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    A new toy finally came in the mail. I've wanted a top down viewer forever! It's going to be a week or so until I have time to play with it, but I'm still excited it's here.
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    Hi all, well it’s been quite a while and a few different tanks, but I finally decided to build an SPS dominant tank that the sticks should really like. 😊. Also, I’ve seen quite a few cube tanks and really like the layout so I decided on a fairly large cube. I got Planet Aquariums to build a custom 135gal that’s 36” x 36” x 24”tall, so it’s a 3’ cube, 24” tall, rimless, 3/4” thick glass, polished edges, blacked out back, 1” thick pvc bottom, and a 16” Modular Marine overflow. The stand is a custom welded 2” steel that’s powder coated black. (Below) this build has a ton of fairly cool hardware in so I’ll cover all that in detail.
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    It is still open today hoooraaay
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    Here's a video of what the DT looks like at the moment. Beats provided by MCDaugher.😂
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    Also, here’s my Frag tank. Totally separate for now. For frag QT at the moment. I’m done QTing fish for a bit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I got it to open sort of. The bottom half is open. I pointed a power head at the bottom. Its on low. After 2 hours it opened.
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    I put the stand together. Here are some more pics then I’ll go through the hw list:
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    Just a little update: I've moved a few pieces of hardware from the old 40B to the 180 now. Kessil A350, Hydra26hd, 2 jaebo powerheads, and the Axium Skimmer. The skimmer will eventually be undersized, but it's doing alright for now. I added a Reef Octopus Calcium reactor not long ago. Still trying to get it dialed in, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Not sure if it's this reactor or what, but it does tend to make noise as the CO2 is sucked through the pump. I get a decent build-up of CO2 at the top of the reactor every week or so also that I need to purge out. The reactor has a recirculating loop, but that just seems to make more noise of CO2 going through the pump. Still not 100% certain that I don't have an air leak into the intake of the pump somehow. Also need to figure out how to best route all the tubing. It looks terrible after all the other work I've done 😐 I also added a Kessil H160 for a fuge light. Cheato I got from algae barn isnt growing yet, but there really arent many nutrients to feed it yet either. That's about it for the hardware. Sadly I ended up losing all the anthias and the snowflake I had gotten back in December. I must have done something really bad during that QT. I am really disappointed in myself over that. I really liked those fish and now I'm gun shy using an aggressive QT protocol. I did get a couple of new fish from Marine Collectors though. MC does all of the QT and ship directly to you. Got a nice melarnus wrasse and a kole eye. Also have the blonde naso coming from them too. Elliot over there has been great to work with. I also picked up some small Picaso's from @benroman The clowns are being "monitored" in the old 40B. I should have a nice little set of fishes to get going with after I'm satisfied they are free of anything that would hurt my other fishes. I've also turned that 40 into a frag tank for now until I'm happy with the maturity of the 180 and feel comfortable moving my larger coral colonies.
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Update to my water station. I finally have it all in place ! I left one elbow unglued during my testing (unintentionally) and had to do some additional gluing. It goes through the wall and has a valve and hose on the other side. I’ll finish that section and reinsulate/caulk once I’ve thoroughly tested it all. I drilled and tapped in a little bleeder valve so if I do pump maintenance I don’t have to dump a whole pipes worth of water out, I can drain it. The auto ball valve is working great. It closes automatically when power is removed. It also puts out a signal for open/closed to the apex. Very cool. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    I'm no help. I'm not a fan of either socks or sponges because I hate cleaning them
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    Haha yes, well you know that playing reef sounds for your fish is all the rage these days. But I do also enjoy listening to music while I perform mind numbing tasks like cleaning the skimmer, glass, changing filter socks, and testing the water.
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    Testing out anemone island tonight...
