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  2. Skimz Monzter CM122 External Calcium Reactor Regular: $349.99 12% Off, Save $40 $309.99
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  4. I'll take a frag of the green one once it heals.
  5. So both of my leathers are kicking butt - big and fluffy. Kind of too big and fluffy right now, so I'd like to cut them back and start over. Can I just lop the entire head off and expect it to grow back the same? What could I expect to sell them for? Neon Green Lone Star and normal (??), both 8"ish across.
  6. Ebay Auctions Ending THURSDAY 6/29/17 starting at 4PM PST (7PMEST) * * * ALL AUCTIONS START AT $0.99 * * * Click EBAY Icon below and get in on the deals! Some Teasers Below! Don't miss these AWESOME DEALS! ALL STARTS AT $0.99! 300+ Auctions This Round!
  7. Convince? Good luck! [emoji23] If anything, highlight the benefits of building one tank now vs another tear down and rebuild down the road. Also that a shorter tank would be more attractive and require less effort from you in maintenance. Less effort=more time. I would argue that not having to tear down the old tank again and build a new one plus all the saved time from not having to get a step stool or tongs to get down into the tank will save a significant amount of time in the future. Now what is your time worth in the future with 3(+) kids, a career, a wife, etc? Certainly worth a couple thousand dollars now I would think! Plus a new build is fun and exciting and we get to design things perfectly from scratch to make it as automated and flawless as possible [emoji16]
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  9. I got one left. Thanks Emilio and Bill. It was a pleasure meeting you guys. PM me if you're interested.
  10. I think I have decided to get a new Tank instead of using my current tank for several reasons. More than likely this is our forever home, so I would rather have something set up for 10 years. 2, my current tank is 30 inches tall and has a 12" canopy, making it really a challenge to put new pieces on the rock etc. Looking at an SCA Rimless 150 pre drilled for a Shadow Overflow. Starfire on 3 sides and comes in at a great price, including shipping.. Has it in stock and can deliver by next week.. Seems like a dream. Not going to lie, I am almost dead set on this. How do I convince my wife when I get home later?! lol
  11. I'll default to the guy that's been to more wholesalers and distributors than I can even name... [emoji4]
  12. Everything going well. Bought a cool pH/TDS monitor.
  13. Could be, although I've seen the same thing in wholesaler warehouses with fish or shrimp that jump or hide really well.
  14. Ebay Auctions Ending THURSDAY 6/29/17 starting at 4PM PST (7PMEST) * * * ALL AUCTIONS START AT $0.99 * * * Click EBAY Icon below and get in on the deals! Some Teasers Below! Don't miss these AWESOME DEALS! ALL STARTS AT $0.99! 300+ Auctions This Round!
  15. Looking to distract you with a pretty, flowing, 3-headed Cerberus of a goniopora while nobody notices the fish are missing.
  16. Nice! Very jealous! I bet you those in the cups are being isolated so they cannot eat anymore to purge their systems before shipping.
  17. The cups had fish in them. Probably fish prone to jumping.
  18. That's incredible. Once in a lifetime. What are the upside down cups in the second to last picture? We went on a conch farm tour while in Turks. It was pretty neat to see how maricultured conch can be grown faster and larger due to less competition for food and environment. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. Hey John, yes, that's the Bonsai that I got from you. It's settled in nicely and encrusting. It's odd in that one branch has a white hue while the other are solid purple. And that is the RR Canada Orange Passion. I can't wait for it to grow up. If it keeps that baby blue color with the orange polyps it's going to be really nice. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. Thanks for sharing this!
  21. Super Reef Octopus CR5000 9" Calcium Reactor Regular: $519.99 14% Off, Save $70 $449.99
  22. I'm interested in buying rare or lineage bta's like colorado sunburst, flame tip, supernova, etc
  23. I have not been pm'ed at this time. This is still available. No one has committed. It is first come first serve.
  24. Hm. Could have been the stress of the transition then. Or just plain ol' old age
  25. Nothing that I could tell...
  26. Duh, misread what you said lol, yes, please keep an eye out for me!!
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