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  2. Jen_McG

    Jen’s Red Sea reefer 350

    Full tank shot [emoji51] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  4. NEW ENDING TIME! Ebay Auctions Ending Thursday 6/27/19 starting at 6PM PST (9PMEST), tons of hot deals and steals, don't miss out! * * * ( ALL AUCTIONS START AT $0.99 ) * * * Click EBAY Icon below and get in on the deals! Some Teasers Below! Don't miss these AWESOME DEALS! ALL STARTS AT $0.99! New Pieces up on our website! Use code "ASDWEB10" to get 10% off! Only for www.aquasd.com Are you a store or a reseller and need our products in bulk? Please register on our wholesale page here -
  5. Good Greef

    Seeking extra CO2 cannister

    Can be 5# or 10#. Just to keep on hand when needed. Happy to pick up wherever is convenient for you. Marc
  6. I have a 400 gallon FOWLR. Looking for some big fish, especially vlamingi tangs, large angels and guineafowl puffer. Open to most fish. Would also be interested in large soft coral colonies like xenias, leathers, etc. Let me know, thanks Austin 5206097372
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  8. Today we have a 30% off code for Mushrooms!
  9. Rconde

    90g tank RR, stand, canopy w/lights

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  11. www.AQUASD.com And we are done for today! I know we said over 600 corals, but it ended up being 800 so that's even better! If you haven't checked it out yet, feel free to browse on our website! Check out the "New Arrivals" page to make it easier. Have a good one!
  12. Another Holy Grail Micromussa! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  13. Sunset Plates!! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  15. And Octospawns! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  16. Interstellars are up! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  17. SChambers

    Steven's LED Biocube 32 - First Tank

    I did not realize those were snails. I do have tubes like that extending from all over my rocks and my torch coral. It seems like there is not an easy way to deal with them. I tried breaking as many off as I could, but I doubt I did very much to impact the population. I also spotted some Aiptasia which I hope to get a peppermint shrimp to help deal with. I could also try some Aiptasia X if the shrimp doesn’t seem to take to them. I also have this soft growth on one of my live rocks that I cannot seem to identify. Any ideas?
  18. That's it for now! We will be taking a break, and we'll continue when we have more ready for you guys! www.AQUASD.com
  19. Some more beauties! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  20. Okay. Check out these two Chalice Colonies! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  21. 3G Mummy Eye Chalice Colony! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  22. Dominican

    Large Long Spine Urchin

    6 or 7 inches. Pulled from my DT for bulldozing SPS. Make me any offer. I'll also just take a bunch of chaeto for trade. [emoji106] Unsure if not stating price violates any site policies, so $5. Sorry for the terrible sump pic. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  23. Walt Disney Acro in this one! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  24. And the Beach Bum is released! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  25. Chalice Colonies are up! But check out this Rock Flower! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  26. It's a Pink Hammer Colony! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
  27. Few Tyree Red Dragons today! www.AQUASD.com www.AQUASD.com
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