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    I put in 500g of sulfur prills in a filter sock in my sump. Not under the overflow, but just passively sitting in the first chamber. One side effect of this is that alkalinity is consumed, so I measure alkalinity every 30 minutes until i get a better handle. My nitrates are not very high atm (10 ppm), and I also have some gfo in a bag in my sump as well to deal with po4. Should be interesting! Most sulfur denitrator reactors run in combination with limestone media to buffer the h+ released (lowers pH) and release some bicarb (alkalinity) which is consumed by bacteria to change nitrate to nitrogen gas. I'm not doing that, because over time you get increase in Ca, which is consumed relatively proportionally to alk. So I monitor the alk and dose accordingly. I really dont have any idea how much the consumption will change, because right now my tank is consuming zero. The basic theory here can be read in detail here ; http://www.baharini.eu/baharini/lib/exe/fetch.php?media=badess:182.pdf 2 H2O + 5 S + 6 NO3– → 3 N2 + 5 SO42- + 4 H+ Sulfur + nitrate are used by bacteria to produce nitrogen gas, sulfate (abundant in saltwater, probably not an issue) and protons (which are an issue). Protons decrease pH and combine with carbonate and reduce alkalinity. SCIENCE
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    The way I understand it is, the sulfur media eventually harbors bacteria that reduces phosphates. Your method will only grow anaerobic bacteria, which is beneficial too.. but it could be used more efficiently inside a reactor. Sulfur nitrate reactors use small beads of elemental sulfur in a contact chamber. Water is introduced very slowly. As the water is dripped in and dripped out slowly, all oxygen is removed, making the water anaerobic in the contact chamber. At this point, bacteria will use nitrate in the absence of oxygen and by the time the water exits the reactor, most of the nitrate has been removed. The reactor can be outfitted with a circulation pump that keeps the water circulating inside the reactor without introducing any oxygen. The downside to this chemical reaction is that hydrogen ions are released, which makes the seawater more acidic. Most sulfur reactors pass water over crushed coral before returning it to the tank, as the acidic water dissolves the crushed coral and replenishes ph and calcium. Since sulfate is another bi-product of the chemical reaction within the reactor, crushed coral also absorbs this and removes it before water re-enters the aquarium. The plus-side to sulfur based reactors is that they are almost maintenance free. The sulfur beads last a long time, with some systems advertising that they never need replaced. The crushed coral media will dissolve over time and need replaced, but even that can last for extended periods. They are much easier to use and maintain, and don’t carry the risks associated with traditional nitrate reactors, or bio-pellets. Here’s a pic of mine, with a protein skimmer taking in the water exiting the sulfur reactor, it’s eliminated all algae and cyanobacteria. It’s well worth the cost. It requires a lift pump to supply the slow drip of water from the sump. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Could try a Pitho crab, i believe they will eat most turf algae, GHA and stuff like that, They are not like hermits, they wont eat or pick at snails and are pretty friendly and unique.
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    It looks like you probably have both color forms of Diodogorgia nodulifera which is a NPS gorgonian. You're feeding well but they do like a lot of waterflow, from "The Reef Aquarium" Vol 2: "May be kept in light or shade but always where it receives constant strong water motion,"
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    So just to follow up, I got the KHG, and I love this thing.... I dont have any consumers of alk in my DT yet, BUT i am about to start a little experiment with sulfur denitrification in, which will be an alk consumer. So... all in all, the KHG is a winner for mr so far.
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    I got the AC unit functioning today. And good timing too since it’s supposed to be on the warmer side this week.
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    I moved one of my blue gigs over to "Anemone Island" last night, and it was a rough transition. I wonder if there is a natural substance in the world stickier than the tentacles of a gigantea anemone.... 🤣
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    I changed it again, it looked to symmetrical. The pile on the left will be anemone island
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    So the idea here is instead of forcing a chamber to become anaerobic, that the center of the passive columns become anaerobic on their own, both from outside the column to inside, as well as from the surface of the media to the inner layers of media. So far I am relatively sure that its functioning well, as I'm only limited by my ability to accurately test nitrate. Its dropped me from 10-5 ppm, and there is definitely some alk consumption going on specifically from the sulfur media. I honestly think that the possibility exists that we are over-mechanizing this process, at the behest of those who wish to sell us reactors
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    I am pretty amazed they caught it. I guessing it was just munching on some bait that they reeled back in. However they caught it its a nasty looking bugger. Much worse than the everyday bristleworms I have in my tank.
