ran electric on two dedicated 20 volt breakers through the room. I also ran 1/4" tap water lines and internet cables through the walls to reduce the clutter. I decided if I ever wanted in-ceiling speakers to listen to music in the fish room while I performed maintenance, now is the time to do it, so I installed 2 Bluetooth speakers in the false ceiling as well. Trying to think long term here. I plumbed central air into the room for temperature control. Not sure if this will be enough in the summer heat, but I'm going to try this first before installing any kind of AC unit in the room. The build was going well and on schedule until the day I opened the wall for the tank and found that a load bearing column for the loft of the house ran right through the open space I wanted. This was a devastating blow to me. I thought the project would be dead in the water with such an integral part of the house in the way. But I persisted on, spoke with some engineer friends, did my research, and settled on installing a beefy header that would more than carry the load of a 7 foot opening. I built a temporary wall to support the weight while I removed the studs and the column. With the help of a friend I was able to wedge the header in place and secure it. I had made and installed a mesquite live edge bar top in the kitchen of our previous home and liked it enough to do something similar in the new house. The aquarium provided the perfect location for one, so I bought a solid piece of cherry, filled the cracks with gold leaf, and covered it in a high gloss epoxy resin. A little bit of drywall work to patch up where I installed the header, I installed the bar top, and I'm back on track to getting this tank build complete. I built a light rack out of extruded aluminum and hung it over the tank with a modified kayak lift so I can raise and lower the lights when I need to. I worked my butt off to get this room built starting in mid November, and I met my deadline of having the tank wet by Christmas. Granted I'm only performing a leak test at this point, but it sure feels good to have gotten this far considering the obstacles I've faced up to this point. Plumbing the tank will be next!
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    Well I just got home from my field assignment and headed to the tank to throw on some filter socks when I saw that it cleared up while I was gone! So weird that it took so long... maybe adding sand and the particulates from that helped precipitate out whatever was suspended for so long?
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    Three Amigos My three test frags are: Pearl Berry (non ORA, RCA frag rack type), ORA Skyline Granulosa, PC Rainbow. (ignore the Christmas tree and the twisted arms in the background holding the orange filter, lol)
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    The march of progress continues steadily on. Plumbing is complete, only two minor leaks that will be fixed later this week. The tank is filled all the way and most of the sand has been added. The water never has cleared since mixing salt into it. I’m hoping running the return pump will help clarify the water.
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    The cabinets are in place, despite the IKEA doors not wanting to fit with my stainless soft close hinges, but I made it work (for now). The Radions and T5s have been attached to the light rack. I left room for my BML actinic strips, which are currently being used on the old DT. I was admiring @victoly build thread and was inspired by his tablet bracket on the wall. I decided I could take advantage of my low ceiling and attach an adjustable swivel bracket for mine to control the Apex and music in the room. It’s nice because it can swivel 180 degrees so I can flip it around to control the Apex when standing at the frag tanks too. Geeking out about this addition pretty hard right now [emoji851] It’s almost 2020 and I had set a personal goal to have the tank full of water by 1/1/20. It probably won’t be full by midnight, but at least RO is starting to fill the tank!
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    +1 on all the above. I recently upgraded to a PA 125 crystaline (custom). Ended up using Jake at RCA for the purchase, couldn't be happier with the tank or service from RCA in delivering my new tank.
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    Sea Hares are awesome, but they need algae to live. They are pretty good at wiping it out, and once it's gone, it's best to re-home them.
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    430 On The Sand? Rented RCA's PAR meter this week and took measurements. I decided to take two measurements, one with Channel 1 @ 90% and another with Channel 1 @ 50%. Channel 2 was static at 85% for both measurements. The Ocean Revive lights are 16" above the water line. I'm currently running channel 1 at 50% to see how my coral respond with their existing placements. Decent coverage!
