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  1. Today
  2. Free Fern Caulerpa

    I may be able to pull some. My next day off is Wednesday if that works for you.
  3. Free Fern Caulerpa

    Hi there! Any chance it's time for another trim? Looking for some leafier macro to diversify my refugolio.
  4. Looking for large tank or complete system

    Are you still looking. I have a 90 i just tore down and got to clean up
  5. Planet Aquarium 130g

    Hey, if you need help just let me know. I've got two weeks free!
  6. Planet Aquarium 130g

    Spectacular! Can you come setup my new sump for me? [emoji12]
  7. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Really pretty fish - hope he gets better soon!
  8. Yesterday
  9. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    I have dosed the metroplex, kanaplex and Furan2. I bought some ghost shrimp today while at river city. While the female was merking the shrimp left and right, the male was only lazily going after them. I ended up grabbing a couple with some tweezers and hand feeding the male. I took a video of the 2nd shrimp I hand fed him. Not sure if he really ate any or not.
  10. Planet Aquarium 130g

    More progress this weekend. Picked up the padding yesterday and got it under the stand. Glued the plumbing together, installed the 8020 light brackets and threw on the two XR15s temporarily. Still waiting for the shipment of Aquatic Life fixtures to get to BRS!!!
  11. Chalice - Miami Hurricane and Aquasd Convict

    I am interested in them both please text me at 5126058084 to set up time and place thank you
  12. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Cool, thanks for the help with this. I ran to river city and picked up some KanaPlex. Kana seems to be used more with Mextroplex than Sulfa & Metro together, so I will go with whats known to be okay together.
  13. Corals & Anemones for Sale

    I am available to come by today to pick up several frags of what you have left. Please pm or text me if this is possible 5126058084 thank you
  14. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Yes, but I didn't use Sulfa. I used kanaplex, metroplex, and furan 2 at the same time. Just be careful like I mentioned, each additional antibiotic depletes oxygen even more so use an air bubbler.
  15. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    Just making sure I understand correctly, you used the mix of antibiotics at the same time? So I could use the Furan 2, Metroplex and Sulfaplex all at once.
  16. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    When dealing with the unknown, I like to use a mix of antibiotics in emergency type scenarios. I've used Kanaplex, metroplex, and furan 2 on an emperor with a bacterial infection when one antibiotic did very little to combat the bacteria. All were dosed at recommended dosage by manufacturer. Just increase oxygen in the water using an air bubbler as adding each antibiotic robs the system of more oxygen. Read carefully on metro and it says that you can add it to food but it also states a dosage for just dosing in the water. It works without adding to food which is how I employ it.
  17. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    I got both the male and female out of the tank and into a quarantine tank. On up-close inspection of the male, he has a super slight haze in his eyes. It looks like it could be from rubbing against the glass, or perhaps a early stage of eye clouding. I am going to start with a antibiotic treatment in a few hours. I will then follow up with a PraziPro treatment afterwards. Any advice on what to use? I bought Furan-2, SulfaPlex and Metroplex yesterday. I am leaning towards Furan-2 mainly because it says it treats fin & tail rot and eye cloud on the box. I noticed on the metroplex it says to mix with food, which would be a challenge considering he is not eating.
  18. 44 gallon brute

    $20.00. Only used once to transfer water for a tank upgrade.
  19. Last week
  20. Fluval Evo Sea 5 Gal Reduced

    Sold thank you
  21. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    No luck with the fish trap today. The trigger was swimming around more and tried to eat both pellets and krill, but seems to be spitting it out after its been in his mouth.
  22. Elvis is 20 . . . at least

    Here's a current video of the Purple Tang. The Sailfin that has been with it for a few years now has treid to be dominate for a few months now. The Purple obviously isn't having it and the Sailfin is going to be rehomed after the holidays.
  23. the jolt 1̶5̶0̶ 180

    Update on OP growth, it's been kind of slow, but I was fighting algae outbreaks and everything was somewhat pissed off. One round of flucanazole three weeks ago and it's so much better!
  24. BornToHula's 240 Gallon Build

    I won't separate them. I failed at getting the male out yesterday, he wouldn't even come out of his hiding place for more than a few seconds. Going to try again in a little bit. The female should be pretty easy to grab with some food.
  25. A few SPS/LPS colonies and Frags

    Updated Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Fluval Evo Sea 5 Gal Reduced

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