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    Your link does not work for me to read the theory, but fourdrachma is dead-on in his summation that the specific bacteria a sulfur denitrator uses requires the exhaustion of oxygen for the bacteria to switch to nitrates in order to continue to oxidize sulfur. The flow through rate is only 1-3 drops per second, and generally takes months to get your nitrates down. If your drip rate is too high, not enough nitrates will be processed. Too slow, and they consume too much sulfur. I'm not sure that a passive bag of sulfur will create the same effect. Nice thing is once you get everything balanced it takes care of itself and is almost maintenance free. For what it's worth, I've been running one for 9 months or so and could not be happier with the results.
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    ****, thats a nice skimmer, the skimmer is worth the 600.00 alone
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    Nice John, ill be following along.
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    The plan on the stand is to build hardwood skins that will connect using rare earth magnets and will be stained to match my cherry kitchen cabinets. The hanging light canopy will also be hardwood and stained the same. This is the last item in the build to complete.
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    Weekend BUMP! Trying to get this out of here before my daughter is born
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    This is something for @mFrame to investigate
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    Selling because I'm going to be moving to a 2nd floor apartment and downsizing. 130g Planet Aquarium Crystaline tank / stand Exotic Marine External overflow Trigger Sapphire Sump 39 Reef Octopus Varios 6 pump Reef Octopus Regal 150INT – 6” Skimmer w/Varios pump and neck cleaner Pair of Neptune WAV pumps and 1Link module Aquatic Life 61” Hybrid fixture w/end caps (hides power cords) w/new bulbs. Hung from 8020.net brackets attached to the back of the stand. 3 – Radion XR15 Gen 4s w/light diffusers 2 Finnex Titanium heaters – can’t remember the wattage of them. Crystal ATO 10g Reservoir Tunze Osmolator 3155 ATO Artfully Acrylic screen top Lots of live rock The Aquatic Life fixture is 1 ½ yrs old, heaters and ATO are at least 3 yrs. Everything else is 2 – 2 ½ yrs old. Tank has a ¼” scratch on the front panel. During shipment the bottom panel was chipped on the back edge. Jake at RCA contacted PA who said it would not affect the integrity of it. The tank / stand alone cost $2500. The tank is still up and running and not wanting to part anything out yet.
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    I like socks. I would have a new pair for every day of the week. I also run them in my tank. It does keep stuff from collecting in my sump, which I dont need to clean. I think either way you go you will have to clean something.
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    How funny, I was just researching sulfur denitrators this morning. It's like I could sense what you were about to say...... SCIENCE!!
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    Yep, otherwise look online at flexpvc.com, but you won't get it today.
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    Relax amigo, he’s one of THE reefers in the city Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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    Wow! You read 1500 posts! Congrats! Ty is awesome! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Just a few other comments, I agree with all of the above. Some of the fish/creatures you're picking can be difficult to keep regardless of the tank age. Tangs, especially, have a hard time traveling. Powder Blues and Browns have always been ich magnets for me. Inverts like shrimp can have a very hard time if your water quality is off. Hermits and snails are almost always short-lived, so you don't know if it's their lifespan, a predator, or water conditions. Many will disagree, but for your first fish I would start with someone less expensive and hardier. Damsels are notoriously tough, but hard to catch later if you don't want them. I've always had good luck with dwarf angels to begin. Hawkfish have also done well for me. I would avoid exotic shrimp, starfish, and expensive fish until you start to see some success.
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    Hello all, I have (4) Radion XR15W Pros Gen 3s for sale. They are brand new never used so the LED life is still 100%. I purchase a while ago while I was still in planning phase of my new tank build. I plan to purchase the Gen 4s instead for an SPS dominant tank setup. Asking $275 a piece or all 4 for $1000. PM or text me @ 805.630.7891 Thanks, Marco
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    Man this topic is evolving so rapidly. That post was from literally a week ago regarding velvet! Learn something new every day!
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    Tank Transfer Method = TTM https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/tank-transfer-method.192655/
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    Like the title says. Anyone selling some?
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    BC Teen Wolf WG123 Blueberry Wine (in real life looks like a bright indigo blue but hard to capture on camera) Green slimer... Classic Oregon tort... Another classic AQUASD Rainbow Mille - still my favorite mille
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    FarmerTy unnamed BC Teen Wolf ORA Bellini Vivid Confetti under radions Av99 Rogue Envy
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