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    Well unfortunately I think I’m going to need to install a mini split AC unit in the fish room. It’s been one of those periods of the year in Austin where it’s not cold enough outside to make the house cool, but not warm enough for the central AC to run. I insulated the fish room pretty well, so when the ambient temperature isn’t cold enough and there’s no air being pushed through the AC vent, heat is building up pretty well in there. I walked in this morning and it was a balmy 84 just from the few pieces of auxiliary equipment running and the dehumidifier running. I’m thinking if it’s this warm when it’s in the mid 60s outside, what’s it going to be like when the garage temperature is reaching triple digits? It might be different in the middle of summer when the AC is running most of the day and pushing cool air into the room, but I’m wondering if it’ll be enough once all the equipment is in there and running 24/7. Also I don’t want these temperature spikes in the spring and fall when the house temperature is in this limbo. Probably better off just biting the bullet now and installing a unit.
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    A break from the build photos. A couple photos of livestock in the frag tanks. 5 species of montipora growing in to each other
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    The frag tank and anemone tank have settled into their locations and the water has cleared. Starting to feel more complete
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    I have an extra one of these. You will need to supply an air pump. Can be used for Rotifers or Pods https://reefnutrition.com/product_compact_culture_system.php
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    They now seem to be trying to get the best spots. A little pushing and shoving going on.
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    I had a great experience buying a Planet Aquarium from Gary at Aquadome. Planet has some ready made configurations that can save you money versus a custom: https://www.planetaquariums.com/crystaline
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    LFS. I've worked with both Aquatek and River City in the past. They should be able to send you a price sheet or quote depending on exactly what you're looking for. Planet aquarium tanks seem to be popular out here.
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    Haha, I just can't kill those coral (no matter how hard I try)! I suppose the sticks keep things interesting 🤣
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    https://www.innovative-marine.com/product-page/nuvo-int-70-drop-off Preorder... available December FEATURES 70 Gallons DIMS: 23.6" x 35.4" x 55" Tank Package Weight: 113 lbs. Two-Tier Aquascaping Zones Trapezoid Infinity Overflow 3 - 1" Pre-drilled "BeanAnimal" Internal Overflow [Primary Drain, Emergency Drain and Secondary E-Drain] 1 – 3/4" Pre-drilled Return Hole Laser Cut Black Acrylic Weir w/ Slot Cut Rear Glass Panel Ultra-Thick 10mm High Clarity Low Iron Glass Diamond Edged Flat Polished Black Silicone Pro Series Screen Lid Rubber Leveling Mat Included Plumbing: 1- 3/4" LOC-LINE w/ Dual Flare Nozzles [Return] 1- Primary Drain Assembly [Overflow] 1 - E-Drain Assembly, 1 -Secondary E-Drain Assembly 1- Return Hose Assembly Recommended Return Pump Flow Rate: 700-1400 GPH APS Stand Stand DIMS: Length 23.62” Width: 35.4” Interior DIMS: Length 18” Width: 31” Stand Package Weight: 65 lbs. Anodized Aluminum Corrosion Resistant No Warping or Swelling Integrated Hardware Preassembled Light Weight Modular Includes pre-cut Closed Cell PVC Foam boards Spacious interior for sumps 100% recyclable aluminum Color: Matte Black
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    Decided to start on the tank. 2 years of putting the house and yard together is enough. Plus it's hot outside. First step is to get the room ready. Here are a few pictures of the room and platform the tank will sit on. The platform was engineered to hold 18,000 lbs. I was not sure if the tank would be glass or acrylic. I had to do a little leveling of the platform. The framers that built the house were close, but i dont want to be off a 1/16th with all that water. The fish will have a great view.
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    It’s gonna make the garage hot and humid. Also the efficiency is junk unless you have one with two hoses that has intake and exhaust to the exterior. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Not sure about the abalone, but a SH will climb any surface Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ewwww, I hate it! Start over! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lookin nice. Orpheks look real good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I took some photos with our Canon camera. It looks like I need to do this more often instead of using the iPad. Check out the goby hiding under the coral.
