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    Tank has been looking much better lately, so I thought I would grab some photos tonight
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    Due to a whole load of personal stuff, I don't get on the forum frequently. But, I wanted to suggest to the mods / admin, maybe combining the subtopics back into the main ones at this point. I know there was a bunch of splitting about 4 or 5 years ago because it got overly complicated to keep track of everything in one forum. Was just looking at the general lack of activity these days and it's depressing for sure. I know facebook has sucked up a lot of the daily what/how/where posts, which is really unfortunate because it's a god awful platform for something as complex as reef keeping, or aquarium keeping in general, but just wanted to make this suggestion to maybe make it a little less difficult to see all the posts without having to click through a bunch of individual forums. I try to push people to this forum as often as possible. Facebook is just one and done, never see a topic again, so you get the same questions all the time, with weird incomplete responses and what I can only describe as some sort of fanboy up-votes frequently on incorrect advice. There's no accountability or posterity in using facebook for advice that can cost people hundreds to thousands of dollars as well as significant emotional stress when someone accepts s*** advice from someone. I also think the theme or platform change from the past hasn't helped. I don't use a phone, most forum software has much more user friendly ways to track topics that a user subscribes to, which this one used to, but that's been gone for years now. For an example, vBulletin forums have a settings page which shows all personal recent topics, it's absolutely the best page on the forum with all subscribed threads and subscribed forums, and this one used to have the exact same page, but no longer does. I can see my own activity, but it's not organized in a way that allows me to see threads with new replies at the top. Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there. I'm trying to get more involved again, but this has been one of the best resources I've ever seen including the huge reef forums, for quality advice that sticks around. Is a shame to see the activity down so much.
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    Let there be (lots of) light! Interesting that the fixture enclosure on the 2 new T247s are a shade or two lighter than the older lights (~2years). Jake says he should have my tank on Friday!
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    New builds are always fun, sometimes I think its the best part of reefing
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    i feel your pain, but I'm still very leary of trusting ICP. have you sent in a blank sample of just your saltwater? To a different lab? To a lab that uses a different method than ICP-OES? I know its an extra expense, but either there is a tin epidemic in reefing, or there is something related to the analytical method that is showing this as an issue. And as might guess, the primary provider of these tests has given you a reason to do more tests, and pay them more money to do so. In my opinion, the probability of this being a biological issue or a nutrient issue is so much greater than the probability that one specific metal is causing you an issue. Keep in mind most reefers (and most people) have no actual idea what they are talking about. I have two degrees in geoscience, with my graduate degree in geochemistry and a decade using analytical chemistry to solve problems with minerals and water. I am very qualified in this area. I am still only marginally know what I'm talking about.
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    Man I love that combo! You have the actinics on for a while before the ati kicks on? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    [emoji50][emoji50][emoji50] Hey, that’s me! [emoji847]. Thanks for the heads up! Yes sir. 8 bulb ATI fixture with two SBREEF actinic bars on either side of it.
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    Looking awesome T! So you running an 8 bulb ati t5 fixture and are those actinic reef brites? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    More worldwide tank recognition. https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/whats-your-biggest-personal-challenge-to-reefing-in-the-future.651783/
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    I have green mushrooms, blue mushrooms, and Superman mushrooms available. Green or Blue = 4/$20 superman = 2/$20 PM if interested.
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    @mFrame or @brian.srock may have an idea, I am curious as well
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    Hello all, just wondering when there will be another meet? Thank you
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    Unfortunately not, surprisingly.
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    I have to agree ARC is the best place to track what is successful long term. I'm not sure what would be the best way to condense the topics but it seems to me something could be done. Maybe something based more on science. The shut down of exports from Fiji and Indonesia and the restriction of fish collection in Hawai'i I think is a wakeup call. We need to be focusing on sustainable practices that let us keep our animals for at least their normal life expectancies. We have tons of science now which paints a drasticly different picture about how reefs work than what most aquarists are being told. After 30 years it's sad to see new aquarists still have a horrendous failure rate. If we compare how long we keep fish or corals to keeping cats or dogs most of us are while they are still kittens or puppies.
