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    FarmerTy Eternal Flame OG Purple Monster Oregon Tort RCA Baton Rouge Palmers Blue Mille
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    Family portrait! Front to back: Tyree pink lemonade, fox flame, JF sour twist
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    Oh BTW... let there be Fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    FarmerTy is back! Vivid Aquariums Confetti (still coloring up) AquaSD Rainbow Mille (those green polyps are covering up a bright reddish-orange color)
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    You sometimes don't notice growth until you compare pics. I need to get better about taking pics of corals when I get them. ORA Laura's Purple Polyp June 23 Aug 8 Strawberry Shortcake June 23 Aug 8 Fishy Business Cali Tort june 23 aug 8 Now my new Guy... ORA Yellow Fuzzy ive decided fish will start going in Saturday. baby Steps... nothing will go in without QT.
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    With Mike advice on the surgery procedures, I decided to frag the clone into 3 pieces. Didn't have steady hands when cutting it...took about 3 cuts to separate it. All are plum and inflated 1 day after surgery. Was nervous but glad they are healing well. Color is a little light now should get darker orange soon
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    Finally got a chance to try to aquascape. Let's call this Version 1.0. https://youtu.be/lKUDs_4bnew
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    That gear looks sick... This is why I hate this hobby... someone always has prettier gear!!!!
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    Hey everyone! My wife and I just moved to the Austin area from southern Wisconsin and I'd love to connect with this new reef community! I've had fish tanks for the past 15 years but haven't yet gone full blown reef... I've always been afraid that I'm going to lose all my money one day when something blows up (a dumb anemone did this to my best setup and I lost everything...). But anyways, I have the fluval evo 13.5 with a few miscellaneous corals setup, but I was able to pick up a steal on an older 90g cube tank I just couldn't resist. I'll be starting that up with the hopes of over the next 2 years hopefully turning it into a thriving reef system! I would love to get to know you guys and share in the community, as that was one of my favorite things with our strong reef community in Wisco! Build threads will be starting soon and I'll probably be asking for lots of advice! Look forward to getting to know the Austin reef club!
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    Upgrading from a nano system to a 90g cube. I'm donating most of my nano to the preschool at my church, so I'm looking to pretty much start from scratch in my 90. Wants: 20-30 pounds of rock Aqua Illumination Hydra FiftyTwo HD LED Light Fixture Future wants: Eventually... over the next few months I'll be looking to stock my tank so if you're planning a breakdown or splitting up some corals let me know! I'll especially be looking for an RBTA! Thanks guys... My tank thread will begin shortly!
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    I'll give Ty the benefit of the doubt since his frag changed tanks two times and mine only changed tanks once. But I'll still accept the compliment while is lasts [emoji16]
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    After my move to Yuma a little over a year ago I have finally found the time to setup a new aquarium. I started with an Innovative Marine 20 Gal Peninsula and 20 pounds of pukani (only used about 15), after a 2 month cure on the pukani I set to putting the aquascape together. I wanted to get something the would look good from both sides but also would not just be a solid wall of stone so out came the chisels to carve some caves into the rock which can be seen in the photo. With the rocks in I added 10 pounds of special grade live sand and added some water. Since I live in Yuma and it is entirely to hot here I decided to replace the stock return pump with a sicce syncra silent 1.5, which I then in an attempt to reduce the amount of heat put into the tank I plumbed in a very convoluted way outside of the tank by running it up and over the rim of the tank. It is not perfect and I will probably end up redoing it at some point but it works. The tee at the top of the return is so that I can prime the pump since it is not able to start a suction by itself. For lighting I am running my AI Prime which is looking like I will be able to put whatever I wanted lighting wise. I waited 3 weeks wile running the red sea reef mature kit to cycle it before I made a trip to the phoenix area because there are no aquarium stores in Yuma, while there after visiting with a friend from college I stopped by a store in scottsdale and picked up a pair of ORA black snowflake clowns, and a couple margarita snails. Black snowflake clowns.mp4 For the ato I got a Smart ATO micro which is super nice since the tank has a tiny sump, the ato is really important because since it is so dry here the tank has to get 3ish gallons of top off in a little under a week. Moving forward I want to get an anemone for my clowns and once that has stopped wondering I will start putting in some coral, I also want to swap out my protein skimmer with a external and to get an aquarium controller.
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    new light installed. printed the supports, used some 2020 extrusion for the bars... wall bracket: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2475500
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    Loving the masterflex so far... can you tell when it went online?
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    I started dosing nitrates again last night. Going to hold off on dosing phosphates for now. Also got the masterflex hooked up and running tonight!