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    I'm definitely looking into it. SOmething like 90% - 95% of the microbiome cannot be cultured so changing the microbiome will have to be done by changing the corals, sponges and algae as well as the maintenance techniques and practices as these are all manipulating the different components of the microbiome and pushing it towards heterotrophic, oxygen consuming and potentially pathogenic species or pushing it towards autotrophic and oxygen conserving species. Rohwer's "Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas" is a good inttroduction to these processes. Here's some more links identifying some of the specifics: Aura-biomes are present in the water layer above coral reef benthic macro-organisms https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5562181/ Influence of coral and algal exudates on microbially mediated reef metabolism https://peerj.com/articles/108/?utm_source=TrendMD&utm_campaign=PeerJ_TrendMD_0&utm_medium=TrendMD Effects of Coral Reef Benthic Primary Producers on Dissolved Organic Carbon and Microbial Activity https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0027973 Biological oxygen demand optode analysis of coral reef-associated microbial communities exposed to algal exudates https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3719127/ Global microbialization of coral reefs https://www.nature.com/articles/nmicrobiol201642 Visualization of oxygen distribution patterns caused by coral and algae https://peerj.com/articles/106/ Macroalgae decrease growth and alter microbial community structure of the reef-building coral, Porites astreoides https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22957055 Biophysical and physiological processes causing oxygen loss from coral reefs https://elifesciences.org/articles/49114.pdf Excess labile carbon promotes the expression of virulence factors in coral reef bacterioplankton https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28895945 Differential recycling of coral and algal dissolved organic matter via the sponge loop https://besjournals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/1365-2435.12758 Coral and macroalgal exudates vary in neutral sugar composition and differentially enrich reef bacterioplankton lineages https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23303369 Dealing with "snot" algae like BBMarlin describes, was one of the motivators for developing the use of plastic straws then stainless steel straws to remove unwanted stuff from around corals. For years when I get what I consider excessive algae I'll start siphoning it out. There have been a couple of instances with clients where 3-4 times a week I was siphoning out snot algae to keep it from affecting the tank. Fortunately it's rare to need to do so.
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    I've read about the aquabiomics but have not tried it. It's an interesting concept but I'm not sure what I would do with the results. Say it comes back lacking biodiversity, then what?
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    You mean the hinges aren't supposed to go on that way?! 😂
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    Hi Alex! Ive got an apex EL, but have swapped out the eb832 for an older style eb8. Great startup kit for $325 includes: apex EL brain (wifi) eb8 Power bar ph and temp probes aquabus cable
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    yeah hes a killer, they sent him by accident. I ordered a small powder blue and ended up with a 5" Valmingii that has grown to be like 7 inches. hes gotta be re homed in the near future.
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    I think he's selling an Apex EL, which is a bit different than an Apex Lite which is a generation or two older.
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    Joe Bradbury is selling one Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    yes it does! man...need to turn on notifications for replies on this...didn't see it until now!
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    Just want to see if anyone is interesting. Having 2 Sohals and like to replace 1 For other fish. Healthy and fat. Been with me 1.5 year. $250
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    Does anyone culture pods and phyto locally? I would love to start culturing them to seed my tank, and I think they could be a really valuable resource for the club and for all our respective tanks. Anyone have thoughts or experience to share?
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    Water is getting salty!
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    New year, new sale! We hope everyone has a great celebration into the new year. We are having our first sale of the year with the First Friday Sale. We're changing a few things up to be more flexible to our customer's schedules. - Sale will be all day long, 20% off all livestock - Hours will be 11 am to 9 pm - Free beer and pizza starting at 6 pm We hope the new changes will give more opportunities to take advantage of the discounts, spread the crowd out throughout the day, and still offer a social event with free beer. Although being a short week with the holiday, we still managed to get loads of new livestock. There will be plenty to choose from. See y'all there!
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    So perhaps explain a little more of your co-op vision. Some people raise the phyto and others raise the pods? Or some people raise certain phyto and certain pods? Or all duplicates and act as backups if another member crashes? Also when you say duplicate the work of others, do you mean use a successful setup of another, or do a different species?