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    You probably have a better idea than I do Ian. That's the problem with changing so many variables all at once, can never be sure what the issue was. I did remove quite a bit of algae and all of the water, so I have a feeling it had something to do with that and resetting the microbial hierarchy. I know algae is detrimental to corals so eliminating it and keeping it back so far is probably the most obvious improvement that has led to better coral health.
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    I gotta agree with Jolt. :D The cause of problems in systems that have been trouble free for years is a real puzzler. In my systems that have run for one or two decades there certainly appear to be cycles where some animals don't seem to be happy and then everythings good again. I know from the research I've read corals are affecting the bacteria in the water and those bacteria can change over time. There's still a lot we don't know about individual coral's immune systems or how they change as they become mature but Dr. Wright's research shows it varies at the genotype level. I suspect there's a lot of combinations that like fish may work when there's a group of juveniles but when they mature not so much. We know different taxonomic groups promote different microbes in the water column (one) (two). So I can't help but think we need to pay a lot more attention to the conditions individual coral species are found in nature. The Strawberry Shortcake acro being one example which is found almost exclusively in association with other acro species
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    I can certainly appreciate how frustrating it can be not knowing why a coral(s) die. I am glad to see you post your efforts and test results. As Victoly pointed out there are some serious reservations about ICP testing but having test results along with your observations It's still potentially valuable information others can use to help identify issues. ANd having seen corals from hte same clone line respond differently to what appears to be the same conditions the limited testing we have available indicates the more information we have the better we're going to be able to keep these animals for their normal life expectancies. I am curious exactly where the tin is coming from as my tests of tap water here didn't show any tin. While most of our water comes from lake Travis I know there's a lot that comes from wells or private water utilities that may treat thier water differently than City of Austin.
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    Sorry to hear about the problems, but seems like excellent detective work!
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    Saw your FB comment on your shark on Jennifer's post but didn't want to hijack her post. Regarding nitrates and your shark; you definitley want to get your nitrates down. I suspect the cloudy eye is bacterial like in fish but high nitrates will cause other health issues long term for your shark. Nitrates are also not good for your corals either, tending to push the mutualistic relationship between corals and zooxanthellae towards a parasitic one in favor of the zooxantheallae.
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    Here's a video from a couple weeks ago. https://youtu.be/cWIEKUsjnYU
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    BC Teen Wolf WG123 Blueberry Wine (in real life looks like a bright indigo blue but hard to capture on camera) Green slimer... Classic Oregon tort... Another classic AQUASD Rainbow Mille - still my favorite mille
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    Due to time and vacations coming up this year I am letting my tank go. Would like to sale together. Would like to get 1300 or best offer. 90 gallon tank 45 gallon sump/ refugium Handmade real walnut stand (600$ for walnut ) Auquatop 607 gph return pump Sc aquafarms sca-301 skimmer ( could be upgraded) 2 Fluval 3.0 led sea lights with wireless Hang on back overflow 3 power heads (1 tunez) 180 lbs rock 2 snowflake clownfish 2 Banggai cardinal lawnmower blenny Yellow tang Diamond watchman goby Male anthias Female anthias Flame hawk Six line wrasse Blue damsel Coral beauty Red mandarin dragon Fire shrimp Coral banded shrimp Seasons greetings coral Jack o lantern coral 2 Hollywood stunner coral 3 Lord howe coral (2 red 1 green) Green eyed lepto Merleti blasto Orange ricordea Florida 1 small mushroom Zoas (5 different colonies) Very large clean up crew maybe 75 snails, Astria, turbo, hermits, red legs crabs 3 pistol shrimp Sea hare Sea urchin 1 rose bubble nem 1 green bubble 2 rainbow bubbles ( split weekly) 1 blue hammer coral 2 heads 1 Micronesian hammer coral 2 clams 4” and 1.5” but the smaller one is being held hostage by the watchman goby under a rock 1 candy cane 4 heads Large green star polyp rock 2 large leathers 9 water containers 4 stage RODI system lots of food and more things I may have left out