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    finally took the plunge... a frag tank! its running vinegar at the moment. still debating if i want to figure out some water exchange w/ the main tank, or isolate it.anyone know of a dual peristaltic pump w/ a single motor?
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    My Fallow period is OVER!!!!!! but my fish don't finish QT for another week.... lol
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    We go round and round Tim. Considering my background, I understand colloquial terms versus actual genus names. Rather than continue to fight it like you have Tim, its just easier for me to just go with the flow regarding common terms. Otherwise, its just an exercise in beating your head against in the wall in my opinion and it also saves me time when talking with other reefers. I'm not looking for a debate. I keep acros (Acropora)... They look very nice in my tank in my opinion. I'm trying to help another hobbyist who keeps acros as well go with advice I think is more appropriate to his situation. You often quote books about natural reefs and data collected from these reefs as backing for your assumptions in the reef aquaria, which in my opinion and just my opinion only, is not always as applicable to saltwater tanks. Both environments are very different in many ways that I don't really feel like we are emulating nature anymore. My 215-gallon tank is not the ocean, nor do I want it to look like the ocean. I want it to look like this, and to look like this, I keep my phosphates below 0.03 ppm according to my Hanna meter, whether that means there is a great amount of organic phosphate in the water in corrolation, I do not know. I don't mean to offend you Tim. Your expertise on this board is beneficial to many. I just been running "SPS"-dominant systems for 7 years now and learned a great deal over the years on how to keep beautifully colored acropora colonies, so I aim to share that same knowledge with others and if someone gives advice I see may not be beneficial, I will also add my opinion in hopes to help someone with their goal. I'm not aiming to slam down anybody else's advice in the process, contributions to the collective knowledge is what makes the hobby great, and what makes ARC great. There are always so many willing to help. I'll just agree to disagree on this one.
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    We now have in stock Fish Flucon from Thomas Labs. This is not a cheap knock-off Fluconazole. Fish Flucon is an Antifungal medication, but seems to be highly effective ( according to hobbyist reef sites) in combating Bryopsis. Gary
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    Hey ARC!! After a short hiatus away from the community, Aspen is back and I've returned with a mission! I'm working with the Houston Museum of Natural Science to revamp their Malacology Hall aquariums. Our budget is non-existent, so we're reaching out to local reefing communities to donate old equipment, materials and offer to help rehome livestock and make some space in crowded frag racks There are two tanks we're refurbishing (60 + 160*) so anything and everything helps! Here is a list of things we are actively looking for (the list will change over time): EQUIPMENT LIST 30-120 lbs of dried, or live rock (dead is fine too) 30 gal. Brute Trash Cans 60-100 lbs live sand frag racks and plugs 20-40 gal QT tanks dosers for cal, mag, pods and meds ATO(s)* Floating breeder boxes (preferably in several sizes) Filtering Media* Return Pumps* Lighting* Heaters* Powerheads (ALL and Every Kind) Power Cords * I can give specifics to what range and sizes we're looking for after the meeting at the end of August The tanks have been in limbo for a while and the museum is excited to get the community involved in restoring the Malacology Hall Reefs! We're just getting started so keep your eye out for updates! If you have any questions or find any leads please email me at ravecorals@gmail.com with the header HMNS. Thanks in advance guys! Aspen
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    Wide angle clip-on picture with my phone for fun.
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    Hello fellow ARCers! It finally happened... the old tank is officially retired as we moved houses March of 2017. With that comes the end of the old FarmerTy mega-thread... it treated me well over the years. Here it is for reference and also as a tool for punishment for new reefers to join the club. [emoji5] http://www.austinreefclub.com/topic/29288-farmertys-215-build/?_fromLogin=1#replyForm
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    Don't kid yourself, Ty was in a corner crying to. He and his son were likely having a cry fest together [emoji12]
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    Me too! I have a horrible green slime problem in the DT right now that I am trying to tame, so it could be a while. I have a 6 week sabbatical coming up from my work in November and I hope to spend lots of time on the DT then
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    Oh no, Ty! That was the regal I saw and teased you about from RCA?? What a bummer! Sorry for your loss, sir. Hopefully, you find another beautiful specimen soon. The scape and sticks look fantastic!!! Can't wait to see it with those things that swim!!!
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    I'm getting ready to set up 2-part dosing on my new frag tank set up (12 gallons). The alkalinity is very low (4.8) so I'll need to raise it up to where i want it before i start regular dosing. How much can i safely raise the alkalinity and calcium at one time and can I do that several times through out the day?
