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  2. ARC Meeting 02/24 (2pm-4pm) FarmerTy's 215 SPS Tank

    Got room for one more in the tent?

    Two failed experiments in the books. No water changes and Reef Brite t5ho bulbs. I really wanted the no water changes to work. It works so well for some. Despite measurable parameters being well within appropriate ranges and stability, at about month 3 I started getting some system wide brittle tissue on sps and even some tip burn despite no alkalinity spikes happening in even long term memory. Back to 10-15% a week and stuff has already recovered about 80% I’d guess. Secondly. I’m off the Reef Brite t5ho bulbs. 2 months in and 3 of 4 have already burned out. Back to ati. I suppose sometimes you do get what you pay for Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  4. coming out lurker

    I joined this site a long time ago but never really got my tank up and running like i had previous to moving here. After a long hiatus and i totally got the bug again and set a tank back up. Its been up for maybe 4 months now. So many new toys and gadgets from when i first started reefing around 14 years ago. I Went full in with the Neptune stuff, but not really impressed equipment wise (software great!). I guess stories for another time. Here's some shots of how it sits now. Its an old Oceanic tank with its weird 58g dimensions. Still need to get a QT setup before i stock it more. Got over hyped and started stocking with some chalice, monti and acro frags. Also a few zoas here and there. Only fish is damsel which i helped cycle it with. Now im in that bad spot where i need to get rid of that thing. Some people never learn XD. -skot
  5. Reef fleas?

    For a lack of a better word i think i have fleas in my tank lol. Im trying to ID these things but they are so small its hard to capture them with my cell phone. Ill try again later when i get a card reader for my DSLR They are black, very small and round like fleas you'd find on a cat or dog. They don't look like normal "pods" since those are normally translucent and longer oval shaped. I noticed them after a recent Zoa introduction. i did a freshwater dip a ton of regular pods washed off but didn't see any of these black things. They dont seem to move that much,more just sit in my sand. ive seen them move occasionally but its a very quick like walk across the same grain of sand and stop. BTW you can move this to the "What is this thing" section. didn't see that before.
  6. ARC Meeting 02/24 (2pm-4pm) FarmerTy's 215 SPS Tank

    I'm camping out on his front lawn. It's black Friday for reefers. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  7. Well I tried to show up today to Ty’s to get the early bird special. Ty didn’t fall for it though. Got my days a little mixed up lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Long time lurker. Set my tank back up after a long hiatus. Would love to meet up with some folks.
  9. FS Zoas-MaryJanes,DragonEyes,AlphaOmega

    Updated and can bring anything to the meeting tomorrow
  10. Sold! :-)
  11. Need a HIGH flow pump ASAP

    Jaebo return pump, probably the latest 15000 model. I got insider info... [emoji41]
  12. Got an extra $3 million laying around?

    We need to make some money selling them Big Blue Lights from Texas.
  13. Tank - Sump Build 500 gal +

    Apex . Hum. Update firmware so it will work with fusion. D/l installer. Installer will not work with mac 10.6.4 on old lappy. Darn. D/l installer on new laptop. Oh need wired ethernet connection to router. No ethernet port on new laptop. Ah ha music server is mac mini. Ok step 2 turn on "fusion" in controller. Fusion is on, sees everything but no control. After 3 hours of reading threads, no hair left, I find you must also turn on "fusion control" in controller. I knew that computer Sci degree would come in handy some day. Fusion works great. Does all the "if then's" for you. Put some clear 45's on the sea swirls. 100% improvement in looks for sure.
  14. ARC Meeting 02/24 (2pm-4pm) FarmerTy's 215 SPS Tank

    Will take the small. Will be getting there around 2:30 Sent from my Moto Z (2) using Tapatalk
  15. Yesterday
  16. I've got two superman rhodactis mushrooms if anyone is looking for one I can bring to the meeting. I got the original from Pham about 4-5 yrs ago. Small (1 1/2") $5 , Med (2 to 2 1/2") $10.
  17. 10G beginner tank

    The light came in I didn't like how the bracket mounted to the back or where it placed the light so I removed the bracket and placed it on my eggcrate DIY lid and I'm satisfied with the result considering the price. Still have to adjust the light settings it has options for more blues or more white.
  18. Isaac's 29g biocube reboot

    so i've turnd the pump off and syphoned settled gunk daily... today looking to be the last day. salt & sand tomorrow!
  19. Isaac's 180+

    so after my nem split, he decided to start roaming. i used my magnets to try and contain him. he ended up latching onto one, hasnt let go in awhile. plus side, i can move him around
  20. Planet Aquarium 130g

    I'm guessing every 2-3 weeks. I'd say right now a little over a 3rd of it is full and dense.
  21. Need a HIGH flow pump ASAP

    Which pump are you getting?
  22. Need a HIGH flow pump ASAP

    Thanks, @Jimbo662, it did. and Thanks @FarmerTy for providing me with two options, and finally thanks, @HarleyGuy In the end, I'm a convert. I've been running an external Reeflo now for... 5ish years, and I've always loved them, but in my most recent build I've has a number of issues. I believe it actually has very little to do with the pump and more with my setup and plumbing causing some heat on the pump. Anyway, I ended up going with a DC pump I borrowed from HarleyGuy (have a new one arriving tomorrow) and using it inside the sump. In the past, I decided to move away from that because the extra heat (AC pump) that was being added to the water. We'll see how it goes this summer, but I think I'll be okay. Anyway, this is such a great community that we have here!
  23. Got an extra $3 million laying around?

    Pretty expensive house boat, or maybe house barge is a better word. ☺ There's plenty of corals endemic to the Persian Gulf so I don't see why they made an issue of salinity and temp unless they chose to source corals from the Indo-pacific. And Bali Aquarium is mariculturing corals as deep as 70' so they should find something that will like those locations. Even with selecting corals that will like the conditions they're creating with just sunlight everything is going to look brownish with subdued colors. Hate to drop the algae magnet needed for something that thick.
  24. Boxfish needs a new home

    Boxfish is sold.
  25. RBTA

    Is the big one still available?
  26. Beautiful Lined Rabbitfish for SALE, ~5.5"

    I can come pick up the rabbit fish anytime now. I’m 30 mins away.
  27. Isaac's 180+

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