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  3. Did you get one?? I'm going to make a Yoda, Vader, Picard, and Warf to start. Noah can have Vader. And I'm sure I'll have to make a Minecraft Steve at some point too. Is it cheating to use a 3D printer in a school dramarama project? Oh the possiblitlies! I'm so getting one now Sent from my SM-J700T using Tapatalk
  4. Oh my gosh people! Kudos to y'all! My schedule kinda goes like this: 5pm blues on: (to myself)"don't forget to feed your fish and stuff today" 9pm: "you still haven't feed the fish and stuff yet ..." 11pm lights out blues on: "darnit, you forgot!" Then I get up (if I've sat down for the day yet) and feed my fish and stuff. Saturday is similar with the water change. Saturday night : "oh my gosh, seriously? You forgot. Again." Christy, I believe you have inspired me to get back on my schedule! Thank you [emoji4] I will now proceed to follow and observe, like the creepy guy in the corner of a store that just watches... Sent from my SM-J700T using Tapatalk
  5. son already has vader, daughter already has some pokemon
  6. Sorry, no, but I want one... But not to make cool inventions like you. To make Star Wars AND Star Trek figurines so we can all finally get along Sent from my SM-J700T using Tapatalk
  7. Good finds! Sent from my SM-J700T using Tapatalk
  8. i thought the DCT wasnt compatible w/ the apex/DC "connector"... like they changed the pins around or something?
  9. Yes ma'am. Just need to buy the cable to plug it into the module and program the speed %.
  10. Thanks for the recommendations! For the Varios, is it fairly straightforward to run it with an Apex?
  11. DCT for 2 years now and purrs like a kitten. A cheap one at that I also have the 150 deep tank but I also use a Jaebo fan as well See my signature line
  12. Looking great Ty. I can tell you that after having an in-wall tank myself the access from the front is a great build in. I didn't do that and it was hell trying to place coral blindly.
  13. The sump room stand turned out awesome! The metal work was done by NDstructible, I HIGHLY recommend them. I've had two very positive experiences personally, and have seen his work on two other projects, all have been stellar! It's fun to see someone that really enjoys doing their trade, the extra attention to details shows. Given that he's now done a number of aquarium stands he understand what we want and the desire to have super clean welds etc. The powder coating was done by PRO-TEC, they did a great job as well, with a very fast turn around. Forgive the messy garage on the right pic, this was before everything was up in the attic! I told you I had a busy weekend!.
  14. Along with doing basic move in stuff, preparing my attic for storage, etc. I had a busy weekend. One big task I hoped to have complete was the sump room... I fell short of that goal. I made some good progress, but as usual the unexpected happened. Why don't we just call it the expected? Okay, that is a whole other topic. So then I opened the wall for the A/C unit, what did I see? A run of Romex.... so I took advantage of the issue by move the switch that it was run to and added an additional switch for a ceiling vent. The AC unit works GREAT in this small space, had a remote control so I can set the desired temperature, it will cycle on and off as needed. I still need to trim the unit to make it look good, but that can happen later. The ceiling vent has three modes, Off, Always on high, and humidity controlled. Turn on at 60% humidity slow, then ramps up if the humidity increases. I'm sure I'll have to play with these as they work together to find the best setup. I actually got more done than this but neglected to take any pictures. Oops. I'll have more to come soon.
  15. I put a 5min delay on mine, to save the solenoid a little bit: Fallback OFF Set OFF If CaRktr > 6.58 Then ON If CaRktr < 6.55 Then OFF If pH < 7.89 Then OFF If Outlet Leak_A2 = ON Then OFF If Outlet Levels_A5 = ON Then OFF If WtrChg CLOSED Then OFF If RefuLo CLOSED Then OFF If Outlet PwrSvPumps6 = ON Then OFF If Outlet PwrApex_A12 = ON Then OFF Defer 005:00 Then ON My flow rate is about 0.13 liter/min.. i was aiming for 0.10, but it seems to clog faster that way.. I have higher alk issue because of this though (ca/mg are perfect)
  16. Well, big tank is set up, should probably start a thread
  17. I managed to get the effluent rate coming through at a pretty consistent rate at different drip rates. The secret is to adjust the needle valve very slowly. I did notice my regulator's solenoid is switching on an off fairly often. Is this normal? My CO2 bubble rate right now is 10 bubbles per minute. Apex is set to turn on CO2 at 6.7 ph and off at 6.6 ph. The current settings aren't quite keeping up with my tank's alkalinity needs so I will need to adjust some things. With how fast the ph drops in the reactor at 10 bubbles per minute should I just increase the effluent flow?
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  19. I have two sunset montiporas that are doing well and some kind of green acro that has held on through all the others getting RTN. It's showing small polyps at the bottom and what look like new branch nubs starting to come out of it's encrusted base. One of the sunset montis I thought had died all the way but after fixing the alk problem, I noticed that weeks later what I thought was coraline algae was actually the red monti color encrusting the old skeleton again. There are blue polyps coming out of it now and it's slowly creeping back over the white skeleton that I thought was completely dead. The alk is sitting around 11dKH.
  20. I also have a Varios DC pump. I have not had it for long, but I really like it so far.
  21. I've been using a Jebao/Jecod DCT 12000 for about a year. The DCT is better than the DCS model. It's more quiet than my previous "QuietOne" and it's only $90 at Amazon.
  22. I've also been using wavelines for a couple of years now. BRS stopped selling them so I just bought a reef octopus varios pump for my new build. That thing is dead silent.
  23. Do you have a pic of the elite head unit
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