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    Good question! I have not transferred any frags yet, but I was thinking to use the epoxy donut approach (learned that one from Ty). So, pick a spot and see how it does. Since PAR etc should be similar (same lights tested with PAR meter), then I hope to be able to keep things in the ballpark. But, I won't take whole frags out of the FT, so if there are problems I will be able to try another piece later so long as I don't crash the FT
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    Thanks Ty. That was the idea - grow out in the frag tank and then frag into the display tank. Only coral flesh moves to the DT, and gets dipped on the way over. The FT is a near identical setup as far as lights, etc., so hopefully that will make the transition smooth. Right now the DT is still too immature so I'm just cooking things in the FT. The DT is just really good at growing algae right now But, I'm actually gonna have to have a clearance sale sometime in the next couple months, but that's a good problem to have! I should add: I have a really nice chunk of northern lights and also Ty's fakeberry (which is a nice piece if you ask me!)
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    Maybe see if Dan is just too busy these days to coordinate still? We had a good 20+ people at meetings consistently when we had them. I do think switching from the previous format of monthly to quarterly is ideal though.
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    LOL, glad it's finally working again, would have hated for Ty to spend time with his family. (They actually funded me to get it working again).
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    eBay is your friend...! This was cheaper than getting another regular size one!
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    Looking good bud! Can't wait to see this tank full and running, it's going to be so clean and quiet. I might just come over to bask in the silence of it all
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    cleaned, plumbed up... waiting overnight for glue. using tiny pump temp... The 3d printed overflow w/ minimal clearance for it....... and drains plumbed bypassing fuge to sump in garage... now tomorrow the trick is gonna be starting that siphon.....twice.. ugh. ok, looking for a decent light in the 50-100 range... anyone?
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    Wow! That's pretty epic!
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    9 I just do not think it is big enough. Good news is it is really quite and I am not getting the micro bubbles i was getting with the old one. I just need to figure out how to tune a skimmer with both flow and air control.
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    That article is so vague and clickbaitey its annoying, frankly doesnt even pass basic journalistic vetting. questions: what was the device which was "hacked?" was it even a IoT? What is the definition of IoT in reference to this article? Was it breached from outside the firewall, or was it a guest on a local network. etc. etc. They toss in certain details, but omit others? come on. point is... until there are details, dont go crazy thinking your apex is a security problem if you have your firewall setup right. btw.. my real job is a network security engineer, i get paid to know this crap.
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    Will do Jolt ! I hear ya Farmer Ty.... And thanks for all the help...
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    Wow no faith. I even built a guard which I had my hand on. It was so much sawdust though! I'm hoping to have the stand in the house by the end of the week but it'll still be missing the concrete counter top which I'll be building for it. Next I have to router the hinges, finish up the stain on the side doors, install the automatic led lighting, and drill for the cabinet handles.
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    My first thought when the video started playing was "do I want to watch this?????" That's going to be a very cool stand.
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    Well, to combat those Alk swings, I installed a BRS doser today. Actually went much more smoothly than I expected. Let's hope the timer works correctly and my dosing amounts are correct...
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    It operates on pressure caused by the rollers on the tubing. Orientation shouldn't matter in those regards. Only issue I could see if it was designed for vertical orientation the way the tubes come off it that operating it on its side could put pressure on the tubing causing pinching or leaks. In that respects, then no, only operate it vertically.
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    Saw that, was a bit too expensive for me though. Although I'm coming to understand these units don't pass for much lower than ~500.
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    Someone is selling one on Marsh, Houston reef forum.
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    Some pics I took last night and getting a chance to post while up with the new baby at 3:40 am. Z's Yellow-eyed Jaw Dropper Tyree pink lemonade and AquaSD Rainbow Garf Purple Bonsai Sunset Mille Frag tank Unnamed Blue Limeade Electric Miyagi ORA Pearlberry and Forest Fire Digi ORA Laura's Purple Polyp
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    Just got confirmation that my Synergy Overflow will ship out on Friday! So exciting... In other news, I have a center brace that broke while painting and removing doors etc, so I have a replacement being made right now to put on the stand. Waiting for that to get done before I install it and then put the stand/tank up in the living room. Plumbing has arrived as well. @Gig 'em @ NDstructible and I will then design the sump situation once its all delivered. Excited to see what we can come up with.
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    FTS - currently a FOWLR with hopes for coral soon ...
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    This guy wants to be King of The Tank. He's almost as big as my spread-out hand, but whenever he starts getting too full of himself the bandit puts him in his place ... The yellow tangs always know where he is though!