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    You got that right. But the fish and the DT are safer... unless I kill them in QT for some reason or another. 🙍‍♂️
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    What are the numbers of fish you were thinking of fully stocked? Your list seems pretty light for a 180 and fish poop is the best source of nitrogen and phosphorus for corals. Don't beat yourself up over your fish loss. Stress will affect each fish differently and Anthias can be tricky even for the hardiest species. I've also seen over the last several years quality go down. Anecdotally from my suppliers world wide there's a growing market at the same time Fiji and Indonesia have restricted exports. There are fish I that have completly disappeared from my suppliers lists. Many species are hugely more expensive. And sizes have shrunk, what used to be a small is now a medium. (Here's a fig. 3 from a paper by SHantz, et al, that reviewed the data from something like 208 experiments from over 55 research papers showing the benefits of fish poop)
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    Hello All! I'm sure most you you don't remember be, I built a 240 Gallon a couple years ago. A bunch has changed since then and the 240 is gone. I have since moved from Austin to open a new branch of my company in Lubbock, Texas but I still return to Austin all the time for work. I am looking for suggestions on equipment and design help for my new tank. Here is a link to my first tank build. Heres the story: I'm building a new house and the new tank is going to be the focal point. I'm having a room built out for the tank to go in, with a cut out in the wall for viewing the tank. The tank dimensions will be 120"x30"x30". The room will be 8'x18', I added a picture. I'm putting in a 4000 gallon/day R.O. system for the whole house and D.I. bottles for the tank. I'm looking for any ideas or input that anyone has. I am planning on doing 1 main 5000 GPH pump, and a second 3000 GPH circulation tank. I'm looking for at least 5000 GPH flow rate, including pump head pressure. 2 triangular shaped overflows on the back wall. I will have a metal frame built to support the tank with at least a 120 gallon usable sump beneath it. I'm going do 1.5"-2" sand bed in the tank, with a large remote deep sand bed that can be emptied in a few years, to avoid the problems down the road. I will be running a full Apex system, CO2 reactor, a few reactors for carbon and GFO, ATO, and the like. I will also have 4-5 40 gallon breeders with divisions for fish quarantining, that will be on a totally different system running copper, plumped so that I can drain and refill the tanks automatically. Where can I get a high quality custom made sump? How should I have the sump made? I want a refugium, but also want the flexibility to run a triton system in the future if I decide to. What skimmer or Skimmers should I use? The tank will be pretty heavily stocked eventually, I will do LPS and SPS, so I assume the bio load will eventually be pretty heavy. Who is the best tank maker? I want the best quality I can get. I have attached a picture of where the tank will be going. We will be breaking ground on the house in January, I will probably order the glass and sump the middle of March, I assume it takes 6 weeks to get the tank made and shipped. What are yall's ideas!!?? I don't want to miss anything, looking for suggestions!
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    yea i got you but you will need to come to pflugerville. wont be back until tuesday. anytime next week works hit me on pm.
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    It’s interesting you all mention this. I haven’t had a spec of visible cyano in nearly 8 years, and just recently I’m seeing spots pop up on the sand (it doesn’t bother me, just an observation). I use IO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I have lots left still...the list is mostly up to date!
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    I went the natural way. Wave pumps off for 12 hours and placed them in holes I thought they might like. Some attached and some just crawled up under overhangs. One let go last night so i turned off the pumps again and it found a place up under where the sand and rock come together. One was very small and might have had a foot issue. It never attached except for a small part of the foot. Soon as the pumps came on it floated around and I have no clew where it is now. You can place them in pvc pipe end caps with a bit of sand. They should attach and feel safe then you can place them in your sand bed where you want them.
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    The nems have arrived and are getting settled in.
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    Thanks... I plumbed a bean animal overflow with a close channel (full siphon), open channel, and emergency drain into the overflow box. The drains were a real PITA though and the tideline external overflow needs some improvements. The biggest problem was squeezing the 90s into the external box. I had to trim the 90s to get them to fit inside. it was a lot of trial and error. This is it behind the tank right now. You can see that the 90s barely fit in there and you can almost see how much I had to cut off (the logo stamped on the 90 is halfway missing on the open channel) of the 90 to get it to fit.
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    Awesome! My website should be going live in the next couple months. It'll make it easy for everyone to look at what I have brewing these days. Welcome back!
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