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  2. Bump. Tank,stand and sump still available
  3. This tank is still available. Sorry I wsn getting notifications from the comments
  4. I have a few frags for sale Miami hurricane chalice $40 for 3 inch piece war coral $20 per frag green chalice frag (small) $5 large rocks with xeni colony $50 open to all trades especially zoas! 512-69six-180four
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  6. We'll start loading up the site with hundreds of new pieces, starting at 10am PST (1pm EST) Saturday 1/25! Some more teasers below!
  7. Bump, and including the T5s with a set of brand new bulbs.
  8. I have random SPS available for sale. Mostly a bunch of different montis and some stags. $20 for montis and most acro frags
  9. 1. 40% Off Code ACTIVATES at 1/25 SATURDAY 10am PST, 11am MT, 12pm CST, 1pm EST! 2. Code to use is "LUNARNY" 3. Please check out completely to secure your order. Having an item in your cart doesn't mean it's saved for you, other customers have a chance of purchasing it if they check out first. 4. Website - www.aquasd.com 5. PRESHOP NOW and check out right when the code is LIVE! 6. New Corals will be posted up Saturday 1/25, starting at 10am PST (1pm EST)
  10. Worked on the aquascape today. Thoughts? Suggestions? Criticism? I also place the new AC unit up on the wall to see how it looked. I think it’s a good spot for it.
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  12. Everyone is ok but me Yellow tang, Kole Eye tang, Emperor angelfish, Banded butterfly or Sailfin tang. Im not sure which. I did not pick them out so was not paying any attention to what it was. I didnt look at the price either. Its small so hard to tell. Plus it hides a lot unless the lights are out.
  13. 24 Hour sale! 30% off all Zoas, Palys & Mushrooms! Use Code "ZOAS" Click this banner below to see Zoas and Palys! Click this banner below to see Mushrooms!
  14. I found a little baby cardinal hanging out in my blue gig this afternoon. Hopefully the little guy survives!
  15. Is everyone OK? What kinds of tangs and butterflies?!
  16. I got the hare yesterday. Pretty kewl. Ate its way about 1 foot up the tank side. Assume its full, and since its daylight, it is sleepin. Now for the fun stuff. Got 2 tangs an angel and a butterfly. Had the QT tank all set up a day in advance. Put the fish in and they all got fired up eatin live worms. Fed some frozen before lights out. 2 hours later the tank went cloudy. Waited over night for it to clear and by 4 am its was still whitesh. I think it was a bacterial bloom from the air stone. Stone was dry for about 3 months. Nothing like a 4am get second tank ready routine. Kinda like having babies in the house.
  17. I’m willing to come to you if your buying more than a few items. If not I’m open to meet in the middle.
  18. I’m willing to come to you if your purchasing more than a few items. Or we can meet in the middle
  19. Last week
  20. If there are enough of us down south it might be worth doing a meetup?
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